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Plastruder MK4

by MakerBot Sep 22, 2009
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Too bad there isn't a printable version of the filament guide middle... its the place where most extruders have cracks.

Unless I can find a way to change the DXF into an STL and open it in Sketchup...

The file for the steel washer template is actually just a copy of the insulator-retainer. Can you upload the correct file please?

we need an stl of a printable Filament Guide Middle Plate!
or all of them for that matter..

How far should the heater barrel stick out of the ptfe? Can't find it anywhere, thanks.

where does makerbot get there heater barrels?

we have them custom machined by http://najet.comnajet.com they also make our nozzles and ptfe barrels.

There is something similar in http://SmallParts.comSmallParts.com. However, it's cheaper to buy it from Makerbot.

Can you please tell me what would I need to use Plastruder MK4 with a DIY CNC controlled by Mach3 ?

I currently ordered a small diode laser from ebay for about $50. I am planning to mount it my Makerbot to cut two dimensional acrylic parts. However, I don't know what to expect on the software end. If the parts are expressed in 3D code within Replicator G, do I have to recode or modify the skeinforge code to only focus on moving only in an x,y plane? I am looking into cutting out some MK4 Plastruder parts.

I'm also interested in what it would take to adapt the Pastruder to an existing CNC.

how far a part are the mounting holes and how wide is it? so i can make a mount for a repstrap that i am designing.

use the source! why do you think we release these things, lol.

Three things:

1) Can you use the Extruder Kit on the Makerbot store with Mendel?
2) What's the difference between this and MK3?
3) What's the difference between this and the one intended to be used in Mendel?

  1. probably, but you'll need to come up with your own mounting solution
  2. added a support bearing for the motor, and stabilized the dino, and a few other minor things
  3. i'm not entirely sure.

think the kit may be shy a couple of M3 x 16mm bolts. assembly instructions call for 5 for each Dino but the Mk 4 takes 7 each. I changed the assembly instructions wiki, but not the parts list on thingiverse.

Has anybody tried extruding solder with this?
There are plenty of solders and metal alloys that melt below the max temperature of 260C, such as Sn Ag3.0 Cu0.5 with a melting point of 217-220C.
I can think of plenty of uses for being able to extrude metal; parts not requiring high temperatures or qualities not posessed by these alloys could be cast using the extruded part to make a master mold, but personally the ability to make simple, cheap metal parts would be quite nice.

I looked at high end metal 3D printers on Youtube. Comments that were made say they take too long. As far as Makerbot, that seems to be another type of Extruder design to implement solder wire. Using MK3 will present some problems.

Will this be coming in the next batch of bots?

Yup, this plastruder started shipping with Batch #6.