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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by bobblejot Aug 22, 2015
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is there any chance you would share the .f3d files for this? the overhang on the battery cover is a difficult print... I think I could fix it if you wouldn't mind.

Any updates on this yet. Looking at making one using a Pi3 for someone for the holidays.

Hi sorry for the late reply, i have started to work on it again but just when time permits and with no real idea of deadline. It's just a side project so gets pushed back depending on what i am doing at the time.

What CAD program are you using? Would you be willing to share the model files directly?
Where did you get the CAD models for the R-Pi, Screen, analog joysticks, and other components (HDMI/DVI decoder, PowerBlock, speakers, etc)? (Apologies in advance if they're freely available on Thingiverse ... I'm just getting started here).
It's hard to tell; do you have CAD models of the various PCB's that will be required for your project to run? If so, and you've got all the packaging fleshed out this is beautiful! If not, I'm skeptical that it'll all fit ;-).
Have you done a circuit diagram yet? This is the most complex handheld game pi I've seen yet, and it doesn't use a Cupcade Adapter PCB for converting the joystick analog into digital for the Pi to use (which is good, b/c they've been out of stock seemingly forever, I don't see them becoming available any time soon). I don't see MCP3008 analog-to-digital converter listed in your parts list, how are you intending to connect the joysticks to the Pi?

I started the project in Inventor and now use F360.

All the CAD models i have made myself. Except the RPI which i believe i got from Grabcad.

It all does fit :-)

The Teensy is the controls interface.

I am changing a few things about the design because they were a couple of things i found that i wasn't happy with and i have a few other ideas for improvements.

Neat, nice work!
I hadn't heard of Grabcad. Now I have, and think it's pretty damn awesome.
Is https://www.adafruit.com/product/199 the same or same-enough Teensy that you linked on Amazon? Looks like Amazon stock is limited/gone (referring to UK/US sites respectively).
To me, using the Teensy takes this project to The Next Level. Do you plan to write up/link-to how to wire/program the thing? I'm in the middle of building a simpler gamer pi, but am removing the analog joystick so I can wire a d-pad into the GPIO ports directly. It's not as sexy, but I understand what I'm doing.

Hi @bobblejot,il tuo progetto è fantastico. Your project is fantastic. I was recently interested in the world of rasbperry and I was looking for a project like yours that could complete all kinds of gaming systems. There are so many genial things about your project. From what I seem to understand the lcd makes it impossible to connect the console to a television. Are there other types of displays that allow you to leave the hdmi free so you can use the console on a big tv when you are not in mobility? Was not it better to use a rasberry 3 that has integrated wifi and bluethoot? I hope I made myself understood. I do not speak english very well. I hope this project is the success that is merit, in my humble opinion is the best I have found on the internet.

P.Š. The battery module separated from the inside is a genial find! and much safer than other designers' options.

Hi and thanks for your comments. The Raspberry Pi 3 can be used at the time when i started this it actually wasn't released :-). I used the 5" display with HDMI because it required no special setup and also offered higher frame and refresh rates with reduced tearing, i had never planned to use it connected to a tv so it was never an issue for myself.

The project hasn't been worked on for a while because of life, work and other projects that have took precedence but i have had a few ideas about modifications and things i would like to do to improve this project and finally get it finished completely, so i will try to get things done over the next couple of months :-)

Did this ever get finished? I can't quite tell, and I want to make sure before I start printing

Hi i did print it and all the electronics fit in nicely, the thumb sticks also fit but i need to modify the crosspad and button mounts. The shoulder buttons are also a tight fit and need tweaked. i didn't check the battery lid for fitment.

At the moment i just dont know when i am going to get back to it due to work and life commitments sadly, i have other stuff i have been wanting to put up for ages as well just never seems to be enough time.

I see. Thank you for responding! Would lightly sanding the holes that are tight work, or would that mess something up?

Love this design. What ever happened with this project?

MAN I NEED THIS! Im looking for a PI case with dual analog sticks, the D-Pad, and all the other buttons and you have all of them! This would be fantastic. It looks kind of weird in that shape though but I would love to try it out.

Can't wait to see this be done, I really want to build this because I'm in the same position as you. Good Luck!

dude, even if it's not "perfect", release the files. just having the renderings is just a tease ;) this looks wonderful and plenty of people won't mind being alpha testers for your design :)

If I'm not mistaken we can just download the complete STL file that's available and then just pick and choose what parts you want

"The PiPlayer STL File is NOT for printing it is just a complete model of the unit." - says to me it's not separable but I'll have a go.
I think bobblejot has fallen off the internet ;)

Cool, tell me how it goes :)

won't even load into 123d design so far...

It works on autodesk inventor professional 2017 free trial. I haven't tried to print it, I don't have access to a 3D printer


Do you plan to publish printable files for this project ?

Comments deleted.

let me get this straight, its just a case correct...so i can just assemble the hardware and install retropi software and it should work, right?

Comments deleted.

Hi when will the stl files be available to download for the case?

Awesome. When your done or even now.. Can you post a link to buy all that is needed to do this? Would be awesome!

Hi thanks, i have a complete bill of materials that i will upload along with everything else shortly and also provide links for everything but even last night i was making a few modifications and additions :)