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3D Printable DJI Inspire V1.5

by Fragmaster Sep 28, 2015
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How do I do it that the landing gear comes in when taking off and on landing again?

Heads up, I had some remixed parts, and original part designs which fit this Fragmaster design, just got hit with a Copyright DMCA Notice, they took down my files and photos... will they be doing that here next?? Have no idea what the basis of teh claimed infringement is, considering this thing here is remixable??

Pm Me the google link for this please, I am interested in these parts. @bigcooter

share them to google drive

Hello! I am new to thingiverse and I was wondering how to put an animated GIF onto my profile image. Here is the GIF. Any help would be much appreciated!

Would it be possibile to attach an hd camera? How much did you spend in total to make this drone? And also: did you include some sort of flight assistant or sensors that can help you during high altitude flights?

Yes. There is a camera attachment point under the nose.
However, keep in mind that the max carry weight is less than one kilogram and depends on your electronics/propeller setup.

So it won't carry an Epic Red, lol

Thanks, I will remember!

You can win a DJI Mavic Pro @Banggood Puzzle Game at the moment:

the motor mount only covers 2 holes on my motor is that ok

That should be enough. I set up my rig with two screws.

Great drawing! Thank you very much for your efforts!

Could you actually downsize this? I'm thinking about building this thing but I'd really like to stay below 2kg due to regulations in my country.. what's the overall weight of this thing?

Your gonna have to do that math for yourself, my friend. your filament, layer size can affect your weight drastically.

What batteries did you use? I could find the recommended one in the UK. What alternatives can I go for? Does the 6S and 10C thing matter? What can be changed?

what kind of motors you use for your drone?

Eztronics Corp EMAX MT4114 340KV

And one more can u put links for the carbon fiber stuff it's extreamlly healpful


Look at this on eBay

3k Carbon Fiber Tube 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm 13mm 14mm 15mm 16mm 17mm


This took over a month to arrive.

Also check APC Composites they sell carbon rods (and other carbon materials) and usually deliver pretty fast, here's the link:

I'm asumiming you know a lot about drones (I'm a starter to this) I have bought a drone before (skyviper streaming and hd video) the controller is 2.4ghz would that controller work with a different drone that needs a 2.4ghz controller...I don't want to pay 80 usd dollar for the one that they left in description

And can u make the arms printable I don't rly want to pay for carbon fiber even if it's more stable so only if they are needed

What controller and propellers do I get

I got the DJI M V2 and 1555 propeller

This model was designed for 13inch props.

I'm looking for a custom adapter for my Inspire. I'm looking for an adapter to attach to the gimbal as you would normally attach the x3/x5/x5R. But on the opposite end I'd like there to be a 1/4-20 female thread for a screw. Would I be able to contract you to do this??

I'm looking for a custom adapter for my Inspire. I'm looking for an adapter to attach to the gimbal as you would normally attach the x3/x5/x5R. But on the opposite end I'd like there to be a 1/4-20 female thread for a screw. Would I be able to contract you to do this??

Comments deleted.

Can anyone recommend motors for this?

What is the difference between motor foot 1 and motor foot 2? And of what pieces are there multiples needed? Clearly 4 feet, and 4 motor mounts. How many esc boxes? 1 for each foot?

4 ESC boxes if you want to put your ESCs beneath the motors. Motor Foot 1 and 2 are left and right of a single foot, but they have differences for threaded inserts and flat head screws so you need 4 of each.

Please share Frame_Bushing_Holder_Front_V1.5 and Frame_Bushing_Holder_Rear_V1.5 for 608ZZ bealing

Those of you who build this model can you please comment on your builds? Before I start building my own I wonder about the following

Is Gimbal+Camera mounted?
Your flight time?
All upp weight. Write if it is with or without battery?
Motor model and propellers?
Which Flight controller do you use?


Thanks for sharing !!
All built with ABS and everything fits perfectly.
Uses T-Engine U5 and printed the motor mount http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1216514 (which was perfect)
Still build and calculate the take off within a month.
You have done a good job.
Greetings from Sweden.

Hello all.I follow you from here and forum but I get lost about electronics such as controller , motors , esc and etc. I see kits at hobbyk
ng and aliexpress If any of you have a proper set of electronics to suggest what would it be ? I am not a pro so It would be appreciated to get suggestion.Thanks.

I can use a naze32 10dof like a FC. And about the motors I have a 4 1809 2280kv! I can use this ones?

This is a big quad, about 6 to 7 times heavier than a 250 racing quad, and it will use at least 13" props. I used ecalc.ch/xcoptercalc.php to size my motors, ESC, Props, and battery for this machine .. see link to my build details below and summary of components used.


DJI NAZA M V2 with GPS and Ground Station + iPad Air
Motors: Black Widow 4110-460 with integrated 40A ESC
13 X 5.5 carbon fiber props
Zippy 6S 5000mAh 40C battery (good for 15-20mins flight time)
2000mW 5.8Ghz FPV video transmitter
2000mW highly modified FlySky FS-T6 2.4ghz 6ch radio
(working on joystick flight control system now)
Landing gear lift mechanism:
Diode / Micro switch with 360deg servo (140oz-in metal gear std servo)
M5 leadscrew drive for high torque (it's slow, but powerful)

3D Printable DJI Inspire V1.5

Wow... I hope you have an HAM license for all that transmit power. That's a monster of FS-T6!
Congrats on the build!

I use 420kv and 10Ah 6S battery, get the point :)

Those motors are for a much smaller size multirotor. This frame requires much stronger motors. Likely 900kv or less.

how long would the threaded rod need to be ?
Thanks Ryan

depends on your build version. But it will be around 70-80mm

Hi i have another problem i just printed Frame Bushing Holder Front V1.5 and Frame Bushing Holder Rear V1.5 the problem is that the 608zz Bearing (Sealed) dont fit in to the hole the hole on the parts are 12mm and 608zz Bearing is 22mm ???

The "bushing holder" prints were designed to eliminate the need for bearings. Instead they hold... bushings. However, they can also function just fine without any bushings! As as another option, you can use 8mm x 12mm bearings if you really want.

Quite versatile if I do say so myself. :)
Check out my rcgroups thread and read the full explanation there.

Hi i like to know what for do you need Arduino Mini 5V or Arduino Micro 5V ??

pawel38, ... you don't need either Arduino ... go to forum link on Thing Details page here ... scroll down to "Wiring and Final Landing Gear", the image there shows an alternative for wiring the micro switches that does not require using an Arduino. However, if you want to control other things, like the LEDs or other add-ons, those low cost Arduinos are great. On my build, I used the microswitch / diode method for the landing gear, works great ... but still plan to add Arduino Pro Mini for LED control and other stuff.

so lets say I had a spare naza v2, a bunch of 3s 5000 20c packs, and more than a few afro 30a esc's, is there a decent motor/prop combo that could work on 3s with 30a esc's? Don't need gobs of power, just slow flying around my local field. Just trying to keep the costs down by using parts I already have (which if I can find a motor/prop combo to work on 3s is pretty much everything but the motors). Seems most people are going the 6s route. Probably won't run a gimbal for now, just an FJ4000 or runcam strapped on for recording. This frame is probably overkill for what I'd use it for, I just think it's cool, and I'm always looking for another project.

You could throw those stats in PropCalc and see if the powertrain can lift the frame. Frame weighs 1200g in PLA and a conservative estimate for all of the screws and wires may add another 300g.

Very cool design!

So that I can estimate printing material costs, can I have an estimate in weight of the printed parts? PLA or ABS, either would be great.

Sorry if it has already been asked.

With my printer settings it estimates 950g of ABS or 1150g of PLA. So you'll need more than one spool of either filament. I've found that it is much easier to print the large thin canopy parts out of PLA.

Excellent, thankyou. Thats about $20 worth of filament, which will bring me well under budget :)

Thanks heaps.

Well, there is around $800+ worth of everything else though :) lol

I'm building most of the other stuff from scratch, arduino controlling the ESCs, that kind of thing... but yeah, if you went and bought the gear in kit form I can see it costing a bundle :)

I wish I had the motors and things on hand to build one, maybe someday!


I have just started to build this thing, but struggling to find certain info. Such as total weight of the copter (I need this to choose a motor), also 6S batteries are usually 22.2 Volt, will such battery be OK for this quad? Also, I am thinking of buying Pixhawk controller with GPS etc., will this fit the purpose?

when printing on 3dhubs.com what do i choose MM CM IN It always asks and i normally just guess and it works out but this one is super expensive to print and i want to be sure.

These files are scaled in milimeters. MM

very nice. This might be my next build... thanks for sharing!

Hi Fragmaster, awesome job sharing this with the thingy community. One questions though, what is the difference between this model and the one uploaded by BlackBoxRC?

My design includes every file you need in order to print your own copter for free. Black Box uploaded a couple of upgraded parts for their design that they charge a small fee to download.

My design includes a very long list of improvements that you can read on the thread linked in this page's description. Some of the most important are the elimination of bearings, symmetrical design, arm sweep options, stronger joints, level motors during transition, larger battery compartment, and my design is free.

What size print bed is required to print these parts

I just wanted to say thanks mate! I am about half way through building mine, the only thing I'm having trouble sourcing is a nylon threaded rod and bushing as a steel one would bee a little heavy perhaps? anyway, thanks again.
Just for anyone wanting to build one, so far parts have cost not alot, all the carbon tube cost about $50AU on ebay, the rest I already had, but I think my 580kv mars motors cost about $40 each and the 40amp esc's were simonk's off banggood at about $20 each.

The weight of the threaded rod is negligible compared to the weight of the frame. So I suggest you stick with steel rather than nylon. The threaded rod is in compression, so a more flexible material such as nylon may deform under the strain.

I get ya, thanks for the advice, I will go with a steel threaded rod and brass coupler, i have plenty of those spare from an old prusa. I am making a slight modification also and making a tricopter version of it, I'm just working out the kinks in the rear lifing with the front motors, but so far so good, it's a few less components and personally I seem to fly tricopters much better than a quad, not sure what it is, I think it's just the addition of a servo controlled motor :)

So rather than 3k how much would it cost to print and build this?

The cost is hard to estimate for a general build, since it depends heavily on the choice of setup (4S vs 6S, full flight control vs CleanFlight, etc.).

However, a ballpark super-thrifty Naze32 4S build cost would be:

$30 for nuts and bolts
$20 for one spool of filament
$35 for landing gear electronics and screw
$30 for 4pcs of 16mm 3K carbon fiber tube
$50 for flight controller
$80 for motors
$60 for ESCs
$40 for one battery

Of course, the price can always go up when one chooses premium equipment and brands.

Could you post a parts list for this build?

Thank you for your response! Well I'd rather spend less than $1,000 to build it myself than $3,000 for something similar. :)

would a 15 inch prop fit?
And are what is the difference between the 15 and 20 degrees frame?

I know that one builder has been able to fit 15" props (DJI folding props) by using arm tubes 200mm and 400mm long, instead of the default 180mm and 360mm lengths.

The angles are for the sweep of the central arm tubes relative to the frame. The sweep moves the propellers rearward, helping to move the heavy battery (and the center of mass) toward the center of lift and balance the frame. Someone using a gimbal extended forward via a rail mount may need to balance the frame by using the 15 degree Arm Joints.
The angle you choose will determine how you drill the bolt holes. The included Drill Guide V1.5 print helps you drill the correct angled holes.

Have you thougt of an mini Inspire 1? something like 400-500mm?

btw it looks great!

The current frame is 611mm diagonal, so almost that small.

I have thought about a 300-400mm frame but decided not to because the current size is ideal for carrying a camera gimbal. A smaller one would be fun, but a lot of work to design. Easier to print, assemble, and power though. So there would be benefits for an eye-catching FPV frame.

This looks great! I think a 300-400mm size Inspire would be great for carrying a Hero 4 Session on a gimbal!

A university group in Germany is working on a 400-500 version right now. I don't know when they will finish, but I will definitely upload their results since they offered to let me do that.

A tiny 250-300 size would be so much fun to show off at fly-ins and meetups. Couldn't fit a gimbal though.

Nice, I look forward to the smaller designs. A 250-300 size would get a lot of attention :)

and worth it and a beautiful piece

but not equal to 20 mm tube?

This design uses 16mm OD tube.

Awesome job, really like the ecs baskets under the motor pods and will build one for sure.

What a wonderull job, thank you very much.

That is really cool to share !
Collect it, and maybe one day I will give it a try.