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Wind Turbine #CatchTheWind.

by plaszlonet Jul 5, 2015
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Exellent project !! Is it possible to install the small helices (Wind_t_blade_bot.stl and Wind_t_blade_top.stl) on the w_turbine_50cm_cone_p1? Thanks in advance !

i saw in your shopping list "->M6 filleted rod like 3x50cm" but i cannot see it in the pictures. Can you explain me where to use it? thanks

It looks pretty cool, now i've got to get some time to print it

Could you upload the STEP files for the blade please? Thanks

Printing in PLA and leaving it outside in the sun is probably a bad idea. Most parts will most likely bend. At least not in TEXAS.

What motor are you using to collect the energy?

Very nice! What's the optimum wind velocity and catchment?

Hi, i ´m building the V4 of the wind turbine and it´s a great project! Tyou!
I was wondering if there wasn´t an STL file missing because if you lok at your dynamo, it attaches one end to the 50cm turbine cone right? and the other end looks likw there is some sort of cover that looks like the part wind_t_top_f_cover is this correct? and where is the wind_t_BOTTOM_f_cover? Or is there a way to print to tops and put them togethr? Sorry for all the questions...
Just one more, did you cutomize de dynamo in some sort? like cutting it´s bolts mor replacing them?

Hi sorry been busy lately it is summer time :) so the cover it is the same just print 2 times and then the dynamos axle the filleted rood attaches to wind_t_h_front_V4.stl, and yes made some mod on the dynamo see picture above hope it helped happy printing :)

If you just want it to spin it's ok but if you want it to generate power then it's not.

ok let me stop you there, i do like constructive comments but until u cant show me a better one just leav it hang, this is how it generates electricity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbjfVsfENQI
if u dont like it that is your problem look for other ones

Are you sure you got the bade twist right? From the photos it looks to be the wrong way round, which make for a very inefficient turbine.
The tip of the blade should be practically square to the direction of the wind and maximum angle should be near the hub.

might be .... not a scientist :( but it does work, it spins that was the idea :)

I can confirm the twist is wrong. the part closest to the hub should be the one with the smallest angle to the wind flow...

Can second this! I won a competition for most efficient (and aesthetically pleasing) turbine at my university.
I drafted a spreadsheet to help model the shape based on C-S width, angle of approach, catchment area and optimum wind velocity.
I can share it if you want?

Can you please share it? I really want to build it. thanks. and reply with the link please.

I for one would print one if you did. Despite the tweaks to the blades and a rotation damper, this has major potential. Love it. I would like to make one with about 20 inch blades, and a larger servo motor setup. Sized like this and optimized a bit, you should be able to get 150 watts out it. I paid a fair amount of money for a commercial 150 watt tower, and this would be almost the same product if the blade changes were made and dampening sorted.

Food for thought.

The only thing missing would be a stall speed, which is usually sorted by either a flexing in the blades that allows the wind to bypass and stalls the turbine, or a mechanical limiting device that is literally a brake. This prevents the thing from getting too fast and damaging components.

You could add a skirt to increase drag. Skirt will create a low pressure area which will suck air through propeller.

it looks like it could use a damper on its rotational axis, The rear fins are giving it static stability (tendency to face the wind) but the system is under damped, giving it that periodic back and forth rotation. you could even make your own damper like a elastic ring damper here but it might take some trial and error. http://motionsystemdesign.com/engineering-basics/ringing-out.jpg

very cool though thanks for making it.

can you please tell me what files i need to make the smaller version please im a bit confused

Last updated: 07-05-15
1269 510kb

Last updated: 07-05-15
1261 1mb

Last updated: 07-05-15
1246 1mb

Last updated: 07-05-15
1243 2mb

Last updated: 07-05-15
1369 351kb

Last updated: 07-05-15
1389 174kb

Last updated: 07-05-15
1280 2mb

Last updated: 07-06-15
1233 148kb

How many Watts (or whatever the right measurement is) does this put out. Thanks for the great design.

what are good motors to use in these?

sorry i dont get it ????

What dc motors do you use to produce power. what motors will fit inside this unit

the small one was not a big success just poped in a small dc motor from an old dvd player not much :(
the bigger one with the bike dynamo name in description much better

plaszlonet you are a genius. This is amazing. I have printed the hub. Have not attached the blades nor tested the unit. But so far the construction is very sound. I am amazed at your engineering skills. You should have won the contest and not some toys.

thanx a lot DRtak :) apparently wee need toys to make this world a better place ...... :(

Plaszlonet. I put together the turbine. But as soon as I connect it to a load it shuts off? Does the dynamo have a built in break? I dont understand why it does that. I connected it to an LED bulb and the turbine rumbles and stops moving. Then I connected it to a battery and it also shut off. I then changed the polarity of the connects and it doesnt help? Any ideas?

Comments deleted.

nope I did not have any of these problems but this type of dynamo gives out AC and DC Depending on the load and the wattage connected i think not the expert electrician but a couple of capacitors and a rectifier diode or bridge but as u increase the load it will slow sort of brake hope that helped

Thanks that was the issue. I didnt know it was AC. So i made a mintyboost rectifier AC to DC 5-15 volt AC in gets converted to 5 volts DC out USB. Then I soldered a 5v LED light to a USB cable. Now when the blade spins a light shines. Next thing I need to do is make a USB connection from the mintyboost USB to the battery. Then from the battery to an inverter.

Do you mean 6mm threaded rod through them ? thanks

yes, might need a bit of cleaning to slide trough, not the top one, that one needs to fillet in, make sure the rods fillet in the same depth.

Looks very nice, this will be my next project