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Medieval Castle

by boldmachines Jun 11, 2015
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Wow, what a beatifull castle, what % of infill is good here? (i want to print the pieces)

Just printed a 12cm scaled version. 0.15 PLA. Was amazing about 8h printing

nice print, did you print this without support?

thanks, no support.

does anyone know if you print this in the size the files load what scale would it be im hoping it would look good with 28mm miniatures but i dont want them looking huge next to it any ideas? im working with a forge finder atm hoping to get a ender 3 soon any help on scaling would be awesome

Hi boldmachines and greetings from San Diego CA, I don't remember if I did this before but I just wanted to thank you for sharing this beautiful castle. I printed mine on a Z18 and took 6 hours 6 minutes to print but besides doing this I also found that my former student looks exactly like you so I'm sharing this picture to show you that I didn't just duplicated your castle but also duplicated yourself LOL... I don't know if the picture is going to be available to all but if you as the owner can share it I think your public/followers would be impress. hope you enjoy it and in the meantime have a great day !


Are the multiple files if i want it to be bigger than my printer, or should i use the multiple files when making it smaller toom? Do i need support for it when i am printing single file?

Having a hell of time printing the last 5 file. The little windows keep breaking off. Tried bare bed and raft with same results. What's the secret? Using CR-10, CR-10s Pro and MP Mini V2.

caramba lindo trabalho

Does the 'Spikes' of the castle need supports? bcs Simplify3d puts supports in the interior of them.

Las puntas del castillo necesitan soportes? por que simplify3d pone los soportes en el interior de ellas

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Medival? it looks more like Arabic.

Yeah, Europe had been under control of Arabic countries over a millennia. LMFAO.

Dude, just because the guy who made it is not blonde you think it's arabic style?! time to go to Germany and have a look at Neuschwanstein...

oh, and get your history right, the arabs never got further than Vienna for a significant while; Spain / Portugal is what you might be referring to...

Bought the new Ender 3 , large volume, 24volt supply, know nothing about 3d printing so naturally selected this as my first attempt. The end result was very good. Apart from having to flip one of the base sections, every other file printed without rafts or supports. Over four hundred hours of print time, about four kilos of budget PLA filament, I just have to learn how to glue the bits together in a satisfactory manner. If you can successfully build this, even as a beginner, you should be able to build anything. Just get used to rafts and supports, some of the files from other producers are a bit unfriendly. As a hobby, 3d printing is superb. You can enjoy it at any time in life, and build whatever you want, to a high degree of proficiency. I fancy garden gnomes to spread round the garden to keep my grandchildren amused.

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Have been 3d printing since May of this year. Have a Rasie3d Pro 2 Plus. Was considering doing this to scale to my machine build size 12" x12" x 23.8" and do all in one piece. Does anyone have some good suggestions that I should look out for in preparing to do this. I have both Ideamaker and Simplify3d at my disposal. Thanks in Advance!

in the middle of printing the full size one in pieces couple of the base ones took 26 hours each some files needed repairing but thats common, i think its going to be 4 reels of filament.just need to find somewhere to put it when its done and im sorry guys but if you cant workout setting for your own printers and how to repair 3d models maybe you shouldn't be printing this! maybe start with something Simpler

I printed the one piece, came out nice took 22.5hrs on my A3 Anet 35% of full size all those parapets printer looked demented doing those lol
Cheers for sharing

So on the right side where the pillars are its printing in mid air HELP, is this supposed to happen and is it ok? ive dedicated a roll of filament to this and dont want to cancel

So what happened?

looks pretty awesome

Comments deleted.

Dont understand people that uploads a disign without any settings they used or info of some kind.

do i need supports if i am printing a small version of this. Say, 4 by 4 by 6 inches?

that cool i will put add led for cool

Comments deleted.

you wanted to say "thank you for uploading this great model and for sharing it with us for free!" ?

Want him to come print it for you too?

Speed, layer height, retractions, etc all vary greatly depending on your printer, slicer, and the material you are using. Assuming everyone is using the exact setup as you is just rude if you ask me.

It would be nice if people filled out the form when they submitted a design. I'm thankful for the design but if it's going to get to 80 percent and die because I wasn't aware I needed to scale beyond a minimum size or use a specific diameter nozzle then nobody wins.

Hallo, was ist für ein Maßstab?

Du kannst das doch im slicer skalieren. der maßstan haengt also davon ab wie groß du druckst

Comments deleted.

It looks amazing! Good job. But... it seems to me a bit too tall proportionally.. could be nicer two or three levels shorter, maybe?

This is on display at the Microcenter in Denver, CO.

true i have seen it there and its massive

Anyone else having problems with the single piece model in slic3r?

I loaded them up in a couple of 3D viewing programs and they showed correctly, but putting them into Slic3r yielded errors.

I was able to slice it just fine, but the slice left some gaps that made it unprintable. As I type this, I am finishing the middle sections of the castle, but I had to repair two of the bottom parts and one of the mids using the free tool here: https://service.netfabb.com/service.php. They have a 100MB limit, or I would have tried to repair the single file, but all repairs on the parts worked great.

Autocad Meshmixer has a repair function in it that should handle the larger size. It is free for student/personal use as well.

Yes My newest computer I just built dose have a problem with it. It took mine about 15 mins to slice even with cura when I sized it to my printer 260mm x 260 x 350mm

How does it print, when scaled down? I have an area of 220x220x300 to work with and wanted to print it in one go. Did you need supports?

I am interested in how this was designed; what software was this amazing piece designed in?

Amazing detailed castle , love it ;)

I can not slice this into simplify 3D. Some towers are incomplete.

Ya same here too bad its not being fixed.

I made one a while ago and I've never noticed that there is no doors to get in the castle. I do not really mind, is something that we noticed when we where assembling a puzzle of a castle that looks like that and the doors in the picture are right at the front of the castle. It does not really matter, is a wonderful piece in our living room and is always a subject in our social talking.
Thanks again for the upload.

could you please make a print in place file so i don't have to print like 20 files please and thanks

There is one; it is called Fantasy_Castle.stl

Base 2 has a huge gap, DId anyone make a fixed file for that thanks 22 hours of printing and my printer is printing in the air

I had to use some tape to help with that gap. I had no supports. Small ones it has no problem. when you go big is when the problem will show.

Really cool. And to those saying it's not Medieval? OCD much?

How many meters of filament does this use as I really wanna do it

Your slicer will tell you how many meters.

This is a 19th century design based on two 19th century castles, so why is it titled "Medieval Castle"?

Because Historicism has created a lot "medieval" architecture long after the Middle Ages ended :-)

Besides, even castles with genuine medieval origin today often consist to a large part of buildings that were built in the Renaissance period or even later, that have been modified during centuries of use so that they look nothing like they did in the Middle Ages, or were restored according to the tastes of the time when the restoration was done ... and sometimes, it's very hard to find out what the actual "medieval" looks of such a castle were.

The debate really goes back a long way ... the German castle expert Otto Piper was quite critical of Neuschwanstein when it was built, but he was even more critical of Hochkönigsburg, which was an original medieval castle, which the German emperor was rebuilding according to the historicist tastes of his time. The Bavarian king was building a theatre coulisse, Piper wrote, but in his opinion the emperor in the act of rebuilding his castle was actually destroying authentic medieval architecture, and Piper was not fine with that at all! :-D

So, "Medieval Castle" is incorrect, strictly speaking, but at the same time entirely consistent with the cultural re-appropriation of medieval architecture of later ages.

I support you Sleeper of R'lyeh.

I wish there was a "douche" button I could click for comments like these...

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

OH if its easier for you my email is katieriley0912@gmail.com

hey mate, I'm not the model creator just someone helping out. It should be possible to print but with the dreamer you may need to scale the parts down. I'd also recommend dialing in your machine in on torture tests before trying a print like this. Other than that just download the files and print they will all download in a .zip folder which you'll need to unzip.

Hi Im really new to 3D but your castles are so impressive i want to dive in and try to make one I have a Dreamer is it possible to print from your files and do I just download? Sorry I sound dumb but this is my first attempt in Thingyverse
Hope to hear from you soon Thx

FYI. I don't recommend printing this below 50% scale. I really struggled to get the various towers to print as the detail gets too small for the slicer to handle. The gcode file contains blank space where the windows exist in the towers as the vertical windows are just too small at that scale. I ended up making STL files of solid cylinder plugs and embedded them inside the towers to give the slicer something to layer. That's working but it's a bit tedious.

I am printing mine at 30% because I'm trying to compromise between detail quality and print time. 30% will print all the parts in about 26 hours. 40% prints all the parts in about 50 hours. 50% takes about 81 hours. Under the circumstances I'm glad I didn't elect to print the whole up castle version at 30%. It would have gotten a long way into the print before failing.

I am in the process of printing the individual parts at 30% scale and have encountered a problem. Any of the smallest spires blow up when they get to the center portion of the spire just below the pointed roof. At 30% the multiple upright columns that make up the spire room at the top get so small that the slicer no longer recognizes them as printable. So it jumps up the to bottom of the pointed roof portion and begins to print in space.

I think I have resolved it (I'm printing Castle_mid_1 right now). I created a solid cylinder plug 19.6mm diameter and about 25 mm high. Placed those plugs in the center of the spire rooms to give the slicer something to process. Examining the layers in Simplify3D it appears that it will now continue to print all the way to the top. We'll see.

I have made an excel spreadsheet that shows how long (hours:min) to print each piece at 0.1 layer thickness and 20 - 100% scale in 10% increments. I would be glad to share it if you want to include it in the download. I will try to embed it in this message but that probably won't work. Combined the small tower pieces into one print. And added the width, height, depth of the full castle at each scale at the bottom. Might be helpful for the users that download this great piece of art. Nice job.

Also, what program did you use to do the original drawings or was it scanned in? I can draw the castle in Solidworks but don't know how you did all the rocks to look so authentic. Is the picture above full scale (100%)

0.1mm layers 20% Fill

100 90  80  70  60  50  40  30  20

Base_1 15:10 11:54 9:05 6:46 4:51 3:19 2:11 1:28 0:54
Base_2 59:06 44:52 33:06 23:31 15:54 10:04 5:49 2:55 1:23
Base_3 45:49 34:54 25:50 18:25 12:31 7:59 4:38 2:30 1:20
Base_4 29:04 22:09 16:24 11:46 8:08 5:24 3:25 2:05 1:17
Base_5 59:06 45:06 33:23 23:52 16:14 10:22 6:04 3:03 1:26
Castle_bot_1 17:45 14:01 11:02 8:11 6:04 4:18 2:49 1:36 0:44
Castle_bot_2 11:57 9:14 7:11 5:08 3:55 2:22 1:27 0:44 0:23
Castle_bot_3 23:11 18:01 13:41 9:58 6:58 4:36 2:45 1:33 0:58
Castle_bot_4 22:55 17:52 13:32 9:47 6:54 4:34 2:42 1:32 0:58
Castle_bot_5 28:14 21:59 16:26 12:00 8:30 5:39 3:28 1:49 0:58
Castle_bot_6 28:19 22:03 16:30 11:58 8:24 5:38 3:23 1:47 0:58
Castle_mid_1 7:56 6:11 4:44 3:18 2:19 1:35 1:06 0:48 0:30
Castle_mid_2 7:55 6:09 4:43 3:18 2:19 1:35 1:06 0:48 0:30
Castle_mid_3 12:59 9:59 7:34 5:26 3:50 2:32 1:30 0:52 0:32
Castle_mid_4 13:03 10:04 7:36 5:26 3:51 2:33 1:31 0:53 0:32
Castle_top_1 24:05 19:03 14:31 10:16 7:13 4:57 3:10 1:49 0:56
Castle_top_2 8:36 6:46 5:11 3:44 2:46 2:01 1:26 0:56 0:30
tower_1 1:58 1:40 1:24 1:03 0:47 0:31 0:17 0:08 0:02
Tower_2, 3, 4, 5 10:02 7:55 6:09 4:29 3:15 2:16 1:33 1:00 0:32
X (Width mm) 303 273 243 212 182 151 121 91 61
Y (Depth mm) 306 275 245 214 184 153 122 92 61
Z (Height mm) 456 411 365 319 274 228 183 137 91

How long did that take to print in all?

Could you make an STL with the whole structure together into one piece?

there is one if you actually read the description

I have printed out all of the pieces but can not get them to match up in scale. I seem to need some help with scaling. I am using a lulzbot mini.
I also use cura 19. someone else must have this combination. Thanking anyone that helps in advance.

How did everyone put this together, what material did you use to attach all the pieces?

What did you use to "glue" it together?

This is absolutely amazing. How long did it take to create this masterpiece?

I am printing a different version of this at moment but I was thinking if printing piece by piece but was wondering if all the parts print perfect or are there still some errors in the parts

Neither of those castles are medieval.

I am trying to print this on a homemade printer, using pronetrface and the latest Slic3r.
I can't print base 5. I tried to fix it in netfabb and meshimxer and could not. I just downloaded these so I don't know them.
Any help?

I am having trouble with Base 4, did you ever get any resolution on Base 5?

I read up on netfabb on YouTube, and fixed the errors on base 4 and 5. I used meshmixer to cut base 5 in half.
I also used the latest Slic3r to preview the layers. It showed the error in base 5. That's why I cut it in half.
Them my printrboard died, and I'm still getting it running.
I just deleted all the stl files and re unzipped them. Then I used netfabb to fix the errors on base 4 and 5, used the latest Slic3r to preview the layers, and they are OK.
I think the files got corrupted when i unzipped them.

That is a thingy of true beauty

Awesome! Do some parts need support if it's scaled down?

I noticed this is for sale on etsy - is this something the designer has agreed to?

My printer failed to print Tower2 and Tower1 things. I had two attempts and every time it ended up tearing it off of the platform with filament warping around and underneath the nozzle. Might be badly 3D design because Meshmixer showed lower parts as the weakest considering strength.

I had the same problem, solved it by adding brim for better adhesion and slowing down print speed.
Printed on UM2.

Several of the pieces are not manifold. Hard to slice (Slic3r) and get a result then... :-(
Have printed eight pieces successfully at 50% so far.

Apart from that... Marvelous! :-)

Do the base parts such as the rocks require support? I am not sure because I can twist it over onto its side but it still looks like it would need support. Is the standard rotation the best rotation to print without support? Thanks,

No support for any part, however one base part needs to be rotated because of very small footprint on the printbed.
Base 4.

Wow that is crazy cool.

Trying to understand why when I scale the stl of the complete castle to .4, it prints the bottom section about 25mm high perfectly and then continues to print silly string (wasted filament that isn't attached to anything). Then I tried to scale one piece of the largest base section to .8 and it printed successfully up to about 80mm and then the same thing agains. A bunch of wasted unattached filament. The strange thing is that in both cases my printer printed the highest successful layer in my chosen "top layer" style, which means that it thought that was the top of the print. But it wasn't the whole stl file. I'm guessing something going wrong in slicing but don't have a clue how to figure it out. This is the first time I've ever had issues printing something!

Thank you so much for contributing this beautiful design so that everyone can enjoy its splendor!

Been contemplating building this for a while now. Would like to build piece by piece on rep2.
Can you tell me which individual part is the largest so I can start by scaling that part to fit my printer before scaling the rest to match.

Thank you for submitting this it looks fabulous.

Just finished printin this and it looks awesome. The detail is amazing. I decided to print it smaller because I actually wanted a small version of this. It took about 26 hours to print and came out great. Now I'm going to do a full size version (or I should say a version that will be the max my Z18 will print) this is going to be a long print I feel....somewhere in the range of 1 week of printing.

First off that is an awesome print. I have been printing on my z18 for some time now; however does this model take a long time to slice and the transfer before it starts printing? I just upgraded to version 3.8 maker ware and it is taking forever to transfer. It just seems as though it should be a bit faster... I'm sitting here and it's on 45% transfer...very slow in my opinion. Oh well just curious.

Hey -

We print everything from USB stick - so do not transfer/copy over to machine. I am on 3.8.1 now and no issues.

We print low res, raft, 3% infill and 2 shells.


Awesome! Your model has been selected as one of the best 3D Printed Ornaments this year! Search "Top Free 3d Printed Ornaments Printing Ninja" in google to see (sorry thingiverse bans url addresses)

Can this print full size on a Lulzbot TAZ, they do have about a 12" cubed

how did you make it?

I passed all the parts through Meshmixer first and did find that some had small build errors, so I got the program to fix them all. I reduced the size to 60% of full size in order to reduce the time and just below 10% fill for time and filament use reduction. I also used the normal setting my printer (Robox) rather than the fine, which would have doubled the print time. It still came out very well. I wonder if anyone has thought about painting it. I'm thinking about it, but I think that's a project for later on.

superbe :D

sauriez vous me dire son poids? pour estimer son prix de reviens...


oui évidement :) mais je cherchais une moyenne pour me donner une idée, genre celui en photo avec quel remplissage.

merci de ta réponse

Tout depend de tes réglages... Il peut peser 700 g comme 350...
Ca dépend ;)

Similarly, both KISSlicer and CatalystEX crash when I try to load or slice it. That's frustrating, because I was looking forward to printing such a beautiful model...

Comments deleted.

Good model.

However there are some shit or gap between parts, so I recommend to use pins.

so i have robo 3d and when i tried to load the .stl file of the full castle onto mattercontrol it says the mesh is broken or something. and i tried to put it into the microsoft model repair service but even that wouldnt work

Oh man. We're going to attempt this at max build volume in our Z18 with Biome3D filament: http://www.3domusa.com/biome3d

Too complex for my printer

Why not share another file of the castle in one piece for those of us with a Z18?

There is one in there

Great Design, cool!
Would you consider changing the title? I know this makes me nit-picker-of-the-month, but ther really is nothing medieval about this wonderful castle, and neither about the two castles you modelled it after: both Neuschwanstein and Schloss Lichtenstein are 19th century historism, they are impressive and romantic imaginations, but far from resembling a medieval castle. The chosen filename "Fantasy Castle" really fits better!
Anyway: great work!

nit-picker-of-the-month is an understatement. :)

Are supports needed to print this?
Any reason I can scale i down to fit in my printer as a single print (Makerbot duel)

Supports are not required. I just printed a reduced version (34%) of the corrected file provided by TobyCWood.
Beware! There is a sneaky area on the right-hand side (about a third of the way up) that requires good bridging. Inspect the toolpaths very carefully before you begin; it's a time-intensive print.
Good luck!

Why are all the windows boarded up?

Keeps the Dragons out.

100 + hour print on the z18 (as single print) - max build volume of the machine. Depends on the infill and layer height you choose.

@ Denise3D

The single print file is included in the 'Thing Files' folder - count over 7 pictures from the left.

Hello I have a Replicator z18, have you got full files to print at one time ? Thank you.

@ Denise3D

The single print file is included in the 'Thing Files' folder - count over 7 pictures from the left.

Thanks for sharing this nice design.

A BEAUTIFUL thing!!! We will feature it as a Thing of the Week on the 3D Printing Today Podcast... FOR SURE!!! Probably late July.

By the way.,. FAHGETABOUT Netfab! It really cannot fix meshes all that well and the Private version crashes!
Want to fix your files REAL good? Try 3D Coat. We talk about it on the show quite a bit. You import the file in as a surface, switch it to voxels then export it back out. It essentially remaps the mesh for real and does it in seconds and without crashing.

Beautiful model! How did you repair and slice it? It's got 27 thousand border edges and zero shells (according to NetFabb, that is).

Sliced in Magics.