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Crocz... Crocodile Clips / Clamps / Pegs with Moving Jaws

by muzz64 Jul 25, 2015
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hello, I got the builtin supports to slice in cura simply by enabling the "Print Thin Walls" option, found under Shell. Other slicers will have similar.

I think you should sell those things on amazon or something!

Thanks for our message... the fact is all too many people do this at times and without my permission!

I love these! One question: How did you incorporate the raft into the design? My printer goes overboard on rafts and supports (Da Vinci Pro Jr.), and I've destroyed quite a few prints trying to remove support material. The raft on this came off beautifully. I'd love to incorporate a raft like this on some of the other pieces I've been trying to print.

Thanks for your message. You are referring to my designed in support.... so it has been manually designed in as a separate part. To make it break away easily from the surface it has built underneath leave a space of approx. 0.3mm (think air gap). This works pretty well with most slicing apps and machines so it supports the model well but also breaks away without too much trouble.

I hope this helps

Hey there! I was able to print the no support option just fine, but for some reason, the original "crocz" file is giving Simplify3D some issues. When I pull the .stl file in, I can see the support. But when I go to print it, and cycle through line by line, I can see NO support being rendered/printed. Has anyone else complained about this? By the way, the no support version is -AWESOME- but I really want to try the feet sticking out version because...feet! :) Thank you so much for designing these *z Things. <3

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties with slicing the supported version. That is a slicer issue. Others have reported similar with Simplfy 3D, Slic3R and Cura. I never encountered this with my MakerBot Print app.

To resolve it you can try the following;

(1) Scale the design up uniformly by 5 - 10% before slicing. That will help the slicer recognise the fine designed in support structures.

(2) Rotate the model imported into your slicer by 45 degrees. Again, this may help your slicer recognise the structure better.

I hope this helps.

I had to boost it to 140% of original size (+40%), in order to get the supports to appear. Weird, eh? I wonder if there's a setting in Simplify3D to help it "detect" the fine supports better when they're smaller? Anyway, thanks so much for your help!

One question: I noticed you mentioned 60%-75% infill. I printed at 60% and they worked great. Will they be more or less springy at higher infill? Sorry if this is a weird question - I don't yet completely understand the physics of infill as it relates to springiness yet. :)

Pleased you got the supports to show up...

Higher infill makes them more springy. Less and the spring effect is weaker. Ideally use a 'linear' infill pattern as well but not all slicers allow you to specify this.

I'm excited to see what a 140% print does. I'm printing one now. :)

Ooh, the 40% increase actually caused the spacing between the support and the croc to become large enough that it flailed a bit in the first few layers, and caused a spaghetti effect when I pulled away the support. :( Oh well. I will try again tomorrow! Maybe I should just print the croc with legs, and have Simplify3D add support itself?

Really fun for my kids. Printed with abs. Works like a charm.!

I have printed 2 of these in ABS, and these are very cool. Is there much of a difference if printed in PLA vs ABS?

PLA is harder so,depending on the print settings, may be a bit more springy

Used this design yesterday at a STEM Day event for local middle-schoolers. It was fantastic. I scaled it so it's print in about 10 minutes, perfect as a demo for groups coming through, and gave me lots of examples for kids to interact with all day. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback and pleased to hear they worked well for you... keep an eye out over the next couple of days as I have some T-Rex models (calling them Z-Rex) that bite in a similar way to the Crocz and my Sharkz etc. Everyone likes dinosaurs!

Neat little gadget. It prints best without supports. I love it. I see a whole bunch more of these on my build plate in the future once my family sees it. Thanks for sharing.

I would love to see more animals! Maybe a snake with a moving jaw and wiggly body! Or an owl that clacks its beak! Mabye there is some way to make it flap its wings?

Thanks for your comment.... I've already posted a wriggling snake and Eaglez with a beak that bites. Just check out the rest of my designs.... but I'll keep thinking about additional animals. Good ideas just take time...

gotta print this some time! looks cool but at the minute i am out of filament :(

I'm have a croc of a time trying to print one of there super kewl crocz... issue is that my printer just freezes as soon as it starts printing the Second Layer of the SECOND foot- it's the weirdest thing. It lays down all the support structure no problem, and all the second layer of the first foot. I've printed a dozen other designs from tiny to 8.5" in length and never had a stop/freeze. It always stops in exactly the same spot for just this design. Printer is Monoprice Maker Select (Wanhoa I3 etc) Ideas anyone? Thanks in advance...

It could be the slicing app you are using not dealing with the separate support components of the designed in support. Try using a different slicing app... or print the non-support / no feet version. They aren't quite as cool as having the feet but essentially the same thing.

Thanks for those suggestions... after further research I stumbled upon other folks having issues with the gcode data on the SD Card getting corrupted somewhere along the process... the fix is to full reformat the SD card to FAT32. Since I did that I am now 20% through the printing process for a crocz and all looks good so far (legs version using my own Cura-generated supports). I will post the finished product when complete. Thanks for a really cool clip design, cant wait to crocz something!

Great to hear you found the problem and resolving that is sure to help with other future prints as well.

One of my very first prints along with a glowing sharkz. Jaw works great unlike the shark which I think I accidentally added supports to or something.
Top side looks amazing but bottom side (where it was attached to the raft) is really rough. Any ideas why?

That is an issue with Raft... it leaves an air gap between the top surface of the Raft and base of the Print itself. That's why it breaks away as the air gap creates a weak point but also compromises quality / finish. Think of it this way, as the filament is extruder with too much clearance it starts cooling / solidifying then hits the Raft surface below... it's sticky enough to bond to the Raft for the rest of the print to print well but weak enough to break away.

I'm not sure what type of machine you have but you can print it without Raft on most machines. I recommend Raft as it makes it easier to remove the print from the build plate.

...and print another one of my Sharkz 'without' support. Any support will lock the Jaws for sure. Have fun with 3D printing!

Congrats! Your model has been chosen as one of the Top 3D Printed Christmas / Holiday Models this year. Search "Top Free 3D Printed Christmas Gift 2015 Printing Ninja" to see. (sorry thingiverse bans URL addresses)

I LOVE these, we are making them for a library program. What is the best way to get the jaws to start moving? Some colors seem to open better than others and I've broken some trying to get things moving. I'm trying to use an exacto knife but I'm not sure where it's sticking.

Pleased to hear you like my Crocz.... with most machines this shouldn't be an issue but you are right, not all filament prints as well as other filament. The simple solution is to increase the scale slightly.... so print them bigger. This sill increase the clearances to work around this issue. Just make sure you scale them up uniformly and they should work fine... maybe start at 10% as you don't want to greatly change the print time or filament usage.

These are fun to make. ABS is much easier and the support is very coo and peels away easy and clean. However, my green PLA is a bear to get the support off and the teeth tend to stick in PLA. Still very cool and a good "test" print.

Pleased to hear you like the design.. PLA works well on Replicator 2's with no sticking / removal issues. However, for machines that have these issues just scale it up uniformly 5 - 10% which will increase the clearances.

Thanks for another fun design! I used the no support on and I figured the feet would droop but it worked perfectly.

Comments deleted.

How about the original version without supports? I want to try and print it with feet on the plate as an experiment.

Feet down won't work as the upper teeth with end up stuck to the lower teeth so you will have a Croc with no bite.... you would also have problems with the underside of the back as the angle is too low. I've uploaded a version without legs so you can test the jaws movement and back... if it does print okay for you then send me a message and I'll send the file with legs and no support. I don't want to make that available to most users as it is likely to cause print issues as described above... the files I upload should work for anyone and everyone.

Very nice remix of your "best printers" sharz !
But, like others, i'll be happy to see a support free version of this design.
(for my printer, I'm pretty sure your supports won't work very well)

The support works great on several machines I've tried but I will add a support free version,,, the only thing there is you wont have legs that protrude out the side... easy edit so will be added soon!

I -really- don't like things with built-in support/brims. At a first look, S3D is having a problem slicing it.

The usually support works great on several machines I've tried but this sounds like your slicing app can't deal with the designed in support. I'll add a support free version,,, the only thing there is you wont have legs that protrude out the side... easy edit so will be added soon!

How about the normal one with prodtruding legs, but no built in support. S3D does great supports.

Printing now, but the Replicator is having fun with the in-built support and keeps knocking it off. Any chance of a version without it?

The support works great on several machines I've tried but I will add a support free version,,, the only thing there is you wont have legs that protrude out the side... easy edit so will be added soon!

The support usually works great on several machines I've tried but I will add a support free version,,, the only thing there is you wont have legs that protrude out the side... easy edit so will be added soon!

Thanks for updated version.