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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Portal 2 Turret

by whosawhatsis May 5, 2011
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i trying to print the legs, but 2legs are printed well, one small leg is breaks while it printing, can you share one legs file?

What is the scale from the this model? i would like to scale it up to 1:1 like @PavelS did.

I actually built it with 1:1 scale (or at least, my best guess at 1:1 scale) in mind, then scaled down from there. The first variable in the file is "scale", which IIRC is the height of the unbroken spheroid shape. My guess was that that dimension was 1000mm (1 meter), so if you put that value in the openscad, that should give you 1:1 scale. If you just want to scale the STLs posted here, they are generated with a value of 200 there, which makes them 1:5 scale.

Can arms be opened and closed? Just like when in the game detects de character? Or there isn't anything inside? Thanks

I never got around to designing the interior parts. There are now other versions that are more complete.


I just printed this in 1:1 scale and it looks awesome, with one issue though;
Are there parts missing? Because I printed all the files and it seems that there's nothing to connect the whole assembly with.

What did you do to fix the legs in place?
Also, why is it important to print this raftless?


Yeah, I haven't built a full one yet. I only designed the outer parts, and others have assembled them on wire armatures and/or designed additional printed parts for them. If you check the top of the page, this is still marked as a work in progress, and one of these days I'll have to take another crack at building it.

I designed this over 3.5 years ago, and at that point, rafts that removed cleanly enough for the parts to be glued together didn't exist. You needed a flat surface molded to the platform to make it work. Rafts and supports have gotten much better in the intervening years (and particularly in the last 6 months or so), so combined with the right solvent welding technique, parts printed on a raft will probably be fine now.

I see.

Do you maybe have any files left from this build?
I would gladly finish the build ,only I can't get any files to work in solidworks, and even the native openscad can't export it right.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply to a 3.5 years old project!

All of the files I have are here. The OpenSCAD is the original design, and OpenSCAD only exports meshes, so it's not very interoperable with solidworks. If you really want to try, FreeCAD has a limited ability to read OpenSCAD files, and can also export files that soldworks can read, but I don't know if it's able to translate between the two types of data at all. The constructive solid geometry model of OpenSCAD is really an entirely different paradigm from what solidworks does.

How long does it take to print?

I printed it in 1:1 scale, using a '35' print speed with the following times:
Body - ~14hours
Arms - ~13hours
Legs and feet - ~12 hours.

Can you upload the original files (something that i can edit in solidworks) so that I can slice the parts to make a bigger version because i want to make a fully functional portal turret (sounds, moving turrets and shooting stuff). Thanks.

This was designed in OpenSCAD. The .scad file is the original.

I printed out the parts below on a Dimension FDM machine and they look great. I was wondering if you could explain how you test fit them together in the topmost picture? It looks like you built a structure out of some copper wire, but I'm unclear as to how to attach it to the pieces.

Thanks in advance; it's a beautiful model!

Oh, and please use the "I made one" button to post pictures of your prints!

Will do once my camera's battery is recharged. I totally understand having a dozen other projects going at the same time; take your time and enjoy yourself! It looks beautiful so far.

Also, if I may, as a low priority, I'd like to suggest that you add some sort of interlock or locating feature between the sections of the body and arm pieces. I had a difficult time getting them to line up and stay lined up while I waited for the epoxy to set.

I thought about that, but they are designed to be printed raftless with supports on a makerbot or similar printer, and I couldn't think of a good way to do that without interfering with platform adhesion.

One tip: DON'T use epoxy. Use acetone (for ABS, or a suitable solvent for whatever plastic you're using) so solvent weld the parts. It sets faster and holds stronger.

Fair enough. With the machine I have at my disposal, I had some trouble getting the edges to line up, because there was some uneven shrink or deformation of some sort between the halves. As far as gluing, thanks for the tip. I'm new at this sort of thing. Will acetone bond the ABS halves, even if there is some "daylight?"

It's a solvent, so it will melt the plastic that it comes in contact with. Melt the plastic on the edge and press the pieces together, and a little plastic should deform to fill the gaps. You can further seal it by brushing more acetone onto the seam after it sets.

The top picture is eric1000's shapeways print. It looks like copper tubing (or possibly thick wire) and twist ties to me, but you'd have to ask him.

I'm alternating between this and each of a dozen other projects, but the next step for this one is to design the inner frame with legs to hold it all together.

Any recommendations as to what to use for the (so far) non-printed black parts?

I have already designed the feet, but they didn't print very well because my platform isn't as secure as it could be and my SF profile isn't dialed in for my black filament. The end of the back one kinda turned into a blob. When I get a chance to load up the black filament and go through the calibration rigamarole, I'll post them.

I still need to design the internal frame, including skinny round leg parts. Designing them is easy enough, but I need to either find a way to make them print so that they'll be strong enough or find another material to use for that part and design printed parts to connect to them.

I've just uploaded the black feet and an updated version of the legs with small recesses to insert them into.

Since you mention the security (stability?) of your build platform I'm guessing you are attempting to print the legs standing up?

If I am wrong in my assumption then please ignore me.

If I am correct in this assumption, then this sounds overly difficult to me. Instead why not just print them lying flat on the build surface (they should JUST fit on the diagonal) and enable support to fill in the little gaps underneath?

I think I tried that and they didn't fit. The new scad file has a print layout for printing them flat in multiple pieces to be welded together after printing. I haven't tried printing them that way, as it's a lot of extra work.

could someone help me? im new here.

i tried to download the file but i can't because of a thrust list???

I'll figure out some way to make a support for these.

The body looks easy enough, just print it upside down and have a support for the lowest section (maybe cardboard?). The gun panels look harder.

Were these really printed with a powder printer/inkjet 3D printer? Lucky. I just got my RepRap.

I tried that, but it didn't work very well. I've now printed the body and arms beautifully by splitting the top and bottom halves, printing raftless with supports, and then using acetone to solvent weld the pieces together. Once I get the last couple of parts printed, I'll post the STLs I used.

I'll make sure to make mine shoot bullets... with 65% more bullet, per bullet.

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That's MY favorite quote from Portal 2. =-O

Congratulations, you have officially released a force that knows not reason or mercy. Only how to fire bullets in the general direction of carbon based life forms. Clap.........Clap...........Clap.......... Good, that's still working.

Maybe try and export the actual GLaDOS from the original game and print that on a powder ink-jet printer. That would be epic.

Life sized...

Hmm, maybe I ought to finish mine. I ripped the model and have converted it to Sketchup, but haven't quite worked out the best way to have bits interlock.

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Someone has to make a GLaDOS potato!

I did make a GLaDOS potato! :D

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That's on my list. I also want to make a full-size, articulated personality core.