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608 gear bearing

by yubal Jul 6, 2015
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my bearing is loose on the inside. i printed it on my i3 mega at 0.06mm layer hight with a 0.4mm nozzle.

I'm not too sure but I think 0.06 mm is a VERY thin layer, I'm surprised it printed at all. Might want to try 0.1 mm? I printed it at 0.095 mm.

I think I found a good use for these plastic bearings... spool holders. The regular metal bearings are a bit too loose and cause it to free wheel a bit too easily. A little more friction is actually a good thing for spool bearings. These are perfect and the rotation speed on a spool holder is extremely slow so there is no risk of them melting. I did loosen bearings up by putting them in skates so they are looser than they originally were when I just used a drill to spin them a few times. I could have just used the drill longer though more than likely to get them as loose as I wanted.

The spool holder I am using...

Spool Holder Wanhao Di3 Plus (80mm) (maker select, cocoon create)
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I made 8 of them to go into the right skate of my in-line skates as an experiment. It will be interesting to see how long they last. I used PLA so I don't expect much but skating around for 5 minutes in my house has proved that they do work at least temporarily. They were pretty tight when I put them in and have already loosened up a little (still pretty snug though) from the short time rolling on it.

I set my flow rate to 96% to help make it a little easier to free up. I think that did help a little. To break the bearings free, I used pliers to hold the center part and used needle nose pliers to grab each inside bearing from the outside edge going inward to only grab one at a time and pried down and up very slightly just enough to try and free it from the inside race. After that I grabbed the center using the pliers again, making sure to only touch the center part, and then used my thumb and middle finger to rock the outer part back and forth, re-positioning the pliers every few times so that I apply rotation pressure with my fingers from different spots. My fingers usually hurt afterwards but after about a minute or so it breaks free every time for me.

That is so good to hear! Please post pictures of the bearings mounted, too, as a Make for this Thing.

Is it possible you could make a circle one with just two "wings" on the side like this ( -O- ) and a block to hold it with a hexagonal center so you can break it in then cut the "wings" off and and it down?

It's a great idea! Tho it requires a considerable amount of force to break it, because of the many contact points in the herringbone teeth. I'm not sure how "cuttable" or "breakable" wings might hold, without making them so strong that you would have to grind it or cut it in a way that may damage the design. I would think the hex 608 would be the best compromise, and presumably you could break it with the part you designed for it.

Hey, great bearing. Could you make this customizable on Thingiverse including an option for tolerance settings please?

Well, it is a remix of a thing which is already customizable. The settings I used, to get to it, are in the instructions or details of this thing, you can then modify it using the parameters. I dont have the time to make it customizable, sorry.

I've tried printing it and can't get it to turn guess I need to edit the suns so they have a little bit more space.

You need to break it. Sometimes it takes a lotta force. You may have to calibrate your extrusion width better. You can get a cement bolt expansion in the proper width, put it in the hole, then expand it by tightening the bolt so it grabs the inside of the bore. Its way harder to break the round one, you may want to start printing the hex one or the square one and try using the provided breaking tools. That way you can measure the force needed.

Any edits to introduce more space in the gears will result in more axial play and will probably come apart unexpectedly or jump a teeth, which will have a cascading effect and destroy itself shortly

Print up 16 of these in the strongest way you can and send them to the guys at Braille Skateboarding for their You Make it, We Skate it videos on Youtube.

Why 16? That's enough for 2 skateboards and of course they'll break some right away. Very likely will break them all. The ideal thing would be to get the specs for Force brand skateboard wheels and either print spacers or extend the bearing hubs to meet in the center to avoid putting too much side force on the bearings from overtightening the nuts.

Why Force wheels? Because that's the brand Lance and Aaron mostly use. Their Youtube channel has over 2.1 million subscribers.

very great idea! It would be an awesome test. I'll see what I can do.

Lube them with some dry graphite spray. Home Depot has it, so does NAPA auto parts. My bet is Nylon would be the most durable material to print them with.

I am going to make it

good! please post pictures as "Made"