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Forest Dragon

by dutchmogul May 11, 2013
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One of the few models where layer lines might actually complement it.

Update: I just dropped a new (and support-free) version of this fella: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3238982

Forest Dragon (Redux)
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I printed the entire dragon with the black filament and it turned out beautifully. Do you have any suggestions for dragon egg(s) to go with this forest dragon?

Sure do! How about these?

Delving Decor: Dragon Eggs (28mm/Heroic scale)

Thank you so much! printed this at 150% the supports are awesome and easy to break free. I love dragons and this one is really nice!

Beautiful design and paint

Hey! Im new to 3d printing and done almost everything so far with a raft :P
Why do you think its a bad idea? Everything ive done so far seems to come off the raft much easier compared to the print bed :O (as long as i can get the raft off the bed that is ^^)

Well, I wrote that five years ago, and back then, rafts weren't so easy to remove. The firmware/hardware changes over the years have made that different, so use rafts all you like. I do sometimes as well.

The model looks cool! However, I only found mid-print that it has errors that caused slicing to fail badly. I tried the full model, but it tuned out to have a wing, part of a leg and part of torso missing during the print. Anyone has tips how to fix this? I already had a few failed prints like this, but have no idea how to detect these errors.

The netfabb link does not work (it says that the application is offline), so I cannot give that a try.

I also tried to print the separate parts. The body, head and legs printed fine, but the front legs with wings have errors too.

This is the new version of the old public netfabb. It'll export as a 3MF, but you can use 3dbuilder (the program that comes with Windows 10) to export that as an STL.


Thanks a lot for the tip! I fixed the wings with it and they printed fine.

Awesome! Glad to hear it.

Okay so I said no guts no glory testing out my new 3d printer with this one. Printed it whole as one piece with supports everywhere. It was roughly a 24 hour print.

As you can see above I had an interesting issue. My printer printed the top of the front legs onto the back legs and shifted the entire model backwards. I viewed the exact copy of .gcode that I sent my printer and it seems fine. So it seems the firmware on my printer had the issue.

OMG that looks fantastic

Printing it right now! Cross your fingers. Will be first 3D printed object ever for me. :D

Fingers are crossed... Post pics if it works out!

i have somme difficult to slicer le rignt wing an the ind legs.stl. The print is impossible for this 2 files.
have you a solution ?
Sorry for my english but i am french

Hey, no worries. I uploaded this guy a while ago. before I knew how to clean up the models. But, if you run the STLs that aren't working through Cloud Netfabb that should fix them and they should slice fine after that.

it was just slicer skeinforge sliced it

having same problems with both wings does not slice one half of each wing everything else prints good though

the left wing seem cannot slice in slice3r 1.2.6, it will lose one part, i use
to fixed the model

Awesome model to print!

I have an issure with printing. One side of both the left and right wings will not print. Also the front legs will not print. I tried ten difference ways to print these parts. I even tried to print full dragon, the front legs will not print on that.
I like the model, my grandson wanted me to make it for him.
Thank you Ed

Man, I really wanted to thank you for sharing this, its just downright AMAZING!
I know my way around printing, but I'm completely new to post-working on printed pieces; anybody has any suggestion on how they should be handled before painting? Is there some kind of coating that should be applied, or some other treatment to make it more smooth/resistant/other?
Thanks :)

Hi, this is a bit late, but perhaps it still helps: I had good results with ABS, just sand it, then paint like any other model (apply base, then acrylic colors). There are great figurine-painting tutorials out there, or just ask in the local game/comic shop for help, they often have warhammer figures which are mostly sold unpainted as far as I know. You also get your colors from them.

Apart from sanding there's another way to get rid of the layer structure: ABS dissolves in acetone, so you can dip your objects into acetone (1-2 seconds is enough), then let dry for some minutes. Beware that it gets sticky (it basically becomes model glue) so avoid touching the wet areas. Repeat as needed, of course you lose some of the detail together with the layer structure so use sparingly.

PLA cannot be sanded or dissolved, so if you don't have ABS you're stuck with just painting what you get ;)

Comments deleted.

Nice job love dragons so really good work on making it ????.

hi, I am new to 3d printing, and of course I am not about to try to print this until I know the printer works 100%, but I have a question, I see that in this particular piece, the design is divided in multiple pieces, how do you put them together? is there a part of the design that has like "lego" snap ons or with super glue? Thanks in advance if someone answers! :D

On "instructions", it says: "Printed in multiple parts and assembled with superglue. ..." :)

When Slic3ing the wings in Repetier it only recognises the part with the claw, sorry new to the 3d world.
Any suggestions?

Could try using Netfabb to fix the STL, I have had some luck with that. I haven't tried this STL yet though.


I have same issue, did you find out the solution??

I had the same issue. Maybe you should try Kisslicer (http://kisslicer.com/)http://kisslicer.com/) to generate a .gcode file. Open the file with Repetier and proceed. It worked for me. Kisslicer needs a few tweaks but is easy to handle.

I wish I knew. I still use ReplicatorG to do that, so I haven't adapted to any other systems. I'm betting someone on here will have answers though.

Do you have videos of builds/painting some of your works? I'd love to see a time lapse of this being created! I would even guess that some people would pay money for tutorials on this...

Hey, thanks! I really need to get that set up. Soon, for sure. I'd like to do a series of blog posts on 3D printing for gaming and painting 3D printed models.

Oooh -- I second that idea! These models are fantastic, both in design and finish. I'll never have your sculpting chops but I might be able to wield a paintbrush...

The print is amazing, but the paint job is even more so. Well done man!

Hey, thanks, man! Much appreciated.

I love the idea of an 'evolved' dragon, why shouldn't the laws of natural selection apply in a fantasy world? Suggests that certain aspects of the environment are still beyond the control of sorcery. Either way, it's a great story and a beautiful model.

How did you find the sculpting tools in Blender? Is there are particular reason that you use Sculptris for finer detail instead (which is what I assume you use it for)?

Hey, thanks! Yeah, I really dig the concept of nature taking over where magic leaves off. Like, in these mythological/fantasy worlds, you have some crazy, high-concept creation story, but once magic has had its way, the natural laws kick back in. Magic is a rule-breaker and can do some amazing things, but doesn't preclude a hard reality, just becomes a strange part of it. My friends and I use a pretty controlled, scientific system for magic in the stories we put together.

You know, I have done some original sculpts in Blender, but a pretty unwieldy system for the initiate, and I honestly haven't delved much deeper. I mostly use it as a staging platform to transfer OBJs to STLs. I use Sculptris for just about everything organic, and some stuff that isn't. Between Sculptris and TinkerCAD, I feel like I can accomplish just about anything. I am still learning Blender though, and it is an amazingly robust program. Eventually, I could see doing everything through Blender.

I printed this great dragon out today as a full model using the new Makerware that came out 6/21/13. Between the new supports setup and the great dragon design, the dragon printed perfectly!

This model is great! My only complaint is the fragile wing tips, but it's quite incredible never-the-less. I've added my "made" photos to the gallery.

Beautiful!! He looks amazing. Yeah, the tips are much stronger on the multi-part model (probably because of the superglue). I have yet to venture into full model printing territory with this one.

The model itself looks great, I'm going to try to print up another one of your miniatures with higher detail to see how it works :). I might even try painting it up!

Printed in one piece on an Up!, no problem - see the "Made" section...

Wow! That's a really nice print! And in one piece?? I'm guessing you used supports?

Yes, the Up's automatic support generation is absolutely brilliant. A few simple settings and you're there - and it just pops off incredibly easily.

Some day,I'll have a machine that can do this...sigh. Thankfully, I have enough modeling experience that I don't mind (and maybe even enjoy) putting them together.

Oh, and yes!! I was so happy to see that Tcad was back! I've been paying for an account, so it wasn't going away for me until December, but the fact that it'll be staying is a huge relief. And here I went and learned Blender ;-)

Yes, awesome. How DO You make Your models? And yes: I would REALLY like to know how You do Your paint jobs... a "how to do it" video would really rock ;)

B.t.w.: I could not open the file "forest_dragon_full.stl" ...


Thanks, Christoph!

I'll be making a series of tutorial videos on my process before long, just need to be able to clear some time/energy. Basically though, I use a mix of Blender, TinkerCAD, and Sculptris to make my models. TinkerCAD is going away, so I'm teaching myself to use Blender for the entire process. I'm pretty close to being able to do what I do with just that program. If you ever want advice (or have your own to share) feel free to message me.

I'll go ahead and re-load the file, I think the original must be corrupted. Thanks for the words and the heads up!


BTW, Tinkercad is BACK! Woohoo!!!

Thanks! Oh, I never thought about that. Also, wouldn't know how to go about it. Sounds like a good idea though. Any suggestions?

The Pirate Bay has a "Physibles" category for this sort of thing.