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Mars Bars Scuttle

by aaskedall Jun 9, 2015
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I was finally able to print it in parts by cutting it in Slicer and gluing all the parts later on. Looks fabulous but took more work and wasted more plastic than I bargained for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhpoYL10z3E

Lots of problems when printing this model https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YqfYLOj7tU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K50jZGdl748

esthetically it is fantastic but the wings and holes that allow the wings to move need to be fixed. something went wrong during the mirroring process. The two sides of the model are not symmetrical.

Great model but the right wing is not aligned properly. The right hinge keeps fusing so I end up snapping the wings and it breaks... please fix this error. The rest of the model is beautiful!

so did it and turned out great

is this really printed without supports ... as the youtube vids show with and with the raft ? if this is the case does any one have the stl file with supports ready to go for the large version

Comments deleted.

I printed the one for smaller build sizes and I had to cut even that one down by 50% and had the same issues as others where the left wing fused. I just glued them in the open position and will figure out the stand afterwards.

I was looking at the one, not for smaller build sizes and using layer view on cura it shows the same gap on both sides even when I scaled it down to 35% of original build size, I don't know how well it would print scaled that much but it does look like the left wing would have the same tolerance as the right one.

i just printed this one at 35% scale on the larger model, both wings on that one separated at the same spot, almost like the model was not complete. was not a problem with the layering on my machine as it was a clean cut only on the hinge portion. currently attempting superglue but not optomistic.

Comments deleted.

Made one on Wanhao i3 Plus with Inland White PLA. Looks awesome. Check this out: https://youtu.be/61xOuAqP2Gg

ever considered making the rear section...itd be awesome!!...ill post my make when its done!! thanks

Awesome print by the way !!

I scaled the 'for smaller build volumes' print down to 50% and it printed great except the left front (looking at it from the front) wing hinge fused together. I went back and looked at it in S3D and at that level it does look like the left has less tolerance than the right side does. When I scale the regular 'what' stl it looks correct on both side (same tolerance). I will try again and just scale that one down and print it.

Yup having the exact same problem! I’ve printed two and the left wing will not move, ended up super-gluing them in place to save the print.

Anyone having a problem printing the stand of this thing? I'm on an UM2+ and i can't print it smoothly.

Um, Isn't this the imperal transport from star wars?

yes it is a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle

That's what I thought

No, its a Mars Bars Scuttle.

Hi do you think this will work on the UP! MINI? im printing one right now

I have made one for smaller printers. Not sure! post a make if it succeeds!

trying a second time to print this and get moving wings (replicator mini so very small 10cm wide)

printing at 100mics now but it looks like the hinge pin still fused.

I can print as separate parts (simplify lets me do that) but then I could not put it together.

would you be willing to break it up ?

like this



I increased the tolerances, soo hopefully this one will print on your mini.
If it still does print let me know! I'll try and make it fit better.

There is a shuttle-fors-smaller build volumes.stl iin files now.

I never got one to work. BUT lately my printer is tuned very very well making spectacularly clean prints so I thought GOT to try the shuttle again.

its looking fantastic to start and no doubt I will get it to work but dammit I can not get it to print that ventral fin. within half an inch no matter what I do it knocks that damned ventral stub off the print bed before it "joins up" with the main body.

the tip keeps wraping up and eventually it crashes the print head and knocks it off the print bed. (just the ventral stub)

any suggestions on what I can do to stop it from doing that? I even glued it down this time after a 1/4" and it still hit it with enough force shortly later to knock it off. then it sphagetti's the ventral fin but this time it actually started laying the part on top of the sphagetti so I said screw it and am letting it print anyway maybe I can repair it later. (5th attempt)

I might have to try adding some support under the ventral fin to increase adhesion and maybe decrease warping.

exact thing happened to me, unrelated: did anyone weigh it? how much filament does it use? I'm guessing at least 500g.

Hey there, sorry you are having so much trouble getting this to print. I'd try maybe using supports, simplify 3ds may work well as you can edit them to only be on the fin. Good luck!

I had to shrink it down for my printer (prusa i3) which caused the wings to break off when folding them out because the bars inside were too small. but I glued it back on, still a really nice print.

Really cool, it would be nice to add an option for landing gear skids.

High Five! from your friends in Oz!

Super cool, thanks for the shout out.

Keep on printing awesome stuff, I'll be subscribing.

The rear of this is flat when printed, but it actually not flat in the various renderings. Can you add the rear section as a part that can be glued on the back? That would be engine exhaust and the small turret in the back.

Just printed it at quarter size. Works nicely, even the hinges!

Are you planning on a tail section?

Fantastic creation. I printed it. Beautiful piece of Star Wars. Had some problems with the tail because has no supports. Maybe i should print it again with supports. Very nice design.

Thanks dude! I'd love to see it. I think I need to do one with a more shallow angle on that fin. Supports should work, i don't think it will gunk up the wings.

Hahaha, I love the dis-associative rename. I saw it was taken down a day or so ago. Glad to see it back up. Fantastic work.

I made this! .. had no idea the wings were on a hinge to fold down.. pretty cool to the original designer. (although) be careful hinge breaks easy (depending on size Im sure).

cool make.

Bill. Visel

Thank you!

Yeah i'm the original designer, I'd print it at 3 shells to make sure they hold up on the bending.

please post a made one!

Hi, sorry but what is to "print at 3 shells" exactly ?

if somebody can explain...

thank's by advance.

edit: perhaps that http://file.yamanchu.guhaw.com/bbb66352.png

yes, the 3 perimeters is the same! You should be good to go.

just did.

because I broke the wings (didnt know they moved) I glued them open.

well done!


Mars Bars Scuttle
by wvisel