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Customizable - Every nut and washer

by tkbletsc May 15, 2015
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Hello !
anyone is still able to download it ? I can't seem to do.. (error 500 from Thingiverse servers ...)

These don't have any threads? I have a plastic part that I need a bolt for so the recommendation to "cut it" into the bolt doesn't work.
Disappointing design and misleading title.

Great collection here.
Can i ask a question please.
If i make a 14mm hex with a 8mm x 1.25 threaded hole in Fusion why does it print the item with a 6mm hole ?


Hi. I am needing an M25 x 1.5 pitch nut in LEFT HAND thread, but your script thing only seems to go to M20.
Are you able to help, please?
A thumb nut would be amazing in this size.

For that, I'd probably CAD from scratch. A thumb nut should be fairly simple. Alternately, if you can find an M25x1.5 right hand model, you can flip it in yor slicer to make it left hand.

As I'm unsure whether these have been edited to be printed with horizontal compensation or not I'm going to print some with and without horizontal compensation and give some feedback :)

I've experimented with 3D printed holes and things that insert into them on my Creality CR-10S, and I've found holes tend to come out smaller than designed. I'm not sure if it's a percentage smaller, or a fixed amount, but in my experiments a hole about 15 mm diameter comes out about 0.3 mm smaller. I wonder if you've found the same thing, and what you did to compensate if so. The only thing I've been able to do is just design larger than I need, then experiment until I get the size I want. I'm afraid if I publish any projects with that workaround they won't print right on other printers, but I'm not sure.

I'd be interested in your comments on this.

Yup, that's a known thing. I think it has more to do with the thermal expansion of the plastic than the printer model, e.g. I'd expect ABS to shrink less than PLA.

For these nuts, it shouldn't be an issue because threads get cut in them anyway. For something press-fit, you're right that it's an issue, but in my experience, you can usually just jam it in there with anger and it will work. You could also widen any critical holes with a needle file or similar after printing, or indeed just apply a ~2% compensation factor in the model.

Do you have ccw nuts?

As in ones with reverse direction threading?

No need -- these nuts do not have 3D printed threading -- you cut the threads in them by putting them on the machine screw of your choosing. So if you have a reverse-threaded rod of a standard diameter, these should just work.

Perfect! Thanks!

I am building a working 3d printed motor and this collection has been totally awesome , great job , thank you for sharing :)

Absolutely Amazing! well done!

I'm not seeing the dowel pins in the files. Am I missing them somewhere?

Whoops. I think I didn't bother to export that model since it didn't really fit with the rest of the set. If you need one, this customizable model seems better than mine, actually.


Dowel Pin

Awesome. Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to do this.

This is a very handy set, Thanks for sharing with the community. No longer do I have to run to the hardware store for a nylon washer. I can print 4 in 6 minutes.

Most of the thread pitches you'd use way too fine to be 3D printed on most printers. If you look at 3D printed nut-and-bolt combinations, they always have pitch way bigger than standard metal screws for this reason.

However, if you just make the hole a hair smaller, metal screws have no trouble cutting precise threads in PLA/ABS, which is how these are designed.

I have no threads in it either. Walls are totally smooth

Again, you're meant to cut threads into it with your metal screw/bolt. It should bite the plastic just like a wood screw bites wood.

Thank you!! Great collection very useful for building whatever you want.

thanks, this is really useful

thanks nice script but gives error "Parser error in line 303: syntax error"
in module thumb_nut()
at line nurls = floor((PI*wrench_size)/(nurl_dia+nurl_gap));
in between = and floor

i did not change anything just run it as is.

Are you running OpenSCAD version 2015.03?

no 2014.03 ill try updating thanks

Yeah, they added inline variable assignment in 2015.03, so that should fix it.