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Cable management Hive

by Filar3D Aug 8, 2015
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Printed this on my PRUSA MK3 and it failed everywhere at the same height. I have now like a 1/3 of the medium storage. I don't know why that happened. The piece did not move and was still stuck solidly to the plate...

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You should never store cable like this, there no better way to make the internal wire break (especially for Ethernet or HDMI cable).
You should wrap cable not fold it like this (and yes many sold cable are poorly packaged).

Yeah, I was going to say something similar. You want large gradual curves, not tight sharp curves.

It also seems like a PITA to organise/find specific things in, too.

The small one is way too small to even fit USB cables in without excessive force.
Pro tip.

small one is good for those extra short usb cables.

The medium size do not fit with HDMI cables...
Only if 1 cable of 1m used two hives.

Actually in our picture we have the smaller one and works great!

Has anyone tried printing this in vase mode?

wondering the same...

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Thank you for this great design.
I made a openscad code to have this kind of hive fully parametric if anyone is interested you can find it here.



Fully parametric drawer cable storage management hive
by iX__

Thanks Auber! theres another user that made another openscad code :)

OH really !
Did not find it while i was searching ...
It is not referenced as a remix ...

May I ask which Eiffel Tower model is next to your (super cool) design?

It is no longer available in thingiverse, but if you give me your email I can send you the stl files :)

Could I have it too? Thanks in advance,

Can I suggest putting another hex on the top and bottom row. That way it would tessellate and could be nicely be modular :-)

its a good idea, but it will lose symmetry (I love symmetry haha) and it won't have any "comfortable" side to place it down.

Amazing model! Really is!

Recommend settings for the UM2 anyone? Cura is saying 26 hours for the large version!

2 on a bcn 3d sigma

which filament material did u use?

PLA is the best option for this. ABS can delaminate and warp.

About how long does this project take you folks to print? The preview for a Replicator (5G) estimates 17 hrs

It can be printed in 4-5 Hours with .35 layer height, but 17hours is waaaaay too much!

Wow!!! I'm not sure if I will print it, but it is quite the amazing piece of art.

Haha do you think? Thanks

Congrats on being featured. I wrote an openscad file over a year ago to do these sort of things. After seeing your design, I revisited my code & added another style to the script & also made it so it can be used on thingiverse's customizer.
Here is the link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:722125
The following numbers should match your 3 stl files in case others would like to adjust the dimensions or sizes a little.

ID = 23.98
Ht = 92
B_Thk = 2
W_Thk = 2
Rows = 3
Cols = 3
P_Style = 2

ID = 26.35
Ht = 128.64
W_Thk = 2.2
B_Thk = 2.2
Rows = 3
Cols = 3
P_Style = 2

ID = 39.53
Ht = 192.96
W_Thk = 3.3
B_Thk = 3.3
Rows = 3
Cols = 3
P_Style = 2

Parametric Honeycomb containers
by GeoDave

This is great! Im gonna test it today!


It can, if you have a printer with a volume area of 1m x 1m x 1m haha

The simplest ideas are the best.
Thanks for sharing your work.
Congratulations on getting featured.

Great idea, so simple too!

Yeah, simple, but useful :)

I've done so many simple fixes since I got a printer :)

If you'd arrange not 10 but only 4 to 6 tubes to a "C"-shaped assembly, several of them can be connected!

I was legit just thinking about designing something like this yesterday. Now I don't have to. Great design!

This is awesome, I can think of a lot of uses for this one.

Definitely another one of those "Why didn't I think of that?!" ideas, thanks for sharing!

It appears to have double thickness walls where you've butted the hexagons against each other rather than account for the wall thickness when modelling them. Minor complaint, but it would be nicer if all the walls were the same thickness.

Yes, Im aware of that! Haha I will change it!

Just a quick tip: I would suggest printing at 120-150% of the original model size. I think the holes are just a bit too small...most of my cables are a bit tighter than I would have liked, and some don't fit in at all.

I feel the same. I printed the small and medium at original success and my standard cables just bend too much within to be safely stored.

My cables fit great in the smaller version....You can see it on the pictures...

Thats right! As I said in the description "It is meant to be used with small cables, but you can always scale it". :)

lol. Just had to have a sculpture of a naked woman in the picture...

Yeah, that bust is what's preventing me from getting it printed at the library. They like to pull up the item in thingiverse and download the stl file.

You can now print it at the library! :)

Hey she is one of my best prints, Im proud of her :)

are you posting the female bust?

It is already available on thingiverse. Search "torso sculpted naked"

Which orientation did you print in?

Holes facing up.

genius idea. what did you use to create the model?

for this model (and every simple model I create) I use google Sketchup, fast and simple, great for simple projects. For more complex shapes I use Maya or Solid Works.

thank you for the fast reply :) I will try out maya.