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Jumbo Elephant Cutlery Drainer

by aleiovanevcp Sep 4, 2015
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Print just finished but water leaks through the base... the pattern Simplify3d used allows for tony holes through the 3 layers I set... be careful with you infill settings...

i love it.
Maybe you can design a watering can of this elephant?

I could not get the trunk to stick! Help?

I could not get the trunk to stick! Help?

Alguien me podria decir si para este modelo es mejor usar ABS, dado que, he utilizado PLA y el modelo fui imprimido bastante bien, pero filta agua y no cumple su objetivo, utilice relleno de 20%

Cool idea! Thanks for the model. I'm printing one for my kitchen.

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I'm curious to know what everyone' rough estimate print time is and what infill\print speed did they use?
I usually use a default print speed of 50mm/s and with even a 10% infill, .20 layer height and full size it's over 30 hours to print on my CR10. Wasn't sure if that was normal or someone was able to crunch that down.
And thanks for a handy, and functional print!

15 hours on my ender 5 with 25% infile and 0.2 layers in 50mm/s

I did 5% infill on prusa mk3 with 0.2 layer height and it took 11 hours and 30 minutes more or less and came out real nice with supports from the plate only.

I tweaked the shape in the ear's and tail's bottom to achieve 45° there. Also, I used Cura's Support Blocker tool to prevent support structures in the nose and face. The result? No support but in the body's base, where a set the conical type.
The infill was gradual with 1 step of 4 mm height. So it has 6.6 mm from the base and at 4 mm from the top surfaces, it subdivides to be a 3.3 mm infill.
Finally, I used Cura's adaptive layers. With this, the model was sliced automatically in layers with 0.2 mm at the base and top of the model, but 0.3 mm height in between.

I cant get my base to print over the 4 corners. What is your infill and how much time does it take for the total print?

So what. It's allowed under the license.
Who are you, the 3d printing police?

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Printed successfully using cheap unbranded white PLA and the following configs: Extruder 215 @degrees / Bed 60 @degrees, 0.15mm layer and 10% infill...By the way I'm the only one with the nose separated like a real Elephant? I liked that. Amazing design.

I'm having issues getting this print to work. The printer im using is the prusa i3 mk3
it starts off alright but once it gets to the third foot the PLA just gets bunched up. I've tried increasing the bed heat to 55 for first layer and 0 for other layers, and setting the nozzle heat to 215. I am very new to this and was wondering if i could get some help :)

I'm glad to see you got your print working. My first printer is also an i3 Prusa MK3! For PLA, I find I have good success when sticking to the relavant temperatures, i.e. 215 hotend, 60 bed.

If your PLA is getting bunched up I'm guessing the print is moving around with the nozzle before that happens? It sounds to me like it's coming off the bed, being dragged around by the nozzle and the filament is being deposited in one place.

60 degrees should definitely help bed adhesion, and make sure to check your z-value to ensure your layers are being deposited correctly. If the nozzle is too far off the bed, you'll get o-shaped filament deposits which don't stick to either the bed, or the row beside them. You need to make sure the filament is being "squashed" as it comes out of the nozzle into more of an oval shape. However I assume from your reply saying you got it working that you've already been through all that!

I was able to get the second print to work (the one with the tail) :)
Bed heat 60
Nozzle heat 215

How many time is take it to print in those size? aprox

Great! I use mine to drain used dolce gusto coffee capsules. Thanks :)

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mine it's trunk curled up a bit?

looks soooo amazing

Hi, nice design, what size of nozzle do you recommend?

good morning, how much density have you given ?
a greeting

Are you sure this wont grow mold if you put dirty cutlery inside? Printed objects have crevices from each layer that allow bacteria to grow perfectly from it.

You could vapour smooth ABS which gets rid of the crevices and ABS is dishwasher proof

Bacteria will grow, at that point just throw it to the trash and make a new one... btw in this moment your mouth is full of bacteria however you are still alive!

Waste of Ressources

100% INFILL 100 HOURS YEAH BABY !?!?!?!?!?!?!



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Im new to 3d printing but how do you stop the corner legs from curing up and how do you remove the support structure from inside the drip nozzle?

Did you manage to sort this out? I added support and the nozzle is being filled with a lot of support.

Can you print without support while using PLA?

In Cura set Support in "Touching build" option.

I had to use a slicer that allowed for custom supports like simplify 3d, otherwise you have to print with supports then drill out the supports in the nozzle. If you send me your print spec I can’t send you a gcode file with no supports in the nozzle

Cura allows custom support (in any shape), but it has the Support Blocker tool to prevent create support structures where you don't want, like a support eraser.

or PETG (more resistance and durability preserving the food-safe feature).

you are printing in ABS, for sure. USE PLA. or add a big SKIRT.

Nice design. I use it for kitchen cleaning sponge.

Dónde haces el gcode? no la puedo imprimir bien

I built one, but I should have printed thicker tops and bottoms, because it's leaking when filed with water. I will probably paint the inside with so 2 component paint or glue to stop it from leaking. The model itself is a great idea. Looks superb.


The problem was that when putting dripping wet cutlery inside, the water to be drained was leaking out of the bottom instead of flowing out the opening. I painted the inside with wood glue which worked well.



guys its just an elephant..NO fighting LOL


ale con con que hicisite el render de la pileta ?

parce nice design, muy vacant por ahí tengo unos que no e subido aun @aleio

hola con el solid, pero esta medio a cara de perro es una materia pendiente que tengo con los renders