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fillenium malcon

by aaskedall Jul 10, 2015
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Would you happen to have a .sldprt file for this? I'm trying to add a stand to the file and edit the engine so I can add a strip of SMD LEDs to make it look a little cooler. I've been trying to convert the .stl to .sldprt in solidworks, but it keeps crashing due to memory error problems.

Sorry, I modeled this before I really knew what I was doing so it's all one big ass mesh.

I previewed this in Simplify3D and it looks like there is a cylinder in the middle that doesn't connect to the sides until about 20 layers later. How do you print this?

It was manifold and I'm unable to fixit with slic3r and https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net/... :( can help-me?

First go at printing this was OK. The problem I had was the item wobbling. I've seen comments about adding supports (which I can do as I'm running Simplify3D) and a larger raft, but I'm quite sure that won't help 100% as the item needs to keep really still due to its height, otherwise the top will look uneven, and in my case an entire layer had gaps and was weak. I'm considering adding some brace support into the design, e.g. like a buttress. But surprised no-one has suggested this already, so unsure if that's the way forward.
When people suggest turning it 90 degrees, do they mean printing it flat, e.g. the 4 land gear feet will be the first layer ?

I'm really late on a reply, but I think what he meant by turning it 90 degrees was to turn the skinny side of the falcon into the direction that the table moves back and forth. That way you have a lot less mass to wobble as the build table goes back and forth vs having it facing straight on. So you would be looking at it's profile vs the whole top of the craft.

can anyone post the raft settings? I have a Flashforge Creator Pro.. Thank you!!!

On ultimaker 3 - 75% scaling, white pla, ultra fine resolution

Any tips on getting the guns to print right. Mine always come out very mangled looking. I printed at 2.0 Layer heights 40mm/s speed.

Would you have a problem if I casually sell these models, printed?

These are just for personal use as fan art. Please do not sell the prints.

as far as i know, it is illegal to sell it as it comes from site for home use only, but i am not sure

Wouldn't the original design copyright be owned by Lucas Arts aka Disney? You start selling Star Wars toys on the internet, you'll probably get a cease and desist from Disney whether you created the STL or not.

if the creator says its ok, it's okay, but if they say nothing I would not sell them.

Just printed this MILLENNIUM FALCON model! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


Thanks aaskedall for a great model!

Printed on: http://amzn.to/2zpdVFx

Wow, the ship from my favourite series Wtar Sars!

Wow this is a perfect model and printed great! I didn't even notice the seats in the cockpit until i looked at the finished print!

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I'm using repetier host, and cura slicer, but when I load the model, it says it's not "watertight" and to fix it. I try that, but it comes up totally messed up. I allowed slic3r to "fix" it, and the sliced model looked okay, but when I tried to print it it didn't work at all.
I have various models that I print using PLA and they come out great, but this one, came out with the layers not quite "together" (mushy) Any suggestions?
I can't wait to print this at 200%! Amazing model thanks!

is it empty from the inside and if not can somebody make a remix for it beacuse im making a drone for it so..

Wouldn't recommend 3D printing a drone... but, if you do, tell me if it flies

We printed this once but it was paper thin it still came out great. Were at it again but thicker walls this time nice work.

Its time i make this.
Its printing on my CR-10 as big as i could fit it! almost 400mm tall, I will post photos when done...roughly 4 days

It went great at the end, have a look here

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Just printed this for my Star Wars mad 10 year old Godson, have tipped a bit low as only 7cm high! only had an hour and a half to print, lol

How big is this? Nobody lists any dimensions. Thanks.

It's 188mm long, but you can scale it on your slicer anyway.

This is an awesome model and I love it A LOT!

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This is an absolutely beautiful model, in fact my favorite. I was wondering if you could provide a complete version, where the tail isn't flattened? I would like to be able to slice up the model and print it HUGE, but I also, would like it if the engine section was complete. It would be SOOOO sexy. :)

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She did the Ressel Kun in less than 12 sarpecs.

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Sorry you are mistaken, that was the Millennium Falcon. I can understand why you may have been confused!

Either this was intended as a pun, or the creator was afraid of getting copyrighted.

But do you have the flim flam interpreter?

I have my 2nd z18 now, and finding other guys with them is difficult. I started this if you are interested, please pass it along?

delete if not allowed, just trying to find more z18 owners

WOOOW, one of the best prints i ever made. Best is that i don't need any supports, just slice it, print it and that's all, thank you Aaskedall for this awesome model.

too bad the model is split right above the satellite dish. or this would be a good model

Wasn't for me...

For those who want to print this with the rear end included, I reconstructed the missing part: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1773111
Or you can just print the missing piece and glue it to your existing print.

Fillenium Malcon (repaired and complete models)
by DrLex

Awesome model! I sent you a PM about it. Take a look when you can. Thanks!

Tried to print this about 3 times but each time it just falls over. I don't know what to do. Should I print it not straight up?

If you are using a printer that has a moving build plate in one axis, I'd rotate the print 90 degrees to prevent the wobble. Another option is printing it with a much larger brim or raft. If that doesn't work supports will help keep it upright. Hope that works!

Hi there!
I tried to print this Millenium, and the guns on top didn't print properly. Any suggestion to improve that? Thanks!

I had the same issue. They were very stringy and incomplete. Never had issues printing small parts before.

for those that don't know windows 10 has a 3d model viewer. if you open these broken stl's in there it'll tell you it's broken and ask you to fix it. Let it. It does a really good job. Meshmixer failed for fix this one but the windows 10 3d model viewer fixed it perfectly.

fantastic model, I'm in the middle of printing it and it looks great

What is the size of this?

you can scale it to any size your printer can handle!

Thanks good to know

Any chance you could include the satellite dish separately so I can glue it on afterwards?

Hi there!
Can this be printed flat? (With some supports)


This is an amazing model! I just finished printing one, and it looks great. Thanks, aaskedall!


Anyone know why the slc3r program that came with prusa isn't making the model correctly? When I import the model it has a bunch of holes and stuff in it.

Thanks in advance


StefanDB has a fixed version for stl issues in Slic3r.


fillenium malcon (fixed)

Thank you so much!

Hey Ho from Germany,

I just printed the Original with landings. Quite good so far...everything looked okay. I printed it with 70% Scale so it doesnt Take tooo long. But now the print stoped and says finished. and its only 30% printed i think.
Does anyone have a reson for that or can tell me if there is a file without mistakes maybe? is that already fixed?

Are you printing from an SD card? If you are and you did not allow it to save the g-code fully before removing the card (this can take longer than you might expect, at least in Cura), then it will appear to work, but stop like you describe.

Resized it to max with Cura, Raft on no extra settings. No problem with Monoprice mini select!

Hey can you give me the raft settings?

anyway I could get ahold of the .ipt?

My printer can only do a max height of 120

If I try and resize in S3D it doesn't print properly.

How can I scale this down properly to print on my printer?



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chewie hit the hyper drive!!!!!!!!!

Comments deleted.

Amazing model! Printed this at 100% and posted the Make, came out reasonably except for the pipes at the bottom which I can't seem to get to print well. I'm not sure if it's due to retraction issues or the nozzle size (0.4mm nozzle for 0.16mm layer height), any ideas are welcome...I'd like to print a really good one as a gift.

No ideas, but I'm having the same issue as you are.

So I switched to a 0.2 nozzle and printed again, took quite a bit longer, I probably should have changed to a lesser infill.. took 39 hours :( but came out awesome!

Awesome model! I printed the original one without landing gear at 10cm tall with Makerbot replicator 5th gen, 0.2 layer, 20mm raft (a large raft, more than enough).

Amazing Detail. Even has the seats & controls in the cockpit!
Definitely needs a sturdy Raft, but no supports. I toppled over about 1/2 way though first attempt with just a Brim.
PLA printed @ 200°C & 30mm/s.
60% Scale, took about 6hrs on my Ultimaker2.

Also, the stand is a great addition:

Fillenium malcon stand
by iX__

I had no problems printing this on my Anet A8 with a 0.2 layer, 55mm/s, 200/60c PLA and 10% infill. I did slice using S3D and uploaded my make.

Impossible to slice or to repair with Netfab......can't print it. And this is the same for all the files.

This guy remixed it and did some fixes: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1773111

Fillenium Malcon (repaired and complete models)
by DrLex

Could this be split in the centre making a top and bottom to be later glued together? Is there a version without the back flattened out allowing it to print upright?

Part one seems to be damaged... :)

Having a hard time getting a good print , gaps in outer perimeters about 11.4mm from bottom of print. If you slice it at .2mm layer height you will see the missing material in outer perimeters at about layer 56-61. you can visually see it in repetier host if you slice it with No infill, Zoom in after you slice and there it is

Having a hard time getting a good print , gaps in outer perimeters about 11.4mm from bottom of print. If you slice it at .2mm layer height you will see the missing material in outer perimeters at about layer 56-61. you can visually see it in repetier host if you slice it with No infill, Zoom in after you slice and there it is

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why did you completely ruin this model just to print it verticaly

Well that's a bit harsh.

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Comments deleted.

so what is the best file to print if I want the landing gear? thank you!

either one that says landing gear, the biggest difference is the satellite dish.

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so what is the best file to print if I want the landing gear? thank you!

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I am encountering problems with the overhangs on this model. .2mm layers, 40mm/s print speed, 205C, PLA, 20% infill.

Any tips?

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WOW what high detailing

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Comments deleted.

So i attempted to make this... the raft was too small annnnndd tip.

what raft setting did u use for this?

I was using the Tiko Printer and there is no way to set the raft settings on there that I know of. Being new to this I am just figuring out how to print let alone how to make adjustment to my print and printer setting. Hopefully, one day I will find a resource that will teach me how to even make my own prints from scratch and also be in possession of a better printer like the prusa.

Tipped halfway so I do recommend adding some support to hold it in place. Would have taken 7hr 15min on a Fusion 400s at .20mm layer height. Looked great at 100%, going to try 150% next time.

Everytime i try to print this it shift. is any one else having this problem?

I'd check your printer for mechanical slip first. Maybe even before that, slow the print down a bit.

Comments deleted.

Can I know what material did you use?

I just printed this in MakerBot PLA Cool Grey color.

Good model, if look from side economy. But I'm looking smt much detailed, did you saw this Falcon printed model http://gizmodo.com/it-takes-3-months-just-to-3d-print-all-the-parts-for-th-1762361322

I did, but I also don't see any photos of the whole thing printed anywhere....

I'm printing this at almost full size, about 92% or so. It's printing fine, but I notice the detail on the sides of the ship tend to curl upwards as they start to extend out from the body around the curve. It's not causing the print to fail, but now that it's about 20% done, you can see it's not a smooth ridge but actually rather bumpy as a result. What can I do to combat this? I have a blower fan and fan duct running at 100%, is it cooling too fast perhaps?

I'm printing PLA @ 210 degrees and I've been getting really high quality prints otherwise. Thanks!

At a finer resolution overhangs will try to curl up. You can either to a thicker layer height or drop down to 200-205. It happens because there's not as much material under it to bond to and hold it in place.

Comments deleted.

Could someone leave some settings on what they used.Thanks

Made this for neighbor's boy and found the detail amazing

What are the dimensions?

Love this Print!

315mm tall with a 154mm x 5.08mm base added 100mms / Octave Gray ABS / Bed 110C / Hotend 260C / 200 Micron

Awesome! Watching now.

wow! its wonderful!

How long should it take to make? My little Da Vinci Pro is saying 24 hours. Is that to be expected?

For anyone having trouble with printing this, I fixed the part up in magics: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1534283
Intended for stereolithography, but probably just as useful for FDM and LS.

Millennium Falcon

Hey aaskedall

Great work, thnx for sharing.
But was wondering... Could u upload a version without the rear end cut off?

Kind regards

it was too big for my QIDI printer so I scaled it down a lot!
Just barely fitting in mine, it would take 8hrs.

My print attempts of this constantly fail at about 30%... is there a cut version of this or something? it's really frustrating and I want to print this more than anything else..

What infill percentage did you use?

How big is the actual Structure i ant to see whether it will fit on my printer?
how long will it take?
and how heavy is it in grams?

If you download the stl you can scale it to any size your printer technology can handle.

hope that helps.

could you also tell me how big the cockpit is thanks :)

you won't fit inside of it if that's what you're asking :}

I meant because im thinking of making one for playmobil size so that you can print it in different parts but i now am making a 4 and 1/2 foot long popsicle stick one instead

We printed one on the Cubicon 3D Printer and we had to build a platform/raft to prevent it from tipping over - woke up to a machine full of spaghetti filament lol. Other than that, the print looks amazing!

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I can't get the one with the square dish to print correctly. I load up the file in makerware, scale to fit for my 5th gen makerbot and it says 1:54hr to print?!? I start printing and it only finishes about 20% of the file, stops and says its completed. Oddly, the one with the round dish works fine.

I have the same problem with my Makerbot Mini. The smaller I resize, the less that prints.

Hey i had the same Problem today...it just broke up after 30% was printet..but my Anet18 said 100% finish?
How is that possible? Did you find a solution for that Problem? or someone else? another file?

Hey there, not sure why this is happening.

Something I've done in the past with odd errors is just slightly rotate the model on z axis and it might shake what's wrong loose.
If not, let me know and I can send you a slice file as I've printed a few on my 5th gen as well.

happy printing!

Thanks for the reply! No reset the makerbot and am trying to print from a usb drive instead of my laptop. It's printing now. If it doesn't work, I'll try rotating it. If that doesn't work, I'll let you know. Thanks again!!

when i put them in repetier i get a message its not manifold. When i go to the repair service https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net/
i can upload the file but halfway during repair it just stops and times out and it wont fix it. i tried all 4 files.

Not a manifold just means that there are holes between the inside (where infill is put) and the outside layer. the holes are in the cockpit and in the center mounted turrets and don't cause any printing issues. I printed 2 of these, one at 50% scale and one at 75% scale, with both prints repetier gave me the manifold error and both prints came out great. Just slice it as usual and print it.

l am new to 3D printing, about how long does it take to print an object with this detail?

That depends on a lot of different factors that we don't know. Each printing technology (sla, sls, fdm, etc.) is going to have different levels of detail that they are capable of to begin with, and will have their own challenges with respect to support, and such. As it is set up, this appears to be optimized for fdm, That said, even here there are many factors that affect print speed. As an example for this level of detail, I'd like to print with a finer nozzle, say, .2mm rather than the .5 that I have, and print at layer heights of .1 rather than the default of .2. Each of those factors will result in different times taken for a given print head speed. So if I can print at 50 mm/s, printing .1mm layers instead of .2mm will double the time it takes to print. To use a .2mm nozzle instead of a .5mm nozzle I'm looking at about 2.5 times as long. If I do both, I'm looking at about 5 times as long, so if I could print this in 8 hours at .5mm nozzle and .2 mm layers (which would show layers like crazy) it would take at least 40 hours to print this at a higher resolution.

In any case it's easier to determine how long something like this will take to print if you know how much filament you're going to use in FDM, as the other factors provide limits on how much of that filament will be extruded per unit of time (second, minute, hour, etc.)

Most slicer's will give you an estimate of how long it will take to print, or how much filament it will use in the FDM world. I presume that there are similar metrics that slicers for SLA and SLS will give you. Not all of the programs will give you a 'reasonable' estimate. Cura appears to be off by 1.3 to 1.5, estimating low for my print jobs. Not enough to matter on a 5 min job, noticeable on an 8 hour job.

All of this completely ignores the size you are going to print this at. The design gives a fairly idealized model to look at in the online view, and in your slicer. Printing larger editions are likely to look more like the idealized model, but will take longer in a cubed ratio than a smaller print that won't display nearly the same level of detail on the same printer.

All of that said, the only way you are going to know for sure will be to download the .stl, feed it into your slicer, and see how long it takes to print.

Hello Aaskedall,

Thanks for the Falcon file, very, ver cool! I printed one for my 13 year old son. He loves it and now wants to sell a few to friends in school. If he does that, he needs to credit you with the design, right? Anything else we should be aware of?



To Be technical, you cannot sell the model for profit under the terms of the licensing. We all have heard of the " Just 3D Print " Dudes i'm sure. So even though the creator of the model says you can do what you want, it is still against the terms of the license.
Doing so ( and saying it out loud in forums) will just lead to more trouble. Best to keep that in PM's.

So you say you are just charging them for the filament that's required to print it... wink wink.

Well, I am not sure that you can sell it outright . I'm just giving it away for free so you can do what you want but you don't have to give me attribution. I doubt disney will come to your son's school and destroy all the models but hey who knows.

What software did you use to design it?

Does it print the landing gear correctly without support? It is horizontal

Yes, most printers can bridge up to 2 inches in a horizontal without failing. Good luck!

Does the layer height influence this? I was thinking about printing it at 0.05. Thanks for your answer and my congratulations for the model, we already printed one at 50% and it is awesome!

I printed the original dish model, it tipped over right after the satellite dish was printed, very disappointing that I have about half a ship.

Hummm still new to printing I've attempted to print 2x on my FF Creator Pro w/ ReplicatorG.... it crashes/lost packets about 35-45% of the way trough? Thats me printing it scaled to fill space..... Sometimes when I generate Gcode it doesn't show up/bugs out? Does that mean its too much for Replicator G or am I missing something?

are you printing off of the sd card or via the usb cable? sd card is the more reliable option.
aside from that you should really switch to another slicer, ReplicatorG is great to start off with (since it comes with the printer) but it's really limited in features and just clunky.

What software did you use?

Please run this model through a repair tool (so that we don't all have to individually repair it) -- You just need to make it manifold and then anyone can print it.

I tried to repair it myself in 3 different applications to no avail. They all seem to get lost in an infinite loop and would not complete the task. Regardless, it appears that Cura is able to make sense out of the file and slice it even with the manifold issues. I could not verify it as 7.5 hours of print time was more than my patience level would allow.

https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net was able to repair it. It took like 30 minutes though. Never seen one take that long. -- Usually if they take like 1 or 2 minutes, I consider that to be slow.

Interesting! I tried that one and it stalled on me after 15 minutes. I shall try again, knowing that it should be able to complete the task.

I just printed this with my XYZ printer on BEST setting. No rafts, no support. Came out better
than my expectations. AMAZING detail. Hats off to you ... now I am going to see IF

"She can make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs."

Took 15.5 hours ... used ABS

You are very welcome sir, Post a made one!

I'm a FlashForge Dreamer owner, and I don't know how to increase the raft in my Flash Print software. I want to print this, and whenever I add supports, they don't print. I was going to cut it in half and print it out that way, but I'd prefer to print it as one piece. I'll make an attempt at it and see what happens as is. It's a good-looking model!

Amazing. about to print now. Thanks!

edit- Slic3r did not want to slice it like others have mentioned. Said it was not watertight and will cause slicing problems.
Used Cura and it is printing now looking....ok

Thank you for share this very beautifull model, I have print it as is in pla perfectly. Did you have the model without the base cuted?

Help!!! I printed this on a Flashforge Creator Pro slicing with Makerbot software with no supports - only raft and it printed beautifully. Went back to print another and it fell over at 40% twice. I then read your tip about making the raft bigger and it worked. Went to print another - lots of nephews and nieces that are big Star Wars fans. I even tried one that said it had support on the remix but to no avail. I am printing them at about 10 cm tall. Last night I got one to finish without falling and this morning it failed at about 90%. Have printed at least five times and only have 2. I really need two more to make the little ones happy. How big does the raft need to be and any other tips?

you could try printing it with supports, that may help it go all the way, odd it's failing at the end.... maybe print it 10% smaller?

about how big is this model?

You know that you can make it any size you want in your software, right?

yes, I was just wondering about how big the model would be.

The default scale is just under 8" tall.

Hi aaskedall, can you upload version where is the (bottom) back side not flat. I want to make it bigger from 2 pieces.

cannot create((((((( my soft can't see all surfaces in model(((( somebody have another model

Amazing model! Any chance someone can fill in the cockpit for smaller prints?

It's mallenioum falcon.

It's actually Millenium Falcon, but the creator called it the Fillenium Malcon because of copyright reasons and because it has the word "Filament" inside "Fillenium" (I assume)

Thanks for this awsome piece of 3d engineering! perfect print on my ultimaker 2.

Keep up the good work. it is much appreciated

Which layer hight and adhesion type did you use?

What orientation did you print it at?

Just standing straight up like it is in the files.

Glad you dig it! Need to do some more modeling.... too much time, so little to do.

This is by far the best Falcon on thingiverse, but it could be even better. I noticed that there are a few inaccuracies: First of all, the cannon and top window. The window is way too big and deep, and the cannon should sort of extend out over it rather than sitting inside. However, that looks like it may have been a modification to get it to print. The other two problems are that the long rectangular bit between the mandibles are too narrow (the sides of it should extend out almost flush with inner edge of the the mandibles—the way it is now, there is this huge gap. Look at some photos and you'll see what I am talking about) and that on the bottom, the rear raised block thing should not be so wedge-shaped, the edges should be at 90° and flush with the front ones.

Can someone cut it in half? My printer can only print at a safe height of 165mm, I'd like to make one at least 250-300mm. Slic3r doesn't seem to work well on these STL.


Set it to 0 from 0 to 150mm the first run, and then 0 from 150 to 300mm on the second run and you'll have the 2 parts!

...i just wanted to ask. Did you mean Millennium Falcon, or is that spelling on purpose? Anyway, it looks really good, and I'm sure to print this out!

Perhaps he simply does not want some fake BS copyright claim against his own hard work. There is nothing illegal about making something exactly like a copyright version just for yourself but big business does not seem to understand that.

I agree, and I also think that he wanted it to say Filament Millenium Falcon, so he called it the Fillenium Malcon (see the filament word in Fillenium?)

I'm a Slic3r user with a Printrbot and it doesn't seem to want to slice with slic3r, however it slices quite nicely with Cura.

I downloaded Cura and I was pleasantly surprised that they have printerbot settings out of the box. Cura also lets you save GCODE which you can then load into repetier if thats your preferred program for controlling the printer.

Great model overall, I printed a 50% version which came out nicely, doing 70% next and finally I will print one at 100% overnight.

Great work, looks amazing.
Any chance of step file or such. Would love to edit it to make it in parts and bigger.

no didn't get them.

Did you get step files?

Great aaskedall, #1!

Hey there,
I printed your model and made a video, maybe you want to watch it :)

cool video. subscribed. dont sprechen deutsch, but still.....

It would have been great to see the end-product at the end of the video.

As big as you want to print it... should work!

This is amazing! I printed it on my new Duplicator i3 and it turned out great.

My two sons have taken to my printer more than I thought.

My youngest (age 12) was wishing I had a duel extruder so I could print the rear exhaust thrusters in blue.

I am very familiar with Solid works and wanted to know if there would be a way to get a hold of a solid model so I could make the modifications and print this is multiple parts.

I haven't been able to find another model with the kind of detail yours has.

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

So i actually designed it in tinkercad/ blender/ with extruding some svgs to get the shapes right.
I started folding things in to the geometry so it may not be great.

Message me and I'll show you what i've got.

Thanks for the kind comments too!

Cannot print it, tried several times but the print pops of the heated bed with just a breeze... T_T

:( Maybe try increasing the size of the raft so the surface area has more to grab on to.

The model helped me to find one or two imperfections of my machine. Fixed = printed

What size did you make your raft? I've been having the same problem.

post a make!

Great design!
But... eh... shouldn't it be "Millenium Falcon"?

No, it's totally different. It's from long, long, long ago in a galaxy even farther away. This one is flown by San Holo and his side-kick Bewchacca.

but.... eh...... its obviously a clever way to say what it is without saying it... but...eh... you know copyright

Congratulations!!! It's amazing!!
But, I have a little problem. I can't slice it. What slicer did you use?

I just used makerbot desktop to slice it. If you are having slicing problems it might be worth just rotating it slightly on the z-axis. Sometimes that works for me. and Thanks!

Very well man
Nice job

This looks great! Has anyone printed the vesion with the landing gear down? Does it need supports? (Looks to be a fair bit of overhang.)

I have, does not need supports. The landing gear all have a little angle in the back where they build up from. The posts for the landing gear will bridge no problem. Good luck!

Thank you! I'm using it for a 3D print demo (starting it printing in a few hours) so hopefully it'll be a good way through by tomorrow morning :)

Good luck! post a made one if it comes out good!

Exceptional!!!! Really a greatly detailed model! Thank you very much for sharing!
Sliced with cura as slic3r had it to be repaired with netfab but with ugly results (object partially not void). Loved so much Cura that now i'm stuck with it.
Great job!

really nice model. sadly it oes not seem to print on a Replicator2x. Makerware give an error msg when slicing.
tried a lot of thing, even reparing with netfabb, no luck so far ... any ideas ?

\n{"error":"Coordinate exceeds range bounds.","type":"message"}\n2015-10-01T19:01:16.645247 [E][*] ERROR: Coordinate exceeds range bounds.\n'}

I'm not super familiar with that error but my assumption is it is slightly too tall? since it's saying exceeds range bounds.

me neither, first time i see an error at all when im slicing a model
i thought so as well, but i used scale to fit, strangely enought when rotate it via the Z-axis by 90°
its succesfully sliced...
i dont know, ill give it a try to print ;)

it got printed ;) very nice but only 15cm tall...
i have a few suggestions though:
1) the pipes at the back of the falcon have a gap between the surface. they did print very nicely and coming off. And i printed very
slowly already, outlines 10mm/sec. Would be better to have them resting on the surface. Just a tiny detail but it will improve printing when scaling down in think.
2) since its printed standing upthe back is missing. Do you have that part too? one could print it seperatly and glue it in place

but in all a great detailed model. really like it !!!

fillenium malcon

When i load any of the files, i get the warning that it's not manifold. I think nothing of that (i've printed stuff before that isn't manifold without issues). but when i try to slice it, slic3r only compiles about half of the model. is anyone else having this issue? i REALLY want to print this.

They should all be manifold... so not sure why it's borking.

You could trying running them through netfabb and see if that works. https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net/
good luck.

how do I get this to print in a 5th gen replicator?

If you scale it down to fit in the build volume it should print fine with a raft. If it falls over this remix is quite good as it increases the size of the base so it won't fall.


10 To The Third Year Bird

Someone work a Radar Dish for this beauty asap! :D

Great work aaskedall! :D

The new, old dish is updated :)

I know! i need to do the original dish, this one is based off the new trailers.

Great model, prints really well and with so much detail.

Comments deleted.

Firstly, this is an awesome model, probably the best one on Thingiverse so far. Could I request to have this model cut in half in two sections, front and back? My printer has trouble printing the lower half due to the angles, it still came out nicely, except the bottom gets a bit stringy.

Did you ever get a halved STL? If so, can you share it please?

I dont think the creator made a halved piece, but if you want one, I have made one of it. msg me

thank you so much, sure. I will do that for you, I think you could print with supports as well.

Did you ever create a halved version that prints flat and then can be glued together? If so, can you direct me to the files? I'd love to have that version for my printer...

OOOOh....i'm new with 3d printers, and i saw your model....by the way....PERFECT. Can you send me too....if it's possible, your model cuted in half, like Kwaaa asked too? Please...the model with the supports landed gear deployed. I'm afraid that my printer could not print the model standed up. I'll have to print with a big base....that's why i'm asking to cut in half the model, so i can use the cuted part to be the base. Thanks.

What is your nozzle hole diameter please ?

0.4 MM [0.015 IN]

This is a great model. I printed it with supports on the build plate to keep it from breaking loose from the bed. This thing looks great and printed in ABS at 0.2mm layers. My 4 year old loves it. Well done!

Awesome! glad you dig it.