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X-Wing Starfighter

by breakfastsandwich Jun 5, 2015
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This is a great Model, many thanks, it made a lot of fun to build it! I have made some modification on the "engine"...

This design is great but as for the other (1 - 328.2 M / 7.53 B) 77% of the world population, I am using the metric system and I don't have any MDF of 3.175 mm but I can easily find 3 and 4 mm. I tried to modify the existing DXFs but this is though work.

Is there any other source files that I can use ?

if you scale everything by 0.945 it should work with 3mm board. Then adjust the dowel holes to whatever size you have.

I know this is an old make, but I'm hoping for some info. I can't find 1/8 MDF anywhere, but I have found some 1/4" maple. Would this work if I scaled it up 2x? I have a high power laser at work so cutting it won't be a problem.

yeah, but you'd need to scale the dowels also.

Hello, I am looking to print this soon and I just want to make sure before I possibly waste a ton of MDF if the 1-inch box on the first page is actually 1" x 1" because when downloaded it dimensions out to .85" by .85". At least that's what it does in CorelDraw x7. Let me know if I should be okay or if I should worry that the whole project was possibly scaled down. Thank you.

Yup, your drawing is scaled down, that's what the square is for. Scale everything up by a factor of 1/0.85 or 117.6%. If you're still not sure take a look at the instructions and find two pieces that fit together (one with a hole, one with a nub) and do a test cut with those. Also, souriceaux06 made a remix with different engines that you can cut instead of the dowels like I used (dowels are much more work)

could you upload any instructions or the cad drawing so we can see how it all goes together

There are instructions in a file called xwing_instructions.pdf

Great job, keep up the good work!

Awesome Job! I love it....Keep up the good work!

Some colleagues were just admiring my X-Wing and Tie Fighter and quite naturally the conversation turned to making a Star Destroyer or Death Star - at the same scale... bit of napkin maths later, turns out they should only be 40m (for an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer), should be doable... few lorries worth of MDF and a thousand hours or so on the laser cutter (although most of that probably wouldn't need cutting I'm guessing). Help us Obi Wan Ke-@breakfastsandwich, you're our only hope!

Even they acknowledged that at around 4km in diameter the Death Star would probably be impractical :)

For this I need a bigger laser, and a bigger house.

I have cut with 3mm "medium" the file DXF.
I think there was a mistake on the DXF05 file.
The parts clinging to the wings have different notches.

Nice catch! You are correct about the notches being different, that's intentional. The wings are different too, xwing_6.dxf had them all the same. Should be good now.

OK Thanks for your help
I will modify parts now

I cut it again with the changes.
But beware, they lack parts of the page 14 :)

You're right! I uploaded new files with those parts added

you do amazing work. This is awesome. Please do a Tie Interceptor one day :)

Ask and you shall receive


(I made the cockpit and the instruction manual)

Laser cut Tie Interceptor
by Yngel

breakfastsandwich & Yngl, oh wow, I had not seen that, thanks for sharing it, I am definitely bookmarking it now to cut it sometime. Might try cutting it from Black and Gray acrylic.

Another ship that will be well above my desk
Thank you again for this beautiful puzzle

This is AMAZING!! You've hit it out of the park yet again!!

Now I just need to book 10 hours on the Laser cutter ;)

10 hours? It only takes me around 1. I can cut one out and send it to you if you want

I was just exaggerating a bit because this is sooo much more intricate than anything I've attempted in the past, I did do a bit of rearranging for the sheet size of the laser cutter and it got it down to a much more manageable two sheets, which I would guess would be a little over an hour on our cutter, but probably not much given there's no time consuming etching to do. Hopefully I can get a chance to give this a try soon. MUST remember to take a decent sized box to bring all the bits home in.

Of course then I'm going to HAVE to go to the Lego store to pick up an appropriate pilot... the hardships we endure hey ;)

I cut the whole lot with 3mm mdf and you're right it took just over an hour even with the addition of some other bits and pieces to fill the sheet.

Now comes the epic assembly job. Cockpit mostly done, just leaving access for the hinge as I'm still getting some dowels. One question: the wing axles show as 1/4" which fits the pieces that attach to the body but seems substantially larger than the holes for the pieces that attach to the wing. I know it says to drill out, I was just wondering why that was necessary? The laser cutter does a much cleaner job than I'm likely to be able to manage.

Also for the thicker part of the guns, rather than trying to drill out the centre of a dowel I'm considering cutting a bunch of rings and just stacking them, any reason this is a terrible idea?

It's coming along nicely now, just need to try and get hold of a few US diameter dowels to finish it off (guns, engines and cockpit axle), and there I was trying to avoid any ... imperial ... entanglements.

Looking really awesome so far. Need to keep it out of the hands of the 3 year old now.

That is a thing of beauty. Well done, sir.