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Customizable Board Game Card Storage

by demod_ Jun 2, 2013
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Great job on coming up with these. They work well to assemble a stack and you can easily separarate them!

Thank you again :) Please also check out the improved version by kickahaota at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2954310

Customizable Card Boxes and Lids

This is a fabulous thing! I remixed it to change the angles on the lock-and-key mechanism a bit to allow it to print more neatly without support. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2954310

Customizable Card Boxes and Lids

That looks great, thanks for creating that! I was planning to do something similar but just lack the time due to work commitments

I can't find a parameter in Cura for bridge speed, having issues printing the overhanging wall, it did print but it's pretty messy and had to trim off all the bits hanging down that didn't bridge properly

if anyone could help with that it would be hugely appreciated.

Apart from that this is fantastic, the deck on my first one fit perfectly and the lid slides in well and clicks into place at the end

Edit: The newer versions of cura have no bridge settings, I'll give the next print a go from slic3r instead and see how I get on

I've found (if it helps anyone else) that one of the walls was not printing on the inside edge, I've resolved this by enabling the setting in cura 'print thin walls' as by default if the wall ends up under 0.4 it doesn't get printed, the wall should be 0.4 as that's what they're set at but it must be thinking it's slightly under.

Some amount of stringing sadly is unavoidable with this model unless you use tons of support, I always had to do some cleanup with a knife after each print. I also haven't printed one of these in ages so I can't tell how different it prints using current cura versions.

I'm also currently playing around with a new version of the holder that prints on its back and won't have such issues. But I can't tell yet if what I've in mind will completely work out and when (or if) it will be available.

I'm glad you still like the holder despite the stringing, the "clicking in place" alone took quite a few tries to get right ;)

cleaning off some of the stringing works fine, not had any problems with cards not fitting. This design is massively appreciated as I was getting fed up of having cards loose or in plastic bags in my board games, printed 9 boxes so far for gloom of kilforth, a few more to print yet but so so much neater with better protection.

I'm having the same issue. Supposedly the Top / Bottom speeds are used in place of Bridging speed in Cura, but mine had a lot of stringing doing just a simple bridge test.

When I download the model and load it into Cura, the model seems to be sized smaller than a card's size, and I have no idea how much bigger to make it to make a standard card fit inside. Is there any fix for this? Are there certain dimensions for a finished car holder I need to know?

You can change that, please refer to the instructions on this page

The entire side of the box is expected to print well as a bridge? I can't imagine how it could print without support.

on the printers I used that worked out surprisingly well as long as you don't mind removing the stringing with a knife

I thought that this would be faster to print flat, so to get around using support and filing away in a tiny spot, I manually added wedges to the lockpart.

I'm printing a test now (2.5hrs).

Would it be possible to parameterize these in the future? It would shave a ton of print time off, and adding manual wedges to each model after customizing (I'll have a few sets different heights) is painstaking.

I created a mostly working version a while a go but I just lack the time to finish it. Luckily kickahaota has created a remix that looks like just what you need: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2954310

Customizable Card Boxes and Lids

I like the idea with the wedges, integrating them properly will add some width to the holder but additionally to printing faster and easier it also should make the holder feel smoother overall. However, I'm a bit skeptical if the screenshot you posted can print that way because of the overhang above the holder's foot, probably that needs to be wedged / angled by 45° degrees.

I'm not sure if or when I'll have the time to integrate and test that design (let alone understand my code form 5 years ago...), but this might just be worth it. If you've already patched the source code please upload it somewhere so I can integrate that.

Thanks for the idea!

Comments deleted.

Sorry I'm 100% Noob. I was trying to customize so I could order from one of the other apps but every time I try to save the changes to match my cards it gives an error. Am I the only one with this problem? I don't have my own 3D printer so I basically just wanted to buy some to fit the board-games we have.

When I try to change something in the customizer I get the following error message "/usr/local/bin/openscad/openscad: error while loading shared libraries: libCGAL.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". Apparently thingiverse got some technical issues right now, You might want to contact them about it, don't forget to provide the error message.

Btw. these card holders aren't exactly easy on printers. You might want to order a very small batch first.

Has anyone tried printing these on a MP Select Mini? I'm having all kinds of trouble with stringing. Nothing else I print gives me this issue.

The model is no doubt challenging for printers. You could try printing it on its back to avoid the stringing issues, however, this would require printing support in the rail mechanism which probably will require some cleanup with a file afterwards. Just give it a try and tell us if it worked ;)

I tried printing it that way first, that's when I had the stringing issues. Then I tried printing it the default way, without support as you specified, and it failed miserably. Not sure I want to try waiting almost 10 hours to see if it works with supports, plus then I'd have to do a lot more work to the inside to cut away the supports. Especially since I need three boxes total to store my Chrononauts game.

I printed these using PETG, and they fit together well. The only concern I have is that they slide apart almost too easily. Is that something I could have prevented with a missed option, or is that part of the design? I love what you've done here!

I'm happy that you like it! The holders shouldn't slide apart that easily but snap into each other at the end of their rails.

There are two approaches to your problem:
1.) If everything is a bit loose you could try to decrease the fudge factor in the customizer by 0.1, maybe 0.2 if that isn't enough.
2.) If everything fits just right but holders slide apart accidentally you should increase the "Lock Nub Radius" in the customizer under "secondary parameters", try adding 0.1.

The changes should be immediately noticeable but you might have to experiment a little to find the right values

If all works out please post a "I made one picture" so I can see what you use them for :)

Hey, just wanted to take a moment and say this thing is awesome! I've printed a dozen or so, of varying sizes, for a variety of games that I play, and it's worked great so far.

Thank you, I'm really happy to hear that!

I've always been a little worried that I might've just plain over engineered the holder and that it might not really workout for other people or their printers but on the other hand designing half measures isn't fun ;)

If you don't mind please share some pictures of your holders in the "Made" section. I'd really like to see how you are using them.

Sorry it took so long, but just got a picture posted! Included all of the ones I made for the game Dead of Winter.

Why is the box body oriented the way it is? I understand why it needs to be printed vertically, but as it is you need to have support for a whole side of it. I turned it 180° so it only needed to support the sides around where the cutout is, and it seems to be just fine, and probably saved a lot of time.

I have to ask, I'm pretty new at 3D printing myself, why would it "need" to be printed vertically? I know that Cura tells me I can cut off roughly 1/3 of the print time by laying it down instead...

For most printers the standard rotation should work best due to the rails not needing any support and thus create a flatter surface for the lid to slide into. If your printer somehow can manage without support or you remove the support very cleanly the normal rotation might just work. Just give it a try and tell me about it :)

I picked the rotation to enable printing without any support at all which at least for me worked fine, however, a little cleanup with a knife is usually needed to remove the stringing at the top. YMMV.


Huh. I figured it would need support for that big vast top; I didn't even try without. But I'm new at this, and my intuitions regarding when support is necessary are really lousy. Also, I'm printing for full-sized poker decks, which are larger than the default measurements in the OpenSCAD file at least (and thus maybe larger than the cards you commonly print for); that might make a difference.
A downside to support is that it can leave little rough remnants on the inside (doesn't always snap off cleanly); there are a few spots in particular that are always there. Not serious, but if they're collector's decks or something and you want to make sure not to damage the box you have to be careful

If your cards are that large your intuition might even be correct :)


I love this deck holder.

A few questions on the secondary parameters: what do these sizes mean? Are they dimensions in millimetres, or some other measurement?

I've made a couple of holders with the basic settings, to hold larger cards, but the walls and base are a bit thin for my liking. I'd like to make them all 2.0 mm thick, so do I just amend the values to "2", where applicable?


Hey nestyr,

yes, all settings are in millimeters ("mm"). Just adjust all the Wall Strength parameters and you should be fine. If it all works out, please post a "Made"-pic :)


Now I'm trying to figure out how to make the sliders for the tops and bases stronger.

I'd like to make the sliders thicker, but that means I will also need to make the slots deeper as well. What do I need to adjust, and how much bigger should the slot be? For example, if I want to make the sliders 2.0 mm thick, how wide do I make the slots: also 2.0 mm, with a greater fudge factor, or 2.2 mm with a fudge factor, to compensate for any droop, or thickening from printing, or something else? And which of the customiser settings do I change?

I could figure this out for myself, but it's probably faster to ask you.


It has been ages since I've made this thing so you will have to do some experimenting yourself. However, setting the "lock" and "wall strength" secondary parameters to the values you need should just work out without extra fudge factor (depending on your printer). Also I recommend to take a look at the preview in the customizer and your printing tool before you print.

what size would i have to do to hold these cards with sleeves?

Just measure your stack of sleeved cards and you should be fine.


Nice card holder! I've created a website to gather all board game improvements to inspire and showcase. Would you be interested in adding it to the Board Game Level Up site? Or I could help you with it, but still giving you the credit. www.boardgamelevelup.com


I love this! It would be perfect to store all of the different location cards for Arkham Horror

Great that you like it! If you make one please tell me how it works out for you because printing this isn't always easy (and maybe make some "i made one" pictures ;))