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Double Fan E3D/MK8 XYZ Da Vinci 1.0

by firecardenal May 23, 2015
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How are the bearing holders held in place? Glued/ABS Slurried?

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Hi, I have a problem .... after mounting all I noticed that the motor turns the wrong way , how do I reverse the rotation of the motor ?

I guess if anyone else comes across this problem in the future, you can just slip the pins out of the connectors in the motor and flip flop switchy them until you reverse the direction of your motor, messing around with the firmware and risking getting locked out is... temperamental

Yes, take a look on lucs firmware @ config file. You will find it directly, trust me.

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hello can you maby uploud the stepfiles fot this i want to remix it for the duo???

The step file alredy uploaded

Me too. Step files would be great.

The step file already uploaded.

The bearing holders are pretty much 100% in line with the nozzle. Because of this, when I'm printing something within an inch of the back corners, the bearing holders hit the screws clamping the bed glass in place and the extruder can't move any further back on the Y axis screwing up the prints.

Can anyone tell me if this just how it's designed or if I did something wrong putting it all together?

If you look at the third picture for the model, you can see what I mean. Anything higher than bed level (screws) is going to get caught on the bearing holder.

Will this work with Da Vinci 2.0 printers?

I'd like to know this as well.

I had a couple issues with the assembly - most were easily overcome trimming and gluing. The one I couldn't fix was the belt clamp getting soft and letting go due to the high temperature at the nozzle adjacent to it. I tried redesigning the clamp, tried stronger screws, just couldn't get it to hold for more than 30 mins of printing until the Y axis would let go. Running 230C for ABS. Maybe it's something unique in my assembly?

Hello. I had no problem with that. screwed tightly. you should have no problem.

Thanks for comment.

I think it may be that my nozzle cooling fan was wimpy and not providing enough cooling air. I think you want the highest volume flow fan you can get for this application. At any rate, thanks for sharing your design, you've clearly done a lot of work on it.

Firecar Hello! What do you mean auctions shaft hardened ?? Alessandro

just that.
the printer shafts are not hardened. why they use bronze bushings.
If you want to use linear berings, then you replace the barrels.
On ebay you can find that product.

Firecar Hello! I was wondering if you and linear bearings in the movement have seen improvements in the final result of the molded ???? Alessandro

I currently use bronze bushings. They work very well
to use linear bearings, you must have hardened shaft rods.

Hello Firecar ! This mounting structure with linear bearings have noticed significant improvements and so I hope positive than the original structure with bushings ??? Alessandro

Hey Alessandro.
The design includes bushings holder.

Firecar Hello! The print position of the support the most 'great, you chose to put it standing for a particular reason why the type' in full could embark on the sides rising ??? Firecar I'm curious to know what kind of strand you used and that the temperature of extruder and Plate you used ??? Thanks a lot Alessandro

I tried to print twice in ABS but I always got warpping. So I did better in PLA.

The problem is that if the bushings are not properly aligned, the carriage will not slide smoothly.

in the instructions I gave information.

Bed. 60 °
Nozzle 200°
Brim. 6mm.
Support type. Lines.

Bed 100°
Nozzle 240°
Same as PLA

Firecar Hello! Let me get this straight, you have printed the structure directly on the plate by putting glue or you and selecting the raft or maybe you put the tape Kapton then glue and selecting the raft or raft without glue and then ??? Let me know! thanks Alessandro

I use always Hair Spray (Aquanet).
It is much better than the glue stick.
it is easy to clean with alcohol and applied to each print

I do not use Kapton tape.
I do not use raft.
I use 6mm brim.

What do you mean Warpping? Alessandro

the plastic shrinks and becomes detached from the bed and begins to bend.

Firecar Hello! Thank you for having responded to me! I wonder which of tpo ABS uses! But use the raft or molds directly on the glass dish ???? How to Simplify 3D program I use and you ??? Alessandro

Firecar Hello! I use the raft but embarks and lifting a little on the sides, can you tell me where I'm wrong ?? Use as filament Z-ABS! thanks Alessandro

Firecar Hello! What temperature you used eg extruder and the plate ??? Hau used the raft or directly on the glass ???? thanks Alessandro

Firecar Hello! I can not understand how do you fix the engine to the structure ???? thanks Alessandro

The motor cap, press down the stepper motor.

Are you sure that with the movements during printing can not move ?? thanks Alessandro

no, it does not move.
It is screwed tightly.

you can use double side tape shims to increase pressure.

Firecar Hello! But what I have indicated on E-bay and 'different from the picture in your project! Alessandro

any MK8 used for this model. just make sure that the entry of the filament is on the left side

if you want to buy, that which appears in ebay is good. It's the one I have.

If you want to do in your printer, then use this.

or any other that you like. there are many to choose from.

KIS extruder - direct drive Nema 17 & Mk8 for 1.75 filament

Firecard Hello! I could find on the internet and not MK8 MK5 model, which is why I asked you if the size of MK5 were equal to the model MK8 ??? or where did you find on the internet ?? thanks Alessandro

Firecar Hello! I wanted to ask, as you perhaps have used the program to draw Autodesk 123D ?? Would you have the file that you can call with Autodesk 123D ?? thanks Alessandro

I used Rhinoceros.

tell me what types of files can read your program.

Firecar Hello! A MK5 would fit the same ??? thanks Alessandro

Hi Topo.
You can update your extruder to mk8.
This one its like mine.

KIS extruder - direct drive Nema 17 & Mk8 for 1.75 filament


Is it possible to post the parts seperatly?
My print failed because Repetier sometimes crashes, so being able to print the parts one at a time is much better for me.
Also, do i need to print with support?

Hey Rudy.

Yes, of course.
Now available for download.
The only part that requires supports, is the main body. the other, should print without.

If you do not want to use supports in the main body, then you can cut it in half and print the two parts separately and then glue them with epoxy glue.

Printed all the parts in carbon fibre, strong as hell l!!
But am i missing something?
My originale MK6 E3D is not firmly in place, it is only guided in the U of the top plate, but that is no enough.
There should be something at the other side of the U.
Can you help me out, am i doing something wrong?

Hi Rudy.

there may be differences in the measurements of your hotend and mine. Im not shure but.

You have to enter the hotend firmly with a lot of pressure in the u cap.
Please print again the cover cap with your own measurements.

Many thanks!!!

Hello! I have a Da Vinci 2.0, and then double extruder, perhaps have you managed to design a version for two extruders or know someone and 'managed to do it ?? thanks Alessandro

I do not know the distances between the nozzles so I dare not design something without the necessary measures.
Besides, I could not test the design because I do not have a printer with those characteristics.

Maybe someone wants to do a remake for that version.

Sorry I can not help you.

Fully enclosing the stepper motor isn't a good idea. They can run 100C+ operating temps.

thanks for the observation.

I must say that three sides are uncovered.
At this time, the printer takes about 12 hours working and the stepper is still warm to the touch.

Either way, I'll make the necessary corrections.
Thank you.