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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Fan holder/mount for E3D v6 on Kossel effector

by saldot Apr 19, 2015
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Does anyone remake this fan holder for E3D V6 clone? It has 25mm diameter.

Has anyone had problems with this part melting due to heat, especially when printed with PLA? Where should I put Kapton tape in order to ensure that my part is well insulated?

now u need to add fan mounts for 5015 also ^^

oh crap i've been mounting the hotend fan upside down this entire time!
i'm using a 40mm fan, i thought the "tall part" of the fan holder faced upwards but nope! it faces down, the bottom of the fan should be down level-ish with the hot end.
that would explain why the parts fan seems to cool the hot end to much, its too high up

Yeah, i realize it might be hard to see from my pictures. Especially since you print that part up side down. I might change the description text to clarify.

Not a good design. Nearly every bolt hole is too close to the edge of the part, so when you run a screw into it, the plastic cracks. And the zip tie slots are too fragile. It's going in the right direction but it misses the mark by a wide margin.

I've never had a problem with it cracking. What plastic are you using when printing the part? Some are more prone to cracking than others.
The plastics I've used are folorfabb PLA/PHA and colorfabb XT which is less prone to cracking than normal PLA.
Also, if the plastic crack when inserting a screw the holes must be to small. It's a tricky situation you have to calibrate every printer individually to figure out the offset needed when designing parts. A 3mm hole could turn up as 2.5mm one one printer, 2.9 on another depending on extrusion, the orientation of the hole (vertical/horizontal) and other variables too.
Best way around it i've found is to drill the holes after the part is printed, that way you ensure it's the correct size.

Can you give me a hint how you made the 40mm duct? DSMech dosen't support blending one shape into another while extruding/pulling, other than SpaceClaim. How did you manage to get this blend?

I made parts of it in openscad than imported the stl into DSmech since it doesn't support blending as you way. Was a pain in the "#¤%&.
If i were to make it again i'd design this part in fusion360.

When I looked into the "feature tree" I thought that it might have been imported. And I guessed that it would be openscad. So, I did exactly the same. And YES. It's a pain in the +". :-)
Never heard about Fusion360. But I just installed it. Looks good! Acually I love DSMech. But this lack of functionality is bad. Actually it seems to me that an earlier version of it had this feature. There are some video tutorials showing it (DSMech, not spaceclaim).

Is there a way to make the 40mm fan shroud a little thicker? I am only able to get on perimeter with my 0.4 nozzle and with the over hangs the layers near the top have gaps between the layer. if the tip of the tip of the nozzle was about 0.8mm or larger in order to get 2 perimeters would work better.

is there a reason why this is made only for a kossel ?, wouldn't the same design work on a prusa.

It might very well work for a prusa, I don't have access to one so cant test it. If you do you're welcome to try it and comment here if it does or doesn't fit.
The source files for the (in DS Mechanical format - no STEP files, sorry) are available so if it doesn't fit you can modify it.

is possible a volvano version?

ups! My heatsink is maybe 2-3mm bigger and does not fit on the center piece... Maybe it's a E3d v5? Can't tell the difference..

hey! One important question; I have 3 12v fans now and a 3-way splitter . Do you connect them directly to the Fan on the FLSUN board? (the only fan pin actually..)

I connect the fan cooling the hotend to the PSU and the fans cooling the print to the printer board/controller (smoothie board in my case) in parallel. A 3way splitter should work well.

I have a FLSUN Board (http://i.imgur.com/xoff3eR.jpg) I only have 1 possible connector to the fan(s)..I'm afraid I'll damage the board if all 3 fans are connected to a single pin

If that is the BT7272A board (or variation of) then there are actually three fan separate connections on it. There are two non controllable fan connections using the little plug and the third is the wire connector.

If you look at the board the controllable one is in the right side of the green block at the bottom. The two other connectors are side by side on the upper right corner. Look close at the marking on the board and you will see it support fan heater, and a bunch of other stuff not even mentioned lol.

You'll have to find the specs to see what the fan output is rated for.
But as I said, I'd connect the fan cooling the hotend straight to the power supply and run the 2 fans cooling the print off the printer board.
You want the fan cooling the hotend to be on all the time when the printer is powered on.

For E3D v5 use center part from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1103672 Works great. Thx

Fan holder/mount for E3D v5 on Kossel effector
by DeStulp

to bad you did keep working on the 5015. Woulds have been sweet. I printed it but the arms were to short. I have no design skills else Id edit myself.

I did but it never worked well, the 5015 fans didn't fit as they are taller than the hotend.
I've ordered a 4020 fan which might work. Not able to test though as my printer is in pieces at the moment, testimg a coreXY style printer.

Let me now I could always test for you! Ahhh what style of corexy? D boot?

Could you slim the Center parts a bit to imitate the shape of for example MM_HOLDER.stl of http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:868258/#files ? There seems to be room for it. Also, maybe the heatsink fan base could be lowered slightly. That way the center parts would not block the Kossel's Z-probe mechanics.

I added 4th picture on my make ( http://www.thingiverse.com/make:224913 ) to clarify my suggestion.

Snow Effector with z probe
Fan holder/mount for E3D v6 on Kossel effector

I haven´t done any work on this part for over a year. I've included the source files for Designspark Mechanical which I used to design this part under files so if you want you could make the changes yourself.
At some point i might redesign the whole thing in Fusion360 and export at step files but don't know when that will be.

Silly question - but could I use the 40MM side fans with the 30MM center fan? Playing around with different cooling configurations on my DIY Ultimaker V2, and this looks interesting. Due to my hot end mount, I don't think I could fit the 40MM center fan.

That's about the only configuration I haven't tried.
I've used a 30mm center with 30mm side fans and a 40mm center with both 30 & 40mm side fans, all those configuration works well. Cant see why a 30mm center and 40mm side fans it wouldn't work.
The reason I switched to 40mm fans was to lower the noise, 30mm center & side fans do a good job at cooling but were a little too loud for me.

Can i have the original flies i like to make them a litte bit different for my own printer

I've uploaded the .rsdoc files so you should be able to download them.

Thank you but do you also have something like a stp or step file, this files work fine with my software

Sorry, i dont. DesignSpark Mechanical doesn't support export to stp/step afaik. Think you have to buy a (very very expensive) addon to get step export.

Printed both versions to see how they would fit here.

Ends of blowing nozzles are too high on my v6 - http://i.imgur.com/RVgHGUM.png . The best solution would be to replace mounting holes with rails that would allow for up/down adjustment (sorry for ugly drawing - http://i.imgur.com/hXxp6EE.png)

That would make possible to lower blowing nozzles and make them closer to printed surface and avoid blowing into heating block and into printing nozzle.

I think it would be good to make fans be more horizontal than vertical - air flow would be more straight into output than currently is. Something like http://i.imgur.com/788TTE3.png or http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:785131 (these are way too big but the idea is clear).

ps. original v6 plastic for fan has slight protrusion that fits in middle of heatsink fins to prevent it from moving up/down (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:340312 -> http://i.imgur.com/E1oedJP.png). Not strictly neccessary - just nice addition.

Cooling fan ducts for Monkeyfab Prime3D (Budaschnozzle)
by skriver
E3D-v6 Fan Duct

Thanks for your feedback!
Did you mount the center like i did in the picture? If you did the fans should be blowing at the print and not the hotend. I have been using that setup for a month (3x30mm fans) and as far as i could tell they were blowing at the printed part, not the hotend. On your picture though, it looks like they are blowing at the hotend which makes me thing you have the center mounted to high up on the cooler.

I understand what you mean by the sliding holes, that's an interesting idea. I only had my printer in mind when designing this thing and on a kossel mini with the e3d v6 holder i designed there isn't really any room to move the side fans up or down but i guess on another printer that could be useful. To point the flow of air closer or further from the hotend i "lean" the side parts as in this picture: http://imgur.com/K4DJ26b

By the way, it looks like you have your heater block mounted upside down. The screw for the thermistor is supposed to be on the bottom. That way the heater cartridge is closer to the nozzle too. Here is a good guide for assembling the e3d vg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr02pG58gaU

It's mounted exactly on that 26mm part of heatsink (http://wiki.e3d-online.com/images/0/0a/DRAWING-V6-175-SINK.png) and SaldoT_E3D_V6_Fanholder_30mmfans-_Center in that area is also 26mm, so I think I have it correctly positioned. If the idea is to blow from ~2cm away from nozzle and just direct airflow then it's ok. I thought output of that duct is meant to physically close to printed area. (I'll need to lower fans (use rails etc) anyway since there is colision with X-endstop here)

Tested 40mm fan + 40mm (left/right) duct on my ear (good place to feel air flow) and there is huge back flow on upper side. I man air is bounced from duct and goes back in opposite direction (against fan and) main flow. http://i.imgur.com/OxHadoz.png

My heater block was indeed incorrectly installed (looks like I incorrectly assembled it after last disassembly). Fixed. Thanks.

ps. could you also publish DSM files?

.rsdoc files are up for download if you're still interested.

Hi, how is your 40mm version going on?

I completed them a few days ago but I didn't want to publish them before I tried them myself.
Still waiting for the remaining 2 fans but I published the parts anyway.
The center 40 mm fan holder works well, I have it running on my printer now with 2 x 30 mm fans to cool down the print. But I have no idea if the side versions for 40 mm fans work well or not. I'll know when i get the remaining 2 fans next week.