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Victorian Office Building

by Herrigold May 23, 2015
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I'm printing this now - the ground floor is all done and fits together perfect. The part 2-1 is showing me one thing in slicer and printing out something different when I print - really confusing. The part hat print out fits together with 2-2 on the left side and not the right where it would fit at 90 degrees - if that makes sense - there is no clip to slide into 2-2 on the right and it has an overhang at the top. It's a nice part just not the 2-1 i need. Is it OK to post unfinished work in the "made" section? I'd love to share some of this in pics?
Any help would be great.

Well, I took a look and it seems all the parts are correct. I would say that if your slicer is showing one thing then doing another, then it probably doesn't like my model. In cases like that I tend to tell people to get a free program called MeshMixer, and then use an operation called "Make Solid" which combines all the pieces together into one big mesh. You'll need to do it with a lot of detail, so it will balloon the size of the file, but that will probably be your best option. Again, sorry you're having troubles!

I am having the same problem! Really beautiful model though!!

I am using the dremmel 3d printer and when I import the file to that program, it looks ok, but when it prints, it comes out as a finished wall corner instead of the dovetail connector... . (02-01)

I'm sorry you're having troubles! I'll check.

Amazing design! Is there a file which can be printed in one go (without assembly)?

No, I'm sorry. I have a small print bed, so I designed it to print in pieces.

this looks perfect for bolt action. can you tell me how much it weighs when printed? (i pay per gram in the local fablab and might give it a go depending on the cost!)

I actually made it for Bolt Action and Empire of the Dead! It is pretty heavy... I'll try to weigh it when I can.

WHOA! that looks so cool!

Thanks very much :)

That's gorgeous.. would be nice for some Call of Cthulhu terrain!

I thought this was the Perth GPO at first sight. Nice build!

Hello, I have built the model, looks awesome although I have some warping gaps that I masked with clay. Could you share the painting process you used? I do not want to ruin such a good model with an experimental painting. I am thinking on priming white, wash dark from and dry brush light brown then do the details (windows, doors..) would this work?

Yeah, my Printrbot simple metal warps flat prints pretty bad. I'm going to try a heated bed to see if that helps.

I primed with white, but I base-coated with a tan colour. I used an airbrush to add some tints of a strong green here and there for moss / grime... it does make a difference, although I haven't tried it with just a plain brush.

The main grime was done with army painters strong tone wash (the more brown colour). You slop it on and then drag it down with a strong brush to get some streaks. Concentrate under ledges. Then I also added a light green (pastel-like) to add some lichen highlights here and there. I didn't do many highlights other than that, to be honest.

Oh, and then I painted the black windows last. But that's scary, because you don't want to get black on any thing else!

You could do a test on a single print. Might be worth the time.

Looking great! You must be tired, but excited :)

Hi! What scale is this building in? Would 28-35mm miniatures work with this? Thanks!

I'm revising the doors so that they don't look too small, but it's believable. If it were bigger, the print would take forever. Here's a picture of a bolt action guy next to it (sorry for the quality) http://imgur.com/Wd0Mfop

This is Fantastic. Any chance you could break the pieces so they can all be printed separately?

Thank you! Sorry, I tried to split them up a fair amount. I'm sure you can split them up in Blender if you need to.

i just mean the files that have 2 pieces in the print. I am printing this wonderful building at a larger scale and it would be great if each piece was its own file

I'll do it if you agree to post pictures of your print!

I will for sure!!! I am making 90 square feet of Gotham city terrain for Adepticon and really wanted these to be on the table top.

I posted the picture of the piece i printed and painted for the sample.

That is incredible. I'll get you the files tonight.

Thanks a bunch your building prints so well! i am very excited to be able to print each piece individually so I can enlarge them as big as my printer will allow. I printed the first piece at 181%.

How did that work out at 181%? I'd like to print this for use with 28mm minis in D&D and for tabletop wargames like AoS and 40k. As-is it seems a little small with the doors being shorter than a Bolt Action figure. The doors on this come out even smaller than the Victorian housing kit, which is itself a little too small for 28mm minis.

How did 181% look with 28mm figures? I was thinking of going all the way to 200%...

Your amazing. If you have any other buildings that you want to see printed and painted please ill be happy to test print them for you. I need all the Gotham style buildings i can find. Thanks again

I've put up a simple scaffold you might like.

I just checked it now. my printer will let me print it at 172% making it nearly 12"by12" this is sooooooo awesome. Thank you very much

Well, you've got 5 months to get it done! Hope it works out for you.

so you know adepticon! Are you going to attend?

so i am having a weird issue when my 3d program slices the object for my printer. A portion of the print fills itself in. any ideas why thins might be happening?

I won't be going to Adepticon, no. But I watch the reports from it. Re: filled in parts, I use Cura as my slicer, and I get some weird filled in parts generally around my window arches, but they aren't big enough for me to worry about them. I don't know why they happen; I check my models and they are complete without mesh problems. I nest models within each other, but the slicer is generally fine with it. If you have anything other than what I've described, I can't debug it for you... in either case, I'm not sure I can help.

i figured out how to repair the issues with the print and its printing as i type this!!

looks like a great mini war gaming piece. how big is a finished model , dimensions , ?x?x?

It's about 15cmx15cm at the base, 25cm tall.

One of the ground level pieces was the wrong model, fixed now.

Great work! What are you modeling this in?

Thanks! 3DSMax.

Wowow... wow! This is some truly incredible work (as usual). We're printing a ton of your buildings in 18mm scale for our miniatures we design. Such a fan of your pieces. One of these days we'll have to talk about a collaboration, if you'd be into that.

Thanks! Yeah, pretty proud of this one. The doors are a bit small in scale though. I might redo them; turn them into a single door. If you're going to start printing, I suggest starting from the top!