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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Filament Quickchange for Robo 3D, Wade extruders

by supinemonkey Jun 20, 2015
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Any link on the screws to hold it in, I lost one of mine and I cant find the #4 3/8th inch screw? Thanks

I modified the Retainer to work with the 7mm width of the captured pincher, then printed 3 more captured pinchers. After all done and dry fitting I realized the captured pinchers dont work with this setup at all. The notch on the back side of the pincher is WAY to low to engage the retainer.

I printed the captured pincher and noticed taht it must use a different Retainer. Is that part available? Im dialing in a set to have all my tensions on a different pincher, color coded. Thanks for all your work on this!

Do you think you can include the recession hole for the M3 nut in your hinge on your next update? Thanks!

Can the OEM wade hinge be used instead of printing out the new one? I have the Robo R1++.

I doubt it will snap in correctly.

I used the OEM Wade hinge, I just shaved down the top to exact specs of the printed model. I then printed out all the other parts, and it works perfectly. Great idea, j switch out the filament daily and this makes it a lot easier than the original way, thank you.

Could you share where you got the spring? Thank you, great job

Thank you. I am lucky to have a Mom and Pop reclamation hardware store nearby. I would bring the printed part to a hardware store - most have some kind of spring selection, and test out a few for size and tensile strength. I like a medium strength spring.

OK, thanks. I am waiting for a hobb bolt wore mine out so have some time..

Apparently this doesn't work with the R1+. Have you seen this problem and do you know how to fix it?

Hadn't heard this, did they change the extruder?

I'm not sure. I printed everything out and the clip won't fit between the retainer and the hinge. The space between the two just needs to be a bit bigger.

Have you tried longer screws?

Sorry, I got it fixed. It just took a bit of reprinting, sanding, and some time with a lighter to polish things up. Fits and works like a charm! Great model!

Comments deleted.

Anyone tried ninjaflex with it? Mine keeps binding

I have printed quite a bit with ninjaflex and an E3d and had no issues. I keep the speed down to between 10-20 mm/sec and heat to 238C.

Where did you get it? How much did it cost?

www.printedsolid.com about $80-ish

Why are their so many files?

I realize this has been a bit confusing so I cleared out all of the legacy pinchers. Now there are two options, 6mm spring set and 8mm spring set and they use the same retainer. I also thickened the retainer side based on user feedback. Please let me know if these work for you as i have not field tested them with the new tweaks. Thanks for downloading!

the part where the bearing goes in is awesome

So i printed out the 6mm and i the spring was too tight on both pices, i could not get the clasp in to the rest of the mod so i had to convert to the old one, check my account for pics

Looks great to me. Is it not working?

No i can not get the clip on to hold every thing in place

Made one of these (larger STL set) and was working great for a few days but then the Retainer Side of the pinch broke due to the hinge part being so thin.
Would it be possible to update the pinch files with a thicker hinge on the Retainer Side and a slightly thinner hinge on the Wade Side? Even just double thickness on the Retainer Side would make a huge difference!

I'll see what I can do, but I am limited by the fact that the clip has to fit comfortably between the two screwshafts. Perhaps I can come up with a workaround though. Can you send a pic of how it failed, so I know where to add material?

I posted photos in the "Made One" section :)

Awesome, thanks. I've updated those pinchers and cleaned up the legacy files. Please let me know how these work as I have not field tested them. Thanks!

I have the R1 +Plus (latest version, got it a month ago) and this does not work on it. I go to put the spring clamp thing (with the spring in the middle, printed in 2 parts) in where it is supposed to go and it does not fit. Do you know why? I may be printing incompatible parts...

Not sure, send me a pic, maybe? I'll message you.

fantastic, thank you so much for this, i was getting so sick of changing filaments but now it's a walk in the park. im going to get a stiffer spring and mess around with the tension but all together it works wonderfully.

Yep, really makes it easier, huh? Thanks!

BEST UPGRADE ON THIS PRINTER TO DATE!!!! They should pay you for this and add it to all future models.

Thanks Iceman72!

Okay I am lost. So which files should I print to get this going?

For sure you want to print the hinge and retainer. If your screw doesn't fit the V3 version of the retainer, try the other one. The pincher you print has to do with what specific screws and spring you have. You might have to try different ones to see, but they are small and should print pretty quick.

What filament did you use its a nice vibrant color

Shaxon from good old Fry's Electronics. I like it too, thanks!

the m4 x 0.7 screw that came in with my robo were Phillips head so they wont fit through the retainer. is there a way you can modify the retainer to accommodate a Phillips head?

I have been wanting to address this - thanks for the request. I had to lose a bit of the width of the pincher in order to fit the larger screwheads. The stl's labelled 'larger' are the updated mesh. Please let me know how it works. Thanks!

This is the simplest and it's the hands down the BEST free mod I've done for my ROBO R1. This mod fixed one of the most annoying part of ROBO R1, Thank you Supinemonkey! you're the best.
You can actually use one of the stock springs on the 6 MM wade.
If you want to use the 8 MM (which is what I'd recommend) you can find the springs at the ACE Hardware. The link: http://goo.gl/c2GMb7
The size of the spring I could find that works very well is 5/16" X 1- 1/4" which is about 7.9 MM X 32 MM
To hold the Wade together, you can use #4 screw. I've got the 1/3" and it sticks out about .5 MM which is still a no problem.
If you have ROBO R1 It's a must have!

Thanks Nierro! I am loving it too. I find I do more mid-print filament swaps and I'm free to experiment without the worry of blowing the registration and ruining the print.

what did you use to hold the retainer and wade together? I was thinking a screw or something, but on the video, you had some kind of clear rod thing? IDK maybe I was mistaken.
BTW you can use one of the 2 spring from the rod. I am sure it was given, but thought I'd mention it. :)

Hi Nierro-
I use 3mm filament. My printer uses 1.75, but I bought a short end of the 3mm because it is so handy for this kind of thing. Lots of places sell sampler packs, but you can also find plastic rod at hobby shops.
Good to know it works with the stock springs, as I replaced mine awhile back and couldn't find the original. Did you use the 6mm or 8mm pincher? Thanks!

BTW, #4 3/8th inch screw works well to hold the two. Just finished putting all of them together, but I think the spring that I used (the stock spring) is too weak. Just a slight tap and it knocks up the wadge. Could you let me know wher I can get that 8MM spring that you've used. if not, and length of it?

Good to know, thanks! I found the spring I use at a reclamation warehouse. It is 8mm X 30mm. An Ace or True Value should have something close to that.

I used 6MM, but I had to trim it a big

Wow great idea, thanks I'll try it!

Thanks! Let me know how it goes and if you have any feedback.