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Laser Cut AA Battery Holder

by I_need_a_better_name Jun 25, 2015
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Hello,I am am new to laser cutting especially when it comes to downloading files!I am using 3mm MDF, After downloading the files I find that the panel tabs don't line up after getting heights,widths right. I am using CD 6.Please help.

Well, the first thing I would say is that the file was designed for 1/8th inch material, which is thicker than 3mm, but wouldn't change the positioning of the tabs. It will have a much looser fit then the correct material thickness. Second, if the tabs don't line up you're either putting parts in the wrong way or you somehow changed the scale. Some parts, like the sides and two of the ramps, are interchangeable, but are still directional. One of the ramps (I think the lower, but it's been a long time since I designed this and I don't have the model handy) is different from the other two, so I designed it with different tab spacing so it would only fit the correct location. The overall design can only be assembled one way. I have no idea what CD 6 is, so I can't help with that.

Thank you for your speedy reply! I am using Corel Draw 6.Before opening a file I get a scale option but it makes no difference,the tabs still dont line up. there is very little difference between 1/8 and 3mm. You have done such a great job with the design that even I cant get putting the the pieces in the wrong way I feel i am downloading incorrectly to get the differences between component alignments There are so few really useful projects out there and this is certainly one of them,I can really use!

Sounds like you aren't choosing the same scale for each file. They should have been exported in inches, but DXF files (like STL) are dimensionless. This means lines are not specified as 1 inch, or 1 mm; they are 1 unit, and that unit can be any measurement the importing program can use. If you import one DXF in MM, and another in inches, they aren't going to fit each other. If that version of Corel Draw is anything like Illustrator, there are a dozen different measurement systems supported.

I've attached the original design file so you can play around with it. If you don't already have it, Autodesk Fusion 360 is the correct program, and a hobbyist (or small business making less than 100k/year) license is free. I highly recommend it. There is a bit of a learning curve, but everything you need to know about working with F360 is available on youtube.

Thank you so much for your help.
I was trying to work with the separate component files instead of using the single Pdf file with all the components together.
Worked out perfectly,one for charged and one for discharged batteries.
Thank you for a great project!

Would you please do all that hard work again for a AAA Batteries. This one is awesome. I will be doing this today.

I've been wanting a AAA version since I made this one. I was actually hoping someone would remix it for AAA so I could be lazy. Maybe I'll play around with it soon.

Looks like someone did remix it for AAA and I missed it.


Laser Cut AAA Battery Holder
by E_Punkt

i made one works perfect thank you very much:)

Awesome! Please post a make of it if you have a chance. I love seeing when my designs get used.

Hello! I have some questions:

  1. What plywood thickness in centimeters?
  2. In what scale i must to cut? I think 1:10, project is not have sizes..

I used 1/8 inch plywood. The finished product should be exactly 5 inches tall.

Very nice, what do you do not to have "buned" faces on the sliced sides ?

The pics I posted are renderings from Fusion 360, so no smoke. In real life I didn't do anything about it. Just haven't posted those pics yet.

If you want to avoid smoke damage you can apply low tack transfer tape to both sides of the material you're cutting. Laserbits.com has a product that you can brush on, then peel off, but I've never tried it.

Edit: Added an actual photo