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Saturn V Rocket and Gantry

by farscape1 Jul 5, 2015
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Nice project, I'm trying to print the lunar module.
I have problems printing small parts, especially the suspensions (legs).
Could you advise me on how to print?
my 3D printer is PRUSA 3i
Thanks bye.

Print them very slowly, ie 20mm/s with supports

Best project, thank you @Farscape. I cant however seem to open the assemble drawings? It wont open in Solidworks, says invalid filepath? Is there another way to open it? Tried Adobe and EDrawings. Thanks in advance.

Hello, can some one help me to get the assemble drawings. i now there is a file but i can,t open it. its a fantastic project.

Have you installed the eDrawings viewer from here https://www.edrawingsviewer.com/download-edrawings

I'm missing files from level 60 structure (level 60 - scaled - long C.stl & level 60 - scaled - long D.stl) and in level 120 I'm missing (level 120 - railing - C.stl) do I need them or can I use other files

I have looked through all the levels and I can not find the three files (scaled - long C.stl, scaled - long D.stl & railing - C.stl) I may have got a bad download

I've just had a look myself at the files and they aren't in my downloaded files either

this looks fantastic

I have the ender 3 pro printer and I use cura to print my stuff out.i want to print this out in 1/144 scale does anyone know the setting in cura to change it to 1/144 print out thanks

The description says it's modeled at 1/60 scale, so dividing 60 by 144, that comes out to a scale setting of ~42%.

I might just be overlooking something but how do the Stage 1 engines attach to the rest of the body?

they attach to the Stage 1 heat shield

I have just bought a Reality Ender 3 and am trying to print this model but am a little confused about how I can print it . Is there somewhere where I can find the files or will I need to split the model in small sections using something like Meshmixer.

Welcome to the crazt world of 3D printing Sammy3rd.

All the files are in in the downloaded folder. Within the files folder, you will fine 2 Rar files. They need to be unzipped with something like WinRar or 7zip. Each of those Rar files contains all the files for the whole Saturn V and the Gantry. Some parts of the Saturn V have been cut already for smaller bed sizes. If you also look in the remix section of the webpage, there is also a cut up version of the gantry platform that was created by another user for smaller beds.

Any questions, just fire away. I'm just getting back to printing this awesome project myself and still learning myself


This is fantastic! However I cant seem to find the Lunar Module files except for the adaptor ring, does anyone know where they have gone?

The Lunar Lander folder should be in the Lunar Module Adaptor folder

beautiful work, congratulations.
I can't open the .SLDASM and .EASM file.
Can someone help me?
Thanks bye.

you need to download edrawings.

Have you installed the eDrawings viewer from here https://www.edrawingsviewer.com/download-edrawings

My boss wants to use the he Gantry for his Revell 1/96 Scale Rocket. Do you think it's possible to scale it that far down? It's just 62,5%...which would be the most critical part?

i would imagine for the gantry you would probably be ok, but don't take my word for it. I'm no where near that point yet. Most of the fine detail is in the Saturn V itself.

I am preparing to print this model, but do not really understand the file structure.
I extracted the RAR file, and the resulting structure contains all the files. But then there are some single files uploaded as well directly to this thing. e.G. there is a "FuelLine-A-_SCALED-" uploaded directly, and then there is a "Fuel Line - A - SCALED-" in "SaturnV-_SCALED\Saturn V - SCALED\Saturn V - STAGE 1\F1 Engine" as well...

Do the direct uploads replace the RAR file components?

Yes I believe they are updated parts but if you scroll through the comments they are mentioned by Farscape

This is awesome! I love the detail and internal components! However, what I'd like to do is print each stage separately. I found a different Saturn V and for the 1st stage, I just printed it upside down and moved the model down through the build plate in Cura until just the 1st stage was visible. This won't work for Stage II and upwards. Your model has all the detail needed, and even separated in the folders by stage, but it's not assembled! Can you please make some models with all 3 stages assembled but in separate STL files?

The place I buy filament and printer parts from have built this model and have it on display.
It looks absolutely incredible in the flesh. Great job.

Hey,I'm working on the first stage and can't figure out what the files are for the black panels that go with the white USA panels.

Anyone that has gotten that far, I would love some help.


In case you haven't figured this out yet - these are "Black Bottom 1" and "Black Bottom 3". 2 & 4 go with "Bottom White"

Can someone give me advice on printing the 'Retro Shield' on the Lunar Lander? No matter what I try, they all come out awefull and the supports are really hard to remove, without them breaking

i would like to print this at HO scale (1/87) to match my other rocket prints. can someone tell me how i should scale the STL's for the proper size? thanks in advance!

You'll need to print it at 69% scale (more correctly, 68.96%)

this is a really cool model,does it work with the saturn V that nasa made over on my mini factory?

I've just checked out NASA's Saturn V and I have to say this is a hell of a lot more detailed. All the engines are separate and printable parts for one thing, then there's the Gantry, which is an awesome project in itself. I've started working from the top down, and I love it. The wife on the other hand, not so much. But what does she know lol

What an amazing design and build! Awesome can't even begin to describe it. And thank you so much for sharing it!
I would like to scale it down to 65% which would give a height of approx. 120 cm. Does anyone know which are the largest parts of the rocket so I could test whether they would fit my Ultimaker 2+ ? So far I have tested the Stage 1 and 2 main bodies (the 2 parted variants) ant they would fit at 65%, but presumably there may be some other parts that potentially could be too big in either direction.
Or has anyone already printed the rocket with an Ultimaker 2(+) and could share their experience?

I think the main fuel tanks for stage 1 & 2 are the largest, so if you can fit them on your build plate, then you should be good. Be careful though. There are many small parts that might not print out too well at that scale. Are you planning on printing the gantry too? if so, then you would need to check the platform also, although there is a remix of that part for smaller beds

Thank you! I think I'll have to do some test prints of some smaller parts then to see how well they turn out. I have always the option of using a smaller nozzle (0,25mm) if things are getting delicate.
And no, I'm not planning on printing the gantry as well.
Thanks again!

Superb! incredible work man!

Has anyone printed this scaled to 1:100 scale? should come in around 1.1m, which would be a better size for me, I'?m just concerned about how well the detail will scale.

Great job with the design! I can't wait getting my model finished.

One little thing I noticed though:
All sections of the rocket without internal pressure (like intertank and interstage sections) have stiffening elements on the outside. On the intertank section of the 1st stage these elements are however inward recessed. In reality they are placed outward.

About how many kilograms of filament does it take to just print the rocket?

Bonjour, existe t'il un STL du moteur F1 complet? ou un plan d'assemblage pour ses moteurs? merci d'avance.

You need to look at the EASM file with E-drawing viewer to see how everything goes together. You can hide areas to show only what you need , and then explode the required section to get a better view of how everything goes together.

Vous devez consulter le fichier EASM avec le visualiseur E-Drawing pour voir comment tout se passe bien. Vous pouvez masquer des zones pour ne montrer que ce dont vous avez besoin, puis exploser la section requise pour avoir une meilleure vue d'ensemble de la manière dont tout fonctionne.

Hey Paul,
This is an excellent model, and I can't wait to begin printing it. This is one of the coolest models that I've seen on Thingiverse, and one of the most complicated. Thanks so much for creating and sharing this amazing model, and keep up the great work!

Also, I've just had an idea for making a cool scene with this if anyone wants to know: As JoshMurrah said in reply to Sascha1990's post describing a crawler for making a diorama out of this, you could simulate a launch in addition to simulating preparation for a launch (with Sascha1990's crawler model). If you put servos on the gantry arms, and attach a fishing line to the top of the rocket, or something like that, connect the line to on overheard motor somewhere, and attach all of those things to an arduino or raspberry pi, you could simulate the launch of a saturn v using this model. You could even add leds to the inside of the engines on the rocket so that, in the dark especially, it would really look like the real launch. I don't know if anyone else has thought of something similar to this, but it would be super cool, let me know if you end up doing it. I may also try to make this happen on my own, with a smaller scale model.

You could also add some kind of fog/smoke producing machine to the rocket through the engines and/or one in the base. Servos for the rocket positioning and holding arms on the base could also be added, along with a hidden speaker for countdown and rocket sound (on the rocket and/or base) and more lights, like some for the base and gantry for added realism, obviously all connected back to one, or a few micro controllers like arduino or raspberry pi.

Comments deleted.

Bonjour a vous tous je vais me lancer dans ce projet immense avec une Cr10 S 5 avez vous le plan de construction merci d'avance

Les seuls documents de construction sont dans un fichier EASM avec le dossier de fichiers principal. Si vous téléchargez le visualiseur EASM, vous pouvez l'utiliser pour vous guider. Vous pouvez masquer différentes zones pour pouvoir vous concentrer sur la pièce que vous assemblez et l'utiliser comme guide. Je suis en train de créer des fichiers .jpg pour chaque section et de leur ajouter des étiquettes pour que les gens puissent les suivre plus facilement. J'espère que cela a du sens.

The only construction documents are in a EASM file withing the main files folder. If you download the EASM viewer then you can use that to help guide you. You can hide different areas so you can concentrate on the part you are assembling and use it as a guide. I am in the process of creating jpg files for each section and adding labels to them to make it easier for people to follow. Hope that makes sense.

Just finished the Saturn 5. Got my first printer, Ender 3 back in October. I think it is pretty well broken in by now.

Does everything seem to print well on the Ender 3?

That is awesome!!!! what scale is it?

Any Glue recommendation... I can't get anything to stick to PLA... or did you print in ABS?

ur7x, I used gap filling, medium super glue to glue all parts. I also used insta-set or a kicker for everything. It saved me a ton of time and made gluing easy and fast. Just be aware of the fumes. Wear a mask.

WOW! That is awesome! I am right now at assembly of 3rd stage. How did you connect the service module to the lunar adapter doors? I would expect some kind of ring under the service module to match the top of the doors.

I believe the part you are looking for is called LES Retain Ring.

There is a ring that glues to the bottom of the service module. It is in gray I believe. I will look for it and get back to you.

That's what I said when it was all done. Still working on the Lunar Lander.

Comments deleted.

For how much do I have to rescale the ,,scaled,, things.

I am German so I`m not sure if my question is grammatically correct.
But thanks for answer.

You don't have to rescale anything if you want to keep it all 1/60th scale. That's just the name that Farscape1 called them

Wondering if the gantry is to the size of the lego saturn v.

Printing the Engine Cowls Vertically to get the cleanest lines is giving me fits trying to slice the file. Both Slic3r and Simplify3D take a little notch out of the top (see attached). If I print horizontally or laying flat, not problem. I even trying slicing using a small .25mm nozzle to see if it is just too thin... no luck. Has anyone been able to slice these parts vertically?

i found the exact filament he used on makerbots website and it totals to over 1k

anyone know what brand filament he used?

I think he did mention it in the comments somewhere down the line, but I've just started printed the Service Module and command Module using PLA from 3DPrintz, here in the UK

Strange, my Command Module looks alot different to yours. Mine tapers to a point at the top, there’s no LEM docking ring on mine

The command module is from one of the remixes here


Command Module and LES motor
by Atomsk

Does anyone know what scale to print the Gantry for the Revell 1/144 Saturn V model?

Comments deleted.

so...why a .rar? can someone send me the gantry in stl? thanks

You have to unpack it, then there will be the .stl files.

Comments deleted.

Has anyone converted the EASM file to dwg or dxf?
Am having troubs with the eDrawings tool.

Comments deleted.

Hi, nice work !
I'm working at the Crawler Transporter since a few months now. It will get a full detail model to print with nearly 10.000 printed parts :)
Can you upload the full assambled model as an stl. or obj. file?
I like to add some more Details.

Thanks and nice greetings from germany

Oh man. Please tell me you'll follow through and post your design on Thingiverse. It's my holy grail to be able to finish the Saturn V / gantry / platform, and have the crawler to complete the base/diorama/ground with.

That would be so awesome! I can't wait to see the final model and print it. If you do end up creating that diorama, I would love to see some pictures, or even a video of it!

if I see and understand you correctly
You are working on a 1/60 crawler that will fit Saturn V Rocket and Gantry.
I've been waiting for that since I finished printing this magnificent Saturn V Rocket and Gantry


Hi Aage,

i´m working on a 1/48 scale model of the crawler. But the model is scalable to every scale. But my model is a full detail print model.
Now i´m nearly finished the 3d model and the stl-files of every part. (The crawler will be assambled out of nearly 10.000 printed parts)

When i finished the build i will upload all the stl files of the crawler. Then i will start with the Saturn V and Gantry. But also in a full detail model. (I think the Gantry alone are more than 30.000 - 40.000 printed parts.

The target is a museum quality modell of the Apollo Triology (Crawler, Saturn V and LUT) maybe also the Moon Lander in 1/24 or 1/12.

Hi Sascha
how are you doing with your working on the crawler

Amazing work on the crawler. We are planning a big 50th Commemoration here in Hawaii -- Looking forward to a 1/12 scale Lander to put in our Museum alongside the Apollo artifacts.

I look forward to you uploading these files

And yes, Gantry is the most difficult and time-consuming to print

OMG, this is completely insane, and I love every bit of it. Fantastic renderings of that crawler model!

You can definitely upload here, and please do! But I don't think you want to do the complete object--it would hard to break up into printable parts again. What we would need is one model each of all the individual parts to print.

Hi evanflower,
Yes, i will upload when the model is finished. I will not make a big stl file. I have all parts in seperate stl files for the crawler model.
But for the next step i will start with the CAD model of the LUT. So my question was if its possible to get the assambled CAD model as an stl file. This is more easy to measure what i need and I have not to search all the small parts, import them and put it together. Iwill do a full detail model of the LUT.

Some one just posted this on one of my FB groups. You use it like Meshmixer for cutting up large objects. Looks interesting


Awesome work Paul. She's beautiful. I plan on printing the whole beast. Sticking to the 1/60th scale though. Currently printing of the Lunar Module as I want to have it as a desk piece. I've also downloaded an 3d model of Tranquility landing site from the NASA website to make it into a diorama. Just looking for the right scaled Astronaut to go with it. i am also going through the E-drawings and in the process of adding labels to each part as a way of helping when it comes to assembly. Here's of an example of what I mean. When complete I'll upload all of them to help others

I am confused. I do not see the LEM files. Where did you find them? I down loaded the Saturn V files, but, they do not have the LEM files included. Can you point me in the right direction to find them? Thanks

Did you extract the Rar files within the downloaded zip file? The should be 2 Rar files. One for the Saturn V and one for thr gantry. The LEM is in the Saturn V Rar file but you'll need 7zip or something similar to extract it. Windows doesn't read Rar files

No. I will look again for the Rar files. I may have overlooked them. Thanks. Found them. Thanks again.

what foot print dimensions does 1/60 have? I'm limited to ender2 150x150mm

If you read through the comments, Farscape does say that 95% of the parts were printed on a 6"x6" build plate, so you should be fine for most things. The platform might be an issue though, although there is a remix of it where it was cut up for smaller build volumes.

Hello smelter, i´m missing the LEVEL 360 FLOOR B.stl in the files. Is anyone here, who knows, where it is?
Greats Volker

Use the one from level 100

GuidoM....im open SLDPRT with Fusion 360, dont kwow if you need 64 bits or not. In fusion 360 the fisrt stage is complet but for the rest look like a big STL file but usable, i can make you cross section like this if you want, may be can help you....

just finish my first stage, ready for the next...

Hi Neolog, thank you for your answer. I did try to install Fusion 360, but it is only for 64-bit machines..... :-(
If you can: yes please, maybe this cross section will help me.....


Look at this and told me if you need more specific view

AND DONT do like me...i see to late the excel file for the colors, it will be more easy for me if i will see the file before

wow Neolog, this is great…..those pictures are very good to see how it is almost builded.
This will be a big help for me.
I did print (with Anet A6 and pla 0.1 layer) the 'F1' in 50 % . It is very small (the tubes)
Can you tell me what the biggest piece is to printout please? (in 100 %- X-Y-Z) ( i can do a search, but maybe you know this)
Then i can calculate how big i can go.....(for the gantry, i did find : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2436322 /Files split in 2 for small printers)(my platform is 220 x 220 x 230 mm )
Again, thank you Neolog for your help.......
(yes, i f i may, i will give the filename when i need some more explanation from you with a picture)

farscape1's Saturn V platform - Files split in 2 for small printers
by cayalag

Thanks Neolog…..so , i will print out in 60 %. Then it goes into my machine.
I did a try-out in 50 % for the F1-stage1-tyles, but this is to less for the F1-Stage1-tyles...….to small.
In 60% it is still small, but 70% is to much for the biggest part, so.....i do have no choice....: 60%

If you want trick wen you build , i use the inside tank top or bottom like a jig to make sure the piece perfect round and clip on to to keep them align

My god...….wow...…….this is a very nice picture from your model...….
Oh, i am a little bit jealous…..lol.....because you do have a greater 3D Printer-machine and you can go for 100%....
Thanks Neolog for your tricks...…(the more the better).

you printer is 230 on Z and the max Z of the model is 220, why you cant 100% ?

The part is : "Saturn V - Stage 1 Tanks - SCALED-mid.STL" . ( 208kB / X=167.606 mm / Y=167.625 mm / Z=330.75 mm )

Check...you got the same but already cut in two....dont remember the name....load all the pieces in same time in slicer and you will see

I see also that : in Stage 1 : "First Stage Heat Shield - SCALED.STL" is also just not : X=218.836 mm / Y=218.836 mm / Y=10.623 mm , but it is oke : i will try in 60% and see what it gives for the first stage.

Thanks Neolog

There are a some parts that are to big for 100% print. And the smallest % is 60...If i go more, then it gets to big.

Diam. is 170
Z 330
but this is the first stage tank, on the STL you got twice de same part, full tank ( 320mm) and tank in 2 part....220mm and 110mm

so for now is the only max on Z i see...330mm

Neolog, you are right......i can print it out in 100%. I need to turn the big pieces more untill they fit on my platform.
how is this possible that i did not see this?.....(slow brain???......lol)
I did find the A and B piece for tanks scaled mid a liitle bit to late: i am already printing in 60%....but it is ok.....

Thanks anyway for helping me Neolog…..i place a picture when the stage 1 is ready.....

Saturn V Rocket and Gantry
by Neolog

Hi to " farscape1 " and congratulations with this project !.....just one question :
i can't open "EASM and SLDASM an SLDPRT-files"....i did look for a viewer but it excist only in '64-Bit' and i have a '32-Bit' pc.
This pc is still oke for me....a little bit slow, but it is working for me.
Please, can someone help me and convert this files to other files that i can open?
I did search and tryed alot of free programs but nothing worked…..
Below the files :
1-60_SCALE_SATURN_V_andGANTRY.EASM ( in the start-map) (is this the Electronic Assembly file ? )
12 inch brace.SLDPRT ( in map GANTRY
12 inch brace250.SLDPRT ( in map GANTRY
Please, i want to make this beautiful module......help....


Where is the railing for level 120-140? The parts list says there are 3 files, but I don't see them in the downloads

What is the best program to run the E-assembly file? The one that I use lets me take it apart and view it nicely but in bigger chunks then the actual pieces and non labeled. Not looking forward to a extremely large guessing game jigsaw puzzle. P.S. Fantastic model!

First, amazing work. I applaud and envy your skills.
Came across something strange that I couldn't find in the 500+ comments:
While printing Stage 2-Main Tank 2 and 3, right after doing a skirt, as the head moves in to do the first layer, the head rises maybe 1mm or so, ruining the print. The other tank pieces are fine as are all the parts I've done so far. I've tried it on two different printers and the same thing so it has to be the files, which is strange because no one else has complained.
Any idea what's going on?

Wow, what a great project!! I want to thank you for sharing it with us. I was looking for designs that I could add to our actual flying project and came across yours. We will be using your command and cover plus parts of the LES component designs. We are scaling UP your design by 2.996 times to fit a 1:20th scale we plan on launching this year. if you are interested have a look, there are a couple pics of the capsule which has been printed.



Now that's what I call a 3D print!..........none of the silly little plastic characters people seem to waste there filament on, but a real life Icon!
Awesome! Good job!

Hi, thats wonderfull work you made. How big has to be the printer? I have 20x20x20 and i wanna pint it to 82% Scale.



This was 95% printed on a Makerbot Rep2 with a 6" x 6" x 11.5" build area...and a Makerbot Z18 with a 12" x 12" x 18" build area.

I'm wondering about some redundant files. When I click "Download All Files" from Thingiverse, the zip's main "files" directory includes 16 STL files:


What are these? Is there anything special about them? Should I print these instead of their counterparts that exist within their respective RAR archives?

Also, in the "SATURN V - STAGE 1" > "Stage 1" directory, five different "USA" lettering STL files exist:

Saturn V - Stage 1 - SCALED- A.STL
Saturn V - Stage 1 - SCALED- A15.STL
Saturn V - Stage 1 - SCALED- S.STL
Saturn V - Stage 1 - SCALED- S15.STL
Saturn V - Stage 1 - SCALED- U.STL

The spreadsheet says to print A15, S15, and U. What is the "15" and why does it not exist for the letter U? Is it indeed correct to print the A15, S15, and U letters as specified?

Finally, I ran across this file in the first stage folder:

Saturn V - Stage 1 Tanks- SCALED-Fins.STL

I cannot find this in the spreadsheet. Do I print it? Where does it go? What color? What quantity?

Thanks so much for making this! My printer has been running almost nonstop since I started a few days ago. I'm going for 0.05mm layer resolution and 1:48 scale with the rocket (although I probably won't ever make the tower). Even if it takes a year to print, it will be worth it for the incredible quality of the prints and your design. I'll post pictures once I can start assembling things like the first stage!

most of the files that are out side the rar files are new files that have been changed, I've printed them. I've also printed the A15 and S15, the fins you don't have to print if you print the ones outside the saturnv rar file those are the improved ones.
To print:
CommandModule-_SCALED-TOP.STL (note: I have taken the one of the rermix is a bit more detailed)
Tail_Fin_A-SLOTTED.STL (4X cool grey)
Tail_Fin_B-SLOTTED.STL (4X cool grey)

Thanks for the details. I went through and imported the originals alongside the outside-the-RAR versions into Blender and compared their differences. Many of them are actually identical. These are the only ones in the Saturn V which are geometrically different from their in-the-RAR counterparts.


I already printed SLOTTED_-_EngineCowling-_White.STL so I will just file a slot in them. There were also three outside-the-RAR STL models that I could not find a match for in the RARs or spreadsheet:


Do these replace anything, or are they entirely new? Should I even print them, and what colors?

I am still wondering about the weirdness of the "USA" lettering files. It seems very strange that there are two versions and the spreadsheet says to use the "15" version of "S" and "A" but not "U" (which, inconsistently, the "15" version doesn't even exist). I compared them, and they seem to be a different size (see the attached image in this comment). The smaller ones are the "15" versions. They're fast to print so I suppose I will just print both kinds to see which fits.

the LH2 pipes go on the secondstage tank where the engins are connected to.
LH2pipe-_ = 4x
LH2Pipe center = 1x
they are in the color cool grey
I went whit the 15 ones they seem to fit the best. You can also use the file of the technical drawing thats the first download file. I've used it alot for the rocket.

Hello, I'm thinking about printing the gantry for my Saturn V from Lego, it measures 100 centimeters, how much would it have to reduce the size? Because I do not see exact measurements of this beast.

Greetings and thank you

I'm currently printing it for mine. I print at 54.05% scale, and so far the only modification is to the hold down clamps along with a custom brick to interface with them. I plan on adding something near the upper stages to help hold it stable, and will post my customizations when I get there.

Looks like the filament total will be 2kg gray, 1kg red (I like Paramount 3D's iron red better than the bright red in the photos), and a little bit of white and yellow

did printing it at 54.05% scale get it the correct size for the lego saturn v?

I had the same thought, but it'll be at least a few months before I'd have the time to even consider more than that. After seeing the estimated parts cost for the Lego Ideas version, I thought that 3D printing would be cheaper and likely better quality, and this design is by far the best I've come across.

The Lego model is 1:111 scale; with a little thought it should be easy to resize this 1/60th design to match.

The more difficult part would be if any modifications are needed to accommodate differences in the Lego design. Specifically, it would probably be necessary to borrow some design elements from the Lego LUT (http://whatsuptoday.free.fr/LUT-Building-guide/LUT-building-guide.html) for the attachment/supports on the bottom and either creating Lego-pips in the printed base parts for attachment, or more simply adjust the model to allow Space (unintentional pun) to glue on the appropriate sacrificial Lego connectors.


The model is scaled to 1/60th of the original design.
At this scale....the rocket is about 6 foot tall.

I hope this info will help you scale the gantry close to your rocket model.

Hi farscape,

I've been looking everywhere but i can't locate the file for the Level 80 floor. Initially I thought it'd be the same as Level 60, but looking at the drawings it looks slightly different.

Could you please upload it or let me know where I can find it.

Thanks a million !!!

Please read the notes in the Parts List for the Level listings.

Yes, I did, but there was no reference to the Level 80 floor and I couldn't find the .stl anywhere either. In the end I managed to export it from the solidworks files :)

I've also noticed... aren't levels 160, 180, 240, 280, 340 missing ? I guess they will be the same, but quantities to print will vary

Please read the notes in the Parts List about the levels.

I see that you specify, railing, structure, etc for level xxx same as such and such level. But those ones I mentioned aren't on the list at all (unless there is a new version I missed), and counting the ones in Parts List file I think I am missing a few floors.

By the way, it is very exciting to see the gantry grow !! :D

Paul - unless I'm mistaken, the "U" on the bottom of the first stage is fractionally smaller than its recess on the panel. "S" and "A" are perfectly precise, but "U" is not quite right. I've tested several prints at fine resolution.

I believe its the letter and not the recess as the culprit.

Nice design I do really like it! I'm going to print it, I scaled it down to 60%. Do you have a instagram or other social media because I'm going to post pictures of the build on my insta and want to put your name in the posts.
greeting Banjer21

Hi, this i Roland from Germany, I am printing your model in scale 41,66.
Is there any assembling instruction on how to fix the single parts together
(a plan on how each parts fits together with next part. I would like to have such a discription please,
can you send to rolandhartl@gmx.de, please?

Hello Roland,
Sorry, there is no written assembly instructions.
The E-drawing file (*.EASM) is included to help see where the parts go.
When I created this project, I had a deadline to meet, so instructions were low on the priority list.


This is incredible. You deserve an award

Absolutely fantastic

Wonderful model, thank you for your generosity. I've just finished printing, painting and assembling 5 x F1s.

I've now started the bottom of stage one and have a couple of questions. The fins look suspiciously as if they need to be slotted to attach to the cowling? Can you confirm? Also, for the bottom of stage one I've found the models; BlackBottom2, BlackBottom4 and BottomWhite. Should there be another bottomwhite, or do I just print the one available twice? The reason I ask is that there is a subtle difference between the two white sections on the EASM drawing (what appears to be an external attachment port).

Thank you again for this wonderful model.


WOW!!! I really like the paint job you did on the engines!! Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the model !!

The tail fins in the EASM are slotted. It was a feature I added into the model after i assembled my model. I apparently I got side-tracked and didn't get the print parts changed before I uploaded it.

Yes...there should have been another Bottom White piece....Thank you for catching that!!!
I've uploaded the additional Bottom White piece..and the replacement Tail Fin and Cowling pieces to the bottom of the list of parts.

Sincerely...Thank you!! It's through enthusiasts such as yourself that have helped find any omissions and problems with this model !!!


Much appreciated.

If you're open to suggestions, the Stage 1 heat shield could do with a 'tiled pattern' to match the original slightly better. (I've given it some thought and decided that I don't have the time or energy to invest in learning how to model in 3D software while there are talented people like you around). If you were able to emboss (or relief) a simple tiled pattern onto the heat shield it would be a nice addition given the detail in the engines and cowling and would make painting / weathering an easy task.

Many thanks for your rapid response to the tail fins and bottom white piece. I'll take a look asap.

Edit: I've just taken a look and I think the fins to cowling attachment might still be less than ideal. Currently the fins sit on top of a cowling rib, and as the assembled fin is wider than the rib, there's an odd 'over hang'. The easiest way to address this might be to remove a section of ribbing along the upper and lower cowling so that the fin fits 'within' an upper and lower length of ribbing. I could be wrong, but I believe this might be how it is in real life too.

Hello! This is a very cool model! I really admire such a cool job! Tell me, is it possible to find the same model of the Soviet Soyuz rocket? That she would be demountable.


I had considered creating a model of the the Soviet N1 or the Soyuz rockets. But I decided to go back and add the Tender to the Big Boy Locomotive. And now I have gotten involved in some other projects, so I don't think I will be attempting those models any time soon.

Can someone let me know the dimensions or name of the largest single piece(s) please. I want to work out how much I can scale each part to fit my build volume. The aleternate split models and build plate dimensions/printer names aren't helpful for me unfortunately. I assume farscape1 had a build volume restriction when designing the parts but can't see that specified anywhere. cheers

I have always wanted a large model of the Saturn 5 and this thing is BEAUTIFUL! Nicely done.

My lunar lander is about 10% to larger , won't fit inside lander module , anyone had this problem ?

I'm seeing the same issue. I'd say maybe 5% too large. From the eDrawings, it does look like a tight fit though. Kind of bummed that it took like two weeks to print and assemble all of those small pieces, only to have it not fit.

I am not seeing all the files. Most of the gantry seems to be missing and individual stage pieces seems to be missing too. along with quite a few other files listed in the xls parts list file that comes with the zip download from thingaverse.


When you download the files from Thingiverse there will be 2 additional compressed files.. one for the Gantry and one for the Saturn V. Both are RAR compressed files. When you decompress those files, all the STL files will be organized in folders for each feature of the project

Did you get an answer? I can't find them either.

I would be great if there is a full Gantry assembly so I just print it. anyway, Thanks.

Can somebody recommend filaments for the colors here, especially the greys and army green?

I just wanted to say wow. This is some serious work, all the detail in those models is astonishing, if you were to sell this it would cost a pretty penny, that's why I want to thank you so much for sharing this amazing work. Absolutely FANTASTIC.

Goodmorning Farscape amazing work can’t wait to start building it I downloaded the files for the build the only issue I have is the blueprints for some reason I can’t open the files can you please help me I appreciate it

If you are referring to the e-drawing file, you will need an e-drawing viewer. You can download it from Solidworks. The main files for the model are compressed to make it e
asier to download. In the past there was an issue with the uncompressed file not opening for anyone.

yeah I got those to open now my question is when I opened the file it showed the model complete so its not a blueprint step by step assembly right you just got to go based off the component parts?

Correct... I started to write assembly instructions, but I had a deadline to meet, and the instructions were extra. So instead I made the the e-drawing file so everyone could see what it's supposed to look like, and where the parts should go.

I also forgot what kind of adhesive would you recommend to put this all together?

I used Pacer Slo-Zap super glue and Zip Kicker to quick cure the glue. The Slo-Zap is a little thicker and gives you time to work with the pieces. It's also good for filling in any gaps.

Killing the Beast......

I have started last week with this amazing project !. First my compliments to the creator ! what a work, my god !! To honor this I will try to build the complete beast and gantry. currently i have 4 printers to accomplish this job. 3 Ultimakers 2+ and one Ultimaker 3.
I will print the parts at high quality... that means i think double printing time ... but... with 4 printers.... lets see how it will turn out.

I will start from bottom to top... so I started with the engines and will go up from there to complete stage 1
and build up the gantry accordingly.
I will, and already made quite some pics of the process... If you want to follow the process, than contact me and join the
facebook group: vintagespacetoys
I will add you there than. In that group I will do regular updates of the creation of this "BEAST" ...


Comments deleted.

Has anyone found the need to fasten the first stage to the platform for stability , other than just sitting it on the 4 hold down clamps on the platform ? If so ,any suggestions how !

As long as you're not going have people or pets wondering around it constantly....the hold down clamps will be fine for the rocket to sit on. My model has been sitting as pictured on the main page since it was posted. If you are going to have it in a high traffic area...maybe banding it to the gantry arms would help hold it.

I am just finishing to put the base of the platform together and I exactly was wondering about that...

Hello Paul,

I am printing the Saturn from top to bottem. Now on Stage 2. on stage 3, after I glued the Cone on the fuel Tank, I saw on a later moment the fuel pipe was missing. (not visible on the assembly solid works file). because the orientation is important and I random glued the tank on the cone it was not aligned. I had to cut awy the cone and print it again..No problem my fault. maybe you can add it on the assembly solid works file ? (for all the people who want to print this awesome rocket also)

ps. why are the pipes for stage 2 engines separated ? they are not in the stage 2 map, but in the root of the file map ?

Stage 2 almost finished. Awesome what you have drawn/made. !!!!!



The files for the Stage 2 pipes were added after the compressed files were uploaded. Through the help of other designers and enthusiasts, some parts that I left out were found and I added along the way.


This is fantastic. I just started it, I will post pictures when i'm done. Thanks

I walked into the Aurarum 3d printing shop last weekend (Melbourne, Australia) and saw this among all the 3d printers and many, many prints. At the time I just thought "huh, I guess the owner of this place must be a space-nut as well", despite the surroundings it simply didn't occur to me that it was an actual 3d print! Now I have to go back to look at it again, paying attention this time. Magnificent design, and so good of you to share it so people like me can see one up close for real.


i'm in the process of printing all the parts for the 1st stage including the engines. i have just ordered the grey and green

once i have all the parts i plan to do a "i made one" and do a youtube slideshow of what printed parts you need and practical tools for assembly

also when i get that far i will publish my slicer settings (slic3r prusa edition) and also my firmware settings (repetier)

i'm also collecting all the files as individual bits in fusion 360 so it can be used as a visual guide during assembly. the 1st stage is still a single unit but i think @farscape1 will upload to grabcad at some point. but give him a break, attending every need we have is not his job, he does this for free, apply a heavy coat of common sense and then a thick coat of patience

once i have every printed part as individual bits i will publish that too as s fusion file, but i'm in no rush, it has to be correct.

i found out that i had enough for the 1st stage that it made sense to release a fusion360 file

it can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:395322

still printing parts and i guess i will be lucky if i have all parts done by next weekend

Printed the first small parts for the engine

It's a challange and calibration to print a perfect marvin or benchy is not enough. It has to be more perfect than that

I see this as both a challange and a way to learn on 3d printing.

Hello, Very nice project. What infill did you use for the platform?

would this work scaled to 50%?
i dont want it as big as yours. thanks

Man, the words for you...

Loved it, hope I had the time to do such a large project!!

Has anyone tried this in ABS ? I've completed the first stage ok, then decided to print the platform next so wouldn't have to sit directly on the F1 nozzles. the platform sections are killing me with warping and layer separation , I've been up and down the scale on both temp and layer height . Any suggestions ? or must I go to PLA ?

For ABS it is mandatory you have an enclosed machine (Interior temp same as build plate temp) and the room be kept warm helps, That alone will let you print ABS without warping and splitting. Otherwise, ABS is not going to work.

I had somewhat of an enclosure on my FT-5, my worst problem was the platform ,the rest of the Saturn printed fairly well with my setup. I'm in the process of making a proper enclosure now.

I decided to do everything in PLA because of warping... most of the parts are within 5 to 10 hour print time, so it is very very difficult to have consistent results with ABS for so many hours.

I think PLA would be easier for you, at least you're not launching this! Besides, you can probably use a PHA blend too, since its a bit tougher than PLA. I'll probably start with just PLA so I can print this easier.

But I think your problem can be your build plate. I use a build plate called printinz skin. Maybe you can ues that to help you with abs.

But the filament I use is called MeltInk3D. Google them.

Hope I've helped a bit.

I have started printing this project. Does anyone have advise for settings on the Launch Escape System - SCALED-SCAFFOLD pieces? They just aren't printing out good. I have the rest of the command module except the ring and scaffold done and they are fine. I'm using a Monoprice Maker Select V2 printer and PLA.

I encountered the same problem when I was using the Lulzbot Mini. I honestly think it was the printer, and I just said "close enough" and dealt with it.

thanks for the reply. I played with supports and thickness and ended up using .12 wall thickness and .2 resolution and supports with the piece at a rather odd angle and got an outcome that was except-able after some very careful cleaning with a hobby knife. Think it took 4 tries. not perfect but good. At the rate I'm going I will be able to put together a "Good" version and a "not so good parts" version of this thing.

I don't understand why there are four stage 1 tank tops/bottoms. You can only see the top of the top one, and the bottom of the bottom one, right?

Saturn V - Stage 1 Tanks- SCALED-1.STL
Saturn V - Stage 1 Tanks- SCALED-2.STL
Saturn V - Stage 1 Tanks- SCALED-3.STL
Saturn V - Stage 1 Tanks- SCALED-4.STL

Thanks for any help.

Im having a problem with this also the parts you are talking about are not two tanks in four seperate pieces like on stage two. the stage 1 tanks show as four whole separate pieces. when i rotate the tank tops and bottoms flat on the printing surface for some reason its leaving a gap between the bed and the part. so when it starts printing it starts printing the infill then when it moves to start printing the edge of the tank top its too high off of the bed. i think im going to have two just use the tank stl for stage two on stage 1.

Too bad no one answered your question. I have the same issue. Did you ever figure it out?

there are 2 tanks so you need 4 parts to make the 2 tanks

the parts you are talking about are not two tanks in four seperate pieces like on stage two. the stage 1 tanks show as four whole separate pieces

Oh. So it's not like the 2nd stage where you can only see the top of one tank and the bottom of the other? You can somehow see both ends of both tanks?

Yes, I made the other 2 parts of the internal tank as both added structural support...and in case anyone did a "cut-away" of this model.

you can only see the top of one

i have yet to print all parts and i guess it will make sense as i assemble it

i dont think @farscape1 did it without reason

Yes, I made the other 2 parts of the internal tank as both added structural support...and in case anyone did a "cut-away" of this model.

Amazing work, maybe a day I'll print it :)

How long did it take to design then print it ?

its in teh description :-P

Hi from Denmark
it's incredibly nice what you've been doing here,
I have printed the Rocket (to my grandchild) and many of my friends have passed by and looked at your rocket and they are very impressed with your work.
The only problem I have is Lunar Module Adapter doors, how do you print them, nozzle size and layer thickness.?

I'm going to work with the platform, I think there's a lot of plastic in, I'm considering drawing them around like a box and glue the top like a lid to save on support.
is it a stupid idea.
I'm using Autodesk Fusion 360 so I can not use your SolidWorks files but I must be able to read sizes in e-Drawing

Fusion 360 can import solid work files just fine. I have done it but i miss a few bits still.

the command module and launch escape system
and 1st stage is one unit and i would like to have individual bits

i use it as a sort of assembly guide

Yes you are right
I did not know I should upload the files. Now it's all much easier

many thanks for the help

Hello again
I think there missing are some of the files for the Platform in GrabCad in comparison to those in Thingivers STL files

Yes...the GrabCad version is NOT a mirror of this model...and it is not meant to print from. There are parts that are broken out as STL files but are multiple bodies part files at Grabcad. With Boelle's help finding truly missing part files....I have been updating the GrabCad files.

It was me who did not look properly afterI found the entire platform in GrabCad
I have split them up like your STL files here in Thingiverse but hollow and with lid to save filament and time

When you say "with lid" how did you print it hollow? I'd love to do it hollow but I don't know how to do it as you say.

I made new STL files which are hollow with lid, it works super.
There must be support in the two boxes where there is a hole for Gantry as it becomes very heavy
I can send you the files if you wish

Thank you, that would be great. I've never traded files online before. What do you need?
Also, what is the size of the completed platform?

Hi ! Where are the instructions? I open SLDASM file but I can't zoom and explode view with eDrawing

Sorry...There are no instructions. Writing out the instructions would have taken longer than it took me to draw this project. The eDrawing file was as a way to see how to put this beast together.

Comments deleted.

Fabulous piece of work!

Any reference picture to see how it look near a person? I think it might be a little too big for my printer :P

The rocket alone is 6 foot tall.

click the first picture and see the printer in background

yes its to big if you want to print all parts as a single print

starting to print the comamand module

anyone that can say how they print the rocket nozzles for the escape system?

Comments deleted.

Your comments have nothing to do with this printable model on Thingiverse. This model has be checked with the help of other users and engineers for errors and completeness. This model has been completely built by several people around the world.

The model you downloaded from GrabCad is NOT printable !!!

Comments deleted.

First...I do thank you for finding the problems with the GrabCad model. I evidently did not upload the final checked model there.!!

I will work on fixing the GrabCad model over the weekend.

However please delete your comment above that has nothing to do with this model. The references might be confusing to other modelers.


Ok, thanks,
meanwhile i measured the sice of revells saturn 5 i have, which is 118 cm from bottom to highest part of save rocket system....so it will fulfill your size of gantry if i will us 41,666 % ?
Greetings, Roland

Hi, this is Roland Hartl from Germany,
I do have a Revell Modell for the Saturn V and would like to print only the gantry,
so I do need (if possible) to have a scale factor for the gantry to fulfill exact size comparison.
The revell scale for the Saturn V is 1:144......if you need i can measure exact length from engine beginning bottom to save rocket hightest point.....
Greetings, Roland ( email: rolandhartl@gmx.de )

Hi Roland,
If you scale the gantry parts (which are at 1/60 scale)..to 41.6667% on your printer, the gantry parts will be at the 1/144 scale


Also.. I am printing the different levels gantry floors and I can't locate the Level 80 STLs. Checking the files with eDrawings I see the floor is different than Level 60 and 100 (onwards). Am I missing anything ?

Once again, thaaaaaaaaanks

farscape, could you please upload a photo or a link to check the warm gray color ? I guess it is a lighter gray than the rest, but I can't properly see it in any of the photos. Thanks !

I'm having some issues printing the Stage 1 tank ends. When I attempt to lay them down flat, the still seem to be several layers off of the bed. Caused my taz6/cura to try and print on air. Ended up with a haystack.

Any suggestions?

im having the same problem

Cura appears to have issues then printing a slice with a path thinner than the print head as is the case with the knife edge of the tank end. I adjusted Cura to push the bottom below the plate leaving a wider trace to print.

Awesome!!!!!!!!!! How long did this take u?

1.5 years read the description

Question from a newbe... How to print the curved hull parts? Looking at the stage 1 engine cowl. What orientation? Support structures? Brims? I'm using a lulzbot taz 6.

Then engine cowls I just printed them standing up. Even though they are angled and aren't completely straight in that position, if you have good adhesion to your bed it should be a problem (at least it wasn't for me with PLA and bed at 70 ºC)

just print them with the correct temperature and use supports if needed. also, use vase mode for all the 1-color pieces. use ten precent infill too.

For those who have printed this.. What brand filament did you use? I'm trying to stay away from Makerbot, but am having a hard time finding 2 'warmths' of gray PLA. All the rest of the colors are easily to get figured and working, but those are proving to be the problem.

Try Push Plastic, they have two grey's and sell in greater bulk (up to 25kg reels)


The larger reels are under the bulk section

how big are the platform sections?

The largest sections of the platform are about 10in x 10in x 6in.....if you are going to print those sections in 1 piece.

thanks. my printer can handle that, i will get started as soon as possible.

I will print them in one peice. i have a 300x300x400 printer.

what what the infill percentage? you seemed a little heavy on the plastic, by the way.

I used a 10% in-fill on this project.

The weights given are an approximation, with some added to account for waste and rejects.
Also, the Launch Platform on my model is mostly made from 1 pieces blocks made on a Makerbot Z18, thus more weight.

thanks. I will probably print with no infill on most parts, not fail, just to save money.
maybe I can also reduce the print time by slicing a load of parts together. also, where are the build instructions? (if any)
thanks, thomas

also, thanks for the fast reply;)


Sorry...no I never made assembly instructions for this project. ( I've been pulled into other projects)
I added the electronic assembly file, so it could be a way for people to see how this is put together.
There is the Parts List file that will help you with the quantities.
The one piece of advice, which i found out the hard way....is build the Gantry from the ground up and check the vertical alignment as you add each floor. Sounds a bit like common sense....but the tolerance build-up could make your Gantry lean off center.


thanks for all the help paul.
i look forward to printing this.
also, what are the FIXED/SCALED files in the direct download link?

For those of you with 20x20 cm printers and unable to print the platform I have split all the files into 2. I have also made "1", "2" and "3" blocks hollow and open on the top (same as the rest), with different files for the upper surface. That means 76 parts to be printed to complete the whole platform (instead of 35)

If anyone is interested let me know and I will upload them somewhere !

how big is the original platform? I haven't downloaded the files yet.
btw thanks if the platform is bigger than the CR-10's 30x30 cm.

You are a lifesaver. I would love it if you would upload those files somewhere. Maybe talk to farscape1 and see if he'll credit you and add them to the thing files page?

I will upload them somewhere tomorrow, don't worry ;)

Any update on where your files are? You know it's ok to add a remix that credits the original ... there's already one for the LES.

Sorry it took me a while... I had to stay the whole week away from home for work.
This is link:

Hope it helps someone !

farscape1's Saturn V platform - Files split in 2 for small printers
by cayalag

Hi, I am wondering how to convert the easm file into an stl file, or how to convert the individual components into stl files so I can start printing this awesome project


All the STL files are on the site.
The parts for the Rocket and the Gantry are separated into 2 RAR compressed files.
The individual parts that are outside of those 2 folders, are parts that were inadvertently omitted when I originally uploaded this project.
The EASM file you'll need to use as a rough Assembly Guide if you decide to tackle this monster!!


Comments deleted.

Any way we can change the scale factor to a smaller scale like 1/100 or 1/96?

If your printer software has a scale function, I would use that to scale the STL files.
I know some people had scaled it down further,...with mixed results.
If your printer does not, you could go over to GrabCad where I have the 1/60th scale Solidworks files and you could manually change the scale of each part.

Thanks! BTW you might want to rotate the Saturn V 180 degrees in future pics - the 'checkerboard' on the S-II/S-IVB interstage face due west (with the LUT on the left).Otherwise, outstanding job with that model!

LOL Thanks!!

The model is actually rotated correctly now! I didn't notice that before I took the picture and posted it. I'll have to remedy that when I make the Crawler to go under the LUT..

Thanks again for the compliments....and helping find the little mistakes!!


Yes... the Crawler! Great job man...

I love the 1:60 scale, it's small enough to be practical but big enough so smaller rockets don't feel too small and you can get a lot of detail. I'm using what progress I have on my Saturn V (along with my V-2 and Mercury-Redstone) in a presentation at school tomorrow.

Cool !!
Glad you like the scale. It's wasn't my first choice for my build.
When I was originally working on this for Bold Machines/ Makerbot, I originally wanted to make it a 1/35th scale!!!! (so i could put a model tank next to it for scale !!)

At that scale, some of the pieces would have pushed the Z18 printer to the max,...and the rocket would have been over 10 1/2 feet tall!! It would have looked AWESOME in their headquarters. However, due to fire safety code...I couldn't make it taller than about 80 inches high. Well, scaling it down wasn't as impressive to me, so that how the Gantry part came into being...I had to make it more impressive than the "Big Boy" Locomotive I did for them as well.

Somewhere in the future( after other design/ print projects) I will add the Crawler Assembly to this for everyone to enjoy also!!

Crawler !! Crawler !!! hehehe

I moved house and even countries so I stopped printing for a while... I am back in business !! The printer is asking for mercy once again ;)

Cayalag, on your comment that you deleted... Yes, I was mistaken on the parts list. The quantities should be 6x for the J2 engines. 5 for the 2nd stage and 1 for the 3rd stage. I've fixed the parts list with the proper numbers.

Again.....Thanks to you and everyone that has helped find the mistakes and omissions I made in posting this beast!!

Sorry about that ! In fact I thought I was mistaken, as I had not started with stage 2 engines yet... so I thought the part list should say 1x. Then I realized it should be 6, but when I was writing the comment I had to leave the house and never got to it :P

Once again, an amazing job ! ;)

Ah I see, can't wait for that Crawler! (I hope my ceiling is tall enough...)
Now if only I could find an N-1 print of this scale and detail somewhere...

This is amazing can't wait to build it, just have to find a spot in my house for it, how much do you think you spent on filament?

Well....I hope you are sitting down! It will cost you approximately $750...using an average of $30 per 1Kg roll.
My model was made with 99% Makerbot filament. So...roughly 25 rolls at $48......$1200 !!

I was doing the pricing last night and that's what I got for pricing, probably just going to do the rocket then and maybe scale it down some more

Silly question. PLA or PETG or ABS for this? What are most folks using?

HIPS because that's what my school has.

I used PLA on this project.

I have a 1:72 scale Saturn V. Was curious if there is any way this could be scaled down slightly to 1:72 scale? I would love to have a LUT for my 1:72 Saturn V. Thanks for the very inspiring build. Amazing!


Some people have scaled it down to 1/72, but I don't know how successful they were.
The original drawings were to full scale, and I scaled it down to 1/60th and had to modify a lot of parts to print at even that scale. So how it works going smaller is unknown to me. I would try a couple of the smaller pieces of the LUT and see how they print at 1/72

I appreciate the fast reply! I will be attempting to scale the hold down arms this week/weekend, all depending on how much free time I have. I'll keep you posted. Again, thanks for the awesome work!

Hi, did it work when you tried it? Thanks!

Does this require dual extrusion?

No..this was primarily printed on a single color Rep 2.

Awesome! I may print this on my anet a8 once it is printing reliably

Most of the parts for this were designed to be printed on a 6in x 11in x 6in build plate (Rep 2) or a 12in x 12in x 18in (z18).
You might have to scale or cut the STL files to fit your build bed.

Do you have an idea of how much Kg's of filament you used for the rocket and the launchpad?

Here's what I have as a rough estimate for the materials.
Cool Grey....... 16 pounds
True Red ...... 10 pounds
True White..... 8 pounds
True Black ...... 4 pounds
Warm Grey ...... 4 pounds
True Yellow....... 2 pounds
Army Green.... 2 pounds
Ocean Blue .... only a couple of ounces.

To help out those who are putting the F-1 engine together, I put together a photo set to show in a little more detail how to assemble it.


I printed the engine at 1/24 scare (250%) to be a desktop display for a friend.

Again and again,

Sorry to be boring, but I'm building the second stage, and we have five "LOX Pipe - Center Engine - SCALED.STL". But, in a perfect world, we must have one "LOX Pipe - Center Engine - SCALED.STL" and four "Lox center pipe - scaled".


Can you upload the file please?
Regards, and, again, thanks for all your job! It's really a fun and beautiful project and a lot of work for my printer ;)


I've uploaded the 2 parts!

Again....thanks for finding these omissions! It is definitely appreciated ! As you can see, this project is a logistics nightmare!! ( I have 3 versions to keep straight...Full scale model, Scaled print parts, and STL files)

Your printer will be screaming for mercy after this project!! One of my Rep2's has really had a work out...it printed 100% of the Big Boy Locomotive I did for Makerbot and about 70% of the small piece work on this project!

Thanks again for the compliments!!


Comments deleted.

Hi Again!

I've printed almost all the second stage parts, but I can't find into the archive the following files :

"LH2 Pipe - SCALED-1", "LH2 Pipe - SCALED-2", "LH2 Pipe - SCALED-3", "LH2 Pipe - SCALED-4" and "LH2 Pipe Center Engine"


Do you have these files?



Sorry about that!! I've upload the 2 files you will need to make those parts and added those parts to the parts list.

Thanks finding those omissions !!


How big is this thing? Pounds of filament??? wow

The rocket by itself is 6 foot tall, the gantry tops out at 7 1/2 feet. I don't have an accurate weight of each color I used, but the entire assembly weights more than 35 pounds.

Hi, Why did you split the "Saturn V - STAGE 2 - SCALED-Main Tank-1"?

Saturn V - STAGE 2 - SCALED-Main Tank-1A and Saturn V - STAGE 2 - SCALED-Main Tank-1B are printed in White, so isn't easier to print directly "Saturn V - STAGE 2 - SCALED-Main Tank-1"?


The Saturn V - STAGE 2 - SCALED-Main Tank-1 was split in 2 to work with smaller format printers. When I printed those pieces, my large format printer was tied up on other projects. So, split the ring in 2 so I could print it on my Rep 2. I left the files in the upload in case someone should need them. The single piece file is also in the upload if needed.


Thanks. And I forgot : thank you to share this great project! It's my first big project and I really love it!

You need to print all ??

Yes, this project was designed to be completely printed.

Where can I get the decals for the USA text and the american flags?

They aren't decals. You'll find them in each stage as individual stl files.

Hi again... quick thing.

Working my way up to the top I found a problem... when I slice the "Lunar Module Adapter-Ring - SCALED", no matter what I do I get holes... as the walls are very thin. No clue how to fix that. Any suggestions ? (I tried slicing with 0,4 and 0,3 mm nozzle)


Thanks for finding this problem.
I agree...that those areas are a bit thin.!
I loaded the original STL file in the Makerbot software...and I also see the problem with the STL....but the funny part is....it printed okay for me.
Anyway...I uploaded a new file "Lunar Module Adapter-Ring A" with the wall in those areas 0.010" thicker. You might have to sand the "Lunar Module Tab" pieces down when you got to assemble this section..

You are the best !!!

Tiny thing: "Instrument Unit - SCALED-Ring.STL" is marked as white in the Parts - Color coded file, when if I am not wrong is black.

You are correct!!! Thanks for the find!! I've fixed it in the parts list and posted a new version!!

Hi was just wanted to know how much filament is needed to make this model and the colours. Also would I be able to print this on a printer was a build volume of LxWxH 200x200x180mm

I didn't keep a list of how much of each color I used, but I did a rough calculation for the amount of Red filament, you will need between 8 to 10 pounds for the red parts alone. Grey, depending on how you print the base, could be 14 - 16 pounds.

OK thanks was likely that I will only print the main rocket and i am printing it on a prus i3 rework and will depend time and cost. will post a photos along the way

I am printing it in a 200x200x200 one... You'd need to split some parts into 2, as they are bigger than that. But no biggie ! :P

How would you suggest I split the parts I use repeater host. also what scale would work best (would 60%)

I am printing it at 100 %... I think it looks impressive, and the smaller you make it, the more difficult would be to print some very detailed parts.

I use tinkercad.com to split the parts as it is very quick and easy (for me).

My printer is asking for mercy and so far I have only finished the 1st stage and half-way thru the 2nd !! This is like a drug, haha

LOL!!! Good luck...and looking forward to seeing pictures of your project!!

Sure !! I will be uploading shortly... I can't even imagine how painful the Gantry is gonna be to print...

The Gantry is going to a logistics nightmare (and your printer is going to scream at you!!). 18 floors of roughly the same parts....about 50 parts per floor!!!

A small piece of advice ( from personal experience!! LOL) ..be sure to use a plumb line or carpenters level when stacking the floors....otherwise with tolerance build-up, you might have the tower start to lean off center.


Plumb line... noted !

By any change do you remember how many kg (or lb) of red plastic you used? I gotta contact (and make happy) my supplier !

I think you will need a minimum of 4 Kg of Red filament. ( with no failures or reprints)

That Stage 2 Aft ring... maybe Im just blind, but I cant seem to figure out how many of black/white to print? A little list of # of parts would help so much? Soon done with all the black parts, though. Almost afraid of how much white this is going to consume :D


There is parts list (PARTS LIST - COLOR CODED.xlsx) under the "Thing Files" that has all the parts listed by the color material I used and the quantities of each piece you will need.


Going blind - confirmed.


No Problem! If you see any other problems...or have any other questions, feel free to ask.


Hi all!

So, now I own a 3d printer (it's a FlashForge Finder) and this Saturn V beast has my attention since I first saw it... what an incredible project! :)

But before I start printing the first parts (I will work myself through from the top to the bottom), I played a little with the included slicer called FlashPrint, and what I saw makes me kind of unsure:


The entry of the CS is somehow permeable, so I guess it also won't be solid, if I print it.

slic3r produces the same:


Even if I scale down the model to 80%, the problem remains (and I really don't want to scale it down, if possible, I'd rather stay with the full sized model).

Does anyone has an idea about how to fix this issue?

I could just edit the model in FreeCAD or whatever to attach a solid ring within the CS, but before that, I would like to understand the problem or somehow fix it in the slicer software...


I am working on the third stage and I can't figure out where the fuel pipe goes. I looked in the e-drawing and it's either not there or I don't know where to look.

the fuel pipe connects to the open LOX intake on the engine and runs parallel to the Thrust Structure to the side of the tank.

Thanks man. It is not in the e-drawing but I can see where it goes now.

Sorry about that! But Thanks to guys like you, that have found mistakes and things I've omitted. Very much appreciated!!

I just need to print "tank mid A" to be ready to assemble the 1st stage.

Is there any particular reason for the tail fin to be separated in 2 parts ? Maybe I am missing something, hehe.

The tail fins were split into 2 pieces just to make it easier to print. I didn't want to clean any support material from the visible surfaces.


I see... you placed them horizontally in the hotbed. Thanks ;)

And by the way... THANKS for this awesome project ;)

What is the size of the bigggest piece?

the biggest piece is a couple sections of the gantry base...roughly 11in (d) x 11in (w) x 8in (h). It was designed to test the capabilities of Makerbot's Z18 machine.

What an awsome model. I am so impressed. thank you so much for sharing your georgeous work.

Now my machine is properly set up for your model. This morning I have started to print the gantry base. I have scaled it down to 78,91%, which should be a 96th scale. Now it should fit to my revell model of the Saturn V. I have been looking for a gantry tower for my model for years, but could not find any in 96th scale. Then I found your model, purchased a 3d printer and learned about 3d printing. Just for this model. With the ability of 3d printing and extraordinary designers like you, I finally can build, what I was looking for so long.
You have my greatest respect.
Thank you so much.

Thanks!! and you're welcome!!

This probably sounds like a stupid question, but do all the parts ending with SCALED have to be scaled? I would assume not because almost all pieces have that, but why then are there some that don't say SCALED?

All the parts are already scaled to 1/60th. Some parts didn't get the uniform naming.

Hello Farscape,

Thank you for this beautiful labor of love.

I am several weeks into my build. I am now assembling the F1 engines. I am going by the fully assembled STL file as a reference. I seem to be missing a piece of the engine.

I have put a snapshot of the piece here:


Could you tell me if there is somewhere I can download it from?

Thanks again,


Thanks for the compliments!!!

I've added the missing parts to the file list.



You are awesome. Thanks!

I've been working on this wonderful model for the past 6 months. I love it, and has been an awesome project. I have most of the rocket done, with the exception of some of the sections of the second stage. The last few weeks, I have been working on the launch tower, which is going nicely. I'm having problems with the hollow launch pad sections though. Can't seem to find a good way to print flat overhanging top areas over a grid infill pattern. I am using supports where needed. To save time and filament, I want to do 10 percent infill. If I increase it to a high infill, this will probably be a better result, but I don't want to a do that. Any suggestions? I'm using PLA.

After doing some research, the the issue is called top layer pillowing. The recommendation I guess is to increase top layer thickness to atleased six layers, and (darn it), increase infill to 25 percent. Can I ask what others have used with the hollow pad sections?

Not sure what your cooling looks like but 3 blower fans in a 120 degree layout will practically print mid air and by the time you get to the 4th layer it shouldn't look bad at all even at 5-10% infill.

My computer is unable to open .rar files. Can you please post the individual .stl files for the parts.

Thank you.

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

I really want to print this model, but my computer can't open .rar files.

Can you please post the individual .stl files separately.

Thank you.

Comments deleted.

If you download a copy of WinRar you will be able to open the compressed files.

I originally had the individual part files listed, but there was a problem with the "Download All files" function and the part files became digital garbage when downloaded. This is the only solution that would allow me to post the files for everyone.


If you download a copy of WinRar you will be able to open the compressed files.

I originally had the individual part files listed, but there was a problem with the "Download All files" function and the part files became digital garbage when downloaded. This is the only solution that would allow me to post the files for everyone.


Thanks, Normally I don't use "Download All Files".

1) With the pieces available, can this even -be- printed on a Rostock Max V2 at 1/72 scale? (I know they come default at 1/60--I'm trying to do it printing at 83.3%, which seems to be the proper conversion) I'm still living in fear of it not fitting in the printable area of the bed, and I don't know how to cut pieces and make them still valid .stl files. (I have a Dragon Models 1/72 Saturn V and I'm just attempting to print the gantry/base for it using this)

2) Has someone remade this flipping the base pieces so that the flat side is always on the bottom? This just seems to make more sense for 90% of printers out there.

Thanks for the model!

I finally went with 1/60 even though my bed size is 20x20 (cm).
I am now using Simplify3D, and rotating the piece and adding supports is extremely easy.
In order to cut the .stl and make it printable for my printer's dimensions I am using www.tinkercad.com. I just upload the file, cut and download.

Comments deleted.

I am interested too... no one ?

Comments deleted.

I like it. It looks very realistic as if you shrunk the actual thing to a smaller size. Good Job! This should be featured.

I like it. It looks very realistic as if you shrunk the actual thing to a smaller size. Good Job! This should be featured.

now, thats really cool, kudos!

As a Native Texan seeing "BigBird" in her old glory is a sudden surprising urge to squeal like a school girl embarrassing as that is to say.
Some serious hardcore memories growing up around NASA Mission Control in Galveston. Closet city and county is Houston hence the term "Roger Houston".
Great Work looks like Christmas, New Years and Birthday just gave me a triple shot. Enuff ramblings here got any other ideas like some of the other icons or maybe one of the Shuttles possibly?
Mission is GO.

Glad to see this project has so much meaning to so many people!!

Right now, I'm working on some other projects. I hope to come back to this sometime next year, I really want to do the Crawler Assembly to put under this beast!! As for the Shuttle and the Launch System for it....no plans right now. My next big design and possible print projects, are the "Eagle One" from Space 1999 and then the Cheyenne Dropship from "Aliens".

Stay tuned!!

I can't wait!

Estes recently re released their Saturn V model rocket. I had one when I was a kid but never finished it or flew it. I am going to try to print this at 60% of size to adjust for the scale difference. The Estes model is 1:100.

Hopefully will be able to launch from this platform just like the real thing.

Comments deleted.

Hi Paul ..... What a lovely project.. thank you ! I'm having some trouble printing out several parts. I'm using Simplify3D as a slicer when I preview it all looks good but when it comes to printing it printing a few layers of support material first before starting to print the main body. I've downloaded the files from GrabCad and have noticed that its base is not parallel with the "top plane"... the filed I've found so far are ... Saturn V - STAGE 2 - SCALED-Tank Bottom-A.STL, Saturn V - STAGE 2 - SCALED-Tank Bottom-B.STL, Saturn V - STAGE 2 - SCALED-Tank Top-A.STL, Saturn V - STAGE 2 - SCALED-Tank Top-B.STL
Do you or anyone else have any ideas on how to fix this?
Thanks heaps Ken

I'm still new to this all but I use simplify3D as well, I've noticed this issue on a few of my projects as well, I just either manually manipulate the model down to the build plate or use the "place surface on bed" (CNTRL+L) this normally fixes the software from automatically placing supports under the model for me. hope this helps

wwould like to print this but can not print it with ints curent scale can some tell me if it would still work reducing its size

I'm not 100% sure it will work at a smaller scale. I originally drew this project at full scale then scaled it down for this project. Many of the super small parts( engines & details) I had to re-draw them slightly larger to be able to print at 1/60th scale.

I have had a fair go at making this, I never realized it would be so large! So far put approx 6-7 500g rolls of filament into it. And I still have to print some of the rockets and tank inner bits as well as the gantry. Looking at approx 2 weeks worth of printing so far!

Expensive in time and money but well worth it!

Yeppers!!! This project is HUGE!!! The rocket alone is 6 feet tall. The gantry will be close to 8 feet tall with the Lightning Mast up. When I get the Crawler drawing done and printed...the entire project will be closer to 9 feet tall!!

This looks awesome! I'm scared to look at the STL files just in case I hit print on a small part....

I am having a lot of fun printing this! I am having trouble printing the Lunar Module Adapter Door pieces though. Can you comment on the best orientation/settings for printing this part? Thanks!

Glad to see you having fun with this beast!!

I printed the doors with a raft and supports on....with the part oriented vertical, just as they would be on the rocket.


I am assuming that the heat shield is the base of the rocket? Which way does it face, bumps pointing to the ground or pointing up? I cannot see it in the EASM.

The top of the F1 Engines fit in the recesses of the heat shield.

Doh, How did I not notice that.. Thank you

I thought I'd give this a shot, I have so far finished printing the Command module, I have run out of white so while I am waiting for my order to arrive I thought I'd tackle the black. I will post pictures as I go.

Another question guys... for this project ABS or PLA ?? I think I am more to the PLA side, as it is easier to print, less headaches with warping in the big parts, etc...

I've never glued parts together. What type of glue are you using for which material ?

Quick question... can it be printer in a Prusa with 20x20x20 cm potential printing dimensions ?

Im using an i3 Hephestos that has 215x210x180 mm but scaled it down to 80% as some big parts do not fit. Saturn V - Stage 1 Tanks Scaled-mid is huuge.

so, scaling every single part to 80% works for your bed size ?

Yep, it also saves a lot of pastic and time.

Perfect... Gonna plan the whole thing then :)

Any suggestion about software to rotate, combine, etc... parts and make it easier to print ? (eg. Stage 1, FLAG - Blue Field, is inclined as I open it...)

Haven't figured that one yet :/ normally I use cura but it doesn't want to cooperate with this one. If you find a way please tell me.

leohf16 did you manage to finish the project? I will finally start this week... I will be using simplify3d

Challenge accepted, I started printing this beast last week. I am using the printing and building of this model as an educational avenue at our University. this not only show the awesomeness that is out there in the 3D world but it may spark someone's imagination to build something of there own. Thank you for sharing this with the community at large Farscape1

2000 hours... Dayuuummm

I was searchng for a new exrtuder and I found this... well... ok... gonna print it !

How do i assemble the J2 engine?

Check out my response to VBS directly below. it will tell you how to work on the J2

I decicided to tackle this beast a few weeks ago now and I have to say that I'm really enjoying this project. Not only is it a challenge in itself printing everything but I'm also finding it very educational as I'm learning about the Saturn as I'm building it as I'm having to refer to pictures and the Internet to figure out how it goes together.
I started at the top and I'm gradually working my way down the Saturn and I've now reach my first J-2 rocket at the base of the S-IVB and I notice that your plans include instructions on how to build the F-1 but not the J-2. I'm wondering if you have any instructions on how all the pieces fit together?


Glad to see someone else is up for this extreme challenge!!! I used A LOT of pictures and drawings when I was designing this beast. It took over 1000 hours of research / design / drafting to get it this far. ( I had other elements of the Launch System that were going to be added...but ran out of time)

If you download the 1-60_SCALE_SATURN_V_and_GANTRY.EASM file, this will help with the assembly. You'll need an E-drawing Viewer. ( if you don't have one, you can download it for free from Solidworks parent company Dasault Systems.) This file will give you a 3-d assembly drawing that will allow you to see how the J2 Engines and the rest of the project go together.
You will be able to use the simple "Move" function at the bottom to move...say the Aft Interstage out of the way and zoom in on the J2 engine as it is assembled.


Thanks Paul. I have to admit that I discovered the edrawing file after I asked my initial question and played around with it so I can see how they go together now. Thanks for responding though.
I'm currently working my through printing all the tiny parts for the J-2 and glueing them together (and not my fingers).
I'd also like to say that as I've worked my way down the Saturn I've really come to appreciate just how much effort you put into this project. It is the mother of all Airfix kits! Lol

Thanks. Glad you found the E-drawing file and can navigate thru it. Making that assembly drawing I felt was the easiest way to show everyone how to put it together....without me writing up a true instruction/assembly manual.

Glad to see so many people appreciate this model, and are attempting to build this beast.

LOL...When I was done assembling this ...I think I actually had more glue on me than what I needed to glue everything together!!

Maybe my next major project I will have time to build it like a true model kit, when there are tabs/slots and alignment points on the big pieces. And possibly actual assembly instructions.


I work for a NASA contractor, for the International Space Station's education program. We're thinking about making a 3D printed, assembelable model of the ISS - and this looks right up your alley!

Can we discuss this by phone or email? Thanks! Dan Barstow DBarstow@iss-casis.org

Hi Farscape!

printing this beast.. very far along.. but now I'm stuck at the floors. the floors for the gantry are larger then the build plate size of my printer.. could you do me a solid and resize those for a 20X20 buildplate?

thanks so much :)

This is my first real print. So far so good. My wife will kill me when she finds out how big it is, but love it. Thanks.
The only thing is I wish you could had have a parts drawing where the part go. like step one ,set two and exc. and would had liked more info on the gantry more photos and build steps too. but over all I score this one 100 out of 100. grate work. thank you

Beautiful model! Thank you for posting it.

Although none were killed in flight in the Saturn V, it's important to remember that courageous astronauts Grissom, White and Chaffee lost their lives when Apollo 1 burned during a launch rehearsal.

Farscape 1,

Another question from a complete amateur!

So, I am working from the top down and as I write this, the service module care is printing....

I can't see where "Instrument Unit - SCALED-1 TAB" goes.... Can you point me in the right direction?
It seems like the Adapter Module Doors want it to align them to each other???

In your description, you mention an electronic instructions... I can't see them? only parts lists???

Any help???

The tabs you are referring to get glued inside the Instrument unit. They are placed with the existing tab, just on the bottom edge. It was alot easier to print those tabs separately. They are used to help center the Lunar Module Adapter on the top of the 3rd Stage.

Other than the EASM file, I haven't uploaded any assembly instructions. I have gotten pulled on to some other projects and haven't had time to work on it.
The EASM file is an assembly drawing that can be open with an E-drawing viewer. It is a 3-d view of the project without having to use Solidworks to open the huge assembly and part files.


Thanks for that.... I see now after I sectioned it!
I had a jamming problem with my printer but it's up and running again and now printing the service module!
Top job my friend!

Hi guys....
I have made a start on this and working from the top down....

I've printed the Command module and the full LES but I am having a hard time to get good quality on the scaffold....
I am using a Prusa i3 with a PCB heat bead and a e3d V6 hot end.

Can anyone advise on this?
I've laid the parts flat printing .2mm layers PLA at 185 with rectilinear support.

Any help at all????

It's OK....

I figured it out....

I took the two halves and joined them together in CAD, then printed at .15 layers, slowed the print down and dropped the temps a little... printed vertically as on the completed model....

Hey I didn't see it in the comments below but I might have missed it:

Would it be reasonable to find a way to make this by replacing the main cylindrical portions of the stages with metal tubing? I have plenty of resources for getting and machining metal and so I figure it wouldn't be all that much of a challenge to make thin-wall aluminum tube sections and turn them to the right OD/ID where needed, and in theory save a lot of time printing round sections.

In any case that is an ambitious project that looks amazing. I have seen a model of about this size in the Cradle of Aviation Museum and wanted one of my own someday, you might have made it possible!


I've got a build area of 200x200x200mm, What size is the biggest part? If I can't, is there a way around it?

Really want to print this.


If you scale the parts you should be able to print it, everything will just be smaller. You may lose some detailed features though (I'm thinking in the engines) or possibly even have trouble with the ridges in the main body pieces. Only way to know is to try though. Scale down a some pieces and measure some of the thinner sections and see if they are within your printer's resolution.


The biggest parts are about 11 in x 11 in x 6 in, they are the large blocks of the Platform. The 1st and 2nd stage tank sections are about 9 inches in diameter. Also there is various other parts that are longer than 8 inches that would be beyond your print size. This project was designed for and printed on Makerbot's Z18 (12in x 12in x 18in) and Rep 2's. (6in x 6in x 11in)

There is a couple of ways around it.
One is the software Magics by Materialise, which will allow you to slice up the parts into smaller pieces.
Or if you can work with the scaled Solidworks part files, you could download this project from GrabCad, and cut up the parts to fit.

Reply to farscape1

No I do not.

Ok...you'll need to get a copy of an E-drawing viewer. The EASM file is a 3-D assembly drawing that will allow to you view the completed assembly without needing the original parts or assemblies. I added that file for everyone to use as a crude assembly procedure.

This model is truly awesome. Having come of age in the 60's I watched every Apollo launch and this model brings back great memories. I'm going to give printing it a shot. Don't know where I'll put it when I finish.


I'm really glad to see this project has such a deep connection for you!!! It has been great to see this project being appreciated by soooooo many people around the world....and several of them printing this beast for themselves!!!

Keep you sanity, if you give this a shot!!! When I was printing this, I had literally piles of red, grey, black and white parts all over the place!!

My model is safely hiding in the corner of my basement. However, I could see about putting it in the lobby of the company I work for. We actually had parts on the Saturn V, that measured vibration and acceleration during launch. I would have to build a huge display case!!!

If you have any questions when you are building, you can email me at farscape1111@comcast.net
Good luck with your build !!


Have one more problem that I hope someone can help me with. Can't open EASM file.

Do you have an E-Drawings viewer?

Got it,thanks. Looks like a lot of hours of printing ahead .

Not all that great with computers, can't use rar files. Are the stl files still available?

Unfortunately not as individual files. I had to re-upload the files as RAR files because there was a problem when the "Download All Files" was selected. When people were downloading the files, file names of the individual files became just a string of numbers and letters. So the RAR file compression was the only solution.

Install 7zip it is free and very easy to use. Just install it then right click on the .rar or .zip file and choose extract to (file name)
and you will have the .stl files


Three questions:

Lunar Module Adapter -> Instrument unit - Scaled 1 TAB Where do these go? I don't see a connection point on the black ring.

Service module: I love that it has detail, but the tanks inside can't be painted. Would it be hard to remove the tanks and print them separately? (I am so new I don't know how this is done.)

Service module: Lower radiators: Did you glue yours permanently on? Seems a shame to hide the internals.

Three Answers!!!

The Scaled 1 TAB goes on the inside of the Instrument unit ring.. They mirror the tabs that are already attached to the ring. They are strictly to help center the ring between the sections.

I modified the parts for the Service Module. If you email me I will send them to you directly. My email is farscape1111@comcast.net.

The lower radiators I glued on permanently.


A month ago I had never touched a 3D printer. Another department got the bright idea to buy one, then they figured out they had neither the skills to assemble one, the space to operate it, or the time to learn how. So I wound up with it. I directed some students to find something to test print when they found your project.

Now I have no time for anything but building this! I mean, if you are going to commit, commit to something huge!

I started at the top, with the LEM, figuring even if I couldn’t finish it, I would get a nice desk ornament. Although it is challenging, in only a month I have almost completed the Command, Service, LEM, & LEM Adapter: just finishing up some parts on the Service module that don’t want to print correctly (radiators for some reason).

Here are some tips:
The LEM landing legs are challenging. Paul did them in metal. I don’t have those resources. So on the STRUT FRAME, first use a sewing needle to make a small indention in the side, then use a dremel type tool (the knock off I have has a very small tip) and a variable speed drill to very gently poke a hole on each side of the STRUT FRAME. Then use the Dremel to grind off the bump on the end of the legs and once you have it trimmed to fit, use the above technique to put a very tiny hole in the top of the leg. Now you can join them with a stripped piece of CAT 5 cable and you got a hinge that will not fail. Use more wire for the X and Y brackets and you can make the legs fold up like a pro! Paint the bottom in Gold reflective spray paint like the foil on the real one and you can’t see the wires.

Before you assemble the command module, find some tiny neodymium button magnets, like the kind on a name badge, but try to get them smaller. Put one inside the nose cone and some around the bottom. Then you will be able to get the parts to lock together and take them apart. I had to drill a small hole in the top of my LEM and drop one in, but they can dock now. If I knew how I would modify that part of the LEM to put the magnet in from the print job.

Paul: Service Module part (2) CENTER-TANK. Where the devil do these go?

Finally, is there a place I can upload pictures of my finished print job?

First...glad to see you are committed to project!!
Second...Glad to see your modifications. (magnets in the command module)

I'm really glad to see everyone is enjoying this project !!

The CENTER Tank goes in the wedges in the central opening in the Service Module just under the Command Module. I found an outline drawing showing a spherical tank in that approximate location.

Pictures can be uploaded by clicking on the " I Made One" button at the top of the page.

Hi Farscape 1,

I love your project. Sincerely, it is the best one I have seen in Thingiverse so, congratulations!!!. I am printing some parts and trying to adapt others because I want to make it fly like a real rocket.

Thank you very much for being this awesome and sharing with us this amazing thing!!!

Best regards

Thanks for the compliments!!

Glad to see soooooo many people enjoying this project !!!

If you get it to really fly.....I would love to see video!!


Hi awesome person,
I'm printing some parts now. My problem with the up scaled F1 is I cannot find the gimbal part that sits on top the LOX dome. I can see it in your drawings but it is not in the STL files . I've printed almost all F1 parts in 1:30 and I'm in the process of assembly. Any Ideas where I can get the F1 service manual (310 MB) It used to be somewhere in a NASA 's web server but not anymore.

The gimbal part that you are referring to is I drew as part of the LOX dome, just a simple cylinder. I tried to add as much detail as I could, but had to leave some out, given the small scale I had to print this. Originally this project was only going to be the Saturn V vehicle....at 11 feet tall.!! But due to fire safety regulations from the client, I had to scale it down.

Sorry, I can't help you with the service manual.... I created the drawings for the F1 engine from only 2 dimensions...the height and the diameter of the nozzle.....and tons of pictures!! LOL


Comments deleted.

Hi Farscape1,
really amazing work. I was 9 when the Apollo program ended, with just enough TV around to have made an everlasting impression.
Still regret that I will never be able to see a Saturn V liftoff.
Printing the whole Saturn is a bit to much for me, but as I am an absolute fan of the F1, I am currently printing one at scale 2.0, this will just fit on the printer bed and height clearing. I will add some pictures once completed.
To satisfy my curiosity (and maybe already answered in one of the many comments below), what did you use as reference, did you have blueprints?

Greetings in total awe from the Netherlands.


Hi Eric!!

Thanks for the compliments!!! I'm glad this project has brought back some memories!!!

For this project...I used no blueprints at all !!! LOL

For the F1 engines...I only had 2 dimensions...the diameter of the nozzle and the height. The detail and parts were derived from pictures and cut-away drawings I found on the web.

The same goes for the rest of the rocket and gantry.!!! I found some outline drawings that gave the height and diameter of each stage. Other rough outline drawings gave the center line position of the rocket relative to the gantry...and swivel point of the gantry arms. The details on both the gantry and rocket were derived from any pictures I could find and some cut away drawings.

My original model in drawn at full scale!!!....so things look even closer. When I scaled it down..I had to rework some of the drawing to be sure they would print properly! I tried to make this project look as close to the real thing as I could, given the time constraints I was originally under and the size I had to scale it down to.

Thanks again and if you have any other questions about this project...please let me know.!! And...if you do....you can email directly at farscape1111@comcast.net


Ok... My face has just melted!
I have made a start and just printed the command module but even with that in my hand and knowing that it's 7 1/2 feet tall, you never get how enormous this is!.... until I saw the parts laid out.... Holy cow!

Still, my boy will love this!

BTW Itt19, if you want inspiration, Check out Saturn V on YouTube!...

I already ordered the ABS for the Rocket! This sure will be a nice attraction in my house!

COOOL!!! I hope the pics i added help. Sorry I don't have a picture of the Lunar Lander yet. I still have to assemble it.


Thanks!!! When I was originally contacted to create this beast, I was only going to make the Saturn V....at 1/35th scale!!!! That was going to make the rocket over 10 1/2 feet tall !!!! I was going to make the 1st and 2nd stage tanks on a Makerbot Z18. The diameter of the tanks at that scale would be close to the max build of the printer!! But I had to scale it down to keep it under 8 foot tall, So I decided to add the gantry to make it more impressive at the smaller scale.!!! I think somewhere down the line....after I get a couple of other projects done....I might actually make this at 1/35th scale....since I have the F1 engines already printed!!!

I'm so glad to see some many people enjoying this project!!

This has to be one of the best models on here (for me at least)
I will add my make soon but I'm working on my printer right now...
Thanks again,


Congrats Man! I'm willing to print this model, but i need courage to do it and doom my prusa i3 to a 2000+ hour work! Do you have more pictures of the printed model?


I've uploaded a few more pictures I had when i was printing the rocket. If you need more for close up details...let me know and I will get them added.


As of this moment..no I don't have any more pic of the printed model. But I will try to add some over the weekend.

Thank you a lot!

Beautiful model! I really want to do this, but wonder if an Ultimaker 2 Extended is big enough - 8.75x8.75x12in build volume. I saw an earlier post where you said the biggest parts were 11x11x6in, so I'm thinking not.
OH, and I really, really like your Big Boy project, too!


The biggest pieces are sections of the platform, if you wanted to print them as one piece. Those sections were modified to fit a 6x6x12 build. The only other pieces are parts of the 1st and 2nd stage that were made on a Z18. If necessary I could cut them down for smaller builds....or if you can work with Solidworks part files....I have the files up on GrabCad that can be modified.

OK, thank you for that info. If they will print in 6x6x12, then looks like the Ultimaker should do it then except for the 1st and 2nd stage parts. Unfortunately, I do not have access to Solidworks or a Z18, so that would be great if you could cut them down. Now if I can just find the PLA. LOL looks like a serious shortage of those gray tones.

If you like....I can email the modified parts to you directly.
My email address is farscape1111@comcast.net


Absolutely awesome, email on its way! Thanks a ton, Paul!

Okies....will get the 1st and 2nd stage tank parts cut...so they fit on the small print area over the weekend.

Wow! Over 2000 parts! That's a lot of CAD work!
Well done on such an awesome project!
I really want to build this and it will be done in stages over a very long time and I think I'll need a new printer but the end of it! Lol...

Great work!

Thanks for the compliments!!

Well, maybe by the time you finish printing these 2 parts of this beast...I will have the 3rd part ready for everyone......the Crawler that would transport this to the launch pad!!

So far my two Rep 2's have survived printing this beast...and the Big Boy Locomotive for Makerbot!! LOL

Thanks farscape for your wonderful design !!!
I start to build the lunar lander but I am a little confused about the pivot frame and strut frame, they look like the same part but different in size.
Which one I should print?

Saturn V Rocket and Gantry

Ugh....sorry about that!! The Strut frame is the correct one. The pivot frame part was modification I was working on to make the strut a little bit thicker...easier to print.

Thanks for the clarification. I'm printing right now the last 4 strut frames and let you know how the assembly is working.
Some other issue, the diameter of the lunar module thrust chamber pin is way bigger than the hole in the lunar lander descent part.
Maybe is my printer but I had not this problem with the accent module and the accent thrust chamber. Do you have a picture on how the lunar lander engine is positioned on the bottom of the lunar lander descent module?

Ok, this is a must, for the 30:1 Lunar Lander you need to print the Pivot Frame !!!
There are small dimensional differences, will not affect the angle of the leg and are more sturdy.
Printed with PLA, 0.15mm layer, 2mm shell, 100% infill.
Anyhow all the legs and struts will be covered with aluminium "insulation" like the original and the differences in diameter will not be seen

The most surprising part of this is that you were able to print the entire thing on a makerbot.

Well....about 99% was done on Makerbot printers. I had access to a Solidscape® MAX2 and a Objet500 Connex printers. So a few pieces were made of metal for durability and a couple of pieces were just easier to clean using the Connex printer.

Still. Impressive for a breakerbot

For the money you spent on that z18 you could have gotten an AON 3d printer. Just would have to wait a little longer.

It has independant dual extrusion, a fully heated bed, and water cooled hot ends. It also sports a much larger 18x18x25 inch build volume.

I don't think that's fair..
while Makerbot certainly has it's share of issues and while I would never buy one, I think the printers are fine as long as proper care is taken.. unfortunately they have been marketing towards people new to 3D printing and then something has gotta give..
I have multiple friends that are running makerbots without issues but they are very experienced in the 3D printing field.

I would never buy something like an AON 3d printer. unproven technology from an unproven company. they haven;t even send them out yet.. at this point Makerbot has a product out there that you can hate or love, but AON has nothing out there.

I don't dispute the fact that it might be a great printer! but it will differ to a completely different audience. while Makerbot targets the ones that are new to the printing field and professionals alike, the AON is more appealing to the tinkerers and the ones with experience. I can guarantee you that someone new to 3d printing will break that AON printer within the day..

You're somewhat right. The AON is somewhat unproven. Although it uses two E3D V6 volcano hot ends, which are pretty much as good as hot ends get, and have had more than their fair share of field time.

On paper the AON wins on pretty much every level. Yes, on paper pretty much means nothing, but when you consider that the gen 5 series of makerbot has been pretty much nothing but a failure, because of their new extruders, you can assume it won't get much worse from a company who has spent the time and effort to provide their costumers with heated beds, water cooled hot ends, and simplify 3D slicing software with their purchase.

I work for a rapid prototyping company out of Kansas City. As you may imagine, 3D printing is a bit of an interest of mine. The company I work for replaced our replicator 5 with an ulitimaker because of it's constant need to replace the extruders. As far as consumer grade 3d printers go we also have in shop, an ultimaker 2 extended, and 2 luz bot taz 5's. In addition to that I myself own a ROBO R1 plus and a FlashForge creator pro. I have never had more problems with any of these than I had with the shops makerbot.

The fact is, yes every printer requires maintenance and care, but the gen 5 makerbots require a redesign.

"I guarantee you someone who is new to 3d printing will break that AON". Maybe, but notice my comment was directed towards this guy, who obviously has experience.

I guarantee YOU that someone who is new to 3d printing will break the z18, because everyone who uses them breaks them, because their extruders are prone to failure. The thing is, is that no one who is new to 3d printing is going to drop 7 GRAND on a 3d printer. They're gonna buy a cube, or some shit like that.

If makerbot were a car company, they would make a car with touchscreen navigation, bluetooth connective radio, pop out movie screens, and NO engine. They're to concentrated on bells and whistles. In fact in my opinion, the only GREAT product I have ever used of makerbot's is the was the 2x. Which is basically an overpriced creator pro. The replicator 2 was ok, but only printing PLA won't do much for an engineer.

In other words. Yes I trust a company I know absolutely nothing about more than makerbot.

I love being somewhat right. At least its better than incorrect.

I don't really want to respond on the whole AON point.. until a printer has done 1500+ hours of real world printing I will wait to form an opinion. Yes it uses components that work well in other printers. that gives very few guarantees. for instance, I believe AON is very vague on the electronics point. in my opinion, the cabling and the electronics is where the biggest improvements are to be made, not in watercooling stepper motors or having hot ends run hotter.. first get better quality prints, then get different prints, but that just might be me. So I will list the AON right now as an unproven printer until I see actual people using it and I have been able to touch it..

on the subject of Ultimakers.. I actually run 3 of the UM2 model 24/7.. So I have a bit of experience with them :) for every thing that could have been better on the Makerbot, I can name you 2 on the Ultimaker 2. still, I love those printers since I know how to handle them and I reach a 99 percent succes rate with my prints..

While I appreciate your guarantee, it does not help you prove your point.

give a kid an expensive toy and it will break. it's a simple as that. take a look at the Ultimaker forum and you will find loads of people that broke the printer due to lack of proper care and maintenace. some as soon as 150 printing hours.. some don't even last a week..

I also would like to refer you to the actual market trends as far as your prediction\fact around people buying new printers. It turns out that people that are new to 3D Printing at this point in time, are actually the people that have disposable income. The MakerBot scores very high with those people, so does the Ultimaker 2. these are ready to go printers that are advertised and perceived as high quality printers. So yes, many newcomers to 3D printing actually drop 3, 4, 5K or more since they have that disposable income and the opinion is in most cases that spending more in the beginning will save you money later on. Not my opinion, but a proven trend.

but since we are talking about opinions, I have one too :) surprisingly :)
I think the great thing that Makerbot was in to introduce the concept of the ready to go printer in a box. you went into a store, buy one, set it up, and ready to print. say what you want but they made 3D printing mainstream.

While I don't own a MakerBot and I can think of many improvements, I think immature comments like calling them "BreakerBots" and not helpful and not really respectful for the designer that was actually paid by Makerbot for designs like these..

I can settle with that. Although... I did just see. Makerbot has just come out with their all new smart extruder, which according to them, makes your printer as reliable as it should have been out of the box, for just a small $200 price tag. Thats one thing do love about the gen 5 design, the ease of upgrade, because its so modular. A ne extruder just plugs right in, however, 200 dollars??? It should be free to all their gen 5 costumers. Maybe next they'll come out with a new slide in heated bed for just $500.

That being said, you rave about the ultimaker 2. I'm not a huge fan. Sure, its fast, and reliable, but because of the lack in filament cooling, (that they fixed in the 2+) they suck with bridges and overhangs. In FACT I get better prints from my 800$ robo r1 plus. (which, by the way is the only good printer robo has ever come out with, the others were shit.)

Anyways, my original comment stands. Yes, I'm very surprised he was able to print the majority of this rocket with makerbot printers... Unless he was using like a replicator 2 for the majority of it.

some additional concerns, just prepping the print;
for the solid platform pieces, inside the Gantry-Scaled then Platform-Scaled
according to the Excel file, there should be part 1 to 11 as solids, but there are only part 1, 2 and 3.

for the smaller printers, section 6(A, B etc.) section 7 and 8 are not printable since they are about 30 cms long on one side, which is larger than most printers. could you cut this into pieces?

also, there is a section 4C1 and 4C2 which is not referenced in the Excel file :)

please don't take my post as ungrateful, I'm trying to print this and trying to help you get a complete file :)

I was able to fit sections 7 & 8 on my TAZ 6 by rotating the blocks slightly, Took some trial and error but finally got them wedged in.

Thank You!!!

No....I don't take posts like this as someone being ungrateful....I am GRATEFUL....I welcome the feedback if there is something wrong. This was such a massive project, I was bound to miss something!!

I added the 4C1 and 4C2 parts to the parts list....and added a separate file for the Solid Platform blocks.

Before I chop up the other sections, Can you work with Solidworks part files? If you can...I have this model up on GrabCad that can be modified for smaller printers. If not...I will cut the parts down. What is the max build area on your printer?



max building area is 23X23X22 (Ultimaker 2) but I think if you cut the parts into 20X20X20 you should reach a very large audience, since most rpinters would be able to do that..
I don't really have the experience to work with cad files so if you could be so kind...

Could you also add the colors you printed them with to the parts files? I'll add comments as i go along :)

this is fantastic work.. I'll be dedicated an Ultimaker 2 extended+ to create this piece. will try to make a timelapse

Thanks!! That would be great to see the timelapse!!

well, hope to start printing next week for this and timelapses of the prints itself should be fairly easy to do. timelapses of the builds might be more difficult.
would it be an option for you to update the parts lists with the colors you used to print?

hello,for this model,do you printe as the file or scal up?


For this project, the parts are scaled to 1/60th in the STL format.
If you need to change the scale, I have the Solidworks part files up on GrabCad, that you could modify.

so how much filament do i need to tackle this project? this is amazing! hopefully my Robo3d Plus can survive this! what resolution did you print this at?

it will take you between 25 and 30 rolls of 1 Kg filament. I did most of this project on a medium resolution.

You better believe that my printer is going to work. However it looks very complicated to put together.

It can be a bit challenging!!. I think most complicated assembly is the F1 and J2 engines. Unlike a proper model kit with locating pins and tabs to line the parts up, I wasn't able to add those features in time.

Well, I don't know about you, but I know what my printer is doing for the next 2000 hours.

You deserve a medal for this. It's absolutely awesome, in the literal sense. I am in awe.


LOL....I wonder...what is the record number of hours on a Rep 2? I know I've put my main printer through a torture test. Between a majority of the prints for this project....and the complete build of the Big Boy Locomotive for Makerbot 2 years ago...my Rep 2 needs a vacation!!!

Great model!!! You have put such detail into something so great. I love it.
Even just building one of the first stage engine would be great but I have begun and hopefully will finish the whole thing.
Might just print a few extra engines and give them away. I know a few people who'd love just that.
Thanks again for sharing and looking forward to more from you.

Thanks!! Glad you like it !!!

I know it's not fair to ask you for a complete detailed explanation on how you printed this. But there are small details on the Lunar Lander, Accent Module and Engines that I just can't see a FDM printer doing; or I'm just not doing it right. Would that be where you used a different printing method?

No worries!!!!

Almost all the detail pieces for this project I did on Low resolution on a Makerbot Rep2......and only 1 piece at a time. I got the best results that way...when the extruder had to move between multiple parts...I found it wouldn't be able to begin extruding again fast enough to start the next piece.

The engines were done the same...single piece builds at mostly low resolution.

The legs on the lander, I did get to print, but because I needed durability (extreme repetitive folding) of the legs...I had the leg braces, blast shields and leg brackets cast in metal. I had access to a Solidscape® MAX2 to print at .001 inch resolution..which created a the parts in wax for casting. If you don't plan on having the legs opened and closed hundreds of times...printing it at low resolution will work.

The only other piece that will be a little more work is the Anti-Sway bar on the top of the Gantry. It was originally to be printed on a Z18...but I had it printed on a Objet500 Connex...which made removing the support material much easier.

I hope this helps with your build,

Thanks it does. I will have to give them more of a go. I may have the legs and small details out-sourced or made out of metal. But I will see. Not looking for durability just great show piece and make sure you get credit. As it sits I'm 2/3 done the first stage tank. No engines or letter insets. My filament supplier is out of stock in all the colours I need but white.

There's been a lot of discussion about this print and now HatchBox is saying there's roughly a 4-month lead time on white PLA...is this because of us building this (primarily white) gigantic Saturn V replica?

Lol...no I wiped out Makerbot of the True White, True Red and Cool Grey !!!!

Figured it was someone printing this, haha. Plenty of black and grey to keep me busy! And I was mistaken, its a 4-6 week lead time.

This is fantastic, outstanding job. Those were the days, that one day in July when the world was one.

Really an amazing job! You can definitely see the enormous amount of time needed to accomplish such a task. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Thanks, and your welcome!!

You are THE man !!! I think after this, my Prusa will deserve a nice vacation !

Are the rocket engines solid or can you flow something through the tubes and stuff?
BTW im totally going to print this (i might even scale it up)


The pipes and turbos on the engines are solid. At the scale I printed this...it was a lot easier to print that way.
If you want to, you can go over to GrabCad...where I have the Solidworks parts...you could modify/ re-scale the parts from there!!

I was...and might some day continue working on my 1/35th scale of this....I wanted to make it in scale with some of the tank models I've done. At that scale the Saturn V would be 10 1/2 feet tall!! I have the F1 engines printed...just need to assemble them!!

Keep your sanity when building!! LOL
But if you have any questions when building you can email me at ... farscape1111@comcast.net


Did you ever thing of printing the new SLS rocket and mobile launcher?

Sorry..no. The only project that might get added to this monster is the Crawler assembly to put under this beast. LOL

I have a couple of other projects lined up that I want to design and print.....including the Cheyenne drop ship from ALIENS... Serenity from FIREFLY. I'm currently back working on the Tender to go with the Big Boy Locomotive I did for Makerbot 2 years ago.

thanks! i was also wondering what scale this rocket is. good luck on your 1/35th scale!

Sorry....this project is 1/60th scale!

okay boys and girls I have stared the build of this I JUST LOVE IT

EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's huge.


I really think it belongs up there!!! LOL

This is just wow.HUGE thinks for sharing this.

You're welcome!! Glad you enjoy it!!

Great design!!
I have started printing it, but I only have a small UP Mini, so cutting allot of big parts to fit.
But the base is to much, so I am going to make that of metal, then only print the gantry and rocket.


If you can work with Solidworks parts....I have the model also up on GrabCad...if it would make it easier to cut the parts down to fit your printer.

I'm going to build this full scale and I'm going to Mars, who is with me? Awesome project!


I'm trying to figure out what size motors I could put in this thing to launch it!! LOL

I was in awe of this when I first saw it, Thought I'd atleast print out a F1 for the heck of it, and OMG!!!! the attention to detail is total next level stuff, you good sir have lost your mind.... and I hope you never get it back!!. going to proceed with this, thank god I make filament for a living.

keep up the amazing work.


Thanks for the compliments!! LOL....lost my mind forever...especially since I did the Big Boy locomotive for Makerbot 2 years ago...then jumped right into this project!!! And now...i'm back on the Tender to go with the Big Boy...and I keep trying to add more detail to it too!! LOL. Once the tender is done....I'm going to draw the Cheyenne Drop Ship from ALIENS and then Serenity from FIREFLY!!! After that....I might come back to this project and add the Crawler to go under this beast!!

Glad you enjoyed it!!


SERENITY!!! And then the Drop Ship! Love both of those!


Well....I'll have to do the Cheyenne first.....cause when I get to SERENITY....I will need a lot more time. I have a feeling that I will go crazy and try to put as much interior detail in it as possible.!!!! LOL And I know I will want all moving parts too!!!

Dockable shuttles???

Dockable shuttles, Rotating engines, opening bay door.....need I say more? LOL Yes...I go a little crazy on some of my drawings!!

LOL... I have to do the Cheyenne first.....I have a friend working on the APC...so..I figured I need to do the drop ship to with it!!
Serenity is on the list !!!! It will be started soon.....unless something "shiny" comes along and sidetracks me in another direction!! LOL

seeing that I am committing to this madness... advice on printing and building??? in the instructions that are coming where do they start?

LOL....if you are going to tackle this entire project...first thing you need....Patience!!! LOL

But seriously....especially with some of the smaller parts like the ones for the engines....if you are printing as the 1/60th scale..i had better success printing single copies. Printing multiple copies of the same part in the same build, I often had print errors. If you build the gantry..you will need lots of clamps clamps and levels. Be sure to build from the ground up....so you can have better control on the tower being square and plumb. I built the tower in several large sections...then tried to mate it to the platform. That didn't work out....I had to scrap the first 3 floors, to get the twists out.

Same with the rocket, I had to work from bottom up so I could get things lined up when gluing, especially the Interstage section. As for the Lunar Lander....the folding framework will be a little tricky to print I did get them to print in PLA...but I needed durability and had access to a casting process...so my lander is partly metal.

If you don't have access to a larger build printer (Makerbot Z18)..I have this project up on GrabCad with the Solidworks files, so the parts can be modified to fit smaller printers.

The full instructions I'm still working on. I have a rough F1 instruction in the Parts List.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, you can email me at farscape1111@comcast.net


great job I have started my print today guess my printers will be working over time

Fantastic My grandkids will love it!

Start printing now and you'll have a few years before you need to get married! :-)

To clean up this page and have it better organized for everyone... All the part files are now in the 2 RAR files for download.

Also....download each of the 4 files individually...The mass download option seems to be the problem with the file names being corrupted.
Waiting to hear from Thingiverse on a fix for this problem


Comments deleted.

His upload on GrabCad of the same model is done in SolidWorks.

Sketchup is quite powerful and one of the most overlooked free 3d creation tools available today. Best of all...Sketchup is very simple to use and easy to learn.

I've played a little with Sketchup I do like it for some things,...but I've been using Solidworks since 2004, so I usually stick with it.

Comments deleted.

Amazing...a literal and figurative 3D printing moonshot!

I had an AMT plastic model of this rocket in 1:144th scale long ago which had everything made to seperate including lunar lander in 2 halfs to show what was left on moon. had 3 N scale astronauts in command module seats also. I done a long show and tell with it in the ^th grade using booklet that came with model (in 1969) right after the 1st moon landing. it was very cool and the whole class enjoyed it. I built another like 20 years later among hundreds of other models in my lifetime. was disappointed in the space shuttle model in the 80s due to its large tank being warped bad when molded. I had every rocket made in 1:144 scale at the time as I was very interested in that tech growing up during the 'space race' and sci-fi movie years. the AMT model would make an excellent model to emulate. I cant imagine how you modeled the gantry as it was never done. great work! the 1:144 scale would be only a bit over 2 foot tall though and more fit to a home display.

Thanks for the compliments!! I'm glad this project brought back some great memories for you!!!

The gantry was done by using A LOT of pictures and a few original outline drawings and rough blueprints that I was able to scrape together from the web.

I tried to make it look as accurate as I could in a given time frame that I had to build it. I even found some drawings of the LOX and Fuel lines that run up the side and out to each gantry arm. I was going to add that detail..but I ran out of time. It may find it's way on here sometime in the future, because some of the modeling is done. But I have some other projects lined up....such as completing the tender for the Big Boy Locomotive I did 2 years ago for Makerbot...and then the Cheyenne Drop Ship from "Aliens"... then I think "Serenity" from "Firefly"!!!

I have been waiting for this my entire life!!! Of course now I will likely take the rest of it to print this! :-)

Many thanks. This is amazing! I can't wait to get started, but first I have a lifetime of my own projects to get cleared.

LOL Glad you like it!!!

Can't wait to see someone else print this monster!! Somewhere in my line of projects...I do want to do the Crawler to put under this beast!!! I'll have to see how crazy I am when I do it...cause I'm thinking about making the Crawler....Motorized!!

But I also have to clear some of the projects I have lined up first!!

Amazing project! Chapeau!

For everyone that is having problems with the file names. I've added 2 ZIP files that is all the parts organized by stage or levels of the gantry.
The files are GANTRY - SCALED.zip and Saturn V - SCALED.zip.

WinZip reported problems with both GANTRY - SCALED.zip and Saturn V - SCALED.zip after repeated downloads. Gave up and peeked inside of them with a text editor and discovered they're RAR archives not ZIP. Changed the file extension to RAR and now they open just fine with WinZip.

An amazing project! I'm going to