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Updated.. Link's Master Sword With Keys

by hmackowski Apr 27, 2015
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Great design, everything printed well and the point, be careful if your printer prints it well..... it's pretty sharp!
I did modify the guard for those who may have issues printing with heavy supports. Feel free to use, reference, etc as any of you please.

Updated.. Link's Master Sword With Keys (guard split)

Hello, I wanted to tell you that the files are corrupt and do not open properly, they appear with a few notches. Could you please resubmit them?

I don't have any issues. I have just finished printing one for the kids. Although the keys are too tight and one broke off as some of the other posters noted.

I was able to get the blade to fit together well with a -0.1 compensation. had to cut them down a bit though as they bottomed out. I also remixed it a bit to separate the bottom of the blade from the hilt so i could use a different material for both and not transition mid blade.

This looks awesome definitely be my next print. Did anyone try printing it with carbon fibre?

hey i downloaded your sword and it couldn't fit my printer
so i remodel them a bit so that could fit my printer and i was hoping that you would see them and comment on them

just how... this is amazing... thanks for putting it on this so i can print it

Definitely a cool sword, but the tabs are pretty fragile and the tolerances are too tight. I'm in the middle of printing the blade now and so far all the tabs have snapped off. If you just fix those it'll be golden.

i printed it out it was scaled just fine and the keys lined up the only issue is THE KEYS ARE DESIGNED ABSOLUTLY TERRIBLY . being flat tabs they break of very easily leaving you either having to reprint parts or come up with something else if the creator where smarter he or she would have made them thicker or a different shape all together

He was smart enough to design..What have you designed?

I will be adding new keys, but being rude doesn't help anyone. You could always 3d model your own sword.

dont worry about that comment, the sword looks awesome. I havent printed it yet, but will get to it once the new roll of filament comes in. I was planning on printing this sword for my 6 year old little girl who wants to be link for Halloween!

For those asking, part sizes in millimeters are as follows:

== Height, Width, Depth - or - Z, X, Y ==

1 (sword tip) : 171.17, 57.11, 13.17
2 (blade section 1) : 182.17, 60.14, 13.14
3 (blade section 2) : 167.36, 62.89, 13.14
4 (blade section before guard) : 162.54, 73.96, 13.14
5 (guard) : 145.15, 218.34, 69.39
6 (handle) : 170.34, 45.81, 45.8

All pieces were loaded into FlashPrint for measurement, imported in their original up-right positions.

The largest piece being "2 (blade section 1)" at 182.17mm tall. Can confirm this piece fits on a 2016 FlashForge when positioned flat and lengthwise to the print bed. Obviously not ideal due to potential warping.

Total length with all the pieces put together would be around 998.73 mm or 39.32 inches.

Thanks for the info I be printing with the flash forge

Hi, Do you take commissions for 3d modelling?

If he doesn't, I do!

Message me and tell me what you're after.

how long are the sections in millimetres please to check that I can print the parts please

How long is the longest section?

I am new here. What do you mean when you say you include registration keys?

HEY!? this is so glorious and I want to print it so bad but I can't my printer can only print like four inches high at a time so I can't print the hilt and handle because of height. Would you by any chance be willing to put the part file online or make one of the hilt and handle being cut in half vertically so that it can be printed smoothly and put together? That would awesome thanks

I just figured out how to upload it. I up loaded it as a remix.

I only had one problem. I use a uPrint SE Plus and the prints came out great but I was wishing that the support links were cylindrical rather than flat. One of them broke as I was putting it together so I reprinted it. Other then that the print is great. Some super glue while putting them together made for an extremely strong hold and I could even swing it. Looks great.

Any chance you post the hilt in two parts so it prints flat without supports?

I just used my slicer to lay it down and cut off the bottom then flipped it over and did the same on the other side. You just need to know the size and divide it in half

Thanks for the tip. Love the video making this for my son. Gave me a lot of good tips and thanks to your tip of splitting the hilt I was able to try something new.

Thanks again

What's the avg print time for all 6 pieces? I assume it's printed at 30%?

What's the best way to print these with minimal supports?

exactly the way it looks in the picture, that is how I printed them, it is mostly the hilt that needs support

So you printed everything standing up? I am not sure if my printer is "tall" enough to do it that way. Do you know the height on the tallest part?

Thank you! Finally a good model of the Skyward Sword master sword...

Pieces are not scaled the same and with no reference it's impossible to get to to line up properly. A wasted 20+ hour print.

Agreed. I printed it for my brother for christmas, and it wasn't scaled properly.

the pieces are scaled properly, you may have put it together incorrectly, I added pictures of it put together.

Well, then makerbot desktop does not import them properly. They're too large so it makes them all equal height (keys included) so pieces end up with a 1/8" to 1/4" misalignment.

It must be makerbot, I use a Lulzbot Taz 5 and use Simplify3D to print.

Definitely a well put together model.