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T handle

by Kezat Aug 2, 2015
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Thanks for the great design! Was just shopping for ball end T-Handle allen wrenches today and they didn't have any at the store. This is perfect! never even thought about just converting my ball end allen wrenches to T-Handles. Printed one to test and it worked perfectly. On to printing the rest of the set...

Could you make a handle and stem for a 6mm wrench?
Earlier someone commented that they scaled up to 130% to do this
but I am a bit A.D.D and would like (need) to have all the handles to be the same length :/

6mm is just not going to fit without some major redesign, the 4mm one is already large for the handle. if you need to fit a 6mm scaling is going to be your best bet. if you want them the same size you could scale them all up but have a loose fit on some.

Awesome design, I've resized this design to 130% in order to fit a 6mm hex key, it worked well, but I needed to do a new hole on the screw part.
Could you provide de source file of the screw part? Thanks.

Thanks, happy that you like it. I have uploaded both the handle and stem (screw part) it is an Autodesk inventor file. If you have issues opening or modding just let me know what size you want before scaling and I will see about changing it for you.

Nice work. Thanks a lot. Could you create an alternative version of the stems with reduce clearance though? Maybe half the current value.

Are you talking about the stem length or thread to thread clearance? If the threads are too tight or loose you can scale the handle up or down slightly in the XY direction to adjust.

Hi Kezat, fantastic design i have also printed your hex key holder very impressed, they look great on my new craftbot. thank you!

So elegant and simple! And incredibly useful. Sliced with Craftware 1.13 with post processing acceleration and disable CB acceleration. Printed at 0.2LH / 0.3EW @ 30mm/s. Works beautifully! Love how it also travels easily because it disassembles as easily as it assembles.

Thanks Borgchick, it's nice to get feedback on designs.

This is absolutely brilliant! I am getting my first 3d printer in a few days and this will be one of the first things I print out. I understand that for simplicity the same handle is used for all size allen wrenches, but it would be really cool and helpful to have custom handles for the different sizes with the size actually embossed into the handle, or perhaps just 3 handle sizes with the wrench size embossed on the thread-in collar. As a hobby machinist I use Allen Wrenches a lot and I frequently get the metric ones mixed with the SAE. Sadly I am a dropper, so the wrenches seldom make it back into the little case they come in! Any further development on this cool idea will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks jzakariasen, i'm happy you like it and thank you for the suggestions. I do not know to make parametric stuff or of a good way to label the stem or handle without having 35 variations of the same model.

One thing I could do is mark the stem or handle with what size step it is of the 5 sizes, so 1-5 number/marks/letter. That way you could at least know what size is slightly smaller/bigger then the one you just tried, and/or you can remember what number/letter you need for a specific screw. Then perhaps print the metric/imperial in different colors to tell them apart.
Labeling the stem would be best as it would not add to any models but I don't have much room to work with and it may be hard to read any marks. Might be best to just add 5 more handles to the mix.

Or it may just be simpler to print them in different colors or label them after with a sharpy:)

I really like this..... It is a nice simple solution to a T-Handle design. The first one i printed in Red ABS @ 235c extruder 110c bed temp 0.4 nozzle sliced with Cura 20% infill. Print looked beautiful... but would not even start the thread, So next attempt same settings only changed to a 0.3 Nozzle again a beautiful print, thread started into body very tight ounce past first turn so i backed it out and inserted a 2.5mm hex key and tightened it down it cracked the lamination 6mm from the top of the shaft screw (crack in the Handle that is the screw held up nicely) however even with the delamination it is still a solid tool. Maybe you could shave of a slight bit off the thread and possibly add a flat sides to the screw shaft so a small crescent wrench could be used to tightening it it up.

I increased the thread gap by 0.125mm and added flats to help with threading it in, let me know if it works any better.
Use the V2 version, I will leave the originals up for now.

I really like these! Nicely done. Looks like the hex keys might be able to twist a bit in the handle. Is this the case? If so, maybe the slot in the handle could have a V shape, getting narrower at the bottom. That way when tightened, the key moves down until it gets wedged in place. In any case, I'm downloading these to give them a try. Thanks!

That's not a bad idea, the handle slot already has a slight chamfer in the corners to improve strength slightly, this also stops the smaller keys from rotating as much but still has a slight rotation. It was a concern as I was designing it how much it might rotate but in practice I don’t find it to be a problem. Let me know if you feel any differently once you get one made.