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Marblevator Wheel

by Linax Apr 13, 2015
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Hola que pieza es por favor la que sale de Wheelbase_v2_solid_simple que une la pista.


You directed me to exactly what I needed and Thanks for the quick response. I ordered the motor and am on my way to a great design. Thanks you for this project. P. S. If the balls fall off the track I'll just make it longer and less steep, ha ha

I have printed most of the big parts and everything is good. I'm now working on the track and there is NO 90 deg V2. The starter 90 will begin and end the track but how to continue through the middle. If you could upload this piece it would be great! Thanks in advance.

Hi. Long time since i have checked my files and stuff so not sure i understand the question. What you want i think is the tracks from the original creator https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:60778/#files track_Left_90 and/or Track_right_90. If that does not solve it for you i can check my source files and upload the missing part if not uploaded already. I think i have a part to join two male/male tracks.

In version 2, track 90 doesn't have a junction to connect other track.

I looks like a file for a part is missing. There seems to be a small part between the wheel base and the start track.Can you please upload this file?

After reprinting the rail system twice, I finally gave up on this project because I got tired of tweaking the flimsy/unstable tracks and supports and running after bearings that persistently flew off the rails. If I had the time I would rework the tracks (replace with chutes?) to avoid this problem.

On the plus side, the wheel/collector system was rock solid and worked very well. With a proper track system, this would be an awesome project.

I just completed a print of the wheel, only to find that the 608Z bearing drops straight through the center. From the image of your completed print, it looks as though the bearing fits snugly in yours. I wonder if you would be open to sharing dimensions of the design so that I can remodel this piece?

It does not fit snugly in mine. The wheelbase is angled so gravity holds it in place. I dont rember the dimensions but can share the sketchup source If you want to modify it?

That's interesting. Thanks for posting. I did notice that the files contain an skp file but I'm not a sketchup person. I'm making progress remodeling. So it deliberately is not a snug fit, and the angle that results from that is what gives rise to the marbles staying in the wheel on the way up :). Cunning !

Hi, i can find how many parts do i need to print..


Sorry: 3/8" = 9.525 mm

9.5mm bearings are somewhat hard to find. Will 3/8" bearings (9.125 mm) work here as well?

i printed it. but i couldn't calibrate the tracks level. balls always go off the rails. have you got any suggestion?

Did you use the 2nd_story_v2 or V3 file? If you used the v2 version i would recomend using v3. Also a suggestion would be a longer track to reduce the speed.

I dont have access to my files now and do not rember but will be able to check in a few days.
What is your max x and y build volume? Can Maby split the tall pice to one base and the high pile to a horisontal print witch you Can install to the base after printing.

My max x and y is 20cm, z is 18 so the wheelbase only just fit with about 1cm spare :)

So yes if the tower could be split I could print that laying down, rotated to fit diagonally if needed.
Otherwise I was planning to edit the gcode to stop at layer x, then lower the model into the bed(cura feature) and print the rest and glue the tower together.

Hi. Sorry for the late response.
Have checked my files and it is not possible to use the whelbase with v1.

I am not sure it would be possible to print the base v2 laying down, because it would create a overhang where the track needs to connect. If you still want it i can upload a version but i am not able to print it with that overhang myself. Would recomend gluing as you mentioned.
FishGee has printed v1 base with v2 whelbase and you can se he has printed only the top pice of v2 base i think witch is also a great and easy option. I can make a top clip if you need it but it would need to be glued.

It worked out, I changed the max height in cura, so it would render it, then edited the gcode to cut it off at a certain height and printed it.
Then used the "lower into bed" feature to print the 2nd half and glued it together.

Theres no hopper/container for the balls on the v2 design, is that intended ?


Yes this was intended the difference with v1 and to is the collector and the fact that the tracks is not connected to the wheel so that you can make several track bases and layouts and just move the wheelbase over to the next one. Check out collector and collector arm witch i just uploaded if you want a collector. You might have to do some triming/sanding on the part to make it fit depending on you printer. but it is made to click on to the base v2, and the collector arm is to stop the balls if you want to remove the wheelbase.

In hindsight I should have made the v1 version, since I dont intend to move the base, but the collector works well.
Theres a small gap between the collector and the base, where the track used to be, but the balls seem to ignore it, otherwise it can be plugged by a endpiece from a broken track :)

Check the new Collector_Dummy file. Have not tested it myself but should fit.

Is the wheelbase_v2 made to stand on top of the base_v2 at an angle ?
After printing the wheelbase v2 I realise the base v2 is a few cm too high for my printer, so looking to simplify it, can I mix the wheelbase v2 with stand v1 ?

Otherwise I am going to have to cut the tall tower and glue it...

Linax, I've printed a lot of track and the big Wheel so far, but have a couple of questions that I don't see answered yet in the instructions or comments. The motor you list in the instructions is a nominal 6V motor, and your instructions seem to indicate you are using a single 1.5v battery. Is that correct?


Jepp that is correct. If you run it at 6V it would run way to fast.
If you would like to run at higher voltage you would need a other gear ratio something like this https://www.pololu.com/product/3069 but have only tested the 75:1 on 1.5V If you check the description on the motors there is several gear ratios, It will depend on how fast/slow you want the wheel to go.

Thank you, that clears that up. I really want to build this, but I'm having problems printing the wheel base with Cura; the 'curved arms' are hanging out in space, and even with supports, they seem to dangle and eventually break off. This is with 50% infill, PLA. Can you share your print settings for them? That may help me get this built, eventually.

Printed with repetier Host and slic3r settings are:
layer height 0.3mm.
Infill 20% honeycomb.
Print speed perimiters 20mm/s.
Print speed infill 45mm/s.
Fan at 100% exept for first 2 layers.
Exruder temp 215.
Bed Temp 70.
No support material.
Not sure about the acceleration but i think it is at 500mm/s2. (If your printer is shaking when printing you need to lower your acceleration).

Printed on a custom printrbot plus 1404.

I have a fan blowing straight at the exruder tip, this helps a lot when bridging PLA.
If you want i can modify the base to a version without the cutouts making it more easy to print?

Linax, a version without the cutouts would be great. I'm using a Printrbot Metal Plus, and it normally prints everything I throw at it, but this one has me stumped. I've got the motor, and the ball bearings, I really want to get this print up and running. Thank you so much.

Have uploaded 2 new versions one without any cutouts and one with rings that should match the wheel. Have not test printed any of them. Please let me know how it goes.

I printed the new base with circles and it came out great. The circles exactly overlay the cutouts in the wheel. Great job.
I saw that you were printing at 20mm/s. I previously used 30mm/s as my fine/slow setting, and had great results, but switched to 20mm/s for the base this time, with supports, at .3mm layers. So with those settings and the new base I'm golden. All I have to do now is print out gobs of track and trestles. Thanks again for the extra effort on the base.

Nice to hear that the print was a successful. Probaly will get the same result with 30mm/s, the reason i reduced it was because i had trouble printing something else and could not print it. So i reduced all the print settings witch did not Help. But eventualy found out that my acceleration was set at 10000 after change this to 500 my problems dissapered. Can most likely print faster but havent had the time to test.

Thanks, Linax, I just saw them. I'll give that a shot this weekend and report back.

Comments deleted.

It took me quite a while to realize that you didn't post the track 90 left and track 90 right .stl files. "How is he joining those curved tracks?" I wondered. I eventually realized that I could get them from gzumwalt's (slaps forehead) marblevator that you've mentioned several times in these comments. Will I need to carve out the little notches on the side to get them to work with your design?


No you will not have to carve out the notches it is Only a smal notch so should bend easy without it. Just remedier that the first track needs to be one off the start tracks.

Would it be possible to publish the source files, or baring that a version of the wheel and ramp for glass players (5/8" / 16mm) marbles? Glass marbles are readily available, and are far cheaper than steel ball bearings.
For example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/281461242054

Se Wheel.skp for the source. The source for the tracks can be found here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:60778/#files. I dont have the time to change it to 16mm now but i think it would be fairly easy to change it. I think that the track`s would also have to be changed.

Well, trying to edit the SKP (at least with Autodesk Fusion 360) proved fruitless. The model imported basically as just a bunch of faces which were not associated with one another. Joining them then resulted in a solid that I screwed around trying to edit, but it was basically an exercise in futility. Maybe editing it would be easier in Sketchup, but it's certainly not parametric where I can edit the file as I had hoped I could. Dang dang dang! :(

Great, thanks! I'll take a look at the skp tomorrow and see what it would take to modify it for glass marbles. I'm sure the tracks would need modifying to bit there are also lots of other tracks for them already too... Your wheel is just awesome tho! I want to ABSOLUTELY have it in the mix. :-)

What do you use for the track itself, am i just no seeing it on the thing files?

Sorry i must have forgoten to upload them. The tracks from gzumwalt marbelelevator will work, but i have uploaded my version of them that includes two smal notches on each side for the arms. You will also need one of the start tracks as the first track from the wheel.

10/10 cant wait to print!

Thanks. Please upload a photo of the make if you get it printed :D

That's pretty cool!!! It won't last 30 seconds before my cats attack it lol...

Unbelievable! Great work!

Thanks a lot. And also thank you for all of your great designs.

Your work is an unbelievable extension of my meager design. I cannot express enough the enlightenment your work has inspired myself as well as other designers.

I am indeed humbled by your accomplishment. Again, great work!

In summary, I thank you for attribution, but your work indeed is original and I congratulate you for it, and while I thank you for attribution, considering your originality, I feel you've accomplished this design on your own.

And please keep up on your incredible designs!

Thanks again for the compliment but i feel it is unwarranted. I would never have made it if you had not made the marbelelevator in the first place. And also your designs has motivated me alot. Am working on a few new designs but they still have a lot of work and will take some time but will for sure upload them when they are done.

Realy like your new "Marblevator, Armed (but not dangerous!)". Can i ask how you draw the tracks for it how you manage to curve the track in the turn. Still new to sketchup and have a lot to learn.