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by 7777773 Jul 3, 2011
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Knees have 4 hollow holes thru them (inside the model), which makes the legs break off really easily

There is a bug in the model where the left leg is actually NOT connected to the main torso! I had to glue it in place, it works, but the model is buggy!

I made this with support, but the whole thing broke apart when I was removing them. A bit of glue should fix thnigs, but I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems?

Was curious about the image. When i go and open it up in mesh lab, much of the design turns pink, and meshlab doesn't see fit to build supports for those parts. Does anyone know why this image doesn't translate in meshlab. Their supports are much easier to work with.

This design did not work. The entire thing was printed out in support. Please help me. You have 10 seconds to comply.

Has lots of support (see pic number 2 in 'made it') some of the smaller structures didn't print correctly but I'm not savvy enough to know how to fix them. Still love it :)

printing this now. up to the knees :P looking forwards to cleaning it up and painting it. printing on 3d up! in raw PLA

You have 10 seconds to comply

Should I print with full support or just exterior supports?

Full support. I've been intending to rework the mesh into parts and integrate Tony Buser's connectors to make it poseable... let's see how long I procrastinate.

I Love the ED-209 and I just flattered you as well. Great design so what's next?? T-800?

Thanks! Actually, I have been working on a Terminator for some time now over on Endobuilders, and the promise of rapid prototyping is what drove me to learn 3D modeling in the first place. I think large build envelopes like the Ultimaker and Reprap Mondo may help with such projects in the future. Modeling on the desktop is a whole lot less messy than sanding down balsa
amp; resin!

"Dead or alive, you're coming with me!" 8-)

It appears that the legs and the body are two separate pieces. It came apart cleanly as I removed the support material. There is a small gap between the two pieces.

It printed pretty well though. I'm still cleaning it up...

There are lots of stl export plugins for Sketchup, do a Google search for "sketchup stl export". With one of these you do not have to go via Meshlab (if you don't wan't to of course).

Wonder if I can make it a into a poseable toy for my boy... he needs more robot themed toys...

Not a bad idea. I think it could be made into an action figure by splitting off the joints and mashing them up with http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5578http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

ball and socket chain links with hole through

@Jlz - I export the STL from Sketchup (it only gives me DAE as a valid filetype, but that works) then convert the DAE to STL in Meshlab, and then fix the file in Netfabb.

This works for direct conversions; if you want to edit the file in 3DSMAX or Maya, output to Obj in Meshlab and you should be able to open the Obj anywhere.

Someone should stick Colbert's face on this somehow... :-D

Jlz- there are lots of sketchup to stl converters. http://www.cadspan.com/toolshttp://www.cadspan.com/tools is one that has been recommended by google before.

How did you get that google thingi to a stl file? :D

download ''MeshLab" then open .dae and save as .stl

Awesome!!! One of my favorite movie evil robots ever!

ED isnt evil. Just following orders...

Isn't that the worst kind of evil, though?

Just watched robocop last night! Love this model! Put the gun down in 20 seconds!

15 seconds.

(Save yourself! Don't watch Robocop 2, it is awful.)

10 seconds.

As awful as it was, I liked the Robocain design. That's one I've been working on for quite a while...