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Ardubot 2

by edenr Jul 3, 2015
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Hi ive printed all the parts waiting for servos .could you tell me where the battery pack goes (3d printed part).
am i right in thinking it goes beneath the servos on top of the rear bracket.



The lipo battery goes inside the box along with the Arduino. You can see this in the 5th photo.


thanks for the reply but i wanted to use the 4 AAA pack .
i cant see where it goes

Ahh... okay. In that case you are correct, the battery pack would go beneath the servos on that bottom 'shelf'.

Anybody managed to verify and upload the Arduino sketch to the Uno. I keep getting verify errors and cannot verify the code to enable upload. Help please.

Hi Stewrat2. I suspect you are having an issue with a missing referenced library. If you open up the ardubot.ino file you will see includes at the top of the file (e.g. ). This is available from https://github.com/z3t0/Arduino-IRremote/releases/tag/2.1.0. I originally found it by Googling for the library based on the error message. I'll add it to the instructions in case others run into the issue too.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if there are any other libraries you are missing.

I am building one of these. I notice from your schematic you are running the servos, ultrasonic range finder and IR receiver directly from the 2 cell LiPo battery. Fully charged this battery puts out 8 volts and 7.4 after being used for a while. The servos are rated for 6 volts and the other devices are rated for 5 volts. Do you have any trouble with this?

The arduino has a 5V regulator and the pins put out 5V so that's why it isn't a problem for the sensors. It's also why in the +ve should go to the VIN as that has the regulator.

I ran the voltage on the servos up to 8.5 volts and had no problems. The run a little warmer, but that is to be expected. I think that the IR receiver and the range finder should both be on the 5 volt pin though.

I will express my concerns differently. In your schematic, the positive terminals of the servos and the ultrasonic range finder are all connected directly to the positive terminal of the battery. The servo data sheets specify 6 volts and the range finder specifies 5 volts. Have you had any failures of these units as a result of using the 2 cell LiPo battery (8 volts freshly charged and 7.2 volts during most of its discharge cycle)?

Thank you for your quick response? I can hardly wait to get this thing running.

Cool. I haven't had an issue regarding the voltage. I did however discover that I the servos I bought were clones (when it is too cheap to be true then something may be wrong). However you may want to initially connect it to the +5V of the Arduino first to be safe if you are concerned. It was a while ago so I can't recall the exact details I'm afraid.

hi could i use 2 x sg90 servos for the drive as oppose to the s3003 thanks

The SG90 servos are quite a bit smaller and won't fit the same mount holes. You'd have to modify the design. I also doubt that after modification for continuous rotation, that the SG90 servos will be strong enough to move the ardubot frame around. However I could be wrong.

Where did you placed the IR Diode? I can't find it on the pictures.

There is a hole in the top electronics box at the back through which you can pass the IR receiver. You can see it in the second picture. Just bend the IR receiver leads to position it appropriately.

Is that some sort of metal led holder socket you have the IR receiver in?

Hi Scott. The metal holder is part of the receiver I bought. I think the majority of those IR receivers don't have the same metal holder (I'm not sure why it is even there). It certainly isn't necessary.

can you give me our email id so that i can send you pictures of my robot and you can tell its good or not and why its not working..
thank you....

Can I suggest that you click "I made it" and put all the photos and details in there. Then I (or someone else) can take a look at it and see if the problem is obvious. Who knows it could serve to help someone else as well.

can you tell me which battery i should use
i an using ardiuno uno r3

Hi Vaibhav

The Arduino Uno requires at least 5V as do the servos. I used a LIPO pack that was 7.4V, but any power supply that is 5V or slightly more will suffice. You could also use the battery pack design in the original version of Ardubot which had 4 AAA batteries (1.5V x 4 = 6V).

i have made it but its not working

i have made it but its not working

Hi Vaibhav

Given your comment below, It sounds like you haven't put together the circuit. Probably why it isn't working.

hey can you give me the circuit diagram

Hi Vaibhav

The circuit diagram is already included as both an image and as a Fritzing file: Ardubot2.fzz. The Fritzing program can be downloaded for free from http://fritzing.org/.

Hi Eden,

Your modifications are very practical. Can you upload more photos about inside layout in box that contained the electronics, lipo battery and a power switch?

Thank you.

Thumbs up for modifications ;-)

Hi David

Thanks. I've uploaded some more photos to show what the underside looks like as well as the box containing the electronics. I also used a lipo charging board that I didn't mention in the original notes but I think if people want to do that then they should be able to work it out if they've managed to put it all together.

By the way, great work on the Ardubot. Thanks for doing this work and taking the time to share it with everyone after the build. I'm going to use it for a talk at a school and I'm hoping the it will be a hit.


Hi Eden,

Thanks for more photos. I will update my Ardubot version 1 to lipo battery ;-) . How long can Ardubot run on this battery?

Thanks for appreciation. I love open source and open hardware technologies, so therefore I contribute to community too.
I believe, that Ardubot 2 will be hit at a school ;-) .

Hi David

To be honest, I'm not sure how long it will last with a lipo. I know the one I used was a 1000 mah and AAA batteries are between 750 and 1000 mah, so in theory it should last about the same time as the 4 AAA batteries operating in series.