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Roman Colosseum Completley Detailed See The World

by CausalJoemama7 Aug 10, 2015
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Hi everyone it’s me Jesse the creator of this Thing. If anyone wishes to sale this under the copyright you must have permission from me written down otherwise it will be taken down, this has happened three times now and yes you cannot under this agreement without my permission and giving credit.
Thank you all for the wonderful comments and love.
I plan on creating more amazing stuff for everyone to download later this year.
Thank you,
Jesse Gaspard

Do you need supports or anything to print this? It looks like it would need supports...

no you will be fine to print as is,

This is released as a (Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike) license which allows commercial use as long as you give credit to original creator.


The license is a creative commons attribution no derivatives, actually. thank you

Comments deleted.

It said it would take 10 hours just to download the file? What's happening?

Got it anyway, thanks!

where did you find the reference for this sketch i would like to attempt it myself from scratch.

from google earth

cura 3.1 crashes every time i try to slice that
layer height and scale make no difference

muchas gracias, lo imprimí con mi Anet A6 y me quedo espectacular, muchas gracias
Buenos Aires Argentina

Thank you very much, I printed it with my anet A6 and I stay spectacular, thank you very much
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hola, usaste soporte ¿?
yo tengo una parecida

hola, no use soporte, y me quedo espectacular

acá podes ver las fotos

Roman Colosseum Completley Detailed See The World

Cool man, nice work!

Want to make this ROMAN COLOSSEUM look even cooler ?!? Check out this sweet remote controlled LED light for this 3D print!


Can I hold a candle in this or would that be too hot?

It would be kinda risky but if you had a base for the center then probably

Nice! Thanks!

BTW, did you upload the model at https://www.threeding.com/3d-printing-models/roman-colosseum-completley-detailed-see-the-world yourself or is that someone else copying your work, including the pictures?

Those are my pictures and my work that they copied.. That disappoints me

did you print with supports or not

CausalJoemama7 Could I use this design for my own platform (to share it free) ?

with or without support

did u print this yet did u print with pos with or with out supports

did u print this yet did u print with pos with or with out supports

thanks for sharing one of the 7 Wonders of the World

What settings did you use in cura? What scale did you print thins in? I'm having troible getting a good print on my ultimaker.

Printing it at 0.1 density and after a full day (24 hours) the first 15mm are there. Think this print job is going to take 3 to 4 full days.

  • Da Vinci Pro 1.0, all speeds at 60mm/sec, 0.1mm density.

How long does this take And does this need supports

Why is this in 3D printer accessories?

Yeah, I'm having trouble figuring out where and how to attach this to my printer.

My thought exactly.


Awesome! I only have black abs and it's still printing until now. Been printing for 5hrs and I'm on 45 out of 205 layers. Haha! Everything is good so far even though my printer isn't enclosed.

This is sooooo nice in everyway. A sand color would look nice. Lights with it would top it off beautifully. Awesome job overall. l give this a 10/10.

My print attempt using Repetier and CuraEngine slicer did not start well good. My extruder would draw a line for the 1st layer then just sit at a certain position for 20-30 seconds....then move a little. It ended up making globs along the edge. Printer problem? Slicer problem?


Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Great work! Now, how long til someone takes a picture with the model near the origianl?

Roman Colosseum Completley Detailed See The World
by dpeach

Hii!! is a great model! Congratulations and thank you!. What printer did you use? do you recommend some special settings?

is that a DaVinci printer?

Looks like my da vinci

Very nice, perfect for desk decoration!!

Great idea ! I like it.

This makes 3d printing so exciting. Excellent work!!

I'd pay for Eilean Donan Castle much more before Downton Abbey!

Have you considered doing a detailed model of Downton Abbey?

Hmm what is downtown abbey?

Downton Abbey is a show that has a huge castle style house. The actual name is Highclere Castle. It is a beautiful display of architecture and design.

I'm trying to print this on a Lulzbot Mini with Cura, but even though the image on the print bed looks right, the times/filament usage numbers are for another model, and, sure enough, when the printing starts, another model (one that I'd printed earlier) gets printed instead. I'm a newbie at 3D printing, so any suggestions would be welcome (my guess is something to do with slicer silently crashing, but that's only a guess).

This is a known issue with Cura. Just shutdown the program and start fresh.

it happens to me some times just close cura and reopen it

I can't believe you're offering this for free! Thanks ever so much for your generosity! You're fabulous! I may try to get the company I work for to print this on one of our SLA systems to show off their capabilities and of course list you as the modeler.

PS: It's Catia, not Cadia :)

Please please I'd love that :) thank you,

Jesse G.

I'm getting really bad curling on the base of this model, to the point that I never get past the base layer, because the extruder eventually just catches and mangles the material. In the last two attempts, the printer managed to pull the model off completely and thrash it around. This is the largest piece I've attempt to print so far and I'm stumped how to get it to stay stuck and uncurled on the build platform. I'm using PLA on a non-heated bed on a Monoprice Maker Architect and I level the platform as well as I can before each print. I've been using a 3M sheet that is similar to the BuildTak 3D printing surface, and while it's worked really well for smaller prints, it was unable to prevent the curling in this case. I even tried printing this model again with a raft (which seemed redundant), but it still curled and the extruder eventually dug into the model and pulled it off the mat. If you've seen any of these issues and managed to solve them, thanks for your suggestions!

I use blue painter's tape on my nonheated bed. Before each print apply a THIN coat of Aquanet hairspray to the bed, let it mostly dry and print away. Very impressive adhesion, solved PLA warping 100% for me.

A heated bed helps if your printer has that. Use Pritt-like glue and make the print speed very very low. You can gradually increase the speed once the base is printed and if your printer support it.

That's right, a heated bed help me too, I have one with a heated bed.
I have a TeeBotMax printer, a easy printer for low price, a strange looking machine so as the builder says,
don't let it see at friends, because they say: 'are you print all your stuff with this thing???";
But all what I want to print, it's always finish very well.
In the beginning I use the Pritt-like glue too, but the last weeks I use the '3DLac' spray
and then the bottom of the print is much smoother and you can a few times print without to re-spray.
The Colosseum printed with 85% speed.
After 10.21 hours it's finish and look very good.

This thing is truly awesome! Extremely well detailed. I printed one on my TAZ 5 in natural ABS. It looks great. Note: My TAZ 5 is enclosed. You could have problems printing something with this many layers in an unenclosed printer using ABS material.

Thank you sir!

I had a section of columns on the outside wall separate from the base. Have you seen this? I assume it's because the top cooled and contracted slightly causing a stress above the base. Otherwise turned out great.

Very nice design and detail work! It would also be cool to render it as it looked in Roman times, undamaged.

That is amazing.

Thank's very much!
Yesteday, I did this model. All cool !

I saw a thing that copied your design!! Here it is http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:970265/#files
the thing file he has is Colloseum_final.stl

How do I report them for copyright issues?
Thank you for this.

i doubt you can since, apparently, you don't know the meaning of the word "instructions" :)

Your welcome!! I think there is a report button on the page. :)

Awesome! Now do one in its original condition c. AD 80!

I'm sizing this down by 50% so I can print it and keep up with my kendamas.

How exactly big is it?

Epic. Didn't print one yet, but I have to say how much this looks like the real Colosseum, which I visited back in 2012.

Same I went over summer and it was awesome

Looks great prints without supports. Long print time, but it's expected with such high detail.

Google earth is great for printing out land marks!

Ultimate retraction torture test :D

Amazing Detail! Congrats!

@estlinhaiss it will crash because there are so many geometrical elements in this file, I personally only have the xyzware software and I had to let mine slice for 3 hours before it started printing, I will try and decrease the quantity of triangles in the mesh of the STL, and upload a less detailed version. Thank you!

Any idea why the STL file size is so big? I'm trying to print one of these out and Slic3r keeps crashing when I try to export a .gcode file :(

@estlinhaiss The one you see in the picture above printed without supports and came out great I sized it up by about 104%.

Do you know how well this will print without supports? I'd definitely like to make one!

Looks amazing. Did u scan it or make from scratch?