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3D ROBO R1 Dual Fan Mount "Black Widow" 10mm and 20mm fan setups

by TechSupportGo May 11, 2015
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Thanks it's work good except rear fan need to be short and I install the short version it's work but i think it low and yes it's hit the model I don't know why, I remix it to be higher and it's work good If any one want the short and higher version let me know i will upload it

Also I create 25mm to 40mm Adapte to work with your design:

Sorry for my english

Thanks Again

Robo 25mm to 40mm

the fan ducts are alot wider than the other part so alot of work is needed to make this work other wise its an great model

I'm sure I'm being dumb on this, but I can't for the life of me work out how this print attaches to the X carriage? Is it just being clamped between the heatingblock/thermistor mount and the top of the hot end or is it screwed in somehow? Surely the temperature from the heating block melts this print over time?!

I was also looking at using this to make some changes to the x carriage, any chance you can upload the solid works part for the mount?

Maybe too much fan? The printer head cools off when the fans are on during the first several layers. It dropped from 210 to 192. Warmed up slowly as the print job got higher.

I may have to change out on of the 20mm fans for a 10mm.

You can just reduce the cooling from 100% to 40%.. If you swapped the hot tip make sure you put the rubber heat shield back on.

Thanks for the reply. Reducing the fan speed to 40% resolved the problem. I have not swapped tips. Maybe at a later time.

Printed this out last week and attached a 20mm fan in the front side and a 15mm fan (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KRM1XIO?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00) on the back. Clearance to the top of Z is good on a Robo 3D R1 Plus.

My only problem was clearance between the fans/shrouds and the print bed. Sometimes it clears and other times not, which is kinda strange. I've adjusted the fans on the shrouds and this improved things temporarily until after a print, but then it appears to vibrate loose and drop. It's still too close for comfort and scrapes prints ever so slightly. I'm currently sanding about 1mm off of the top of the shrouds where they attach to the bracket in hopes that this will raise it enough to clear. I suppose I could take the 1mm off the model and reprint, but my printer is in pieces while I grind these down..

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Made one from a remix, just wanted to give some credit here too. awesome design!

Robo 3D R1 Double 40 mm fan setup - hexagon hot end
by gogofo

Can anyone give me more details on the screws needed for the 40x40x20mm fans and the shroud? I'd love to order everything I need in one group.

I used #6-32 x 3/4in to attach the shrouds to the base and #6-32 x 1in to attach the fans to the shroud (although you probably could go to 1 1/2). They are big enough to bite into the plastic and hold tight but they weren't too difficult drive in by hand (I pre-assembled before the actual install).

MrShake, did you ever get an answer on this? I read that 3 x 25mm coarse thread screws were needed, but I can't figure out why only three and where did they go. I see four holes for the small fan that blows on the extruder, then two holes for each shroud to mount to the new bracket, and then each shroud has two holes to mount the fans.

Can anyone really dumb this down and explain the screws? I only ask because like MrShake, I want to order the right items the first time and make sure I put this together right without ruining a good print! Thanks!!!

I was referred here from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH2KG7y8EDY

He also included the following links for parts.
Fans: http://amzn.to/1K2aRAI
4-40 x 1-1/4 IN Machine screws: http://low.es/1L830Td

Awesome - thanks! so I'm assuming he used those to attach the fans to the shrouds. Did he use the same screws to attach the shrouds to the mount? Sorry for all the questions.

Honestly I don't know, just got my printer the other day. Still printing out the new spool holder and currently printing out the lifters.

Comments deleted.

I printing these plans out in PLA, but can you tell me about your cooling settings for ABS with this modification? Will it stand up to the heat if you don't have active cooling? I'm having issues with warping in ABS anyways, any tips or settings changes I should make? Thanks TechSupportGo!

Will this work on the Robo3D Plus model?

Yes. However you will have to substitute the back shroud for this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1026691

R1+ Fix for 3D ROBO R1 Dual Fan Mount

This thing is awesome!, I did have to print the remixed rear shroud to fit my hex head from Niculear. Printed in abs so that I would not have melting issues when I was not running the active cooling fans while printing abs. My bridge and Overhang game is strong now.

Awesome!! Glad it helped. If you get a chance check out this other project I just released showing off the capabilities of the R1. Using this shroud I designed helped with the bridging on that project. If you like it please share. Thanks

The Black Widow 3D Printed Guitar

So can I assume this setup would not work with my R1 equipped with the E3D V6?

no, the v6 heatsink is wider than the hexagon, i personally butchered the mount to make a temperary fan mount while i print one designed for the v6's body fat

I followed all instructions but this did not work for me. The fan shrouds scrape against the build plate destroying my prints (despite anything I tried to do to fix this, even after sanding down some of the surfaces to improve the tolerance), and my Hexagon hotend melted the opening of the nozzle for the rear shroud. I am using an R1 that was purchased 2 weeks ago.

I don't have the scraping issue, however the fan shroud in the rear did not fit due to the shape of the hotend. I shortened the shroud in 123D and posted a remix to this.


I'm using a brand-new Robo3D R1+, and it doesn't appear that the height tolerances have changed.

R1+ Fix for 3D ROBO R1 Dual Fan Mount

I am sorry this did not work for you. Maybe they changed their tolerances, hopefully not :) I did include the solidworks file in case anyone needed to make some changes for their machine.

What size fans I use with the fan shrouds?

You can use the stock fans but I have included a link to the fans I am using in the description.

Tech, I just printed this out and it is incredibly...incredible.
Thank you very much!

Thank you for the positive feedback!

hey Tech, if you send me the STL's for the e3d v6 dual setup you've been working on I'll test them out on my printer. Im Driod on the Forum.

I never felt the need to upgrade to e3d v6 as I have absolutely no issues with my RoboR1. So I never completed the mods, sorry about that. I did include the solidworks files of the original mod if you want to have a go at it yourself.

Added the resource file.

Comments deleted.

worked great good job is there any plans on making it for the e3d v6

(Resended Comment)

Yes, I plan to create multiple bolt on or snap on upgrades for the Robo3d R1. As far as the e3d v6 I am working on a dual 20mm deep fan design but will not be able to test it until I upgraded my hot end. I will publish it as soon as it looks like I have a working version :)

Any update on the e3D? I would love to use this on my robo.