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Vibration Damper v3

by lazzymonk May 20, 2013
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Just printed a remix of this damper with PLA+ for my Anet A8 and the noise reduction is amazing. The only noise now is the additional power supply fan I added that runs on full speed. Thanks for designing this. I printed it wtih:

0.3 mm layer height
Infill 20%
No Raft or Support

my Prusa i3 shaking a bit on these, maybe it needs two extra to support the center frame. It is 80% quiter but I hope it does not shake itself apart!

What material is best for theese? I'm guessing flexfill is way too soft to support any weight.

i have an i3 clone that vibrates so bad that the printer moves around while printing

Could not believe how quiet my printer is. Love this design, works amazingly well. Thank you so much.

Phone measured a change from 51db to 44db. Prusa i3 Mk2.

Just printed 4 lots of the small ones for Anet A8. Incredible, they work a treat. Stuck one in each corner by using this (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2056710) adapter. Love it!

Vibration Damper v3 adapter for Anet A8
by Rmnvgr

Most of the remixes use 4X of these. The i3 printer has 6 points of support where it touches the table. 2X front and back and 2X for the central pillar. That means that 6X of these are needed or do the central pillars NOT require any support? For my remix, I made and recommend 6X of these.

The central pillar should not be touching your desktop - it should be floating, as illustrated in the build instructions. The only points of contact should be the four padded feet.

These turned out great. My printer was previously on a heavy wooden table on a wood floor. The noise transmit into the house and it was loud! These mounts removed all the low frequency vibrations and made the printer near silent.

Amazing! My printer is incredebly quiet now. Thanks!

For what size of extrusion are they ment to fit?

Very good idea!
is it possible to get the original file? i need this for my prusa i3 hephestos.Or can you make one in 19x25mm rectangle on the top?

I need ones to for my Hephestos! :D

Can you make a version for it please?

Cheers and thanks!

Printed these for my Folgertech Prusa i3, and just wanted to comment on how much they helped. I printed 4 of the regular sized units, but will be switching over to the jumbos since I think they'll fit better. My printer was quite noisy prior to installing these, but has now quieted down a lot. I also added some cork NEMA 17 motor dampers from ebay. Now I can print overnight without my family being able to hear my printer through the walls.

How much weight can they take? My printer flattened them in about a day. They work fine, but it seems PLA can be deformed quite easily.

I dont know really. My printer has been sat on a set of v2 (which are the same size spring) for about 9 months and are still going strong. My printer is made of mdf and weighs about 8kg + filament spool.

Used 4 of the "Jumbo" units (TWSS) with my Solidoodle and they worked great! Thank you!

What is this used for? The pictures don't really demonstrate it.

Judging by the derivatives, it is being used as a vibration dampener for 3D printers. The Printrbot can be quite loud in when printing so I can see a use for it there.

I might use it on my quadcopter to prevent vibrations from having as much effect on the stability of the footage.

I Cannot thank you enough for coming up with these. These have nearly silenced my printer the only thing I hear now is the steppers. I highly recommend these for anyone with a printer.

Do you use this underneath your printer?

i do, they work great

id like to have a set thats slightly higher and a little thicker,,, my first set collapsed, and the solidoodle is much heaver at the back so a slightly heaver duty set for the back would be grand,

Done! New File added

It should have 3mm holes in both sides to mount

Done! New Files added

Worth upgrading to v3? Seems like the springs are a bit bigger, would absorb more vibrations?

Not really. If you have managed to put together v2 stick with them. The springs are exactly the same size. The final size of the whole thing is the same too. This version is just for ease of assembly really.

Ok, thanks :)

Nice, I was actually starting to think about almost the same design change. I also had another idea: http://maxy.homeip.net/misc/print/spring-design-concept.jpghttp://maxy.homeip.net/misc/pr...

Those I printed are encouraging, but this will need lots of tweaking to tune it to the right stiffness.

A+++ :)

I did have a lot of trouble assembling v2. Will try this today!! Thanks!