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Spell Book MTG Deck Box

by ClassyGoat Apr 16, 2015
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I just printed the Large version which would close with the tiestring.

I notice now that I have all parts printed, that the top is not printed very well. I don't know the root cause of the issue, but what has happened, is that the top now when assembled, touches immediately the pages part on the book near the hinges, so that it hinders it from closing properly.

It basically rests half open, with 1 - 1,5 cm gap.

I can close it with force, and sure, probably tie a tiestring... but it feels a bit insecure. And brittle, I'm afraid that a few hits when assembled and tied would cause the hinges to break off, due to the constant stress.

Also, one of the hinges was quite difficult to push the rod through. But I managed that.

Is it a common issue that the cover is somehow warped so that it touches the base? I did print the cover with supports, and the rest without.

Figured it out. My parts dont stick well to the surface, and bend up at edges, so that lifts up the Pages part somewhat, which then touches the Cover.


Great job. What is the font used for "Spell Book" ?

First off all cool print I was just wondering If you had a good link to get the proper magnet's for a default small print? I searched briefly through the comment's didn't see anything pointing me in the right direction.

What slicer do you use? I use cura and the instructions say exterior supports but cura doesn't have exterior supports

Just slice it with regular supports.

Hi, I am try to reproduce the DnD Secret Lock Book, that is based on your design, and i have a problem to make the pages. Could you explain me, how you done this realistic look?

I use 3DS Max, so I can't tell you how to do it with any other program... But if you're using max: you create a box with many height segments (around 50 should be good). Then put the "Noise" modifier on it. Change the X and Y strength to around 1. Then set the Scale to around 3. You might want to play around with those numbers until you get the desired look. Then to make the pages appear to bend to the spine of the book: Convert to editable poly. Go to the left view, select all the vertex in the vertical middle. Then use Soft Selection to drag the vertex to one side. And that's about it. Good luck.

Hi i am looking to print this and am wondering if it can hold one hundred sleeved cards

The "Large" version can hold up to 150 sleeved cards.
The "Small" can hold up to 75 sleeved cards

Printed GREAT! thanks you ... BUT watch your slicer on the top of book cover that supports are in the circles. First print did not come out but second print was great after fixing supports.

Hello! I really love your model, but i cant seem to fit my 60 card deck all of the way in. What Sleeves are you using, I'm using Dragonshields and they just dont seem to fit. If you could make the inner cavity like another centimeter taller without distorting the land symbols on the back piece that would be great! Thanks!

I printed the small version (empty) at 0.7 scale and I found that a piece of 1.75mm filament can be used very effectively in place of the rod.

NIce! Are the hinges just snap together? I was thinking of casting in aluminum and painting with glow-in-the dark paint.

No snapping required. Look at the files for an idea of how they fit together.

Thanks. Actually figured it out 2 min after my post. Duh!

Make sure to post pictures of the finished product. I'd love to see how it looks in aluminum.

Might be tricky cast so might take awhile to get it right. But I sure will when it's done.

Just a thought but on the back of the cover maybe you could leave a place for a card so you could show off you favorite card in a card sleeve or something.

Just a thought but on the back of the cover maybe you could leave a place for a card so you could show off you favorite card in a card sleeve or something.

Wish you had included a DXF files. Love love love this !!

Wow! Great file! One of the most fun I've done. I've taken to making my own custom covers after printing your "Spell Book" one. One thing I noticed, is that on the file Cover_Large_TieString, the cover itself isn't quite as wide as it should be, which creates an odd gap between the back spine and the joint with the front cover. If you look at that file, you'll see that it the buckle pins don't actually appear to be pinning into any material, it should be like 1/4" - 3/8" wider. Any chance you could provide that in a corrected version? I'll post some pictures of my prints once I get them painted. Working on two books now, but would like them with corrected covers if possible.


Would it be possible to get the large blank book without the hinges. I've broke the hinges twice now. I want to see if I can put real metal hinges.
I sliced off the letters to print seperately. But when i remove the hinges I can't figure out how to repair the hole without it looking wierd.
I do love the book. It really is kool.

Ok, just uploaded: Back_Large_Blank_NoHinge.STL and Front_Large_Blank_NoHinge.STL

Please post pictures of your completed project. I'm curious to know how putting metal hinges on this will turn out.

Added pics of my Spell Book with metal hinges in the I Made One. I also printed the lettering seperately at 1mm height and super glued them on.

will do. waiting on a new ramps board right now. had a small meltdown. anyway hope to have something by next week.

I tried printing the large back tie string twice before I realized the hinge in your model isn't attach to the main piece.

Sorry about that! I fixed the file and re-uploaded it. If you wanted the book without any symbols on the binding, check out the file called: Back_Large_TieString_nosymbol.STL
Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Hey there - this box is beautiful! Thanks so much for creating and sharing it, and especially for going out of your way to change the files on request! I was planning on requesting the large box with magnet holes, but found that in the comments already! Then I saw that you'd designed the angel wings - I would love to have the angel wings cover for my box, but my angel deck is a huge deck and I definitely need the large box : ) It would be greatly appreciated if you could upload a large cover with angel wings. Thanks again!

Hey! Thanks for the kind words.
I just uploaded a file called: Cover_large_magnet_wings.STL that I believe is what you requested. Enjoy!

Is there a reason why the Back_TieString.STL has no hinges?

Ooops, that was a mistake on my part. I've now uploaded the correct version of that file.
Thanks for pointing that out to me, I had no idea.

Thanks, I was also not paying attention and printed the file without the hinges :-) Is it possible to upload a hinge, I than can glue it on the already printed back, would be a shame to waste it.

Other parts are perfect, many thanks for creating the box. I will post pictures if everything is painted.

I sent you a message, not sure if you got it. could you make the large pages and cover with magnets and the back with no tie?

OH, and can you provide the symbols by themselves?

Hey KidNester, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I accidentally lost a few of my source files for the larger version of the Spellbook so I had to go back and re-do some parts of it. But it's ready now!

Here's a link to all the files you requested: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1vxi8X3r2YTSElsX1NGUDlob0U/view?usp=sharing

amazing build and what a great way to really hone in your printer. I printed mine with a monoprice custom select and their PLA.(not the best) but the build looks great and it's the talk of the table when I sit down to play with my reanimate deck in this deck box. I did have a question about the print and wanted to know if you'd be willing to upload a .stl file with the back and pages as one print. and for (worthless) bonus points a cover with angel wings. I'm sure you're busy but if you did it would really make my day.


and thanks again for the beautiful model.

Hey! Glad you like the model! Here are the STLs you wanted: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1vxi8X3r2YTNTBkNzVYb2d4MzA/view?usp=sharing

All I ask in return is that you post pictures of your completed prints. Enjoy!

I've already printed the back and pages, love that it's a single piece now. about to print the cover. I'll upload pics of the print and finished paint job asap.

Thank you so much again.

could you make the large pages and cover with magnets and the back with no tie?

Will the blank-pages file fit with the tie-string covers? and/or are there large versions of the tie-string covers and the blank-pages?

Currently, no. But I could make it for you. What combination do you want? Large, blank, with tie string?

That would be really awesome. Could you do the large version, blank pages, tie string, nothing on the binding?

Alright, I just added Back_Large_TieString and Cover_Large_TieString STL files. And those will work fine with the Pages_Large file that I already uploaded.

In exchange for me doing this, you have to post pictures of your print after you finish it. :-P Sound good?
Happy printing!

Can you do a file/ tell me how to scale the empty pages to the large size? Also, I will definitely post pictures. I printed one scaled down yesterday. I will post pictures of that too.

Done: Just added Pages_Large_Blank

You are fabulous. I work with Ultimakers. I'm good at the actual running and diagnostics on the printers, but I'm not too skilled with the model-making.

I can't get the cover to print - it always warps and the initial stages of the print don't turn out.

Any suggestions?!

Are you printing it with supports? It need supports. Maybe try printing with a raft too?

If you're using ABS, I recommend PLA instead. ABS warps way more than PLA.

Thanks for the reply. I am using PLA and have tried with and without a raft. Even tried positioning the object in different places on the build platform.

If it helps, I am using a FlashForge Guider (no heated bed).

I had issues with the front cover as well and just used Cure to chop off the bottom 1.1 mm so cover is flat on the bottom but still has the lip that sits on top of the pages. Then I printed with supports (grid 20% infill) fixed the issue just fine for me. its because the model is stylized to have a warped looking cover. I tried with the raft and didn't have much luck just printed with brim and set the distance between the infill and model to .3 instead of .7 to avoid any big gaps between the first layer.

What method do you use to keep the PLA sticking to the print bed? Painter's tape?
I've had the best results with hairspray. You just spray a whole bunch of hairspray (Aqua Net Unscented Aerosol Hair Spray) directly onto the bare build plate, then wait for it to dry COMPLETELY. Then print.
I can't really help you past this advice. No one else has had this issue with printing the front cover, so it seems to be an issue with your printer or how you're using the printer and not with my STL files.
Good luck!!!

Hi mate. At the moment I am just using BuildTak on the acrylic build platform - should that be enough?

I've never used BuildTak, so I don't know much about it.

My FlashForge Guider has an acrylic build platform - do you think that would be ok to build straight onto, or wouldn't PLA adhere to the acrylic? I am new to 3D Printing and still finding my way around it!

Interesting, is it 'spell bound' as well ha ha......

the only problem i have is that i play commander. so my deck is huge compared to a standard deck. I thought about just making it a wider book, but that looks dumb. any suggestions?

Hmmmmm... How many cards are in your deck? I'll see what I can do.

its a 100 card deck. i was thinking of spreading it out to make the book taller and wider, but keep the depth the same to allow for 2 decks to be put in side by side, then insert a simple devider to keep the decks separate. that way i can carry my whole deck plus tokens. i havent been able to mess around with the idea much but i know there would have to be a cut in the devider in order to allow a person to pull the bottom deck out and if i just stretched it out, the holder for the dice would get distorted and i dont want that. I will mess around with it tonight. I do not have much experience in 3d design though.

What is the build size for your 3D printer? (or just which 3D printer are you using?)
I was looking at the model and I realized that if I made it too much larger it might not be able to print nicely on most 3D printers.

I work with a da Vinci 1.0. But I can easily slice and acitone it together after printing

Alright, I redesigned it to fit over 120 cards by having 2 different spots for the cards. I took out the spot to hold the spindown because it took up too much room. But once you have yours cards in, it might be able to fit on top of the cards (depending on how many cards are in your deck)

Here's what it looks like: http://i.imgur.com/tmyWYfg.png
And here are the STL files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1vxi8X3r2YTX09WQVAxWTFlRDg/view?usp=sharing
I haven't tried printing these personally, but they should all print fine.
Please let me know if you print these and show pictures!!

i will be printing these tonight, i will post pictures as soon as they are done

Any chance of adding some kind of clasp to the front so it stays closed?
Would be handy so it doesnt open in my bag etc

A clasp?! Psh, no. What you want is a way to attach a piece of string that will keep it shut.

I've altered the Back and Cover files for you. Take a look at these:

There's also a picture in there showing how it will work. I've not tried printing this yet, so I don't know how well it will work. Using just regular string might work, or elastic string might work better. If you do print it, please post pictures! I'd love to see if it works.

did you forget the hinge piece on the back? it might just be my software, but i dont see one.

Is there a file for the tie back with the hinge?

Sweet, I have downloaded it. I might print the modified version this weekend, already got this one printed (started the cover before leaving for work today so it is probably done now). Did the pages in white and the cover in gold.
I think the one with the toggle could look great in gold/white with maybe a ribbon or something to string it closed. Would look pretty cool.

Oh yeah, using fabric ribbon would probably look great! Good luck with that!

What are the dimensions in inches? I have an M3d Printer and would like to print this but my plate is only 4L x 4W.

It's about 5 1/2 inches x 4 inches at the widest spots. You could cut the "pages", "back", and "cover" files in half using a program like netfabb basic and then glue the pieces together afterwards. Or, get a different printer that has a decent size print bed. :-P

It is decent size I just don't need a huge loud printer. This one was 100 bucks new and is only 6x6x6x6. This printer also has higher quality parts than any other printer on the market.

Cool, well I sure hope you post some pictures of the spell book you make. I'd like to see how you deal with cutting it into smaller pieces. Good luck, and happy printing.

Totally Bad Ass. How long did it take you to design this thing?

Probably about 7 or 8 hours in 3DS Max. Then a few test prints and alterations to get the pieces fitting perfectly.

Do sleeved cards fit in the cavity as well?

Yes, as I stated in the description, sleeved cards do indeed fit =P

Sorry. I think since I am looking at this on a vertical monitor it's using the mobile view or something and it's harder to navigate and such.

i made this and it works great! keep it up!

Will you be posting a picture?

Duuude, this is a really awesome idea!