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PiBoy Advance

by Treespirit May 12, 2015
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Ich bin vor ein paar Tagen auf dein Projekt gestoßen und bin begeistert.
Aktuell versuche ich alle Teile zu bestellen und dabei ist mit aufgefallen, dass du
Nicht erwähnst welche Buttons bzw. Welches Steuerkreuz du verbaut hast.
Gibt es da was zu beachten?

Hey. Die Teile sind aus nem SNES Controller...muss kein Original sein. Die gibt's für kleines Geld ;)

Will this work with the Raspberry Pi 3?

No. Model Bis used

What size screen is that? I am going to start to build one...I found a 4" touch screen with HDMI for like 30$


I am new to 3d printing...and I want to dive right into it!

How do you charge it? What size is the battery and how long does it last?

Hi, great Design. Did you model with parametric cad, that allows step file generation, so that small modifications for different screens are possible.

This is a remix of the DIY Raspberry Pi Gameboy by Adafruit
...so I had to start with .stl files.
I did the modifications in 3dsMax.
To answer your question: No, I don´t have .step files for this model.
If you want to change it you will have to do it with box modeling ;)

DIY Raspberry Pi Gameboy

how did you get the surfers so smooth it looks like is molded

Were did you get your roms... new to emulators

Sorry, I´m not going to answer that ;)
...I´m sure you know how to use Google...

That's ok, that's what I assumed :P

Accidentally got Pi 2 model B :P. Cut out the sides of the pi boy to fit it. Do you know if the GPIO have the same layout?

Lmgtfy... Pi2b has more pins. But the first 26 seem to be the same as on the old b...
Should work...but no guarantee

so this is not for the pi b 2? What pi is it for? Could you mod it for the b 2?

Got my screen and plugged it in, it doesn't fit at all. buying right PI this time

Comments deleted.

Finishing printing and painting mine, waiting for parts to arrive in the mail... wish me luck

Awesome! If you need help, let me know!

This thing is awesome but how do I adjust the size of the unit to accommodate a 3.5inch lcd instead of the 2.8 inch?

No idea what you expect me to answer....

Definitely no easy task.

You would have to change the whole model....and I'm not sure if 3.5 would fit at all


This is probably one of the best designs I've seen for this kind of thing (probably because it still looks like a Gameboy; though no disrespect to those who've made custom shaped cases either!).
I was wondering what the overall dimensions of this are and whether, if preferred, could a Joystick be used instead of a D-Pad?
Also, any idea on how long the battery lasts for and the recharge time?


Thank you David.

Dimensions are: 14,9cm x9cm x3,3cm

Battery lasts around 2h ...recharge? no idea ;P ...I guess 3 to 4 h. But the Pi can be powered directly...if you plan to use it longer than 2h :)

And you could use a Joystick instead. Sure. I see no problem. But then it would not look like a GameBoy anymore ;)


I think I've found an error in your parts list. Under the Micro SD-Card Adaptor, you've listed 12 x 12 x 15 mm momentary tact switches, but in the image, you have a 12 x 12 x 6 mm tact switch. Did you mean those instead? Because I've just ordered the 15 mm kind and they're way taller than the one in the image. I believe I can still cut mine down to fit, but this is just a note for anyone ordering parts.

Sh**t! You are right!

Should be 12x12x6 ! 12x12x15 is the one with the caps!

Sorry. I will correct the list as soon as I´m home.

Thx for pointing out

Hey habe das Original von AdaFruit gebaut und finde du hast genau das verbessert was mich gestört hat. Werde meinen PiBoy jetzt umrüsten ;) Vielen dank für diese Klasse Version. Hut ab!

wait. does this work with the original Raspberry Pi?


I'm really interested in building one of these but sadly I cannot find a Raspberry Pi B for a decent price so will a B+ or 2 work with this model?

Never mind found a Pi B for a good price

Glad you found one...

And because I have been asked before:
NO B+ or 2 wont fit ! ;)

So A and B will fit? (i'm a little confused :D )

Its designed for the B Version.
A will fit as well but you will have no Network plug


How do you put on the start and select button labels? Also just a suggest use a headphone splitter so you can turn the speakers off and use headphones :)

I'm not quite sure what you mean with 'headphone splitter'

If you put headphones in the jack then the speaker is muted ..as it should.

If its the mute switch which confuses you, that has nothing to do with the headphones. :P ...its just for muting the sound when you play without headphones.

The labels are made with a printable decal foil

Comments deleted.

thank you for taking the time to publish this!

you are welcome :)

I am very interested in making one of these, you're execution looks bang-on! I see that you have a parts list, but I am having trouble finding some of the components: namely the keyboard. Do you have any suggestions when looking for a keyboard with the correct size PCB?

Hmmm...I see your problem.
If I search for ´Star wars keyboard´on ebay I cant find anything.
But if you use ´Tastatur´ (german for keyboard) you should be lucky.
This keyboard is available in 3 designs (Darth Vader, Yoda, Darth Maul).
The company which builds them is: entryx
But as I said in the instructions, it should be no problem adapting any other PCB
...it just has to fit :P
No idea how to find out which keyboard has which PCB...you will have to open it.
Buy the cheapest one you can get and hope that you are lucky.

Sorry, this is not what you want to hear but I have no other advice...

Stand for the PiBoy Advance

Stand for PiBoy Advance

Really nice project! It looks awesome =) What material have you printed this with and have you painted it? It looks like so and then perhaps sanded and sprayed a protective laquer ontop? It looks really sweet!

Well done! =)

Printed in PLA

Hours of sanding :P

Painted with Primer/Colour/ and 3 Layers of clear coat.

Glad you like it

Herrlich - einmal so ein Ding zum mitnehmen, bitte - muss auch nicht eingepackt werden! ;-)

Vorher aber zur Kasse, gell ;)

Herrlich - einmal so ein Ding zum mitnehmen, bitte - muss auch nicht eingepackt werden! ;-)

Cool, thanks for the info! Well it surely shows that you've put many hours into finishing this! Great work =)