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Apple Watch Charging Stand

by evancli May 5, 2015
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Very nice design
Thank you.
it works great with apple 3rd gen

Worked perfect for Gen 1 Apple Watch, thanks.

I flipped on its side and used supports.

I'm not sure if the charger for the apple 44mm is larger but I had to scale mine up a bit to fit

How much more did you have to scale it up? I want to print one of these for my 44mm watch.

If anyone else is looking in and curious, I have a 44mm watch and this print worked for it without scaling. Not sure what was up with zlaw777's charger.

I feel like this would want to fall over whenever I go to put my watch on it.

This is elegant and perfectly functional. I printed it on a Zortrax M200 in Z-ABS with default supports and got a lovely result. Thank you.

I have a question. What is the hole diameter (mm), where the charging circuit can be stacked. I have another kind of clock.
Thank you for your response.

If you mean the diameter of where the charging puck sits, it is 28.30mm, with a depth of 7.25mm. Hope that helps.

Recently it has come to my attention that a company named Just 3D Print, Inc, has been printing and selling this design ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/262155632104 ) in violation of the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license and my special granted permission of allowing for the charging for print time and material. In addition, the listing lacks any attribution to this Thingiverse item or myself as the creator. I had contacted them regarding these violations of my relatively copyleft license. Copied below is my initial out reach letter to them.

"To Just 3D Print,

It has come to my attention that you have made an unauthorized use of my copyrighted work entitled Apple Watch Charging Stand. Your eBay listing found at http://www.ebay.com/itm/262155632104 is in violation of the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license. I have stated that charging for printing time and material was allowed, but your Buy It Now price of $55.35 does not match the indicated prices you have set. The model, at 57.7824 cubic centimeters, printed at a cost of $0.75 per cubic centimeter, should result in maximum price of $43.34. This is in violation of the specified license and my special granted terms ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:809003/#comment-620213 ). In addition, the listing lacks the proper attribution as required by the Creative Commons license.

Please correct these violations within 5 days and confirm that the proper changes have been made to comply with the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license, otherwise I shall consider taking any and all legal remedies available to rectify this situation.

Evan Li"

Just 3D Print, Inc immediately replied with the follow message.


When you uploaded your items onto Thingiverse for mass distribution, you lost all rights to them whatsoever. They entered what is known in the legal world as "public domain".
The single exception to public domain rules are "original works of art".
No court in the USA has yet ruled a CAD model an original work or art.
Therefore, you have no right to exclude others from utilizing the CAD models you have uploaded.
Furthermore, if in the future we do get a precedent in the USA for establishing CAD models as "original works of art", we would still likely be just fine as we are not re-selling your CAD models, but rather "transformative" adaptions of them in the form of 3D printed objects.


I requested some simple and fair changes as the original creator of the model, but they have decided to disregard my reasonable requests and Thingiverse's own Terms of Use. I am posting this as clear transparency of my part in this issue.

Apple Watch Charging Stand
by evancli

I realize this is a couple of years old, but claiming that uploading something puts it in the public domain and therefore is free for the taking couldn't be further from the truth and the law. You maintain the copyright of anything you create and the CCANC license is the rights you give to someone to use your creation because you chose to license it under a certain type of license. The Non-Commercial license clearly prohibits re-use or re-distribution for commercial purposes and gain. That user is an absolute moron.

What happened with this? I just skimmed the license. It is pretty well-written and should hold up. I see the listing is no longer on Ebay, so were successful in blocking these guys?

Just printed one of these and it works just great. Any suggesting on what to place in the 'weigh-it-down' slot on the bottom?

Honestly I'm not sure what happened, it wasn't worth any further effort on my part as others (who were more wronged) took actions.

As for the 'weigh-it-down' slot, I used a couple magnets hot glued into place. Specifically these 18mm magnets from amazon. http://a.co/b7zy8n5

the top surface is not tilted enough to show the apple watch's charging screen...ie the always on...clock and charging indicator....someone should remix this with a greater sloped surface to utilize that software feature.

What a great looking design!
Can this be printed on the side without any supports? (I've just started the print using PLA with blue painter's tape and glue on the bed.)

Never mind, I answered my own question. And the answer is yes. It came out good using PLA. The only issue was is the recess for the cord did not come out that clean. However, I was able to clean it up using a razor blade.

Glad it worked out for you. I've updated the instructions to indicate that supports are optional. Enjoy.

Can provide secondary validation. Worked just fine without supports. Would have a slightly better finish, i.e. no gunk on the bottom side, but it isn't that much.

Bear with me, Im new to 3D Printing and decided to use this as my first print using the included ABS cartridge from XYZprinting. I tried printing this twice on my new Da Vinci Pro, and the round hole for the charger up top seems too small. What would cause this? Are certain filaments prone to shrinking? Do i need to increase the build size dependent on the machine? I really want to make this functional, but not sure what Im doing wrong if anything. Thanks in advance if anyone is able to provide advice

Some printers have dimensional inaccuracies. If the size is just slightly off, you can try increasing the overall scale of the model by 1 to 3 percent.

i increased it by 3... if I do it again I will probably use 2%. Weighed it down by stuffing pennies in the base as another suggested. Printed in ABS, very nice stand, but found its not compatible with all my bands as some of the dressier watch bands unclasp but remain as one piece. When I have these on I can still hang the watch on there at an angle so no biggie. Thanks for this great free design!

I have a question. I have a M3D Printer. The object is too big to print whether vertical or horizontal. Are there any dimensions I can change without impacting the ability to properly secure the charging devices and the watch?


Based on the 109mm x 113mm print area of the M3D Printer, it should be just printable on its side. But, the critical dimensions are the rectangular cutout in the base for the USB A connector to pass through, and the area where the charging puck sits, the rest can be changed. Good luck.

Thanks! It turns out I need to do a bit better of a job centering the object on the printer bed. It is in the middle of printing now. Thanks for the quick response!


I have a question about the license. If i print the model and sell it it is that ok?.
But if somebody ask to print the model and they just pay the printing time and the material is that ok?

But what happend if you are the author of the model, and you put a non-commercial licence, you can still sell it?

Best Regards.

Charging for printing time and material is fine. I just didn't want people trying to sell the model. Thanks for the interest. Enjoy.

Very elegant! I really like the 'soft curves'. What software did you use to design this? Thanks.

It was designed in Solidworks.

Printed nicely. I "Stored" 8 pennies in the base. Its a tight fit but works well.


I don't have an Apple Watch but this is fantastic, good work!

Yeah, they are pretty backordered. I lucked out with a Apple Developer invite.

How did you get your watch so fast????

Step 1: aquire Apple watch

Very nice design with lots of smart touches - like the space in the base for adding weight and the hidden cable channel

Charger hole is perfect fit (unlike a few other designs I've tried on Thingverse)

Printed very well - Simplify3D on a Lulzbot Taz 5