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iPhone 5 Gear Case with Geneva Mechanism

by BrandonW6 Apr 25, 2013
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All the holes in the gears are too big by about 30% thus there is too much slop for the gear train to work smoothly and properly. The holes in the case are also too large.
The case fits my iPhone 5 perfectly. Overall this item is unusable and not worth printing.

Something others might want to consider is gluing a clear plastic sheet on the back to reduce dust into the gears. Just cut a hole for the chuck so you can still turn the clockwork.

I made just the test fit first, I’m hoping to remix the part so that I can still use my phone case as a wallet.
The pegs are way too small for the holes in the center of the gears, and I think it’s making it hard to rotate, since the center changes. It’s also possible the teeth aren’t the ideal shape, so it needs a little wiggle room, it’s just a LOT of wiggle.
I’m really excited to have this though. Thanks to the creator for making it. If I figure out how to edit stl files in solidworks, I’ll be sure to put in my contribution too.

pins are way too loose

My pins are too loose, like way too loose, they allow the gears to rotate around the pin and not just spin...

Does it protect your phone?

For some odd reason, when I use Slicer on some of the files, the G-Code becomes completely messed up. Tried with new downloads, and same issue. It's with the gear files.

Using Repetier version 1.0? Im getting the same problem with numerous prints. Just waiting on updates.

I printed this in ABS, and many of the gears are WAAAY to lose.
You did a great job of making the case that fits an iPhone without scale modifications.
The pins fit great.
But your gear holes are terrible.
So lose someone else had to make a custom pin.
The Geneva gear is too lose to function at all. It slips completely off track.
The rest is ok, besides that other gear.
You have 2 gears attempting to "float".
So two washers are needed. I will see what I can do.

works great with 1 shell, 20% infill .27mm layers.
However your middle left gear (with the 4 holes) is crap. It needs a washer or something to hold it in place above the top left gear to stay in contact with the largest gear.

when making it what infill did you use?

If printing this case in ABS do you need to scale up +1% to account for shrink?

Any chance there is a file out there of this of the whole assembly? In addition to that iphone 5c would be nice too.

can you post the source files? I would like to modify this to fit iphone 5c

I got everything else to print except the gears.
Working with .2mm 1.75mm filament, 3 vert layers, on a solidoodle 3.
Program is Repetier, slicing with Slic3r. (won't slice, keeps freezing) any suggestions?

Try repairing it with netfabb or using cura. Sometimes slic3r struggles.

Maybe someone can send me the G-code for all the gears? (just the gears)

Hi, my pins are too small and the gears move aroung. How are the pins fixed to the backcover. Are they glued?

For some reason, when I print this, the pins are too small and the gears move around. Are they supposed to be loose?

having the same problem as well, has anyone come up with a solution?

Hi, I have the same problem. Did you solve it?

Can someone please share printer settings for the case? I am new to 3d printing/have a printrbot LCv2--tried the case at imm layer height, 1.75 filament, can't get the infill/density settings correct (the gears at .24 layer height are good).
thanks for any tips/suggestions.

I cannot remember what I used specifically, But I think i had two perimeters and probably 25% infill.

I can print this on CubeX Duo and send to anywhere, for very cheap price..

I have an admittedly selfish request. Is there any chance I could ask you for a version of the files with all main phone parts together for one large printing platform? I don't have access to a 3d printer myself, so I was planning to send it to Shapeways to print, but shapeways tacks on extra cost per-model, and it adds up to be quite expensive. If I have all the parts in a single file, it'll probably print for a decent price.

One thing you could try is downloading Makerware and combining all the parts on the build platform and then saving the file

Good idea, it makes sense to put it up there for people without printers.
I'll work on combining the files tonight.

Did you ever have a chance to combine these? It would be nice to have one file with the gears and one with the rest. This way I'm not constantly going back and forth to the printer.

Do you really only want one big file? Most people print these in two colors. I could create one file for the gears, and another for the frame and pins? Also I am aprehensive about if the tolerances I designed for extrusion printing will be the same as shapeways printers. One user told me they had to actually scale the case down by a small fraction for their printer. I may want to have shapeways print one for me first, just to see that it will fit correctly before you get it.

Hey thanks for converting the case to fit IPhone 5. I love the design a lot! Just one tiny little thing....if the lip on the case front could be slightly deeper so when the phone is facing down it doesn't contact or get scratched by the table or whatever surface it's put on. At the moment I can only leave it facing up so all the cool gears are hidden facing down. Thanks!

Hey, I'm glad you like it. Sure no problem, I have updated and added a "deeper lip" version of the case. Let me know how it works out. :)

Hi, the phone case worked perfect! The deeper lip is great. I've uploaded some photos to show you. Thanks for the design. I enjoyed making them!

Wow, you're cranking these out! Are you selling them?
Love the color combinations!

Nah can't sell them cuz it's not my design. Just want to have something handy to show people what my 3D printer can do. Besides, the whole thing took 7-8 hours all up to print the parts and another hour to clean up and assemble. I put lots of efforts in over the last 3 days as I really really wanted one for myself :D

Heheheheee thanks! Looks like I'm making more iPhone cases tonight!!! :D

Do we need scale it by .1 when using abs ?

I should't think so, I printed it in ABS using the files as posted.

Thank you
Will try it soon with glow gears

i tried to download this and just got Certificate trust list files, and not a single blender file

.STL files are for 3D printing.

.STL files are for 3D printing.