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Stormtrooper Astronaut

by Charlie1982 Sep 13, 2015
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Could you add the model with no supports please, i find it a bit hard to print with a perfect result, i want to rotate a bit more the model for a nice finish. Also the actual supports leaves a mess in the head Thanks

if you are interested in printing this without massive frustration putting down the first layer print it at -.2mm Z height.

the bottom is not flat.

Thats exactly what i did and it prints perfectly like that, thanks !

I printed your design of Stormtrooper and the result is very funny !! Please made more like this !!
Thanks for your sharing !!

Tried printing this a couple of time, I cannot see to figure out why the middle support that attaches to the backpack seems to raised... if that makes sense. the head supports get laid down first and it make two layers before moving on to print the middle and butt supports.

it's not leveled. I used MatterControl and used 0.5mm bottom clip to get it right.

That looks so cool, seems like a fun thing to have on the desk. Will definitely print later!

Gah! Printing things in an unconventional orientation hadn't occured to me...So thanks for the inspiration :)

Hello, I really love this print and was wondering if you would like to try a sample of our 1.75mm PLA or flexible filament and see how it works out! Free filament and free shipping, (United States only) just contact me at gabe@thefoxsmart.com and I can get you set up! Thanks and I love this print I'm going to try it out for myself and see how it turns out! Feel free to checkout our new website at http://thefoxsmart.com/

How you done the finish of the beauty after printing?

I absolutely love this thing.

It's crazy how well the details came out.

I love printing it upside-down, to avoid the needs for support. Albeit, I took a little bit of the top of his head off.

Any chance I could ask you to slice off the backpack, and just give him a flat back and then add the supports back? I realize it won't look perfect from the back, but I think it would look better from the front. Anyhow, I don't have the chops to do it myself, and thought I would ask.



Apollo Astronaut (The Original)

Hi MaxGrueter, I'm really appreciate your fantastic creation and glad to be one of your fans :D

All hail MaxGrueter for making these models possible!

Appreciate MAX GRUETER
Add great Apollo Astronaut (The Original) FIGURE source at Remix from :)

may i ask if you scaled this down when you printed it? or you printed it as it is? thanks.

Hi KesterS, the picture is the print result of 60% scale down.
Layer high 0.15mm, hope you like the design :)

I do like it thanks. i printed it with abs. The front part turns out good but there are sections on the back part around the bag area which came out with lots of artifacts like blobs, layers not sticking together at the overhang. can you post a picture of the back part of your model?i have a flashforge creator pro. i am printing with 0.1mm. i scaled it down to 50 percent. you think its my printer? or the material i am using?

Hi KesterS, thanks for your question, if you ask the picture of back part of the model, please reference on this link : http://www.thingiverse.com/make:148171 , the reason of layers not sticking together at the overhang, I think it's need to see the picture, your 3dp is quite like Replicator 2, for my personal experience general when the nozzle plugged or material not came out smooth or the plate not fixed, it's will happen layers not sticking together, especially when you're using 0.1mm layer high, the mechanism of your 3dp is very important when you're using so small step, try slow down the print speed and make sure the plate is fixed can't have any small movement. I will suggestion you use print speed 50mm/s, traveling speed 100mm/s, it takes time but worthy to have better quality.
Hope you get print success next time :)

Apollo Astronaut improvement support

Thanks for replying. I appreciate it. I am printing it again right now. changed the layer height to 0.15 instead of 0.1. i will post it once finished. And what software are you using to slice your model?