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Working Gear Driven 4WD Toyota Transfer Case Model

by ericthepoolboy May 23, 2015
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Whaou Great Job..Respect ...

so my output on my tranny is way bigger than the input on the transfer case is there a resized version somewhere or am i missing something??

I'm so disappointed. I can't get 4x2mm magnets in Canada. It's illegal to import them.

not so. I buy them from a supplier in BC through" Amazon.ca". Let me know if you still need the address. "geranne@shaw.ca"

Heey, i love the model and the workings.
but I cant seem to find the low high gearbox. (the middel shifter) anywhere on your page as a file. can you tell me where it is listed?? i might just be looking over it and miss it completly.

thanks in advance. great work on all your models :D

4WD output Shaft 2.1"
4WD idler shaft 1.2"
Low Range Counter Shaft 1.6"
Input Shaft 1"
Output Shaft 4"
Low Range Shift Rail 1.7"
4WD shift rail 2.25"
Shifter 3"
hi may I ask what are these component? what size? it only has the length I guess..

or can I buy those components from you?

HEY! this is AWSOME stuff. Is it possible you can do one for an MTX-75 Manuel transmission?

Are the magnets really 4x2? Are the magnets really 4x2? On the rear axle it worked, but in the gearbox it looks bigger than the hole.

Are the magnets really 4x2? Are the magnets really 4x2? On the rear axle it worked, but in the gearbox it looks bigger than the hole.

is their allot of assembly required?

more pieces = more assembly.

does it really work in a full sized toyota?

Hi I'm new to 3d printing but have been into rc for years.
Ive fallen in love with your engine and gearbox/transfer setup <3
I'm about to start a new build based on early 80s hilux. Is it possible to fit a 540 size motor and a basic planetary gearbox inside the block and bellhousing?
Also how tough are the gears inside? Would they handle scale truck use?

Your work on this set of designs is really amazing! Bravo mate!

are the red stands holding everything up in one of your designs

Yes, they are a separate thing that you can find under my designs.

thank you im currently working on your engine great design man

Thanks! Great work :)

Your design is awesome! I would like to build it but see now PDF file to see the instructions, I do not have xcel



Bravo Sir. I will be slowly making this as time allows.
I became an engineer because of things like this as a child.

This is very impressive!

Hope you will create driveshafts, differentials and other staff to make full set =))

Hi eric! When you will upload the other pdf file? Thanks a lot for your project, that is amazing!!

Comments deleted.

dude i love this, got to ask what software did you use to make it, how long did it take, and how long have you used the software for

Everything was done in SolidWorks. The engine was about a month, transmission about two weeks, and the transfer case about a week. This is working on it for a few hours here and there each day. Been using SolidWorks for a couple years.

ok, cool, and have you ever worked with a program called rhino, i have used both but am not very good with either solidworks or rhino, so if you have which is better long term?

Dual TCase modeled after a marlin crawler special? :)

Mind boggling! Nicely done!

Hi everyone! How could you get the raft and support part off

I use a thin metal putty knife to get it off. You have to make sure your setting for your raft and support are right. It takes some time testing what "air gap" distance is good. The smaller distance and the more your part will stick to the raft, larger and your first layer might not come out properly.

cool but it would take 5 rolls of filament and 20 days to print :-)

Not even close on either

The transmission only took 3/4 of a roll.. It's probably the same mass.

Such good work! I'm mid way through printing the tranny now. I can't wait to have this bad boy on my desk at the lab where I work!

Hi Eric,

One comment.. I noticed that I cant keep the 4 wheel drive engaged when shifting from Hi to Lo. Is this by design or do I have to adjust the 4-wheel selector and Hi/Lo fork? Or do I need to add the doubler box? Thank you as always!

I guess i forgot to mention that in the instructions, the 4wd fork should not move with switching from low/hi. You may need to just clearance the shifter forks more. Did you install detents? That helps a bit as the taper on the dog clutch naturally wants to force it out of gear.
I'll try to update the instructions and pictures later today.

Again an awesome job. My congratulations.

I miss the piece that joints the 1st and 2nd shifters.
I understood that the middle shifter is the same part than the 1st one, but i still missing something.

Great and incredible work !

Right now only the transfer case is uploaded. I am still working on the instructions for the doubler box. Look at the 3rd and 4th pictures. That's the Transfer Case assembly. The middle low range box shares the same parts as the transfer case with just an extra adapter plate. It can be added at anytime. And you can add as many as you want,

Trabajo formidable

Pero no falta una pieza entre la segunda y tercera palanca?
Entiedo que para la palanca del medio la pieza es igual que la de la tercera pero creo que falta algo

Un saludo

once again mate, bloody awesome work, just amazeballs!

Eric, is it possible to just run with one low range gearbox and transfer case or does it have to have both low range gearboxes? Thanks again.

Yeah, this thing is just for the transfer case. I haven't done instructions for the additional low range gear box yet, so that will be a separate thing. But you can do the transfer case now and then add as many low range boxes as you want in the future.

This is so sick! Time to start ordering parts again.. lol Thank you Eric!

Same thought came to mind. Amazing work! Differentials for the front and rear would be another amazing addition. Thank you for your hard work.

When are we getting the frame and body?? LOL... Once again I'm blown away by your work!!!!!