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Sunhokey X-Carriage Fan Holder and Mod to Maximize Build Height Z-200mm

by projectearth7 May 9, 2015
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Great design and nice winning those extra 20mm.
Would it be possible to mount an E3D v6 nozzle into this?

And yes you can mount E3D V6 nozzle... in fact, that is the one installed as you can see in the photos :)

Would you please explain how that works?
I have jus gotten the E3Dv6 but the hole in the bracket is either too small or i'm not doing it correctly.
Also, the E3Dv6 is shorter than the stock nozzle. Hence the bracket would touch the bed before the nozzle does?

Thanks again.

Hmmmmm... I haven't experienced that problem with my E3Dv6.

Haha great, i'm the first one to get a non-standard E3D.

Joking aside, your bracket design worked great for me with the stock nozzle.
Somehow, the new nozzle isn't fitting. I'll have to design something else for this then. Not that great at CAD but i'll give it a shot.


PS: would this fit your x-carriage mount? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:547706/#files

E3D v6 Bowden X-carriage mount Prusa i3
by Tech2C

I don't think it will fit my x-carriage mount since it was designed very differently with mine.

Question the extra fan is that sharing the same outlet on the board or do you just pop it in one of the unused slots on the board ?

Thank you. For me looks almost perfect. I would just add a mount for inductive sensor for auto bedleveling. Maybe you already have the idea where to mount it best not to compromise the range of motion of the carriage holder?

hi do you have the stl files? I cant open the files in cura
great desing

bro I don't have stl files... try netfabb to convert obj to stl... cheers!

Really awesome work! Im really happy with the kit. I already printed everythiing. But i still have one question, how did you managed to fix the Fan Holder for the 40mm?

Thanks for appreciating my things... I used super glue (cyanoacrylate) to bond the 2 parts together.

Awesome where would I be able to find the green blower ends! :)

Here is the link for the fan duct... http://www.thingiverse.com/make:136705

Sunhokey Prusa I3 fan nozzle cooler Filament

Could you tell me to what the connector on the motherboard (MKS) to connect the blowing of the detail ( nozzle fan ). Do I need to change the firmware or there is all there is? Thanks in advance .

On the MKS board you can see a connector (left of the hotend connector) which has a label "Fan" on it... this is where the turbo/nozzle fan is connected. I have the 2014 version of the printer and it has this turbo fan installed on it so no problem with the firmware. I am not sure though for the 2015 version if need to change the firmware.

Thank you! Already found connector. Connected the fan, airflow is controlled by the G-code and work perfectly. I ordered long bearings. How come gather the head of your scheme. Thanks again.

Hi, great job, but after printing I saw that screw for z adjustment become useless.
The head nozzle and the bottom of plastic that retain the screw are almost at the same level.

That may happen.... you see my Z endstop design was made long ago when I have not thought of improving the X-carriage yet.

Now on my case I slightly bent the micro switch arm downward just enough to make it function again. But the permanent solution would be to design a ver.2 of my Z-endstop with the height adjuster positioned at least a cm higher.

Will post the ver.2 Z-adjuster as soon as I can.

Great, one suggestion if possible, simply you can design piece at the same level, to be an extension of acrylic piece.

I am not sure about that but considering your suggestion how about I just redesign the Z-micro switch holder since it is just a small part to replace.

I will just redesign it so as to position the micro switch 5~10mm lower.

more better :) , also I thought when assemble it.
Now, I removed the screw and raised the heat bed 2-3 mm with some nuts.

Great improvement, wondering if you thought to design also for timing belt adjustment,
since we don't have the current version of the supplier.

And another improvement for filament support, to keep the filament without be bended.


Judging from your skull you printed, your print quality is awesome!

Would you please be so kind and share your firmware and slicer settings?


My firmware setting is stock setting. Haven't tried to upgrade it yet. The only change in setting is the Estep set to 105.9 (based from my calibration result)

As for the other setting:
I used 0.3mm nozzle diameter.
Material ABS (Esun Filament)
I used CURA (stand alone not from Repetier) to slice.
Here is my Cura profile setting from gcode https://www.dropbox.com/s/z7xy8yhcpwas67k/skull_ABS_pt1_nofill.gcode?dl=0

Still make a bit of tweaking depends on print result.

Cheers mate!

Hey man! Love your rework jobs! What did you print your parts in? PLA or ABS? Just curious if material is important for your builds.

Thanks mate... I printed mine in ABS.

But I think it is also ok to use PLA for this. You can also ask those who printed my design on what material they use just to make sure ;)

I did mine in pla

Thanks! Wanted to check cuz I can only print in PLA for now as my printer lives with me in a tiny hostel room. I'd probably get some sort of health problem from ABS fumes if I tried now.

awesome stuff there!
i love the skull, in fact it encouraged me to
order the sunhokey Prusa i3 version.
any tips for best calibration?
very soon i'll print the Fan Holder and Mod
thanks mate!

Thanks for appreciating my things man.

By the way I made some revisions on the parts (Version 3)... kindly check it out.

As for calibration method, honestly I just watched tons of video tutorials on youtube.

Comments deleted.