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Hamel Monohull Paddle Boat

by swtchrwr May 23, 2015
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So what is the trick to get the paddle to print. The first layers print fine but there does seem to be enough surface area for the blade to adhere to the print bed. Once the blades get to a certain height things break down.

I am printing in PLA on an Original Prusa MK2S. I have tried 3 times now with various settings. The last attempt was at 100% scale and 100% infill. Same outcome.

I print it normally without a raft or anything and it sticks just fine. I have your same printer. Maybe you need to adjust your z offset and clean your bed.

Use acetone to refresh the PEI

Try using a raft in settings.

After discovering that the things I print in PLA with my printer (like a coffee cup on the highest layer density) just "don't hold water", boats just don't seem like a good idea... Cute looking design though!

Is your temperature up? The outside layer of the PLA should be almost flush, but all one solid piece. Try with a higher temp and a medium bed temp.
I print at 205c and 50c with my PLA+

Layer density is not the only setting to keep an eye on. Temperature and speed also have their importance. :) I don't know which settings an XYZ allows you to edit but that works for other people, you can do it too! :)

lol.. I just got my first 3d printer back in February. Before that, I had to do things the old fashioned way - with wood - just like my father before me. This was my paddle boat - http://www.robotsandcomputers.com/robots/stuffIbuilt.htm - [you have to scroll down to the paddle boat]. I never thought something so simple would be so popular with the masses!

I gave up trying to print the paddle wheel.... it prints beautifully for the first 10mm Z height then something goes wrong and the nozzle plows all the fins off the brim. Not just once... FIVE times!!!! the extrusion is not stopping it is flowing great. The heated plate is not becoming unlevel because the nuts that level the table have not moved. Anybody have any idea's? It is a good thing I decided to print this piece first and not wasted plastic filament on the Hull first...

I had the same issue, I even slowed down the print speed and went hotter with the extruder temp but alas it kept falling over.

I had to print this at 50% due to the size of my print bed. I had the same problem because at 50% scale the fins are very narrow. I ended up designing my own paddle.

Printed at 50%, which unfortunately made the paddle blades so thin that they ended up with holes in. At 50% the pegs were a little large, but I enlarged the holes with a 4.8mm drill bit and now they fit perfectly. I attached the paddle with an elastic band, rotated the wheel 180 degrees and attached another elastic band. This keeps the paddle perfectly centred. I've found that small elastic bands make it quick, longer ones make it go further. All in all a great afternoons fun for my daughters and I. Thank you!

Wow featured item for over 3 weeks. There is no more designs here???? Shame.. . Lame!!

That's what I said. That's just sad to see. Totally agree. I mean, I myself couldn't care less, as I design my own stuff, but hey, this is a so popular platform with so many people here, how can this kind of design possible be on top?

Why not just open your favorite 3D software and let's populate Thingiverse with brand new awesome designs? ;-)

It is very embarrassing and sad to see that this rubber band boat is featured #1 on this website. Seems people really think that the potential of 3D printing looks like this simple. 5 minute design boat.

You'll certainly raise the level with your so original batteries and SD cards holders that no one else has ever published here. :)

How about my Desert Eagle UAV drone project? Why you selectively picked the stuff from a year ago when I had 2 week experience in CAD? Sounds bias dude =) Also I never said those battery holders deserve anything, just thought to throw them to here, since I made them anyway. I have much nicer designs now, but no longer have any time to share so much for free with people like you, who won't even appreciate anything except a star wars scanned figurines LOL. I I honestly don't care about being on the top here at all, but it questioned me why crappy/fugly/simple designs like this get features on main page.I mean the whole design of this is like 10 minutes maximum, making it look better is another 5 minutes. How hard is that?

You're confusing popularity with technical merit. Thingiverse is just a free website where people post fun things to print. They just pick random things that seem simple and easy to print. Relax. Be Nice.

Still, i come here every now and then. And see only such simple designs int he top. Curious how they even pick those. If you dig dipper into tv you can find MUCH better works from many designers.

Yeah, I too have unpublished and awesome models on my computer that I won't share. Because, yeah, I've got skills and people aren't good enough to see it. You know.

I can like whatever scanned model I want, I'm here for the fun, not to pretend to be someone and spit on other's work. Kids like you definitely deserve big slaps in the face. ;-)

slaps in the face? Definitely not from losers like you

Hull at 70% scale. 5% fill 1.2mm shell. Paddle wheel at 70% scale 100% fill. Pins at a couple percent smaller 75 % fill. Hatchbox PLA. I love these boats! I've printed 3 so far. The design is very robust and you get different behaviors with different types of rubber bands. I generic bag of rubber bands gave us a bunch of variation. I've printed and tried some other designs, but this is probably the easiest to use powered boat design on thingiverse. Thanks for this.

your 70% idea was perfect for me - worked nicely!

Did someone print it in 50%?? turns around in 40% cases. should it be 100% fill?

The file downloads do not match the pictured boat. The pins don't fit and the paddle is different. Is there some kind of mistake?

The hull floats, at least, but I'm really disappointed overall. I have to think that there has been some kind of mistake, because this was featured on the front page...

Really good design. Is this printed in multiple parts

Ogzgoiniquity Pollock oiiio

Comments deleted.

Featured design? Are you serious? Lol

Pegs are WAY to big.

About the paddle, one corner where two paddles meet at the hub are not filleted like the rest of the others around the hub.

made it, looks great! wish there was a peg that ran from the pins through the paddle to keep it positioned better

Thanks to "swtchrwr"
Made some of these boats to my Grandchildren. Will make great fun - For sure.
Reduced the size by 50%.
Good idea this one.

I printed the 3 pieces you put online, they do not get together, the boat propeller do not pass in the boat.
Are there any changes to be made?
Thank you

did you try scaling it down

I brought mine to a little stream with my kids for fun and experimentation. Going downstream it seemed to perform fine, we got better results when the rubber band was higher on the posts than lower. Going upstream, was interesting, even though it was a fairly swift current, this thing could actually beat the current, but it seems like it is front heavy, because it would take a nosedive.

This should be easy to extend to one of these toy boats that pull themselves along a string against the water current.
I always wanted one of these but the simple geometry and (necessary) big size for me made it feel a bit improper for 3D-printing.
So I didn't go beyond some rudimentary designs. So rudimentary that I haven't published them yet.

Suggestion: Can we make the peg and hole to be have a little taper say 2 to 3 deg? That will compensate for small size variation between the hole and the peg due to printing, and grantee a solid contact for the joint.

est ce qu'il est possible d'avoir les autres models que vous faites voir sur la photo?

peut-être, mais les autres bateaux sont probablement quelqu'un models a une course. c'est possible les modèles sont sur thingiverse.

Hy, can you upload the Katamaran?

"automatic translation"
Great, and remember, it's fun, I made small wooden boats on this principle when I was a kid.
Thank you for this nice realization

Excellent boat. Great project.

this is awsome<>amazing good job

What app did u use to design this?

Alibre Design 2012, now branded Geo Magic

Hello, the video is finished and we have put a link to your design! Thank you for your permission.


The pictures don't look like the model - the model doesn't have the holes for the pins. You said it was an "example boat", does that mean it is just the concept? This looks like a great bath toy! Would you be willing to upload a working model? Thanks!

The pictures do show a model that is slightly different than what was posted
The many holes in the hull of the pictured boat were an experiment to see what paddle size worked.
The final model removed all but 2 holes you need to 'fit' the included paddle. This model should work.

Ok, look at Cura documention, I will try to print it on raft for better initial adherence.

I can't print the paddle wheel with my Printrbot Plat. I scaled the project so it fits the printing area. It always starts the paddle wheel in the middle super fast and filament won't stick andwrap around the print head. Is there a way to tell the printer to start around the paddle wheel for stating its extruder initial pouring/clearing?