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Hulk 3D Scan

by 3DWP Sep 1, 2015
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This is an awesome print! Had issues with one with supports. I scaled it down and supports did not hold up. Used slicer supports and the thing came out freakin AWESOME!

Didnt work printed thing strings for the arms, do u have a print for just the arms so I can attach those later?

No, but I highly recommend looking at Meshmixer to do that. A free program for lots of mesh editing. Download now and thank me later! More info here: http://www.gratis3dprintersoftware.nl.

Also I made a PDF that mentions cutting parts with Meshmixer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p8qmixrl190ib1t/Meshmixer%20Manual%20-%20Hollow%20%26%20Cut.pdf?dl=0

Had a great time with this build. I didn't have success with the supplied supports but on take two the non-support model with my cura generated supports worked great.

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OH NOOOO! The print is super but the support under the arms fell off and it the incredible Hulk into a Spaghetti Monster!!! Anyone got the same problem ?

The exact same thing happened to me, super disappointing and massive waste of filament! I would not print this!

He replied he scaled down the model so that also scales the supports down making them harder to print of course. I try to help everybody here and I did not have problems printing this on any printers of mine with support calculated by the slicer.

Hi can you add yours supports to a model scaled to 94%?

Yeah, I think it was the tree supports they just do not work very well for this model I would recommend putting the maze-type supports while running it through your slicer. aside from that this is a really cool model.

That's a pity.. Can you turn ''Z-hop'' on in your slicer (AKA vertical lift)? That could help probably.

I think my mistake was to scale down the model to fit my print bed, maybe this weakened the supports (or diformed it)

Oh OK, that will weaken the supports indeed. Then you could scale the model without supports to fit and make new supports. For instance, Meshmixer is a free program that can do this very well.

Great pose and design. The only thing I noticed is that his toes are slightly different size between the left and right foot. No big deal though. Thanks for sharing this great model.

Awesome scan! How easy do the supports come off on the HulkSupport file? Or is it easier printing with supports Cura offer?

For me they came off pretty easy printed in PLA. But I mostly print ABS and then I prefer other support, I haven't really had a lot of experience with Cura. I mainly used Simplify3D, Ideamaker etc.

Just printed this INCREDIBLE HULK! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


Thanks for a great model!

Want to make this HULK look even cooler ?!? Check out this sweet remote controlled LED light for this 3D print!


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Hi sorry for the late reply I would just like to thank you!! I will upload your link no problem, and thank you for this amazing hulk, but I would also like to send you a picture of how it came out after I vapour it in this amazing unit of mine, the unit is still in R&D and will soon be available to purchase
have a great day!


Your link doesn't work.

Cool, thanks!

Hi I would like to know if it is okay to advertise a unit (acetone vapour box) I made, were I smooth out the abs parts I liked, and show the people all over the world about this amazing unit I designed. With this hulk smooth out shinny and smooth in the background of my unit is this okay to do I would like permission?

Yes, go for it :-) I claim no rights on this model but it would be nice to point to this page/my account so people can find it.

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How did you 3d scan this model? Plaease, teach me!

Hi, this was 3D scanned with an Einscan-S (not by me but by the user Sixfeet). I combined the 3 parts into one model and sculpted it to fix the overlaps.

Sadly the link doesn't work for me.. Do you have another link, more info or a picture?

Wow, I can only see the second picture but it looks great! Thanks.

Oh wait read it was a figure lol

Im slightly worried how someone 3D scans the Hulk...

Made one on my M3D printer. Fantastic model! Came out super.

This came out REALLY well on my M3D with support option

can someone post a file with the supports included?

Mine ended up not working right once it got to the hand. Did you have to use supports?

I used an Up Plus and that generates automatic support material..

what is that? very new to this.

I just uploaded a picture under ''Made''. You can see the support that easily breaks away. I painted it with bronze, I will add a picture later.

I ended up having to do normal quality and not high. It is at .2mm instead of .1mm. Now it looks to be printing with supports.

Those parameters should not affect the amount of support, you normally select that with angle settings.. What kind of printer and software are you using?

makerbot replicator 5th gen with makerbot software.

ok thanks!

Not my work but thanks. It was done with an Einscan-S and now have one too from the third Kickstarter batch. It's a good structured light scanner.

That's pretty bad ass!

Thank you for the scanning and uploading! It's a great model.