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Printing Video Game Armor

by KingRahl May 14, 2013
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Ive uploaded the file onto 3D builder to to separate the pieces but ran into an issue and was wondering if you were able to help please. The chest, arms and legs appear to be solid as in theres no way i can put my arms in or my legs in. How do i get passed this?

I'm sorry. I don't know. I haven't ever used that software. The files themselves aren't solid.

how come it doesn't come out in pieces???

If you follow the tutorial in the video playlist, I'm sure you can get it to work.

does this work for a monoprice??? I don't think it can cause my plate is small.

This is for a person or a i don't know, a toy, action figure?

A person. Although you can also make it for an action figure. But at that point, you might as well print your action figure with the armor already on it.

Great Suit keep up the good work.

Please fix the knee pads. Those are not what his knee bads look like. Your affending every halo fan and Master Chief himself by giving him these knee pads. Also what size would i need to scale it to for a teen teenager. Also I am master chief. And i do not approve the knee armor.

Ummm... No. Perhaps you failed to either read the details portion of this thing or watch the tutorial videos. This was made prior to the release of the game. BEFORE the final version was released. It was only as accurate as the footage I watched. The intent of these item is to provide a tutorial and a sample file. If you wish to have more accurate parts, I'm sure you can find them at 405th dot com. Or alternatively, you can learn to 3d model your own.

is this full size of a man?

Follow the video tutorial for proper scaling.

you kinda forgot part of the armor

No, I didn't. I've already had this discussion at 405th.com. I do not believe the groin is part of the hard armor. It appears (to me) to be a part of the soft under armor.

Seeing as you would need pepakura designer (as opposed to pepakura viewer) to export the files in an acceptable format, would you be willing to take requests for having certain .pep files converted and/or the original files you made split into sections?

Amongst the designers who create Pepakura files, it is considered rather disrespectful to take apart someone's work. I recommend asking the creators of the files to release the source files.
I recommend getting it, saves on frustration and waiting.
The Pepakura files are usually "Low Def" (but still better than what people "rip" from the games themselves) I will address that when I redo the video. 3D printing almost requires "High Def" files to justify the expense over Pepakura.

if i want to open this with solidworks, it should work right? I downloaded the file you provided, but i can't seem to figure out how to add thickness to the pieces.. can you export as a .obj from blender?

Yes you can export in .obj in Blender. I don't work with Solidworks so I don't know the command to solidify. I do however know Blender and that is why I provided a tutorial on doing it in Blender, so that anyone can follow the instructions.

Do you have pics of these pieces printed?

Oh No. No no no no no no no. I won't dare to print a full set of armor yet. We've been discussing it at http://405th.com405th.com and it was easier to explain in a video than write it all out. If I decide to print some out I'll make a video series explaining it slower and showing the print. Right now I'm working on building a machine that will print a full sized helmet in 1 piece rather than 8-12 pieces.

now give us iron man, kk?

That was more or less a joke. I am actually after the 3D files or CAD files of the pre-unfolded pep files for the newer warmachine or ironman helmet and chest piece so I can heavily modify it in CAD to then take to either 3D printing or Pep. Maybe even Pepakura first to just make sure it will fit before wasting plastic.

If you buy Pepakura Designer, you can extract them yourself.

extract to a 3D model?

Yupp. File - Extract - 3D File/Vector (OBJ). The Pep file needs be unfolded first, and the file can't be locked.