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Coral soap dish remix

by RubyFOX Aug 25, 2015
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hi, I am a newbie this would be my 1st but my printer does not see any files just a folder I know there extracted but my printer does not see it is it maybe my printer cant print ? will only certain printer models able to print it.

my printer is a ender 3
thank you for any help

Hi Michael. You need some special program for slice from STL model to G-Code for printer.
Slic3r or Cura slicer.

Wouldn't it be better with a drain hole for the water to come out rather having to tip out out every time. easily modified but just thought I'd ask.

Thanks for responding, i try modify it :)

i can`t see the drain hole in the dash outside.
Can you add a extra dash outside with drain holes for this?

Thank you very much.

Hello, very nice coral soap dish !
I tried to print the inside. But I have problem with the support lines. When print print is at layer 2...4 then the extruder scramble the support lines because the support lines quality ist not good. The picture shows my Anet A6 with PLA in pause after layer 1. The full ini file for settings from cura 14.07 i have attached, here are the main settings:

layer_height = 0.1
nozzle_size = 0.4
print_speed = 40
print_temperature = 190
print_bed_temperature = 60
support = Everywhere
platform_adhesion = None
filament_diameter = 1.75
retraction_speed = 45

I also tried with print_temperature = 210 but it doesn't matter.
I can say that the distance from extruder to the glass ist good.

I hope you can help me to print this amazing model :-)

Hi RubyFOX,

I printed your file and I would like to thank you very much!!! I absolutely LOVE it. I showed my parents and they both want one!
Two thing I would like to suggest:
1- On the print file of the inner part, the 4 support feet don't get printed until the 4th level (using 0.25 layer height CURA).... which means 1mm away from the bed. I don't know how... my printer managed to print the whole thing, but 2 out of the 4 came out a little bit shaky.
2- Since my printer did not have any problems in printing the massive overhang... why not designing a version without feet, instead you could put a support on the outer part... much easier to print.

For the rest, excellent job my friend! thanks again, Dan

Cool soap dish, thanks for posting. Printed one for my mom and she really likes it.

I had the same issue with the support feet not touching the print bed that danijets mentioned. Support filament didn't stick to the bed and joined to incorrect locations, causing failures. I created a plane from the base of the support beams and used it to remove a small slice from the base so everything is level...perfect first layer. I cranked up my cooling fans and had little issue with the overhang (PLA - 60% fan setting [3 shrouded 40mm fans on a homebrew printer]). A quick brush with a lighter cleaned up all the stringers.

Hi. I print it with automatic supports from slic3r, then removed it. Your expirience awesome!
I use 2 ABS black and white.
Postprocess - dichloromethane or acetone bath for white part.

Cool!! is there any chance you have the .stl files I might make a version with no feet and a support on the outer part?
a Remix of the Remix... Re-remix! :D
P.s. When you put the auto support on slic3r do you get supports on the whole overhang?

Did anything come of this? I'm printing this in PLA and don't like printing/removing supports

Try use Meshmixer supports. Its easy removed.