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Pi Boy Portable

by Jooxoe3i May 9, 2015
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How did you go about creating that short HDMI cable? I thought about shortening one for a project, but got scared away at the tiny tiny wires.

are the 'wings' able to attach and detach kinda like the switch if so were are the connectors? ive been looking for a switch type case for a rpi handheld

Have you got any step files?

no - sorry
this was designed in blender - so hard-surfaces only (= the same as the uploaded stls)

looks like a nintendo switch prototype


Is this: 5.0" 40-pin TFT Display - 800x480 with Touchscreen the same as the touchscreen you are using from watterott?

Hi - there are tons of displays that would match, so no idea :-P
you'd have to look at the datasheet of whatever display your referencing and compare its specs to the one from watterott - their site has some specs listed
the outer dimensions are probably what you want to compare - since the case is designed towards those

It looks like the adafriut one should work.

I'm designing a similar rig and was curious what you thought about the feel of the 5 way navigation switch? It was either that or 4 separate buttons with a special mount and a modified d-pad, but clearly the nav switch is better for space saving.

i like the nav switch - the feel is pretty decent, but not as good as a original (snes) gamepad with rubber-dome switches
but it can come close with a flexbile-filament (ninjaflex) "keycap" (like i used here ).
the only two things to watch out is that the keycap fits snug on the switch-stem and that the whole switch has a solid mount (backed by a piece of pcb or glued down)

Pi-Boy Classic

Hello. I am designing a similar portable RetroPie console (based on a Pi Zero) and got tired of searching for a decent 3D printable button, so I'm salvaging an old PS2 controller and using those buttons (they use rubber switches with metallic contacts below, see picture link below). I'm too early on the design, but as soon as I get somewhere concrete I'll upload it on Thingiverse and share.


Is this for raspberry pi b 2?

it fits a B+ or Pi B 2, so yes

Hi, awesome project :). Can you tell me which software do you use for designing the case?

greeting Dominik

this design was created with blender :-)

Hi.. I like your design i am i the process of printing the parts now to build one.. Just one little question, I cant see any spots for speakers, Is there a place for audio on this design?

nope, no speakers - this was intentional, since i use the audio-connector on the raspberry directly (little extension cord to one of the ports/flaps at the back if you like) with some headphones, to not annoy the other passengers while riding the bus/train/... :-P

Sorry to bother again, but if I wanted to include an internal battery, are there any external connections on this build that would allow for charging, or would something have to be added in? I know my way around modeling software and 3d printing, but am very new to RaspPi stuff.

Thanks for the help!

the one i made runs of external power/battery - but i designed in two additional flaps that you could use for access to a charging connector (e.g. a micro-usb one from a lipo-charger circuit like adafruits powerboost, or one of those cell-phone usb-batterypacks)

I have one question. In the 1st image you show the completed unit with a USB SNES controller, yet have the same buttons in almost the same configuration integrated into the unit itself. Are the USB ports for using other controllers with different button configurations, such as the N64, or for multiplayer games?

I would love to build one of these because of the slimmer form factor, but had not seen the extra USB ports on the Super Game Pi, thus my question.

Thank you!

the first picture is mainly for size comparison :-)

the orientation the raspberry-pi is built in is so that the usb-ports and the ethernet are accessible from the rear (covered by a row of flaps if not used) - to plug in additional controllers, usb-sticks, ...

This is a really nice design, but I have a few questions, like, do I use the parts with the supports or the ones without the supports? Also, which body_rear do I use? (There are 6)


thnx :-)

*_WITH_SUPPORT: that depends on your printer - if you get away with autogenerated support or can get good results without any supports: use the side-parts without - otherwise the ones with (and leave autogenerated supports off)

body_rear: all of them :-) -- those are different flaps covering the usb/ethernet ports of the raspberry (see pictures and explosion view model)

Thanks, I am using shapeways to print my items until I get a printer, so I will use the ones _WITH_SUPPORTS.

shapeways uses SLA printers AFAIK - supports are only needed for FDM type printers -> go for the support-less ones :-)

posts some pics (aka a "made") when the parts arrive (and/or your done assembling) :-D

Hey, I got my own printer, so I printed on that! I will put pics soon.

looking forward to it :-D

Looks awesome! Would love to see this with a battery pack of some sort.

or if you want, you could possibly make a aaa batery rig using this battery box: https://www.adafruit.com/products/727 with a mobile device wall plug (sorry, dont know how to describe them, but youl know... if not look a this, its what i mean: https://www.adafruit.com/products/501 ). i dont know how you would connect them, but i think id work.

just put one in, theres still plenty of room for a flat lipo battery plus an adafruit powerboost for example :-)

i justs didn't since any use this sees is on a couch/sofa/... with an outlet always in reach

Wow! very VERY nice! great form factor! I love it.
I certainly don't envy you having to do the HDMI cable trimming though. I especially love the flaps to cover the ports at the rear.
Is there a battery in the unit?

Masterfully done.

glad you like it - thanx in return for your design that inspired this one :-D

cutting the hdmi was a bit of a pain, but doable - the price you pay for having a fast (not a gpio = spi) and crisp (not analog) display... believe my, i tried those :-P

as of yet there is no battery, but there is still room for a lipo pack plus boost converter - might be an improvement i'll implement in the future, when i whant to use it away from a couch with a close-by power outlet.