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by ClassyGoat May 14, 2015
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Hey great job /) could u tell me what supports used and would u mind sharing the supports settting please

Is there a way for you to make this into a piggy bank?

Sure, go for it. Post it as a remix when you're done, thanks!

Whenever I try to print this, the support for the tail flame snaps off of the build plate, ruining the tail. I am using ESUN PLA+ running 200C on a 30C build plate covered in painter's tape. tried printing at 100% scale and 70% scale and both times the support snapped off.

did you try using another build plate tape?

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Awesome work! I am looking into buying a 3D printer for my School (I am a teacher) and want to get a really good one. What 3D printer did you use to print your design? Does it print in color?

I've been using a MakerBot Replicator 2: https://www.amazon.com/MakerBot-Replicator-Desktop-3D-Printer/dp/B00FJ5KXH6

It's a really good printer. I'd recommend it. (Don't get any of MakerBot's newer printers, they are no good)
It only prints in 1 color. Printers that can print in full color are still very very expensive. I recommend just getting a 1 color printer and then painting your models.

Another great printer is the Craftbot PLUS: https://craftunique.com/item/craftbot-plus-anthracite-gray

How do you orient on the build plate to print this?

It is already oriented to the position that will use the least amount of support material.
DO NOT rotate it.
DO print with EXTERIOR SUPPORTS only!
Enjoy and happy printing!

What slicer do you use that lets you specify external supports only?

When I tried it several times on a Simple Metal in the original position, the start of the head would always pop loose.
I rotated it upright with a raft, and that printed, but the mouth was full of support and almost impossible to remove.
I'm using Repetier Host with Slic3r.

I highly recommend you use MatterControl for slicing. It's free and is preconfigured for the Metal Simple. Great slicing software.

could you do this with charmeleon as well?

I don't sell 3D prints that I post on thingiverse. And there are a lot of people out there without 3D printers that might want a Charmander. If people out there with 3D printers want to be the ones to bridge that gap and get 3D printed Charmanders to the people without printers, that's fine with me. The most important thing is that Pokemon fans end up with 3D prints.

how did you pose the stl file to stay in this position??? could you tell us please? thank you! nice work

I was lucky enough to find a charmander model that was ripped from one of the games that still had the bones in place. (It had already been rigged) So I was able to pose it fairly easily in 3DS Max.

I would not be able to teach others how to do this, but there are lots of youtube tutorials on rigging in 3DS max and other programs.

i see using what kind of source file? not stl right?

STL files do not support rigging. The file I used was the DAE file from this download page: http://www.models-resource.com/3ds/pokemonxy/model/9156/

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I have made this, painted it and will post when I can.

Suggestion: I can't load this into SolidWorks (too much memory) to do this with what I have, but in your solid you could carve a hollow in the body for a little Heart-shape; when it is printed, most printers will leave behind a shell thickness around the hollow (I printed with .8mm shells) and if you hold Charmander up to a light source you'd be able to see his heart. Extra touch of coolness.

I soooo want to make this, but I don't have different color materials. How will the eyes work?

Here is my advice for painting 3D printed models. First, print in any color filament. Then use a white primer (spray paint style) on the entire model. (Otherwise the acrylic paint will have trouble sticking to it.) Then paint it with acrylic paint and tiny paint brushes. BAM, your model is beautiful. Then you post pics to Thingiverse and people so "Oh wow, that's nice."

thanks i've wandering this for some time now

How big is the one in the picture, in inches?

It's just under 4 inches tall.

o i am so going to print this, i will upload pictures next week

Still my favorite starter. If I ever get around to buying a 3D printer, I'll print one out.