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K-141 Kursk

by Ceravyn Jun 18, 2015
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What a great printing project !
Earlier this winther I have built a RC Submarine from Dumas, apr. 800 mm, with full RC equipment.
Now I'm printing this fantastic model and have so far one question about the propellers.
Don't they have to be mirrored ?
(sorry for my English)

I really found this project very interesting and I decided to make it, so when I was making the front hull it stopped abruptly at 99% and didn't finish the part please investigate this matter, personally I think it has something to do with the code.

I just wanted to first say how amazing this model is, to be done by a single person. Anyways, I had decided to print this model, and finally managed to print all the different parts. What I'm now having trouble with is tracking down the non-printed parts, as I can't seem to find them anywhere. If anyone has completed it before, then may I ask where you found the parts? Thank you very much!

Thank you! ^-^ Originally the non-printed parts I used came from my local hardware store (shafts and other metal hardware), hobbyking web store (servo for steering) and pharmacy (syringes for ballast) if I recall. It's been a long since. Motors I had from disassembled broken electronics such as printers, cd-drives, etc so those might be difficult to track down if you're looking exactly the same type, although ebay quite surely has some chinese made equivelants.

Oh and for rudder shafts etc which were 2mm diameter I used brass nails from local hardware store and just cut off the head and the sharp end with Dremel. I had difficulties finding 2mm straight rod but 2mm nails were widely available. It was all a lil bit of trial and error, I was planning to use more standard parts in some later revision which would've been easier to obtain but, well, due to PC being out-of-order now I can't continue these and fix stuff :/

Thank you so much! Just where I live, most places don't sell metric. I'm sure i can find some if I search around enough. Yet again, thank you for doing such an amazing job on this print, and I hope that you have a great new year!
Thanks again

I'm considering embarking on this project... but before I do does anyone have any videos or photos of the RC version in action in water (including static diving)?

Many thanks


I was considering the same, I don't think you will. The reason for that is that there is a very large dry haul area for receivers and speed controllers, but the ballast system needed for this may be difficult to build and submarines are very hard to get working, some consider them the hardest part of the rc world and it is very niche.

The author has created a beautiful model and lots of great design and instructions have been included, from what i have looked up and with my own dynamic diving submarine builds there are some minor changes that need to be made.

edit: That being said I might give it a go

If you do I'd be extremely interested to hear how you get on...

little late, but my experience with this model was not great, couldn't get it to print out well out of my CR-10 and gave up after printing things like the hatched sections multiple times and breaking the hinge and most of all the rear prop side no matter how much support i used it wouldn't print.

guess I am gonna give it a go. stay tuned.

Very impressive what I see here.
Learning CAD and 3D printing: great combo for me.
But maybe I am still stupid in a way.......... Where do you get plans to design this? Are there some sites with detailed drawings and measurements? I don't find them :-(

What I wanted to design and print is, or a u-boat (in subsections), or a steam train.
Drawings enough, but no detailed drawings or plans to be able to make a complete and so accurate as possible, model.

Cool sub! Feel free to join my new group "Maritime" if you like boats and so on.

I am having a go at printing this, full marks for making it available, A tremendous amount of design work has gone into this. If I had one suggestion to make, it would be to add a removable cross in the end of each hull section. I am having problems with the bed adhesion when it gets too tall, as there is very little surface area in contact with the bed. I've got a Delta and a Smartrap, the Delta can print very fast but once it gets to 70mm it will start to pull the hull free of the bed. I am using PLA and a glass bed, which isn't great for this, it's not your design, it's simply the way that the nozzle moves on thin walls. Once again, many thanks for posting this build.

Thanks for the suggestion, for now I have no computer to work with 3D so all my projects are unfortunately frozen and I cannot edit the files. :( Maybe adding small amount of raft would help with the adhesion if your software allows that?

Anyway hopefully you'll get it done!

WHERE Is the update as promised?

You're obviously not going to get replied to and being rude isn't going to help you. Maybe figure out how to model things yourself and quit being so rude.

Asking for a updated version 3.0 is rude? You promised that you'd update your model every so often. Asking you to honor your word is rude? Huh...

I'm not the maker of this model, I've simply become annoyed with you harassing this maker. They'll get to it when they get to it, if they get to it. Life is busy.

Asking a question professionally isn't harassment! You need to relook up the definition. Asking the designer to keep their bond and honor their word and update the model isn't harassment either. It's permitted under the Consumers Rights Act. They as you put it can spend 10 minutes a day or spare 10 minutes a day to update the design. That is a reasonable request

No I am afraid it's not.
Does the Consumers Rights Act apply to other EEC countries or the USA or Russia Fed/China?

The lady/gentleman who was kind enough to share this model is not obliged either to upload any further updates of this model or to provide us with any timetable about the next release. It's not a paid job, it's a fun project and you should also treat it as a fun project.
But what you can do is to request permission from her/him for you to personally develop further this model if you are so interested in it :)
That may speed things a bit :)

Do you know the scale of the submarine?

1:350 If I'm not too badly mistaken. Of course some things are not in scale since I had to modify some stuff for better printable structure etc.

Powering the gears this way makes them spin in opposite directions, doesn't it? Then shouldn't the props be mirrored too?

Do I need all the files or are there different versions of the sub in there too?

The default .stl files are for v1.5 RC ready, few (labeled v2.0) are for DiveKit which are "additional parts" for the basic construction adding the diving capabilities.

Easiest way to get all the necessary files is to download the zip package for either RC_ready or Display model depending on which one you'll want.


Where's the new update?

Do you have any videos of it diving? looks really promising!

I'll try to get the last intro video published but so far I've been too busy :( but will upload when I get it done ^-^

Are the hatches watertight?

Based upon my testing I'd call them splash resistant. They have printable gaskets from ninjaflex, which will block water coming from waves and such but won't provide enough sealing from completely submerging the vessel. For that you need to glue them shut with hot-glue or similar (which is relatively easy to peel off when you need access to the interior again).

It doesn't uphold the abuse test that throwing it into a pool can handle. It doesn't submerge properly nor diver properly. Back to the drawing board.

@ceravyn Dive Dive dive!
Everything you need to know to add a diving system to this bad boy can be found here:

I personally would go for Dynamic Diving system. Make sure your Seals are all water tight once electronics are assembled (optionally via that link you will figure out how to 3d print a waterproof Capsule to Put the electronics in and have this still work ;) Then Increase the diving control surface area (id enlarge the front and back flaps so their roughly 20-30% larger (eyeball it) also optimize the drive shaft so you get good speed at full throttle. Then just Ballast her so she floats low in the water and level. that way when you achieve speed you can angle the dive flaps and the speed of the water over the surface of the the flaps will take you down. Dive dive Dive!!!!

I replied you in messages but writing here in comments too for others to see as well; I do have plans to make this dive. :) currently printing out the test pieces for v2.0 to try out the diving system. Stay tuned!

v2.0 "DiveKit" published :)

Where is the K-141 2.0 Version? I don't see it anywhere.

Nice work...i was hoping nobody else would think of making a floating submarine
will upload mine in a few days...finishing it off now

Thanks ^-^ Hope to see your submarine soon, mine has still lots of small mistakes to fix but I hope to get v1.5 out soon-ish :)

Looks Great! Motivating me to get my entry in the challenge printed quicker! Good Luck

Thanks and good luck for you too! ^-^

Great model! How do you keep the water from leaking through the holes for the propeller shafts? I'm even having problems with getting the solid prints without holes water tight!

Thanks! And to answer the question: Seals/gaskets printed out from NinjaFlex "rubber" :) haha yeah, this was kind of experimental testing and I was very worried about having so many holes and seams in the hull, but so far the test model I have printed is indeed water tight. Although there is couple of walls that are very thin in the current model files and may cause leaks but these will be fixed for v1.5 :)

Oh damn it. I was hoping that i am the only one with the idea to create an R/C ship. However, you did a great job so far. Can't wait to see your model to evolve further. And once i get my model as finished to have it uploaded here, i encourage you as a great competitor. Thanks for your model!

There is always room for more R/C vehicles in 3D printing world! Hope to see your model soon too :) and thank you!

Comments deleted.

This is one of the better submissions yet. Yours and another one stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Thanks ! :)

Great work! What software did you model this in? Where did you get the dimensions?

Thanks ! I use Solidworks as it was recommended to me by one friend who's engineering student (and who was able to get it for me ^-^) Prior to this year I've had no experience in 3D modeling or CAD whatsoever so this has been a somewhat long journey with Youtube tutorials and online articles, hehe. Dimensions are from an old scale model I happened to have, but some parts are slightly modified, such as the tail to fit the prop shafts properly and nose as I just don't have enough skills yet to make the curvature just right etc.

I know you can read this stop ducking me. Where's the update?