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Self-Watering Planter, Coffee-cup sized

by Anenome Aug 6, 2015
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I love this design; have 2 printed - I am curious as to why all the designs use 2 parts though - with a 3d printer and the curves with a simple post in the middle I would believe it could be done as a single print

Thanks for the design, I really like the smaller holes on the inner cup. Though I have some issue printing the reservoir. In slic3r, it shows that the top is covered, so I switched to MatterControl and it looks fine, but printed like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/rcbisyfpj5zc10y/2016-10-25%2019.29.36.jpg?dl=0 close to what slic3r shown. I was away and only saw this when it's almost done. Anyway, do you know how to fix this?

After using this - I've found the holes to be too big which causes the dirt to seep through. Would you be able to make the holes smaller? Perhaps adding more holes but make them smaller?

You might try putting a coffee-cup filter into the bottom before the soil for an easy fix.

Done, re-made and uploaded the inner-cup files with water-holes half the size they were previously. See what you think, and thanks for the feedback. They're slightly smaller than 1/16" now. I didn't add more holes, tell me if you think that absolutely necessary. It's doable but I don't think it necessary.

Would it be possible to design a modular shaft? I imagine something like fruit plants might get big and overflow the container - I think something that I could keep stacking would be great. Perhaps a shaft with holes in it to direct the plant to grow upwards but still allow sunlight to get in. I'm not a gardener so I might have a bad idea :).

That brings to mind a fascinating idea, to make a version that could be stacked on a separate vertical shaft--not quite what you're describing here but of a similar character. Create like a vertical fountain of herbs. And maybe it can be setup such that watering the top waters them all in drip fashion. Huh, I'll think about it.

While it may not be a derivative of the original, the specific shape and design you used, as far as I can tell, was based on his work. Or did you think up of this particular shape yourself? A reference to the original would be appropriate and that is one of the things a remix represents. I have done a few like this myself where I designed the object from scratch using all my own original files. I still give credit to the original author though.

You really should give credit to the original idea and mark this as a remix of http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:903411. While you changed the angle of a couple parts, it is still basically the same thing.

Self-Watering Planter (Small)

I like that design, and I wanted to build my own version because I thought that was interesting.

However, that creator has flagged his product such that it cannot be listed by anyone on Thingiverse as an inspiration, "Derivatives Not Allowed."

And while I grant you the ideas are similar, this is not a remix of his product files, and the idea of a self-watering planter is not original to him, nor of a pot with a bottom-hole spout. Are you saying he owns every cup in a cup planter no matter what?

I built this from scratch on my own, using none of his files. Examine the source files if you like. If he complains that's fine, we'll need a Thingiverse rep to explain exactly what is meant by derivative. I take it to mean someone who steals his files, alters them slightly and then passes them off as their own.

That is not what happened here. These files are mine, from scratch. I'd be surprised if even one dimension was the same.

Anenome, thanks for the design! Its awesome how you just looked at my comment, and poof It came true! Not kidding, seriously thanks!!

NP, bud. It was a good exercise for me. Enjoy.

I'm working on a much more radical planter design next, something no one's ever seen before. Will let you know when it's done.