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SHARKZ... Fun Multipurpose Clips / Holders / Pegs with moving jaws that bite!

by muzz64 Jul 4, 2015
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very nice! thanks!

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

please know the warning is there for a reason sharkz can be dangerous!

I am new to 3-D printing so I am hoping someone can help me. I have tried to print this shark several times but each time the mouth is sealed shut and there is no pinching to open up the clip. Am I missing a setting somewhere? I have a Creality Ender 3 and use Cura. I have tried the settings that are on here. Thanks for any help.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble pronting this. What you have described is due to the precision of the slicer and/or accuracy of the machine... but bridging capability is very important too. I'm not familiar with your particular machine but it must have an effective filament cooling fan otherwise fusing is more likely and bridging unlikely to work well. This is not the extruders temperature control fan.

The bottom line is not all slicing apps or machines deliver the same results... around 100,000 people have successfully downloaded and printed these so it has to be with your set up. The easy solution (assuming you have a filament cooling fan and slicer allows bridging) is to uniformly scale the file up before slicing it... 10% should be enough. This will increase the clearances so reduce yhe likelihood of fusing. Use 3 shells and 50% linear infill fir the most springy effect.... filament quality will also affect this.

I hope this helps

Thank you - I will try this. My brother has almost the same printer as I do (his is the Ender Pro and mine is the Ender 3) and he can print the shark perfectly. So I know it is something in my set up or the printer. I just have not been able to figure out what. Thanks for responding.

Thnx for your design :) and shark did bite ;)

Printed with ZYLtech PLA fluorescent blue on my Ender 3 Pro. Print time was 41:06 at a 0.2mm resolution. Here is my timelapse https://youtu.be/gIIK6Sg6jIM

I appreciate your sense of humor in the presentation of your designs. That picture with the "great white" is hilarious !

Thanks for your comment... you have to have fun with this sort of thing for sure!

Comments deleted.

Simple, great print.

This think is awesome! Great design.

I got my first 3d printer about 24 hours ago and I've been tweaking and printing trying to learn. Printed my first Sharkz with 15% infill and 3 layer walls. A little to flexible and not enough strength. But it moves and bites.

My lesson from this, READ THE DIRECTIONS! :)

Thanks again! Love it!

This is awesome! Truly loved it. Quick and easy, didn't have to change anything. Can't wait to use it with my students to work on that pincer grasp of theirs!

Prints great, works great, but not very strong. I used 4 perimeters, 4 layers top/bottom and 60% infill and they're just not strong enough to be useful. Falls right off a bag of chips.

Snap maker first test print came out perfect. A raft was needed but it took 7g total and 2 hours ! Thanks!!

I just put 40 on my sculpto's build plate in Slic3r.... Lets see what this looks like in the morning! says it's gonna take 12 hours!!

Works Great!! Great Design! =D

Thanks... they are fun and functional

It works well and is strong. I used 50% infill and 3 shells and it works great

came out pretty good on my monoprice select mini in PLA. I used 4 shells and 60% infill. My 4yo loves it!

Comments deleted.

This printed out beautifully and works very well. Thank you for sharing this useful and clever design!

This is awesome! I printed one for my nephew. I'm sure he'll love it because I think it's so cool. Thank you!

lo hice pero no abre se quedaba pegado ( I did it but no open......it was path and I dont could open sharkz mouth.....sorry my english) thanks

Printed these and the fish fossilz before I realized they're both your designs! Following and looking forward to your future designs, nice job!

Pleased to have you on board... check out my new Snakez as well!

The eaglez and sharkz are good for holding papers and stuff, but can you make a smaller one with the same sized jaws but a shorter body so it is more portable?

Thanks for your comment. I already have something along these lines in mind for the future. My current designs are in proportion to the real creature which is a restricting factor. The challenge with going smaller is keeping it looking like what it's meant to be and have adequate clearances tof move. .. we'll see in due course

Ok thanks. Look forward to seeing new designs. Keep up the good work.

Hey I was just wondering, how long is the print time on average with 0.2 mm layers?

I wish I could provide a definitive answer but it also depends on your machine... your slicing apps extrusion speed/s ... the number of shells and infill percentage. At standard scale, using the settings as recommended (3 shells / 50% infill). on a Replicator 2 they take 42 minutes... on a 5th Gen Replicator it will take just over an hour.

Every machine / slicing app is different but also affected by the basic print settings... I hope this helps.

One of the best things on Thingiverse! I have printed 7 with one on the way as I comment. My friends and family love them. Keep it up!

Used this design yesterday at a STEM Day event for local middle-schoolers. It was fantastic. I scaled it so it'd print in about 10 minutes, perfect as a demo for groups coming through, and gave me lots of examples for kids to interact with all day. Thanks!

I think this will be the first thing I print when my new printer arrives :D That is amazing

(that or your crocks or both)

...then check out my Fish Fossilz and Ratz. Have fun!

Thanks. Great design and it prints very well. My son loves this.

will this print on a makerbot replicator mini?

Definitely... my son has a Mini and has printed lots of Sharkz for his friends!

Nice print!
If anyone wants this printed for them I can do it.
Here is my 3d hubs https://www.3dhubs.com/portland/hubs/kaleb
Thx muzz64 for the awesome designs!

I saw "just3dprint" selling your sharkz on ebay for 40 bucks, plain as day:


just3dprint is well known and infamous for this sort of thing. Read how to deal with it here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1350837

by loubie

Thanks for letting me know.... there's a number of people doing this with my designs. I'm working towards getting it stopped. The annoying thing is the time it wastes that could be spent designing new things .

the way you set up your Creative Commons license, people can do whatever they want with it as long as they give you credit. If you don't want them to make a profit off of your desigbs, I would suggest the CC BY-NC-SA license for your prijects or a BY-NC license.

Thanks Sam... I need to change this. At the start I wasn't too concerned but now I need to be as the number of downloads is now massive!

I've printed three now - nice design. I have tested various in-fills and number of layers; the latest using your recommendations. Frankly, I think it would be nice if the clamping force was a bit higher. Perhaps it's the PLA that I'm using. But I wonder if the design was tweaked a little bit to make the joint at the tail a bit more robust.

Tweaking things always changes other things however you can do a number of things yourself... I'm not sure how many shells (outer layers) you got up to but use 4 or 5 as that can help. You may also want to try different infill patterns (like Linear). Scaling it up uniformly a small amount will also help as it adds thickness without affecting the relationship between parts.

Another thing you can try is taking your print and placing it in very hot water for a couple of minutes. Fish it out and the PLA will have softened... hold the jaws tight shut and cool it under cold water. The PLA should firm up again and shut tighter. You obviously Can't have the teeth that tightly closed when printing or they would fuse together.

Hopefully these suggestions help... but PLA will always loosen off through use.

Thanks for your suggestions. However, my issue isn't that the teeth aren't closely joined in the build. They are. The problem is that the clamping force is very modest. I was hoping for something more like that of a clothes pin which would clamp down on anything placed between the jaws. Things seem to slide out far too easily.

I have tried four builds, with different settings, but none seem to do the trick. I see some has designed a modification, that includes a physical spring. I might give that a try.

In any case, it's a really neat looking design!

Thanks for your helpful explanations on this.

Best regards - keep up the great design work!

Even thickening the spring area up a bit wouldn't make a significant difference overall... the real issue is PLA weakens with use and also adapts the different positions within a relatively small amount of time... particularly if there is any warmth. They work okay as pegs but the jaws will ultimately settle in the position they have been sitting in when clamped on. That makes it the new neutral point... no longer with the jaws closed. With PLA the only real solution is to add springs etc.

Comments deleted.

Just finished printing this, here's the video :)

Very cool video thanks!

Thank you for your design :)

Congrats! Your model has been chosen as one of the Top 3D Printed Christmas / Holiday Models this year. Search "Top Free 3D Printed Christmas Gift 2015 Printing Ninja" to see. (sorry thingiverse bans URL addresses)

Printed in 15 minutes @ 0,250, 13% infill.. Great work, neat design!

what is the approximated build time?

Depends on your machine and the settings applied (Shells and Infill... as well as scale because you can scale Sharkz up). From memory on a Replicator 2, at standard size and using the recommended settings in the instructions they take around 40 minutes. Other machines can take up to an hour. Well worth printing!

Never mind,,, I figured out why the jaws didn't open. For some reason there was some support material in the gap between the shark head and body ;) Works like a charm now!

Pleased to hear your sharkz now biting... machines do differ in the clearances they print at so if you run into issues like that again you can increase the clearance by uniformly scaling it up a small amount.

I printed this shark but when I apply pressure to the middle part the jaws won't open... I used a 50% infill and thick shells. Any tips?

Hey, just wanted to let you know I made a remix of your clip, let me know your thoughts.

I've never seen a pumpkin with teeth before... very novel and fun application.

Made for Halloween time in USA, comes from carved pumpkins called jack o laterns

Just saw these for sale at a store in Venice!
Would upload the picture but there doesn't seem to be the option in the comment box.

Thanks for letting me know... pity I can't get a royalty from it but maybe it will come back to bite them in the long run???

hopefully they'll be flooded by a rising canal...
They were also selling your Darth Vader design, as well as a few other thingiverse things. (12 euros each!) :(

my cats like to play with them

Many thanks - this is realy cool stuff - simple and useful

Thanks for the great design!

Comments deleted.

Novel idea but that would mean breaking one of the main beams and doing that would make it fall apart... a caribiner hook is easy enough but not as part of a shark that bites....

I'd like to see this with the tail closed (turned into a caribiner thing?) so you could hang it from something else...
I'm not very good at modeling or I'd do it myself.

Be careful that you don't have supports turned on - I forgot in Slic3r and I'm having a heck of a time getting them out of the finished print.

Comments deleted.

Really nice idea
Printed twice and then all my collegues wanted one.. at the end I think I've made 15

If your slicer doesn't recognize bridging (like Cura), then perimeter is key to printing this model correctly.

Sharkz should print fine on your Replicator Mini. As you are new to this I have to think it is something to do with how you are preparing your file to print. Don't worry, I can't see it being machine related. Try this...

Go to Thingiverse using your regular browser (...not via MakerBot Desktop). The reason I suggest this, if you are getting multiples affecting the print, is that you may be initiating multiple downloads via MakerBot Desktop and the files end up multiplying within the same space on the build plate... that is the only thing I can think of that could do this.

Navigate to the Sharkz page and click on Thing Files.... Download it to your PC/Laptop desktop.

Open MakerBot Desktop... select Add File and import it. Use the second icon down on the left to move it around and make sure you haven't imported multiple files 'inside each other'.

You can't alter the resolution on the Mini. It is 0.20mm / Standard resolution. However, set the shells to 4 and infill to 65%. At that it should print fine... the only other change you may want to try is increase the floor and roof thickness setting in the custom tab. Change it from 0.8 to 1.0.

Hopefully this helps!

I put mine on 3 shells and 50% infill and it prints sharkz on top of sharkz what should I do?

Never heard of that before... did you import the file multiple times when you sliced it?

This may not have been something you noticed but it is possible if you clicked on the file twice by accident. The Sharkz population must be well in excess of 20,000 now (my estimate based on downloads and feedback) with no similar issues. On that basis it has to be either slicing or machine related.

Try downloading the file again (delete the existing one you have) then slice it again using 4 shells and 65% infill as recommended in the instructions. Hopefully that resolves it...

Sorry im new at this but can i change the resolution of my printer(Replicator Mini)?

I just bought this printer so I really hope it's not machine related.

Really cool desing. I already printed few for myself and for my friends. I'd like to modify it a little bit but i have troubles with the STL mesh in my CAD. Can you post original design file too? Thanks in advance! :)

These look really fun but I haven't printed it yet

Print some... they are great fun!

How long should this take on my MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation?

It took 56 minutes and I'm happy with the outcome.

Hi... regardless of the print time it's worth the wait. I'm sure it will be a case of 'love at first bite!' with your Sharkz.

Seriously, from memory around 40 minutes based on recommended settings... 3 or 4 shells / 75% fill to make them strong and springy. I have to admit I can't recall exactly as I've printed so many now at different scales. Everyone loves them...

Comments deleted.

Kids and wife love this. thanks! Good job!

smart design , tomorrow i print some on our Eos LS mashine in PA 12

I made 2 of these so far with basic settings, next one will be with the recommended settings to see the difference.

Printed in PLA and works!!!
Nice design!!!!

Made a couple in PLA. Didn't come out as expect, but the ABS one came out great. Great Idea.

Just made 2, these clips are rad!!

What we need are bearz

Does it clamp hard? Does it jury on you finger like real pegs?

Yes... as long as you use a lot of infill and at least 4 shells. This makes them tough/springy. They can be used to peg bags closed and also hold things on a washing line. Your print settings are important to that... and yes they will bite into your fingers or onto other things so they will stay in position reasonably well. But most of all they are fun!

Smart design! I can see there will have lots similarly design Appearing in near future ;)

This is a awesome design!! Very smart and inspiring.

I printed a pair in PLA and absolutely love them. PLA might be a little brittle but with 50% infill and 3 shells it works really well. Thank you a LOT for this really cool design. Now to head off and print a couple in ABS to see if that makes a difference :)

I printed 1 on a Flashforge Creator using ABS. Final product came out completely intact with a working jaw. 60% infill with raft and external support. Extruder at 225° and print bed at 95°. Aquanet hairspray to help abs binding to the bed.

I printed one Sharkz on ABS and right now I'm finishing a second one on PLA. However I'm still having trouble with the jaws because they stuck together (really, really stuck) so it doesn't work!. Tips please!!!!

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this print. There are thousands of others that are working fine all around the world so it has to be something to do with your machine set up / slicing software.

The immediate thing that comes to mind is that your machine doesn't sound like it's bridging well. This is critical to free moving jaws. The clearances are very fine so stringing filament accurately across gaps without sagging makes all the difference. This is why PLA is ideal and with a machine that has a filament fan (most PLA machines have this). That makes the filament solidify almost immediately after extrusion so there is less likelihood oh any sagging... but ABS is more temperature sensitive so usually filament fans aren't used. It will still work on a well set up machine but there is more chance of issues.

Hopefully this explains what the most likely problem areas are... so onto the solution.

The easiest things to try are:

(1) Change the Z-scale of the model in your slicing application. This will increase the clearance in the areas being bridged. As a suggestion increase the height by 0.8mm to start.


(2) Scale the whole model up by around 7%.

Bothe of these should increase the clearance to help overcome your bridging issue. However, it would be worth looking into the bridging capabilities of your machine and/or software.

Hope this helps and you have Sharkz out biting fingers soon!

Great Design. Simple and clever, I love it!

Comments deleted.

Welldone! I love it and love your comments with the foto's! Hilarious :D Great work:)

I can't figure out how the jaws can be printed without support! Wouldn't they bond together inside the gaps?? :P
Very cool design indeed!

Try it an see... most 3D printers will bridge significant gaps so think of it as stringing filament across a gap from one solid structure to another. Once the first layer is strung across (bridged) it continues to build up. Rest assured the jaws move and are not stuck together... I've now had over 3,500 downloads of this so there are plenty of Sharkz snapping jaws all over the planet.

Have fun with it!

5k now congratz on the feature !

just curious, is it also scaring surfers around africa??


lol ;)

....the Sharkz population is growing rapidly (3,500 plus downloads so far) so I'm sure they are now scaring plenty of people all around the world. Pleased you like it. Working on something else as good or better...

:D. can't wait to see your new thing!

VERY cool. Love the Great White Z18 version!

Really cool, thank you for that! Made one with Dreammaker Overlord Pro and everything's fine. I don't understand how it prints the piece that connects the upper head with the lower body but it works!

Printed one with PLA. Came out nice except it was a little tight. Had to shave some material away with an xacto knife.

Like it?! I LOVE IT!!!

Material recommended?

PLA was used for all of the Sharkz pictured... works great

Fantastic! You are very clever, I will get my husband to print me a whole lot for the coolest washing line in the neighourhood!

This must be featured! ;)