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AEP7 Laser Pistol from Fallout (Support Free)

by Mdavisgtm Jul 14, 2015
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The work that must have gone into optimizing this for printing is amazing. I'm going to print this on my SLA, and both I and my wallet thank you dearly.

estimate of filament use?

finishing up the print now, and with a 1mm nozzle 1.75mm filament. 2 walls and 3 top and bottom layers and %15 infill I used about %60-%70 of a 1 kilo spool.

Okay, need a little advice. How is everyone attaching the mag chamber to the body, while still allowing it to move?

I just finished building mine, and I had a similar question to you.

I ended up just using a thin metal rod (even coathanger wire would work) cut to be the right length, and so that the end of it just ends flush with the hole on the bottom of the body.

Then, the little cylinder that connects next to the trigger, covers the hole and prevents the metal rod from falling out.

I ended up taking a longish metal spring I had laying around and screwing it onto the back of the magazine holder, which keeps it pushed out normally. It worked great actually.

hey there people check out my instagram for pictures of my build of the gun at buas7 also for asking things !

where did you find a spring for your trigger?

I ended up using two springs pulled from a pen, with little metal nails slid into them to keep them moving the right direction. I had to drill an extra hole into the inside of the trigger.

It works reasonably well, but does not feel great, the whole trigger moves and grinds a lot despite a shitload of filing and sanding. The single hole on the bottom is placed in a bad location, it pushes the trigger at an odd angle so it doesn't want to return easily.

If you could find a long, but narrow flat spring, like the follower spring from a rifle magazine, that would be ideal because it would push evenly against the whole back of the trigger.

I think I got it from a pen

How do you get the mag holder in place?

It should fit in there fairly easily..

Wondering if you could redo the grip 1 stl to more resemble the original dragonator version, this is so the handle "grips" are separate files can be printed separately?

(I was going to print them in black ninjaflex for a more authentic rubber grip look)

As you have merged one of the 2 "grips" in your file this is not currently possible. (I prefer your version of the grip as it's level to the bed so no support required)

I am almost done with printing this. I started with Dragons original but than found this. so I have a mismatch of both. I printed the handle and grips from the original. I don't think you would be able to do that in ninja flex anyway. The only flat spot on either are the very top or bottom of the grip.

Not I have not printed in any flexible materials so I am not expert. I just don't think a tall kind of thin part would work well in a flexible material

What is the smallest build plate this can be manufactured on? In other words, how big is the largest piece?

I'm currently working on printing this on my SLA printer, with a 5x5x7 inch build area. The largest piece is Grip_1.stl and the only piece I'm worried about. Its dimensions are slightly more than 5in x 1.8in x 5in.

Are there explicit directions on how to assemble this correctly? I am about halfway finished with printing and wondered if there was a manual on how to assemble this.

No there is no manual but if you look at the picture with the exploded view with all of the parts you can see where everything is supposed to go.

this was great for a first print to get the feel of how a 3d printer works. posted some pictures of my printed one, have not started on sanding or painting yet. im working on the stuff thats gonna go inside before i start finishing up the cosmetic parts.

how did it work out?

I dident keep really good track of it when I was making it, but I do remember that it took a good amount of a 750g spool of filament. I just put all the the parts in Cura and it said that with .15mm layer height and 20% infill it will be 550g but that estimate is probably a little lower then what it really is.

I planned on printing this at a local center that owns a Makerbot Z18 and 5th gen Replicator. Could you give a rough estimation of how many grams the support free version uses compaired to the original's 1kg?

This is brilliantly done, and behalf of all of us who have spent way too much time adapting models for proper 3d printing, I thank you!