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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

E3D Custom UM2 Mount

by lions3 Aug 31, 2015
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Please make DUAL mount for two e3d V6.

Hi! Woudl it possible to provide a step file? I have no possivility to open those solid works files. Thanks!

Please make a mount for BLTouch

Hey i have Done ,nice
I inserted 2x M4 nuts and extended them on the lid to 7 / 4mm

I print today with PETG, let's see if that works.
I have the metal mount and would like to change everything at the nozzle change immediately. Thank you

E3D V6 heater block touches on one side. Even if you provide alumin foil for protection, it melts PLA of the shroud. Can you post solution with slightly less slanted version ?

It would be great to see a radial fan cooler solution for this thing. (50x50x15)
But i guess the design is too small for it, right?

I have made my own Solution for radial fans.
Still needs improvements, but it's a base:

Ultimaker style radial fan holder
by s_s_

I got your design 3d printed. Following are issues

  1. Bowden tube is difficult to remove as it is hot end top gets flushed with the 6mm bearing.
  2. Nozzle removal is very difficult as one has to remove fan assembly.
  3. Even if you super tight screws for holding neck of hot end, it rotates when one tries to remove clogged nozzle.
    4.Do I need to use original fan of e3d v6 hot end in addition to two fans provided in your desig ?

Sorry Sir, But your design is not for beginners like me.. However, I definitely praise your efforts.

Would there be a possibility to convert this design to be compatible with the Ultimaker Original?
The ultimaker original has the crossing bars switched from the Ultimaker 2. So if you want to mount this design it will be rotated 45 degrees and the fans will hit the heated bed bars.
If you stand in front of the printer, the vertical bar is the upper bar and the horizontal is the lower bar. So there switched from the UM2

Would love to use this design on my UMO :)

i added screenshots so you can see the difference. Height between the bars stayed the same on both models so the only change that would be needed is switching the hole locations around.

I remixed the design for the UMO. I printed it but have not had the chance to install it.


E3D Custom UMOriginal Mount

Could you add 2 holes for nuts that secure the e3d hotend?

Comments deleted.

Please add one that supports a bed probe!!!!

Hah, have you seen these? https://www.aliexpress.com/cheap/cheap-ultimaker-2-e3d-v6-mount.html
I guess imitation is the highest form of flattery... Maybe one day I too will have Chinese companies copying my designs!

hahahhahaa.. I'm not sure if i'm happy or sad that they copied my design. Guess it's a nice reminder that I need to start work on Version 2. If nothing else, just to keep ahead of them. lol

Hi There! Thanks for sharing your mount. We've printed it and it works great for our printer! I have one question, though. After a lot of trouble, we managed to get thermister wired in correctly, but we're still having trouble with the 30mm extruder cooling fan (the stock one for the e3d). How'd you connect yours? We've tried plugging it into the regular extruder fan port, but the old stock U2 fan is only 5v, so that didn't work. Right now, we're trying some stuff with remapping pins of that fan to the 2nd hotend pins, but that gives way too much amps. How'd you get yours to work? Were there any firmware modifications you had to do?
Thanks so much!

I had trouble printing PLA. As I was getting heat creep up the hotend. So I ended switching to the V6 Lite. I print mostly ABS... but on occasion I print PLA. So this was the necessary fix for me.

As to the fan, I purchased both the 12v and 24v versions. I asked around and ended finding some pins on the motherboard that had always on voltage at one of those two voltages. It's been a while so I can't actually remember which one I used. Sorry. Also don't quote me on this, as i'm not an electrical expert, but I believe the voltage matters and not the amps. The fan will only draw the amps it needs to function

You can find some documentation on the E3D site http://wiki.e3d-online.com/wiki/E3D-v6_on_Ultimaker_2#Preparation

It's 24 v, some pictures are there.

I am juist testing the new setup.

anyone figured out how to change the max positions? I'm struggling like mad to do it on a macbook, i mod the config H and afterwards, i cannot do anything at all with the files, cure freezes up with them, I'm stumped

did you use a 24V version wth the UM2 mainboard?

and was there a need to change thermistor and cartridges, or any firmware setup for the thermistor?

thanks (great design btw!)

Somehow my E3d V6 has different orientation from yours so the fan mount doesn't fit. The thermistor hole is on the other side of the heating block. If I set everything as shown in the picture I have to run thermisitor cable from front side instead of the back side.

With this design will the cooling fins stay cold enough for this to be printed in PLA? I know you generally want things near the hotend to be ABS but sometimes you can get by with PLA. Thought it was worth asking your opinion.

I could spend cad dwg files to try to improve

Could you please share your model files. I'm thinking in adapt it for 2 extruders and a inductive sensor

FYI, the last 3 files in the download section are my solidworks files.

Thank you for uploading the sldprt files!!!
true hero!

What kind of type is the linear bearing?

Yes, the design is set to use the same bearings that come with the UM2. I believe they're lm6uu as the 2 rods are 6mm.

You have to make sure to get bearings with the same outer measurements as the UM2 ones. Otherwise they will either not fit or won't be snug enough and not grip into the part.

Hi Xander, these bearings are the same ones used in the Ultimaker. I do believe they are lm8uu bearings, but dont take my word on that...

Yes! these ones will work!

this one is the same and much cheaper, http://www.ebay.com/itm/LM6LUU-Linear-Bearings-Size-6x12x35mm-3D-Printer-CNC-/161842674256 i hope it fits i think 24dollar is to much for 2 bearings.

Yea, it is quite expensive. It just that the more expensive ones are better.

Hhaha... Just last week I ordered new bearings and rods to upgrade the cheap ones I was using previously. Want good prints? High quality bears and rods are the key (assuming the rest of your setup is done right.)

I bought the cheaper ones because the fbrc8 haves a shipping cost thats to much for me. But the ones from ebay come from Cardiff, United Kingdom, i hope they are better then the china ones.

Comments deleted.

What are the fan sizes?

30x30mm all three fans.

Which bearings do you use?

Comments deleted.

Can anyone tell me, if this can be used on a Ultimaker original? Or is the spacing/offset different?

I am pretty sure this should work, the ultimaker 2 is an ultimater original with improvement to be quitter and basic design changes, such as the glass side panels, the actual working mechanisms are very similar, except for the extruder!

well, the um2+ also has a geared extruder... nowhere near as big as the one on the umo

Comments deleted.

Good day!
I want to assemble the print head with bearings for 8 mm rods, These bearings are 15 mm in outer diameter. Can you help me to update your design for 15mm bearings? Many thanks in advance!

Can you share you're XY support brackets.

Nice design i like it :D Is there also made one with a option for a dual Hot end. And could this one hold a E3D V6 lite hotend ?

spacing would be an issue to fit 2 e3d extruders in the mount. The fans and cooling fins just take up a good amount of space.

As to the V6 lite. yes, I'm using one right now without any change to the mount. I've found my PLA printing is much much better with this version of the E3D.

the lite6 has same length as v6, but the heatsink fins have different spacing, i guess you could clip the grille from the front

Any thought about doing a dual extruder version?

Nice mount i have it installed but how do to change the Max X and Y settings. I am not a coder but can open arduino etc. I have tried to edit Marlin and upload it to the UM2 but i just get a blank screen.

Help please having no printer is like having an arm removed.

Are there any videos on how to do it that you can recommend



If you want to do a test print you shouldn't have to change the max X and Y in Marlin. It's just something you want to adjust so if you print something large you don't hit the end of the rods.

Also for setting up your custom firmware I would suggest looking at jasonatepaint's build instructions (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:811271). There's some files you'll want to hide so your UM2 marlin code will compile. Also a few other simple things I had to figure out on my own. First setup the Ardiuno IDE to use the board, Mega 2560, if you're using a UM2 motherboard. Next make sure you have the printer turned on and the correct USB port selected. (keep forgotting this and get and error until I remember to select the right port)

As to updating Marlin, go to the configuration.h file and scroll half way down the file. Look for X_MAX_POS and Y_MAX_POS. These are the two variables I changed on my device. Just change the values and save. Then click the upload button. At the bottom of the app you should see a status of the upload process. After a few minutes you should see a note that says, "done" if everything ran correctly.

Ultimaker 2 Aluminum Extrusion 3D printer

Would you be willing to publish the CAD files for this? I want to play around with different fan mounts/bigger fans/etc and it would be fantastic if I didn't have to reverse-engineer the drawings... However, if you're not willing to publish the files I totally understand that too.

I don't mind sharing my solidworks files. Or exporting to another format. Just let know what format is most helpful.

Also I'm getting ready to change a few things. I ordered a couple 30mm blower fans that I want to try out. Plus I'm having issue with PLA. So I'm thinking of adding a 40mm fan setup for the back of the mount for extra air flow to cool the e3d.

If you made this item in solid works, I would really like to have the solid works files.

Thank you

The files are already available in the download section. enjoy.

The original SolidWorks file would be great!

The blower fans sound interesting, I've always wondered how much air those things can move. Bummer about the E3D; I've heard that it can be a pain in the rear to get working well with PLA.
I'm actually running a Lite6, so although I can't do crazy temperatures the PTFE liner does do wonders for PLA. I've heard that putting just a drop of light oil down the bore of the E3D when it's at temperature to essentially try to "season" the metal can help.

Actually, scratch that... Decided my Inventor skills could use some brushing up on anyways haha.

I posted my dual 40mm fan duct for your mount:


UM2 E3Dv6 mount fan duct

Nice design! What about to use cork and/or kapton tape for heat isolating?


Yeah, I'll probably try Kapton tape next. I just have a love/hate relationship with the stuff. So I figured I would try aluminum tape first.

Really nice design. I was looking all over for an E3D mount for the UM2 clone I'm building and none really met all my needs. This one does. I printed it and the fit and finish was great!. Getting ready to print the 1.1 version. Looking forward to future updates.
Edit; Just looked again at your pics and I'm building the same UM2 clone as you.

awesome. I'm really enjoying the new printer.

I'll be posting a dual fan mount shortly. I've got it attached to my printer now. Just want to run it for a bit and see what tweaks I need to make before sharing the STL.

Hello, i like this design can you also make it for an dual hot end. Or can you post the inventor file

Very cool your concept ... i want to make some extruder system to swap with easily extruders..