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Customizable Temp Calibration Tower

by eibwen Jul 7, 2015
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I configured one of these to cover 210C to 260C on various PLA and don't see much difference between them. What should I be looking for in this test? I've added my prints to the "I Made One" area.

you need to disable retraction and all other settings in your slicr to prevent stringing and oozing. I did this wrong also in the past :)

It seems that defeats the purpose. I thought the expectation was to determine the best temperature for the filament and your printer under normal printing conditions. I think the issue is the overhangs are too small so properly get stringing or sagging. I guess it is customizable so ill try a larger print and see if that helps. It also seems to print really slow regardless of the print speeds I choose.

thanks a lot for this helpful tool !

(heck ! customizer fails with this stupid error :
<RuntimeError: Failed to get https://www.thingiverse.com/download:2502362 403: Forbidden>
(off course link is perfectly fine ...)

If use Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.38.5+ use this code in Printer Settings->Advanced G-code->After layer change

M104 S{if layer_z<10}206{elsif layer_z<20}208{elsif layer_z<30}210{elsif layer_z<40}212{elsif layer_z<50}214{elsif layer_z<60}216{else}218{endif}; Set temperature

Nice idea. You should add 3mm for the height of the base, however: the limits should be 13, 23, 33, 43, 53 and 53,

Note that this will not work with a standard Slic3r, not even with the latest developer release.
The Prusa edition is available here.

I wrote a small Python(3) postprocessing script that can be used with the standard version of Slic3r. Attached to my make.

Customizable Temp Calibration Tower
by lynspm

Is this supposed to be printed in vase mode or just normally with some infill and whatnot?

It won't let me use the customizer. It takes me to an error page. Any info on this?

Try again later. Customizer goes down all the time based on how many people try to use it

Comments deleted.

In your OpenSCAD file set NumberOfBlocks = len(Labels) by default.

I made a patch for this to add some text and the date to the base. I'd put in a patch to github, but it's only v2, and my patch is against v3.
Here's a link to a diff:

When setting the Z heights, you have to take into account the height of the base.. I set mine for 10 mm changes (10,20,30..) but it really should have been 13.5, 23.5, etc (rougth estimates .. Will have to measure height of base in Meshmixer)

Just looking at the number of layers, base looks about 3.2mm high

Very helpful; thanks!

in v3 replace the echo-row with this for exact positions:
echo(str(Labels[i-1], "° @", BlockSize[2] * (i-1) + TowerBase[2], "mm"));

Hi there,

im new to 3d printing and have a question about TweakAtZ.
I set the Trigger on Layer No and set the TweakLayer to 45 to print the first block on the desired temp.
The next Script i start at Layer 380 and so on. The option behavior is set to keep value. Is this the right way?

I dont if i, or how i config the No.Layer option? I thougt it keep the value, so i dont have to set an amount of layer to print in desired temp?

Thanks guys.

I just created a pull request to fix the openscad file in git hub, but until that is put in place there is a version:https://github.com/oomgoshcd/OpenScad-Projects/tree/master/TemperatureCalibration. I've updated so when the tower is generated the echo also displays the starting z offset which is helpful to determine where to modify your temperatures in your slicer. I also got rid of the undef block when the tower order is reversed,

eibwen this is awesome stuff thanks! I use this for all my new rolls.

Cure (version 15.04.6) uses M104 when you use the "Tweak at Z 4.0.2". I prefer M109 so I manually modified the code.

M104 does set the temp of the printhead but it doesn't wait for the head to reach temp before it starts to print again. M109 waits until the new temp is reached before starting the print again. I also added a Z axis move up and over so the print head wouldn't melt a hole in the existing print. below is the code I added to the temp change layers in my gcode to accomplish this. Obviously change the temp you want at the start of each layer you want to change temps

G91 ; Set relative movement corordinates
G0 X2.0000 Y2.0000 Z2.0000 ; Rapid movement
M109 S200 ; Set temp and wait until it is reached.
G1 X-2.0000 Y-2.0000 Z-2.0000 ; Rapid movement back to print
G90 ; Set to absolute movement corordinates

thanks for the code!
cura 2.4 has the "tweak at Z 5.1" built in (extensions / post processing / modify g-code) but it doesn't seem to work reliably.
I added 2 changes, checked the code, then added 4 more but only the first 2 got saved. Probably a bug.
It still uses the M104 code.

The only thing that I would ask for is the ability to change the wall thickness. I use a 0.6 and design around 1.2 and 2.4mm walls to cover myself and the 0.4 (most) users. Other than that this is a wonderful tool, scaled up to 15,15,15 I can get a better idea of my bridging and retracts!

Updated for Customizer. Default wall thickness is now 1.2mm

I like that suggestion.

Currently its 60% of the block size being cut out of the center (wall thickness is 15% of XY block size), so changing the block size changes the wall thickness.

Excellent tool, thank you very much! I am currently optimizing velocities, temperature and flow rate with this little .scad. Love it. ^^

I use your Thing for every new spool of filament I get, and I recommend it to every new user. Great job!

Got to love the disclaimer strategy in openscad!

There is a bug where setting "Reverse Label Order" to "True" makes the label of the top block "und" (which I assume is undefined cut off). Screenshot posted here http://imgur.com/O2F92Cs

I noticed that yesterday...just ended up leaving "reverse label order" at false and reversed the labels in the array instead. The result is attached: my first print using ABS instead of PLA. (Second, if you count the first attempt that came loose from the glass bed before the pedestal finished. A bit of hairspray on the glass fixed that.)

I must be doing len(array) - i instead of len(array)-1-i... Thanks for letting me know, I'll try to get a fix up in a few days (lazy right now :) ). Fixed...5 months later :)

Was actually doing len(array)-1-i instead of len(array) - i when my loop started at 1 instead of 0... who does that?

I still got this error in the customizer, is there a specific way to avoid it?

Pretty well done mate !
Excellent to have added your mod and to make it accessible through the customizer !