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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Finger Wrench (digit spanner)

by francfalco Jul 29, 2015
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Hello, I'd so love to get one of these for my husband, who restores old British cars. I don't have access to a 3D printer, though. Would you be open to selling one to me? I'd be most grateful if you could. -Kathy

Hi Kathybh,

Where about are you in the world?
You could try a local maker via 3dhubs.com - just upload the file and it should be easy to get printed.

Keep me posted


Hi Franc,

Thanks so much for replying and for the suggestion. I'm in a small, rural town in Idaho, USA (we're so small that we don't even have a stoplight!). I created an account on 3dhubs and got a quote back. The price for the units is reasonable ($7.26 for both the pro and mini) but there is a minimum charge of $35 for any order, so they would end up costing $35. I'l have to think over if that is worth doing. If so, I was stumped on options like "Infill" and "Layer Height". If you can advise on that, it would help this newbie out.


Ah, understood, unfortunately, i think the postage from the UK would be more!
If you do get it printed locally, then if you specify a 0.15mm layer height and 75% infill in ABS plastic - that should suffice.


what about these - not as good ;-) but might do the job?

good luck!

You sir, are a f*(#$#ing genius!

Ha! Thanks passghost!
But as mentioned, the design isn't mine - i've only created a 3D printable version of a NLA product!

But glad you like it!


Does this need supports?

Supports not needed, but a raft may help.

Holy snap, us FRC people know how hard it is to start driving bolts in tight spaces, this'll help a ton!

Farmer request here...think someone could update this up to 5/8" or 3/4". I'll work on it myself, but still a little new to the CAD side of things, and simply expanding it might not work for finger size.

So a larger slot - yes?
I'll look into an update.
Thanks for the idea!

Wonderfully handy tool. Any chance you could design a thinner version for us ladies?

Just scale to fit your finger - it'll still perform!

This is pretty cool and it gives a whole new meaning to "finger tight".

Dang Thingy. I print one and someone sees it and has to have one also so have to print myself a new one. Awesome simple little design,.
Thanks for sharing..

Agree, great design - just wish i had thought of it originally!

Thanks for making!

Hello! I just wanna let you know that i shared ur design on my facebook! (cause í'm not sure this site will) Have a nice day!

Hi Drows33,

Thanks for promoting my 3D printable version of the design!



the mini has errors in slic3r. pro works just fine.

Hi Jugar,

Thanks of the heads-up. File fixed and reloaded.


awesome! thanks, ill give it a go after my next print. I'll post a couple pics in the "I made one". love this design.

Love it, the out of the box thinking, outstanding.
Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful idea. Thanks!

Hi itis a good idee, can you use for both hands, i need it for my finger right hand

Hi Thwagner,

Yes, usable for both hands.

Thanks for enquiry


I've just tried the Pro version and it's a comfortable design. But if you are only working with smaller parts (e.g M3/M4/M5 nuts) there is no need for the big slot ending at the upper end. I would prefer having the start of the holding slot more placed in region of the finger tip.
Could you please provide a design with a shortened slot starting about 10mm higher (Pro Mini)?
I think this would greatly enhance the usability for working with smaller parts because you have a finer control at your finger tip.

Hi bitschieber,

Added a 'Mini' version to the set - thanks for the suggestion.


Hi bitschieber,

Thanks for the suggestions - sounds like a good idea!

Leave it with me and i'll create a 'Pro Mini' (name tbc) as you suggest.

I'll upload shortly



This would have been useful while building my printer!

this is awesome, but i have skinny fingers. do you mind providing the cad file so we can make a version for people with smaller fingers?

Hi Phauszzie,
Thanks for the comments.
The original build file isnt easly editable unless you use Maxon C4D software? But if you have slimmer fingers just scale the .stl file down to fit. Either proportionally or over two axis. The beauty of the design means its scalable but still remains functional!

génial, carrement pas bête, j'adore :D

As a mechanic who repair cars,I just wanna say this thing is wonderful! can't remember how many times I'm trying to screw a nut in a bolt head in tube or something like that. this thing really helped,thanks a lot!

Thanks for the comments - this has been a very popular design and lots of people are also wanting to give them as presents to DIY dads as well!

I should look into creating a customisable version to add a name?


YES x100000000000 lol as a industrial parts man i know of many clients that would love that

I don't own a 3D printer. May I ask you to print 3 or 4 for me and I can pay you for them? CypressEQ@hotmail.com -- Jason

I love the way this holds my nuts.

Love it!
I'm going to use that as the tag-line if it ever goes to market.

What's your commission rate?

Comments deleted.

It didn't work! I used PLA on a ctc printer and the wrench isn't strong enough to tighten to loosen anything it kept slipping until it broke

Ha Ha! But just in case you're being serious - you're not are you?

It isn't meant to tighten or loosen nuts/bolts - the design is only to give you the ability to hold and begin threading a nut or bolt in an awkward/cramped location, where only one finger can access. Once the nut is on the thread a few turns then a spanner should be used for final torquing.

And as someone already commented, please don't use this item with a impact wrench or any air powered tools - you'll destroy the finger wrench and your finger!!


Just curious, which printer do you use to print these parts? They look really great!

Hi sigilwig44,

I print on either a MakerBot Rep 2 or a Ultimaker 2.
The MB is better for low res printing (better surface finish) and the UM2 for higher res and fine detail.
Also the Filament is really important for good quality prints. I'm UK based and Faberdashery produce a great PLA (but slow on stock sometimes). Always go for the best quality filament you can get. I often test temp and extrusion rates for each type of filament, sometimes different colours of same brand filament have different properties.


I love the development, it looks good

Thanks for this handy tool.
I have made a small change in the design so it can be used in places with less space.

Finger Wrench 2
by MD80

Really Cool!

Hi MD80,

Interesting adaptation... gives me some ideas!


cool it sounds and looks awesome my dad would love it. WILL PRINT IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful idea, I will print iti immediately! if you are applying in the elections I will vote you! :-)

Hi Cosmo3d,
Thanks for the comments and happy printing.
Just one question if i may ... What elections?

The election you want... anyway I ill vote you! :-) Thank you and good night

wow!!! as a automobile mechanic,I can tell this thing is wonderful! I have been troubled by this kind of situation for countless times!!!

Wow! Been on holiday with no email and only just found out this design was Featured! Thanks for all the 'makes' and 'comments' cheers franc

I mentor on a FIRST Robotics team and this will be great for those tight places on the robot you can't get a tool into.Thanks!

i was thinking the same thing im also on a FRC team and this will be useful

This is fantastic. Thanks for the awesome model, this is where 3d printers shine IMHO

Smashing idea, would have liked some instructions on the matter for us noobs

Thanks for comments - what would you like to know? Cheers franc

This is a great idea, I am curious as too how much it would cost to make this device

I would have thoight a high run injection molding even less than 25 pence per unit but you'd have to invest £5000-10000 for the initial tool making. Thats the beauty of 3d printing - minmal set up cost!

Probably around the $.25 range.

many years as a teletype repairman - I always use a piece of scotch tape wrapped around the end of my finger (sticky side out.)

Brilliant Idea. Congratulations! Dan

First usefull thing I made so far, Plan on making one for each of my boys. Absolutely great idea

Comments deleted.

That's some next level thinking. Great job!


version 2 would benefit from a ratchet feature. Just sayin'.

this is great! what a good idea!

Don't use this with air or electric impacts. You will create hamburger with the end of your finger.

I secretly just like to wiggle and try real hard with my own fingers, luckily I have strong and nimble fingers. Even though I love the design on this one, I don't think it's needed for normal capable people. Might be very beneficial if you have a handicap with your hand. The most interesting thing in this design is that you get feedback from the screw because you are touching it when you push it in :)

Would you make one that is more made for

I smell a customizer....

this is awesome simple tools yet , I really need this yesterday! so frustrating holding the but while upside down!

Great, can't wait to get home to print this!

Until now I have always prided myself on my uncanny ability to get those nuts into "unreachable" areas... Now anyone can do it.... Thanks A LOT!!! ;) ,,,,,, Great Idea!!! a simple solution to an annoying problem. printing NOW!

An intriguing idea...

I began printing this mere seconds after seeing it. I'm giving it to a friend and printing another as soon as this one finishes.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Followup: It was too big for my friend, so I took some calipers and measured her finger, which was 15mm. Rough measurements of 20x = 15, so x=.75 The full sized one fit me perfectly, but scaling it down 75% before printing made it fit her finger perfectly. Slightly changes the sizes of nuts/bolts this'll work with, but it was really simple to scale it to fit a smaller finger. Thanks from both of us. We're super excited to use it!

OMG! this works so perfectly!! GREAT JOB!

Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

wow sometimes the simplest things are the coolest

coolest thing posted on thingiverse! super useful. I will be printing several to have in the various tool boxes in my lab.

Dude easily one one of my fav's. Thanks for taking the initiative.

Fantastic! i could of used something like this many times, instead I have used double sided tape, magnets, tweezers, vice grips, needle nose pliers or luck to do the job... perhaps you should pull this and look for a marketing agent?

didnt even hesitate to make this tool :D might make 2 just to be sure :D

This. I need this! :O! YOU SIR ARE A GENIUS!

You Sir are a Genius!!!! Ditto

You sir are a genius... I really have no words for how this makes me feel other than happy :D

Comments deleted.

I built my 3d printer exactly for items like this! Printed, can't wait to find a use for it

Wow I could have used this at work when someone didn't think out the bracket design on our prototype instrument and I had to do some crazy finger gymnastics to get a nut into place. I have used some grease to keep the nut on my finger before but this looks like it would have saved me lots of pain and frustration. Seriously nothing is more frustrating than when you drop the nut repeatedly and it usually goes into something where it shouldn't be.

Oh my god. I'm an auto technician, and this is going to save my sanity. I can't wait to test it out!!

Great - an expert tester!
Please let me know if it needs any fine tuning.

Keep me posted please


This needs a kickstarter. Or at least a late night infomercial. :-)
Very cool design.

Very clever. Well done!